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Joseph Parker, of Andover MP (1614 - 1678)

Joseph Parker Birth: Feb 6 1614 - Newbury, Berkshire, England Death: Nov 5 1678 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts Wife: Mary Stevens Children: Stephen Parker, Thomas Parker, Samuel Parker, Jose...

6/29/2007 7/12/2015

Mary Curtis (1619 - d.)

From Returning to Mary, who married Henry Curtis, her first child, Ephraim, was born in Sudbury, Mass., on 31 March 1642. This would place her birth about 1620, much too early to be a daughter of Nic...

12/20/2014 12/21/2014

Nicholas Guy MP (c.1588 - 1649)

notes From NEHGS, website:, The American Genealogist, vol. 65, pgs. 21-3. In the passenger list of the Confidence, sailing from Southampton in April of 1638, we find Nic...

7/5/2008 12/21/2014

Jane Guy MP (c.1595 - 1669)


Nich[olas] Guy of Upton Grey husb[andman] & Jane Tainter of New Alresford wid[ow], at U[pton] G[rey], 30 Oct. [1629]. [1] notes The resolution is to be found in a careful reading of Jane Guy's will...

11/28/2008 12/21/2014

Joseph Tainter MP (1613 - 1690)

notes From NEHGS, website:, The American Genealogist, vol. 65, pg. 21 - 23: Joseph Tainter has been claimed many times as husband of Mary Guy, daughter of Nicholas Guy; ...

11/22/2008 12/20/2014

Lydia Dewing MP (1631 - 1651)

The Confidence left Southampton April 11, 1638 or April 24, with Master John Gibson, and 84 passengers Other sources say the master was John Jobson, arriving in Boston from Southampton April 24, 1638. ...

1/28/2009 12/7/2014

John Radiat, Sr. MP (1612 - 1687)


John Rediat was in England in 1612, came to America in p "Confidence,"sailing April 24, 1638, >ra time was a servant of Walter >, of Sudbury, ...(Cutter) REDIATE. - JOHN REDIAT was one of the origina...

11/9/2007 10/26/2014

Alice Stevens MP (1576 - 1650)

Alice ATKINS. Christened 14 OCT 1576 at (Cardington, Bedford-S5)(Caversham, Oxford-S1), England; daughter of (John-S?)(George-S?) ATKINS. [check John and George ATKINS to determine the correct father]....

3/6/2007 6/30/2014

Roger Eastman, Sr. MP (1610 - 1694)

Roger Eastman Birth: 4 Apr 1610 Downton, Wiltshire, England Death: 16 Dec 1694 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts Father: Nicholas EASTMAN generation 3 (1564-1640) Mother: Ann Barbara ROOKE...

1/27/2007 4/21/2014

John Benson MP (c.1608 - 1678)

"John Benson II"

Immigration: 1638, listed as age 30 on the passenger list for the "Confidence" Will: 14 Apr 1678. Will Proved: 26 Mar 1679 John and Mary came to Hingham, Massachussetts in 1638 from Oxfordshire, En...

7/3/2007 4/13/2014

Marah Benson MP (1606 - 1681)


Baptism: 12 Oct 1606, Caversham, Oxfordshire, England Immigration: 1638 on the "Confidence" Sources The Ancestors and Descendants of John Lewis Benson and His Sisters and Brother: A Genealogy a...

7/3/2007 4/13/2014

Josiah Keen MP (c.1634 - 1710)


Josiah Keen Josiah moved from Hingham to Marshfield to Duxbury, Massachusetts. He was surveyor in 1666, constable in 1667, and on the grand jury from Duxbury in 1689 and 1703. An entry in the Duxbury...

3/15/2007 4/1/2014

Nicholas Wallingford MP (c.1629 - 1682)

1. Nicholas1 Wallingford, son of Andrew? Wallington and Unknown Gore, was born possibly in Fareham, Hampshire, England possibly by 30 March 1630. He may be the Nycholas Wallington son of Andrew Walling...

6/21/2008 1/1/2014

Elizabeth Stevens MP (1613 - 1694)

Elizabeth Parker Birth: 1613 in Caversham, Oxfordshire, , England Death: 1694 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, USA Joseph PARKER (Father) Anna PARKER (Mother) John Stevens (husband) Sh...

3/6/2007 12/5/2013

Sgt. John Stevens, of Andover MP (1605 - 1662)

"John (Stephens) Stevens"

John Stevens, son of John Stevens and Alice Atkins, was born 1605, in England. He came to Newbury , Mass. 1638, on The Confidence, from South Hampton , England. He was a Husbandman from Covesham, Oxf...

3/6/2007 12/4/2013

Jane Goodenow MP (1611 - 1666)


Jane Ruddick 1 was born in 1611 in Of, Shaftesbury, Wiltshire, England. She died on 16 Jul 1666 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She was buried in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts. According t...

9/21/2007 9/30/2013

Thomas Goodenow of Sudbury MP (c.1617 - 1666)

Thomas Goodenow Birth: Dec 20 1617 - of Donhead, St. Andrew, Wiltshire, England Parents: Thomas Goodenow-Goodynow, Ursula Haynes Wife: Joanna, Jane Ruddick Death: Sep 29 1666 - Marlboro, Midd...

9/21/2007 9/30/2013

David Wheeler, of Newbury MP (1625 - 1669)

WHEELER, DAVID, Newbury, son of John, born 1625, at Salisbury, Wiltshire County, came in the Confidence of London, departed Southampton on 24 April 1638, probably betrusted to some friend (John Ludwell...

7/8/2007 8/5/2013

Anne Hannah Goodenow (c.1608 - 1675)


Doc. is from The Second Boat, do not remember what issue. Family Record of Nettie Sim, Clearfield, Utah. Sources: National Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars; New England Marriages Prior to 1700...

12/12/2007 7/28/2013

"Captain" Edmund Goodenow MP (c.1611 - c.1688)

As a churchwarden of Donhead St. Andrew, he was cited in 1636 for not attending his parish church; with his borthers Ralph and Simon, he was cited in Feb. 1637 for not attending church in Shaftesbury (...

9/21/2007 7/28/2013

Capt. John Goodenow MP (c.1634 - 1721)

John Goodenow was born about 1635 in Dunhead, St. Andrew, Wiltshire, England. He was the first of six children of Edmund Goodenow and Anne Hannah Barry. In 1638, John's family and a significant porti...

4/22/2007 7/28/2013

Elizabeth Haynes (c.1588 - 1659)

--------------------------------------------- : Birth: 1585 Wiltshire, England Death: Jun. 15, 1659 Sudbury Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Elizabeth was born in England about 1585, probabl...

3/7/2007 7/14/2013

Walter Haynes MP (1583 - 1664)

Series 1, Volume 3, Genealogical Notes Excerpted from "Our English Parent Towns", Page 681 Semley is a parish in Wiltshire, four and three fourths miIes from Hindon (S. by W.), and about the same dis...

3/7/2007 7/14/2013

Hugh March MP (c.1618 - 1693)

Hugh March is considered progenitor of a large part of the March family in the United States; he was an early settler of Newbury, Essex, Mass. Tradition says that he came from Newbury, England. He sail...

4/13/2010 3/16/2013