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Ebenzer Storer (1730 - 1807)

deacon of Brattle Street Church and treasurer of Harvard College

9/5/2008 Today

Roger L. Wollman (born May 29, 1934, in Frankfort, South Dakota) is an American jurist, federal judge, and former chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. He is the o...

11/23/2008 2/4/2016

Bill Foster, a Representative from Illinois; born in Madison, Wis., October 7, 1955; B. A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis., 1975; Ph. D., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 1984; ph...

2/3/2016 2/3/2016

5/7/2010 2/2/2016

William DeWitt, III MP


St Louis, MO, USA

St Louis, MO, USA

William O. "Bill" DeWitt III is the current President of the St. Louis Cardinals. He has held his position since the 2008 season. DeWitt is the third generation in a family with an extensive history ...

10/27/2011 2/1/2016

William O. DeWitt, Jr. MP

Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States

Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States

. William O. DeWitt, Jr. (born August 31, 1941) is an American businessman and currently the managing partner and chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals, a professional baseball franchise which competes...

11/28/2011 2/1/2016

Notes Location info: Montréal (birth) 25e premier ministre du Québec .

1/15/2008 2/1/2016

John Barrow, a Representative from Georgia; born in Athens, Clarke County, Ga., October 31, 1955; graduated from Clarke Central High School, Athens, Ga., 1973; B.A., University of Georgia, Athens, Ga...

1/30/2016 1/30/2016

Le gouverneur général du Canada - Son Excellence le très honorable David Johnston Honneurs: Compagnon de l'Ordre du Canada Commandeur de l'Ordre du mérite militaire ...

1/16/2016 1/29/2016

Joseph Clark Baldwin, a Representative from New York; born in New York City, January 11, 1897; attended private schools; was graduated from St. Paul’s School, Concord, N.H., in 1916 and from H...

6/9/2014 1/26/2016

Christopher Van Hollen MP (1922 - 2013)

Christopher Van Hollen Sr. (September 23, 1922 – January 30, 2013) was an American member of the United States Foreign Service who served as the United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the M...

6/1/2010 1/26/2016

Christopher Van Hollen, a Representative from Maryland; born in Karachi, Pakistan, January 10, 1959; B.A., Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa., 1982; M.P.P., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 198...

6/1/2010 1/26/2016

Chick Sass was born in Charleston on January 5, 1930, a son of noted Charleston Renaissance author Herbert Ravenel Sass and Marion McLeod Hutson Sass, and grew up on Legare Street. He started schoo...

1/26/2016 1/26/2016

1/25/2016 1/25/2016

Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) is an Chinese American cellist, virtuoso, and orchestral composer. He has received multiple Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts in 2001 and the Presidential Medal ...

8/26/2007 1/24/2016

Yü Loo Tang 唐腴臚 (1901 - 1931)

1/19/2016 1/20/2016

Michel Chrétien , OC OQ (born March 26, 1936) is a Canadian medical researcher specializing in neuroendocrinology research.

1/17/2016 1/17/2016

George David Zames MP (1934 - 1997)

George Zames (January 7, 1934 – August 10, 1997) was a control theorist and professor at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Zames is known for his fundamental contributions to the th...

11/24/2007 1/17/2016

Spark Matsunaga, U.S. Senator (1916 - 1990)

"松永正幸", "Sparky", "Masayuki"

Spark Masayuki Matsunaga, a Representative and a Senator from Hawaii; born in Kukuiula, Kauai, Hawaii, October 8, 1916; graduated, University of Hawaii at Honolulu 1941 and Harvard Law School 1951; Uni...

5/28/2014 1/15/2016

1/11/2016 1/11/2016

Michael Grant Ignatieff MP

"Michael Ignatieff"



Michael Grant Ignatieff , PC (/ɪɡˈnæti.ɛf/; born May 12, 1947) is a Canadian author, academic and former politician. He was the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada ...

1/30/2009 1/10/2016

Curtis J. Clawson (born September 28, 1959) is an American politician who has been the United States Representative for Florida's 19th congressional district since 2014. He is the former chief execut...

