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Lt. Israel Horton MP (1728 - 1771)

Title: Lieut. 1 Name: Israel HORTON 1 Sex: M Change Date: 07 MAR 2007 Birth: ABT 1728 in Cutchogue, Suffolk, NY 2 Death: 1771 in Goshen, 2 Father: Jonathan HORTON b: 1694 in Cutchogue, Su...

10/11/2008 Yesterday

Koquethagechton White Eyes (c.1730 - 1778)

White Eyes, named Koquethagechton (c. 1730 – 5 November 1778), was a leader of the Lenape (Delaware) people in the Ohio Country during the era of the American Revolution. Sometimes known as Geor...

10/27/2015 10/27/2015

Ezekiel Humphrey (1719 - 1795)

Captain Ezekiel Humphrey served in the 10th Company of the First Regiment of the Connecticut Militia during the French Indian War. That war (1754–1763) was the North American theater of the worl...

5/28/2007 10/26/2015

Thomas Crow (1734 - c.1807)

DAR Ancestor #: A070510 Private Thomas Crow was a patriot in the Revolutionary War while residing in Norwich, MA. He served uner Capts: L Pomeroy and A Pomeroy and Col. John Fellow of the 8th Regimen...

9/4/2008 10/19/2015

Maj. Jellis Douw Fonda (1727 - 1791)

Major Jellis Fonda was the most prominent of the early Fondas. He was the first Mohawk Valley merchant west of Schenectady in the period immediately before the Revolution. He was a close friend and a...

10/7/2007 10/6/2015

Thomas Thacher MP (1705 - 1746)

10/31/2008 9/28/2015

Henry Cleveland, Lt. (1699 - c.1779)

In 1745 HENRY (age 46) was a Lieutenant in the 1st Company at Mansfield in the French and Indian Wars.

10/12/2008 9/25/2015

Matthew Reed/ Reid (1728 - 1769)

Last Will and Testament of Matthew Reid Generation No. 1 1. Matthew2 Reid (1) was born in Ireland, and died September 1769 in Londonderry, NH. He married Maryanne Holmes Abt. 1735. STATE PAPERS - ...

11/19/2013 9/13/2015

Joseph Stanton, Jr. (July 19, 1739 – 1807) was an American politician of the Anti-Federalist faction. Stanton was born in Charlestown, Rhode Island in 1739. He served in the state legislatur...

5/7/2012 9/8/2015

Capt. James Bidlack, Sr. MP (1728 - 1801)

DAR Ancestor #: A009923 CAPTAIN, PATRIOTIC SERVICE Son of Benjamin and Lydia (Abbe) Bidlake. Father of the famous Capt. James Bidlack, Jr who was killed at the Wyoming Valley Massacre. (The two are...

7/1/2008 8/26/2015

George Michael Ege (1715 - 1759)

"George", "Michael"

2/4/2009 8/19/2015

Gideon Drake (1729 - 1771)

Third Regiment, Fifth Co. Capt. Benjamin Allen.

8/9/2015 8/9/2015

Reference: "Wister and Butler Families Papers" at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Both the Wister and Butler families were prominent in Philadelphia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries,...

11/2/2010 8/8/2015

Dr. John Jones (1729 - 1791)

John Jones (1729 – June 23, 1791) was an 18th-century physician who wrote the book Plain, Concise, Practical Remarks on the Treatment of Wounds and Fractures. Jones was born in Jamaica, Queens...

8/2/2015 8/2/2015

Gen. Benjamin Wait (1736 - 1822)

One of the pioneer statesmen of Vermont and the founder of the town of Waitsfield Benjamin Wait was born in Sudbury, Mass., one of seven children. In 1744 his father John moved the family to Brookfie...

7/29/2015 7/30/2015

Lt. Col. Joseph Wait (1732 - 1776)

Wait was an Ensign in Rogers Rangers during the French and Indian War.He survived the famous expedition of 1759 to wipe out the St.Francis Indians,and was commissioned a Captain following its conclus...

