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Great Migration: Passengers of the Confidence, 1638

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  • Alice Stevens (1576 - 1650)
    Alice ATKINS. Christened 14 OCT 1576 at (Cardington, Bedford-S5)(Caversham, Oxford-S1), England; daughter of (John-S?)(George-S?) ATKINS. [check John and George ATKINS to determine the correct father]....
  • Roger Eastman, Sr. (1610 - 1694)
    Roger Eastman Birth: 4 Apr 1610 Downton, Wiltshire, England Death: 16 Dec 1694 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts Father: Nicholas EASTMAN generation 3 (1564-1640) Mother: Ann Barbara ROOKE (...
  • John Benson (c.1608 - 1678)
    Immigration: 1638, listed as age 30 on the passenger list for the "Confidence" Will: 14 Apr 1678. Will Proved: 26 Mar 1679 -------------------- John and Mary came to Hingham, Massachussetts in 16...
  • Marah Benson (1606 - 1681)
    Baptism: 12 Oct 1606, Caversham, Oxfordshire, England Immigration: 1638 on the "Confidence" Sources The Ancestors and Descendants of John Lewis Benson and His Sisters and Brother: A Genealogy a...
  • Josiah Keen (c.1634 - 1710)
    Josiah Keen Josiah moved from Hingham to Marshfield to Duxbury, Massachusetts. He was surveyor in 1666, constable in 1667, and on the grand jury from Duxbury in 1689 and 1703. An entry in the Duxbury...

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Southampton, England to New England 24 April 1638

Another transcription of this voyage can be seen: Passenger List  for the Confidence 1638

List of passengers from Southampton for New England 24 April 1638 by the 'Confidence' of London, two hundred tons - Master Mr. John Gibson. - "by vertue of the Lord Treasurers warrant of the 11th April"

Columns represent*: First Name, Last Name, Name of the place each lived prior to the voyage, Occupation, Age, Name of the place where they settled Accompanied by (relationship, name, age, place each lived prior to the voyage, occupation).


  • In some cases the grouping of the 'family units' has to be treated with some caution as it is known that John Sanders (also known as Saunders) and his'servants' was in fact a religious group escaping to the 'freedom' of the New World.

Walter Hayne, 55, of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, linen weaver, Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Elizabeth 
   their sons:      Thomas, John and Josias under 16
   and daughters:   Suffrance and Mary     5
   and servants:    John Blanford         27
                    John Riddet           26
                    Richard Bidlcombe     16

Peter Noyce, 47, of Penton, Hants, yeoman, Settled Watertown Accompanied by:

   son:             Thomas                15
   daughter:        Elizabeth
   and servants:    Robert Davis 30
                    John Rutter 22
                    Margaret Davis 26

Nicholas Guy, 50, of Upton Grey, Hants, carpenter, Settled Watertown Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Jane                  30
   daughter:        Mary
   and servants:    Joseph Taynter        25
                    Robert Bayley         23

John Bent, 35, of Penton, Hants, husbandman, Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Martha
   and children:    Robert                10
                    William                6
                    Peter                  4
                    John                   2
                    Agnes                  8

Roger Porter, 55, of Long Sutton, Hants, husbandman, Settled Watertown Accompanied by:

   and daughters:   Joane

John Sanders, 25, of Langford, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Salisbury Accompanied by:

    his wife:       Sara 
    ? relationship: John Cole             40
    servants:       Roger Eastman         25
    servants:       Roger Eastman         25
                    Richard Blake         16
                    William Cottle        12
                    Robert King           24

John Rolfe, 50, of Melchitt Park, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Salisbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Ann
   their daughter:  Hester
   their servant:   Thomas Whittle        18

John Goodenowe, 42, of Semley, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Jane
   their daughters: Lydia and Jane

Edmond Goodenowe, 27, of Donhead, Wilts, husbandman, Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:        Ann
   their sons:      John                   3
                    Thomas                 1
   servant:         Richard Sangar        18

Thomas Goodenowe, 30, of Shafsbury [Shaftesbury, Dorset], Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Jane
   his son:        Thomas                  1
   his sister:     Ursula

Edmund Kerley, 22, of Ashmore, [Dorset], husbandman, Settled Sudbury Accompanied by:

   ? relationship: William Kerley, of Ashmore [Dorset], husbandman
   ? relationship: Edmund Morres, of Kington Magna, Dorset, carpenter

Stephen Kent, 27, of Nether Wallop, Hants, Settled Newbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Margery                26
   servants:       George Church          16
                   Hugh Marshe (or March) 20
                   Anthoney Sadler         9
                   Nicholas Wallington, a poor boy
                   Rebecca Kent           16

John Stephens, 31, of Goversham [?Caversham], Oxon, husbandman, Settled Newbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Elizabeth
   his mother:     Alice Stephens
   ? relationship: William Stephens       21, of Goversham, husbandman
   servants:       John Lowgee            16
                   Grace Lowgee

Thomas Jones, 36, of Goversham, tailor Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Ann
   their 4 [unnamed] children       under 10
   and servants:   William Baunche        24
                   Jude Donley

Martha Wilder of Shiplake, Oxon, spinster Accompanied by:

   her daughter:   Mary
   ? relationship: Augustin Bearce        20
                   Martha Keene           60
                   John Keene             17
                   Elizabeth Keene
                   Martha Keene
                   Josias Keene
                   Sarah Keene

John Benson of Coversham [Caversham], Oxon, husbandman 30, Settled Hingham Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Mary
   their children: John                    3
                   Mary                    1

William Ilsley, 26, of Nether Wallop Hants, Shoemaker, Settled Newbury Accompanied by:

   his wife:       Barbara
   servant:        Phillip Davis          12
   ? relationship: John Ilsley            24, shoemaker, Settled Salisbury

Joseph Parker, 24, of Newbury, [Berks], tanner, Settled Newbury

Sarah Osgood, of Horrell [Wherwell] Hants, spinster, Settled Newbury Accompanied by:

                   Sarah Osgood            9
                   John Osgood             7
                   Mary Osgood             5
                   Elizabeth Osgood        3
                   William Osgood and William Jones, children under 1 l
   servant:        Margery Parke

John Ludwell, 50 Accompanied by:

   servants:       Henry Hangert          40
                   David Wheeler          11

Richard Bidgood, of Romsey, [Hants], merchant, Settled Boston