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Rasmus Arnesson Nordbrekke MP (1645 - 1709)

"Rasmus Brekke", "Rasmus Arnesson Nordbrekke", "Rasmus Arnesen Bræke", "Nordbræke"

Rasmus Arnesson Nordbrekke (Brekke) Skifte Rasmus Arnesen Nordbrekke Stryn 212 4b 1709-1711: datert 24. september 1709, enke Mallene Knudsdatter, barn Arne Rasmussen, 21 år, som hadde f�...

3/20/2009 6/13/2011

Elling Gundersson Eidsvik MP (c.1585 - c.1635)

Elling eller Ellend er første kjente bruker i Eidsvik. Brukar av 7 mellag i Eidsvik 1615-1628, -1632 Y-DNA - genetic genealogy It is likely that Elling belonged to Y-haplogroup G2a3b, G-L4...

3/30/2010 4/20/2011

YDNA = G2a3b1a2a (L42+) with DYS388=13 from test on Rolf H. Langland (b 1956, Minneapolis, Minn), the sixth great-grandson of Knut Ellingsson Rønneberg. It is believed that there are no living d...

7/27/2008 4/2/2011

Conrad Hauri MP (c.1255 - d.)

"Chuondradus dictus Hovri", "Conrad dictus Hovri"

Conrad Hauri ( Chuondradus dictus Hovri ) was mentioned on 8 February 1282 as owing 9 shillings annually for his land at Steffisburg (Bern, No. 334), when Werner von Steffisburg leased ...

10/1/2010 3/30/2011