7/29/2015 7/30/2015

Deacon Benjamin Learned (1741 - 1818)

Per Find A Grave Memorial: Soldier in the French and Indian War; son of Edward and Abigail (Moore) Learned Link : Link : _______________________________________________ In April of 1776 the f...

7/25/2015 7/25/2015

Jeremiah Swan (c.1736 - c.1758)

Jeremiah, b. about 1736; m. Nabby Stuart or Saunders. He was lost in the French war 1758 or 59. Link : ----------------------------------------------------------- The New Hampshire Militia was fi...

7/25/2015 7/25/2015

Col. Samuel Elmore (1720 - 1805)

Revolutionary War Officer. Samuel Elmore was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on January 19, 1720 and was a farmer in Sharon. He served as a Captain and company commander in the 3rd Connecticut Regiment ...

7/25/2015 7/25/2015

Capt. William Swan (1724 - 1759)

William Swan was born about 1724, probably in Ireland, and died 22 October 1759 in Albany, New York as a result of wounds incurred in the French and Indian War. He married 26 February 1751 at Lunenburg...

1/10/2015 7/25/2015

Biography: Military History: French and Indian War: Served as a Private in the 4th Regiment, 3rd Company from Connecticut in 1759 American Revolutionary War: Served as a Captain in Durkee's C...

6/19/2008 7/23/2015

Abner Olds (1724 - 1784)


12/30/2011 7/23/2015

Sergeant Manassah Bixby (1744 - 1828)

Rough Draft of Info 7/1/2015 Biography: Although Manassah was baptized in Shrewsbury, he may have been born in the neighboring town of Lancaster, in the part of which that later became Sterling. Ma...

5/11/2015 7/23/2015

Jonathan Sawyer (1736 - 1789)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of CAPTAIN. DAR Ancestor # A100304 Jonathan Sawyer was a 1st Lieut. in Indian War 1757, Capt. in Phinney's Mass. Regt., Revolution...

10/21/2010 7/1/2015

Cornelius Bassett MP (1722 - 1778)

Notes for Cornelius BASSETT They resided in Chilmark, Dukes County, Massachusetts. He was a distinguished person in civil and military affairs, being Colonel of the militia 1757-1762 and deputy sheri...

12/28/2008 6/29/2015

Capt. Joseph Cass (1656 - 1739)

Captain Joseph Cass was a veteran of King Philip's War. He was paid for his services sterling 3 pounds, 8 shillings, 6 pence on August 24, 1676. He was given half of his father's homestead in the Will....

8/10/2007 6/20/2015

Joseph Jacob Holzclaw (c.1735 - c.1786)

Third Generation 13. Joseph HOLTZCLAW44 was born about 1735 in Fauquier County, Virginia.15 He died in 1786 at the age of 51 in Fauquier County, Virginia.15 He served in the military at Capt William ...

6/4/2007 6/17/2015

Lt. Ebenezer Hall MP (1708 - 1757)

New York Times article about Matinicus Island which talks about the history of the Hall family on the island: show that those taken captive were "Mary Hall and her children--Sarah Green, Peter Hall, Ph...

8/4/2008 6/15/2015

1st Lt. Asa Royce (1723 - 1775)

First Lieutenant in the provincial troops in Captain Israel Woodward's company -- p. 119 French and Indian War Records, Conn. Hist. Society

6/13/2015 6/13/2015

Zebulon Allen (1727 - 1786)

He was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian Wars. Husband of Freedom Cooley Allen, married Nov 21,1751 at Deerfield,MA. Son of Joseph Allen and Hannah Clesson Allen of Deerfield. Children: Asaph...

11/27/2013 6/12/2015

Thomas Doty, II (1704 - 1795)

Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Dotey of Plymouth, MA. Thomas served in the French & Indian War. He married 3 times: Elizabeth Cooke Ruth Barnaby Abigail Johnson      �...

6/12/2008 6/7/2015

Member Elite Wampanoag fighting unit gorhams Rangers. /ECN/

2/1/2010 6/2/2015

Gorham Ranger Ephraim Berry MP (c.1730 - d.)

Member Wampanoag Elite Warrior fighting unit- Gorhams rangers/ECN/

6/2/2015 6/2/2015

Gorham Ranger John Berry MP (c.1722 - d.)