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

From his English Wikipedia page: Thomas Bryant "Tom" Cotton[1] (born May 13, 1977) is an American politician who is the junior United States Senator from Arkansas. He was a member of the United Sta...

2/5/2015 1/9/2016

Cornelius Christie (1835 - 1908)

Cornelius Christie was born December 6, 1835, the son of David Christie (1789-1848) and Anna Brinkerhoff. His parents had fifteen children. On his father's side, his great-great-grandfather, James Chri...

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

5/10/2012 1/8/2016

See Wikipedia Article

1/8/2016 1/8/2016

Gale S. Pollock is a retired United States Army major general who served as the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States Army from October 2006 to March 2007, and also as chief of the Army Nurse C...

12/31/2015 1/7/2016

Governor of the Bank of England.

9/11/2013 1/5/2016

Wendell Walley Phillips (1811 - 1884)

Phillips, an American orator, reformer, and lawyer, best known for his work in the abolitionist movement, advocated many causes including prohibition, prison reform, women's suffrage, labor organizatio...

12/6/2009 1/5/2016

Horatio Greenough (1805 - 1852)

Horatio Greenough ( September 6, 1805 – December 18, 1852) was an American sculptor best known for his United States government commissions The Rescue (1837–50) and George Washington (184...

7/5/2008 1/4/2016

Rev. Samuel Whitman MP (1677 - 1751)

Rev. Samuel WHITMAN. Born in 1677. Samuel died on 31 Jul 1751, he was 74. Education: Graduated Harvard in 1696. Was said to have been a tutor at Harvard for a short time. He was employed as a teacher...

7/11/2008 12/30/2015

John Trumbull (1756 - 1843)

John Trumbull (June 6, 1756 – November 10, 1843) was an American artist during the period of the American Revolutionary War and was notable for his historical paintings. His Declaration of Ind...

8/15/2008 12/29/2015

) Joseph Trumbull (March 11, 1737 – July 23, 1778), son of Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, was the first commissary general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary...

8/15/2008 12/29/2015

Dr. James Jackson, Sr. (1777 - 1867)

) James Jackson (born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, 3 October 1777; died in Boston, 27 August 1867) was a United States physician. He was a proponent of Massachusetts General Hospital and became its...

9/27/2011 12/28/2015

John Collins Warren (May 4, 1842 – November 3, 1927) was an American surgeon and president of the American Surgical Association.

12/31/2008 12/28/2015

Note: SOURCE Five Genealogies of Bowdish and Bowditch Families in Cyrus and Mary Ella Bowdish Selma was born February 4, 1853 at Leipzig, Germany. She died March 1,1918 at Brookline, N...

3/1/2008 12/28/2015

Charles Pickering Bowditch (30 September 1842 – 1 June 1921) was an American financier, archaeologist, cryptographer and linguistics scholar who specialized in Mayan epigraphy. Bowditch was ...

6/17/2012 12/28/2015

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch (1808 - 1892)

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch (1808-1892) was an American physician and a prominent Christian abolitionist. Bowditch was born on Aug. 9, 1808, in Salem, Mass to Nathaniel Bowditch, a renowned mathematicia...

8/8/2012 12/28/2015

Katharine Bouchage Weymouth[1] (b. 1966) is the former publisher of The Washington Post and chief executive officer of Washington Post Media. She resigned effective Oct. 1, 2014, one year after Amazon....

11/13/2009 12/27/2015

Lally Weymouth MP

New York, NY, USA

New York, NY, USA

Elizabeth Morris "Lally" Graham Weymouth (born 3 July 1943) is an American journalist who serves as Senior Associate Editor of the Washington Post. She previously served as Special Diplomatic Corresp...

11/13/2009 12/27/2015

Phil Graham (1915 - 1963)


Philip Leslie Graham was an American publisher and businessman. He was the publisher (from 1946 until his death) and co-owner (from 1948) of The Washington Post. He was married to Katharine Graham, the...

6/26/2008 12/25/2015

William Childs Westmoreland (March 26, 1914 – July 18, 2005) was a United States Army General, who commanded US military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak (1964–68), during the ...

