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Giles Bland (b. - 1676)

Giles Bland , son of John Bland, was hanged by Governor Sir William Berkeley in 1676, after participating in Bacon's Rebellion. Sources:


) William Drummond (born ca.1617, died 1677) was the first colonial governor of Albemarle Sound settlement in the Province of Carolina and a participant in Bacon's Rebellion. Early life and caree...


Mary Parker MP (c.1634 - 1692)

Mary Ayer, daughter to John and Hannah, married Nathanial Parker. Mary (Ayer) Parker was accused of witchcraft in 1692. Mary Parker refused to confess during the witchcraft trials saying, "I know nothi...


Wilmot Redd (c.1638 - 1692)

"Wilmott", "Reed", "Rett"

Wilmot Redd (c1638 - 1692) - Wilmot was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts about 1638, and executed for witchcraft by hanging at the age of 54 on 22 September 1692 in Salem Towne, Essex County, Massachu...


Walter Peake (c.1609 - 1668)


PEAKE (PAKES), WALTER (ca. 1609-1668). BORN. ca. 1609, probably in England. IMMIGRATED: in 1646 as a free adult with his wife and son from Virginia. RESIDED: in St. Mary's County. MARRIED Fra...


William Eltonhead MP (1614 - 1665)

William Eltonhead {1616-1655} left Sutton and St.Helens for Maryland in around 1640 to become the special envoy to Lord Baltimore , the proprietor of the Maryland colony whose interests he oversaw. Bac...


Elizabeth Howe, Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1635 - 1692)


Elizabeth (Jackson) Howe was one of the accused in the Salem witch trials. She was found guilty and executed by hanging on 19 July 1692. Marriage and Children James Howe (c1633 Hatfield, Essex, E...


Hugh Stone, Sr. (1647 - 1690)

Notes for Hugh Stone: Died in 1689 by execution – was hanged for killing his wife, Hannah, in a drunken rage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


Captain Thomas Williford (c.1618 - 1676)

Captain Thomas Wilsford, Esquire, was one of the genuine Cavaliers who came to Virginia. In March 1651-1652 Thomas represented his country in the Virginia House of Burgesses. On Nov. 25, 1652 he became...


Thomas Hansford (c.1646 - 1676)

Captain Thomas Hansford was hung for participating in Bacon's Rebellion, the first martyr for the American freedom. William Cole prosecuted the case against Thomas Hansford for Governor Berkeley. ...


Rev. George Burroughs MP (c.1650 - 1692)


Reverend George Burroughs (c1650 - 1692) - Executed for witchcraft in the infamous Salem witch trials, George Burroughs was born about 1650 in Suffolk County, England, the son of Nathaniel Burroughs (1...


Bridget Bishop, Salem Witch MP (c.1632 - 1692)

"Wassellbee Oliver"

Bridget Bishop (ca. 1632, England – 10 June 1692 Salem, Massachusetts) was the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials of 1692. In the transcripts there is some indi...


Thomas Granger MP (1626 - 1642)


Thomas Granger or Graunger (1625? – September 8, 1642) was the first person hanged in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (the first hanged in any of the colonies of New England being John Billington) ...


Robert Johann Messer (b. - 1771)

A concrete slab placed inside an iron railing gives the illusion of a grave here but no one is buried at this spot. The bronze plaque, which replaces earlier black plaque, marks only the site of the ha...


Margaret Scott MP (1616 - 1692)

Margaret Stevenson Scott (1616 - 1692) was the only person to be accused of being a witch from Rowley during the Salem trials. The daughter of Edward Stevenson (born circa 1592) and Margareta Dunn (bor...


Martha Corey MP (b. - 1692)

"not Martha Pennoyer"

Martha (England - 22 September 1692), became the third wife of Giles Corey on 27 April 1690. Two years later she was convicted of witchcraft and executed by hanging during the 1692 Salem witch trials. ...


James Pugh MP (c.1747 - c.1810)

James Pugh ~ was a leader in the Regulator movement. He was hanged on 19 June 1771 for his involvement. He was the brother of Herman Husband's first wife.[ ] James Pugh is buried next to his wife Jan...


Robert Tucker, of Milton MP (1604 - 1682)

Robert Tucker, the first of that name in America, was born in Weymouth, England, and came to the new World with the Rev. Dr. Hull, locating first at Weymouth and later at Gloucester, where he was Town ...


Francis Hopkins MP (1720 - 1779)

"The Tory Bandit"

Francis Hopkins was born 1720 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island and died 1778 in Washington,Virginia. He was in Newsbury, New York; Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania, and Washington County, Virginia. Fr...


Capt. Benjamin Merrill MP (1731 - 1771)

Captain Benjamin Merrill b abt 1730 Hopewell, Mercer, NJ, d 19 Jun 1771 Hillsborough, Orange, NC From This is the famous Benjamin Merrill so brutally executed for his participation in the Regulator...


Mary Barnes of Farmington, convicted witch MP (c.1620 - 1663)

"Mary Needham", "Mary Brockett", "Mary Andrews", "Mary Eizabeth"

Mary Barnes was born ABT 1631 in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA. She died 6 FEB 1662 in Hartford County, Connecticut, USA. ALT January 18, 1663.. Her maiden name has been given as Needha...


John Billington was born in England about 1580, but nothing has been conclusively established concerning his ancestry or exact location of birth. He married Elinor before 1605. They and their two sons,...


Exactly where this character fits into the Scarborough family tree is highly unclear. He is said to have been the first cousin of Sir Charles Scarborough, who was the son of Capt. Edmund Scarborough (S...


John Proctor (1632–1692) was a farmer and tavernkeeper in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged. His wife and all of...


Rebecca Nurse MP (1621 - 1692)

"Rebecca Nourse"

Rebecca Towne Nurse (1621 - 1692) , daughter of William Towne and Joanna Blessing, was born in 1621 at Great Yarmouth, England, the second of eight children. She married Francis Nurse about 1645, with ...


George Jacobs, of Salem MP (1612 - 1692)

George Jacobs, Sr. (c.1620 – 1692) — George Jacobs was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials in Salem Village, Massachusetts in 1692, and was found guilty and hanged on 19 A...


Alice Bishop MP (1616 - c.1648)

"Alice (Martin) Clark Bishop", "Allis Bishop"

Alice Martin, born 1616, died October 1648 in Plymouth, MA Married first: George Clark b: 1620 married about 1640 died before 1644 2 children of Alice and George: Abigail Clark born about 1642 ...


Susannah Martin MP (1621 - 1692)

"Susannah North Salem Witch"

Susannah (North) Martin (1621 – 1692) was executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. The fourth daughter and youngest child of Richard North and Joan Bartram, Susannah North was bapt...


Thomas Cornell, II MP (1627 - 1673)

"Thomas /Cornell/"

Thomas and Elizabeth had four children, Thomas and Sarah had three daughters. Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth m. unknown Thomas Cornell m. Elizabeth Fiscock in New Amsterdam is not Thomas Cornell of P...