Member Elite Wampanoag fighting unit- Gorhams Rangers. /ECN/

6/2/2015 6/2/2015

Lieut. John Chaplin, II MP (1717 - 1774)

20. John6 CHAPLIN (John5, Joseph4, Hugh3, Ebenezer2, Jeremiah1) was born in Rowley, Essex Co., MA. May 12, 1717. John died January 21, 1774 in Ipswich, MA., at 56 years of age. Lieutenant John Chapli...

8/28/2008 6/1/2015

Theodore Atkinson (1697 - d.)

Theodore Atkinson attended Harvard College with the class of 1718. He served as clerk of the council and was promoted to colonel in the New Hampshire militia. In that capacity, he commanded one of te...

7/30/2012 6/1/2015

Gorham Ranger Gershom Hamblin (c.1713 - d.)

"Gersham Hamblin"

Added by E. Nickerson about This Ancestor. Fought In The Wampanoag Unit/Gorhams Rangers- 1748-49. /ECN/

5/31/2015 5/31/2015

Maj. Aaron Quimby (1733 - 1810)

He served in the American Revolution and in the French and Indian War. SAR Patriot #043047

10/22/2011 5/28/2015

Boling Kikpelathy "Long Hunter" Baker MP (1738 - 1812)


One of America's most romatic legends, the story of Princess Aracoma and British Soldier, Boling Baker. The story grew in Logan County, West Virginia around the authentic details of an incident in the ...

11/20/2009 5/27/2015

Judge John Hubbard (1703 - 1773)

The son of John & Mabel (Russell) Hubbard, he married (1) Elizabeth Stevens on Aug. 30, 1724 in Killingworth, CT., Mary (Dickerman) Todd, widow of Michael Todd, Jr. on Sept. 13, 1745 in New Haven, CT.,...

6/15/2007 5/18/2015

Thomas Harrison MP (1704 - 1785)

With brothers Daniel, John, Samuel, Jeremiah was the first to patent land in Rockingham Co, VA. Orange Co record Dec 8, 1739. Named the present Harrisonburg town. Settled at the Head spring of the East...

6/19/2008 5/10/2015

Jacob Green (1767 - 1840)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA (Soldier). DAR Ancestor # A046993 Jacob Green was born in 1767 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, the son of Joseph Green and Mary (McEntire) G...

1/14/2014 5/10/2015

Stephen Cash MP (1727 - 1799)

JOHN MASSIE, BARTLETT CASH, CHARLES TUCKER 17 June 1799. Will was sworn to by 3 wittness and ordered to be recorded. The following records are in the Virginia State Library: Inventory of STEPHEN CASH, ...

12/25/2007 5/8/2015

Ranger Isaac James Captain MP (c.1710 - c.1749)

Ranger- Gorhams Rangers- Elite Wampanoag Unit- CAPTAIN Of His People- Warrior. /ECN/

5/7/2015 5/8/2015

Ranger Joshua Ralph Captain MP (c.1690 - c.1748)

Wampanoag Warrior- GORHAM RANGERs- /ECN/

5/6/2015 5/8/2015

Jeremiah Ralph, Jr. MP (c.1691 - c.1744)


KIA - Elisha Doanes Company- Louisburg- /ECN/

5/6/2015 5/8/2015

Ranger Micah Ralph Captain MP (c.1700 - c.1758)


Added by his Blood Descandant+ Gorham Rangers- Elite Wampanoag Fighting Unit -Gave his Life In Battle With Others Of His Race-Died A Warrior A Captain Of The Wampanoag./Nawset Nation. WHALEMAN -/ECN/

5/6/2015 5/8/2015

William Williams (1731-1811) was a Revolutionary War patriot and Signer of the Declaration of Independence. He died on August 2, 1811, at the age of 80, exactly 35 years to the day that he signed it. ...

5/23/2007 4/28/2015

Oliver Wolcott (December 1, 1726 – December 1, 1797), was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence and also the Articles of Confederation as a representative of Connecticut. ...

