Hon. William Collier, of London & Duxbury MP (c.1585 - 1670)

Added by Elwin Nickerson II about my Great Grandfather: William Collier - Merchant of London- Arrived on the "Mary and Jane" in 1633-Came to Plymouth Colony with 4 Daughters- Wife Jane Did not Arrive...

Lt. William Clarke, of Northampton MP (c.1608 - 1690)

William Clarke arrived in New England: The Mary & John ship left Southampton or London, England abt Mar 24/26, 1634 with Master, Robert Sayres, arriving in New England. Clarke, William Source: __...

John Wheeler, I MP (1591 - 1670)

John Wheeler was a barber from Salisbury, England. He was of Hampton, New Hampshire soon after settlement of the town. He received land in Salisbury, Mass., in 1641. He removed to Newbury, Mass., bef...

Sarah Park MP (1616 - 1691)

Sarah Collier was born Apr. 30, 1616 in Greater London, England and died Apr. 26, 1691, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  She was buried on Burial Hill in Plymo...