10/26/2007 4/27/2015

Veteran of The French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars

8/20/2009 4/21/2015

François-Marie Renaud d'Avesne des Méloizes MP (1655 - 1699)

"Avène", "Meloises"

Notes Location info: Bourgogne, France (birth), Québec (marriage,death) Pionnier de la Nouvelle-France . Capitaine de la companie de Méloizes. Arrive à Québec en ao&#x...

7/10/2014 4/19/2015

Amos Parmelee (1734 - 1799)

Amos Parmelee was cited by the DAR for "patriotic service." He nursed son, John, who became ill while serving in the Revolutionary War. John also served in the French and Indian War.

6/25/2007 4/8/2015

Stephen Nickerson MP (c.1726 - c.1801)

"Gorham Ranger Stephen Nickerson"

F&I War- Col. Shubael Gorhams Regt. /Capt. John Gorham 1745& 1746 RANGERs-/ECN/

7/2/2008 4/3/2015

David Baldwin MP (1743 - d.)

A soldier in the French war, without issue. The Baldwin genealogy from 1500 to 1881 (1881) Author: Baldwin, C. C. (Charles Candee), 1834-1895 Subject: Baldwin family Publisher: Cleveland, O, [L...

9/16/2011 3/26/2015

Second son of three boys and two girls born to Abigail Rowe and John Adams. His brothers were Moses and Joel and sisters were Anna and Lucy. His younger brother, Lieutenant Joel Adams was father to P...

3/5/2009 3/25/2015

Timothy Crosby Ellis (1724 - 1817)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A037860 Timothy was a Colonel in The Continental Army from 1775 to 1783. He with his sons fought at the...

1/9/2008 3/19/2015

Ebenezer Hall MP (1677 - 1748)

Retrieved from on 8/4/2008 Ebenezer's father, Samuel Hall, in his will, dated January 25, 1688-89, willed ". . . to sons Ebenezer and George several pieces of land to be divided . . . ." Other si...

7/11/2008 3/12/2015

Rev. John Graham, Sr. MP (1694 - 1774)

John Graham was born to Andrew and Jane Masters Graham in Armaugh, Ireland. He entered an academy in Ireland at the age of 11, he studied logic and philosophy. At age 13 he entered the University of Gl...

4/11/2008 3/3/2015

Rev. John Graham, Jr. (1722 - 1796)

John was born to Rev John and Love Sanborn Graham, John's mother died when he was four years old and he was raised by his step mother Abigail Chauncey. John graduated from Yale University in 1740, ...

4/11/2008 3/3/2015

Capt. Nathan William Manning MP (1707 - 1766)

Possibly a veteran of "The French and Indian Wars" that took place from 1689-1763.

7/12/2008 3/2/2015

Stephen Heard MP (1740 - 1815)

Find a Grave Birth: Nov. 13, 1741 Hanover Hanover County Virginia, USA Death: Nov. 15, 1815 Governor of Georgia. Heard was born in Hanover County, Virginia to Bridgett Carroll and John Heard Jr...

2/24/2015 2/24/2015

Increase Robinson MP (1727 - 1757)

Note: Died a sergeant in the French War under Gov. Winslow in Nova Scotia and died without children. Married to Rachel Bates in 1755.

12/27/2012 2/23/2015

Col. Jonathan White (1708 - 1788)

Col Jonathan White Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Learn about upgrading this memorial... Birth: Oct. 4, 1708 Lancaster Worcester County Massachusetts, USA Death: Dec. 4, 1788 Jonathan White served in...

5/8/2011 1/14/2015

Colonel William Douglas MP (1742 - 1777)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor #: A033849 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ) Wi...

2/7/2011 1/12/2015

Judah Chase (c.1726 - c.1804)

1/7/2015 1/7/2015

Gideon Hotchkiss MP (1716 - 1807)

DAR #A058882 Born Dec. 5, 1716 in New Haven County, Connecticut and died Sep. 3, 1807 in Prospect, New Haven County, Connecticut. Buried in Prospect Town Cemetery. SAR record states the following: ...

12/3/2008 1/5/2015

Benjamin Kinney (1709 - d.)

"Benjamin Kinne"

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via brother David Kinne by SmartCopy : Dec 22 2014, 21:25:47 UTC

12/22/2014 12/22/2014

Angus McDonald (1727 - 1778)

) Angus McDonald (1727 – August 19, 1778) was a prominent Scottish American military officer, frontiersman, sheriff and landowner in Virginia. During the Jacobite rising of 1745, McDonald fo...

12/18/2014 12/18/2014

James Stevens (1721 - 1755)

Fought in French and Indian War. Marched to Lake George where he died of camp fever on November 28,1755. He was in Captain Abiel Frye's company, Colonel William's regiment. Sarah filed for compensation...

5/15/2011 12/16/2014

de la Ronde LETTERS - Ida Schneider to J. C. Bonenfant From the Nipigon Historical Museum Archives March 24, 1964 Mr. J.C. Bonenfant Bibliothecaire Hotel du Gouvernement Quebec City Canada Dear M...

9/27/2012 12/13/2014

Paul Nioherasha (Thibaudier)Delaronde born 1813 son of Voyageur Charles Francois Denys Thibaudiere Delaronde and Madeleine Pewadjwonokwe Delarond from Kanesatake their own ancestors include Simom @ Jea...

9/27/2012 12/13/2014

Israel Tekarihoken Rice (c.1870 - 1937)

"Israel", "Deer", "Rice", "Tekarihoken"

My Grandfather Israel (Tekarihoken) was a fur trapper and sold his pelts to the Hudson Bay company and he was a hunter also he was a cook in Lumber camps judy riceTEKARIHOKEN (Tegarihogen, Tegarioguen,...

12/1/2010 12/13/2014

Chief Pierre Atawenrate (c.1814 - d.)

"Atawenrate", "(ohterowane)"

The Organization and Composition of Kahnawake’s Council of Chiefs Some writers of Kahnawake’s history have suggested that during the nineteenth century Kahnawake was governed by a council...

12/10/2010 12/13/2014

Arnold Lewis (1734 - 1825)

Service: Arnold Lewis served seven years as surgeon in the Revolutionary War, and held a colonel's commission. Child's Gazetteer of Jeff. Co., N.Y. page 352 Remarks: Arnold Lewis served in the French...

9/17/2011 12/12/2014

James Philbrick (1739 - 1803)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW HAMPSHIRE. DAR Ancestor # A090302

11/22/2014 11/22/2014

Jeremiah Smith (1711 - 1787)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A105752 A hero of the French and Indian War Captian Jeremiah Smith was one of the first settlers in the Shenandoah Valley of Virgin...

9/23/2008 11/7/2014

Lemuel Pettingill (1729 - 1798)

Ft. William Henry. 1755-1762 . /ECN/

12/5/2013 10/11/2014

John Leonard Pettingill (c.1740 - d.)

Crown Point Expedition- Thomas Cobb's Regiment. /ECN/

10/11/2014 10/11/2014

Nathaniel Pettingill (c.1740 - d.)

10/11/2014 10/11/2014

Solomon Pettingill (1735 - 1817)

Updated from MyHeritage Match via son Elihu Susan Walworth (born Pettingill) by SmartCopy : Oct 11 2014, 11:38:33 UTC

3/24/2014 10/11/2014

Samuel Griffing (1728 - c.1800)


Samuel was in Capt. Lattimore's company of militia, 1757 {French and Indian War Rolls. 1:238). Source: The Groton Avery Clan, by Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden), Vol. I, p. 192

1/3/2009 10/2/2014

Sherrod Sims MP (c.1730 - 1825)

"Sherrod Simms", "Sherrod Symes"

DAR Ancestor #: A104057 "My paternal great grandfather Sherrod Sims was born in Virginia 1730. I remember the date well because he told me he was at Braddock's defeat 1755 and that he was then twenty...

9/5/2008 9/11/2014

Capt. John Boggs (1739 - 1826)

JOHN BOGGS, b. 3/3/1739, PA, d. 2/6/1826, OH. Married (1) Jane Irwin, (2) in 1785, Mary (Williamson) Barr, widow of Robert Barr, the daughter of John and Mary Williamson. Commissioned Captain for his F...

7/31/2008 8/25/2014

Wentworth Stuart (1731 - 1775)


Capt. Wentworth Sturart served in both the French and Indian War, and the American Revolutionary War. Source: Collections of the Maine Historical Society

1/7/2010 8/25/2014

Benjamin Carpenter, Jr. (1695 - 1785)

Find A Grave Memorial# 10961325; Corp Benjamin Carpenter Birth:  unknown Death:  May 29, 1785 French Indian War 1st Co. 2D Regt.   Family links:  &#...

10/17/2007 8/25/2014

Nicholas Perkins (c.1718 - 1762)

Col. Nicholas Perkins fought in the French and Indian Wars. He Died at Berry Hill Plantation, Which he owned in Halifax, Virginia.

1/4/2008 8/18/2014

Moses Wentworth (c.1740 - c.1812)

Served Along side His Father In French&Indian War- Also In The American Revolution - Owned and Built First Sawmill and Grist Mill in Orrington Maine. /ECN/ DAR A 123001, Soldier, Patriotic Service, M...

8/13/2014 8/13/2014

Thomas Wentworth (1705 - 1758)

10/15/2008 8/13/2014

Lieutenant Samuel Whitney (c.1719 - 1782)

Served in the French and Indian War and recieved the rank of Lieutenant. Served in the Worcester Miltia and was part of the unit with Captain Benjamin Flagg at the Lexington alarm on April 19, 1175. ) ...

9/28/2008 8/4/2014

Capt. Amos Gates MP (1714 - 1799)

Served in the French and Indian Wars.

10/10/2007 8/3/2014

Sir Frederick Haldimand, KB MP (1718 - 1791)


Sir Frederick Haldimand, KB (August 11, 1718 – June 5, 1791) was a military officer best known for his service in the British Army in North America during the Seven Years' War and the American...

8/2/2014 8/2/2014

Louis Joseph Dusseau (1785 - 1865)

Obituary Monroe Commercial Thursday Jan 4 1866: "DIED at his residence in Erie, Monroe Co, on the 28th of December 1865, Joseph Dusseau in his 86th year. Mr D. was a highly respectable citizen. He lo...

8/1/2014 8/1/2014

Captain John McCoy (1735 - 1796)

John commanded a company of volunteers in the French and Indian War. He moved to Highland County in 1735. From Highland County Pioneer Families- John McCoy is listed as living in Augusta Co. (Highlan...

3/25/2014 7/27/2014

Gen. John Nixon (1727 - 1815)

American Revolutionary War General. In 1745 he joined British colonial forces for the French and Indian War, taking part in the Siege of Louisburg. Nixon served as a company commander during expedition...

3/31/2011 7/22/2014

Lt. Ahijah Haynes (1701 - 1787)

Ahijah was a Lieutenant in Captain Richardson's Company during the French and Indian Wars, in 1757.

3/8/2008 7/22/2014

Col. William Winston MP (1702 - 1760)

"Langloo", "Billy"

Col. William "Langloo" Winston 1 was born 12 Apr 1702 in Albemarle Co., VA. He died 1760 in Albemarle Co., VA. William married Sarah Dabney about 1730 in Hanover Co., VA. [Parents] Lt. William "Langl...

4/9/2008 7/8/2014

Major General Richard Gridley (c.1710 - c.1796)

Richard Gridley was born in Boston on January 3, 1710, to Richard and Rebecca Gridley; he was the youngest of twelve children. As a young man, he was apprenticed to a Boston merchant; later, he became ...

7/3/2014 7/3/2014

Notes Location info: Languedoc, France (birth), Québec (death) Pionnier de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive au Québec en 1756. Postes Canada a émis un timbre en l'honneur de Mon...

6/30/2014 6/30/2014

Col. William C. Preston MP (c.1729 - 1783)

married by Rev. Patrick Henry ) Col. William Preston (December 25, 1729 – June 28, 1783) played a crucial role in surveying and developing the colonies going westward, exerted great influenc...

8/16/2007 6/21/2014