3/12/2012 12/24/2015

General John A. Wickham, Jr. MP

Tucson, Arizona, United States

Tucson, Arizona, United States

. John Adams Wickham, Jr. (born June 25, 1928) is a retired United States Army general who served as the U.S. Army Chief of Staff from 1983 to 1987.

11/27/2007 12/24/2015

George Howard Earle, Jr. (1856 - 1928)

. George H. Earle, Jr. (July 6, 1856 – February 19, 1928) was a Philadelphia lawyer and "financial diplomat" who was highly sought after to save ailing corporations from financial ruin. Bi...

2/11/2012 12/24/2015

Samuel Hubbard Scudder MP (1837 - 1911)

Samuel Hubbard Scudder was an American entomologist and palaeontologist. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Scudder may be most widely known for his essay on the importance of first-hand, careful observati...

3/2/2009 12/24/2015

Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe Agassiz (December 17, 1835 – March 27, 1910), son of Louis Agassiz and stepson of Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, was an American scientist and engineer. Agassiz was born ...

11/6/2011 12/23/2015

. George William Casey, Sr. (March 9, 1922 – July 7, 1970) was a United States Army major general who was killed in a helicopter crash in July 1970, in South Vietnam. General Casey who had ser...

12/22/2015 12/22/2015

James Samuel Wadsworth (October 30, 1807 – May 8, 1864) was a philanthropist, politician, and a Union general in the American Civil War. He was killed in battle during the Battle of the Wilder...

10/14/2008 12/22/2015

Benazir Bhutto MP (1953 - 2007)

"Benzair Bhutto"

Benazir Bhutto (Sindhi: بينظير ڀٽو;Benzair Bhutto ; 21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007) was a Pakistan-born politician, with Pakistani...

1/29/2011 12/20/2015

John Philip Abizaid (born April 1, 1951) is a retired United States Army general and former U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) commander, overseeing American military operations in a 27-country region, f...

10/10/2008 12/20/2015

James A. Himes, a Representative from Connecticut; born in Lima, Peru, July 5, 1966; graduated from Hopewell Valley Central High School, Pennington, N.J.; A.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., ...

12/20/2015 12/20/2015

Daniel C. Esty is an American environmental lawyer and policymaker. He is the Hillhouse professor at Yale University with appointments at the Yale Law School and the Yale School of Forestry and Envir...

12/5/2015 12/20/2015

Elizabeth Esty, a Representative from Connecticut; born in Oak Park, Cook County, Ill., August 25, 1959; graduated from Winona High School, Winona, Minn., 1977; A.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, M...

12/5/2015 12/20/2015

Josiah Gardner Abbott (November 1, 1814 – June 2, 1891) was an American politician who served in the Massachusetts General Court and as a member of the United States House of Representatives f...

11/9/2008 12/19/2015

Artur Davis, a Representative from Alabama; born in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Ala., on October 9, 1967; graduated from Jefferson Davis High School, Montgomery, Ala.; B.A., Harvard University, Ca...

12/18/2015 12/18/2015

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 11th district In office :March 4, 1883 – March 3, 1885 Preceded by Roswell P. Flower ...

7/18/2008 12/17/2015

Frank Peak Akers is an American naval Rear Admiral who was the first aviator to make an instrument landing aboad an aircraft carrier.

12/16/2015 12/16/2015

Rev. Nathaniel Rogers MP (1668 - 1723)

Harvard College class of 1687. AB, AM

3/12/2008 12/15/2015

Prof. Daniel Cady Eaton (1834 - 1895)

Professor Daniel Cady Eaton Birth date: 12 Sept. 1834 Birth Place: Fort Gratiot, Michigan Territory Date of Death: 29 June 1895 Place of Death: New haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. Parents Father...

10/18/2008 12/15/2015

Francis Bowes Sayre (1885 - 1972)

. Francis Bowes Sayre, Sr. (April 30, 1885 – March 29, 1972) was a professor at Harvard Law School, High Commissioner of the Philippines, and a son-in-law of President Woodrow Wilson.

12/30/2011 12/14/2015

Loammi Baldwin, Jr. MP (1780 - 1838)

KNOWN AS "THE FATHER OF AMERICAN CIVIL ENGINEERING", part of the Loammi Baldwin family of civil engineers. Loammi Baldwin, son of Loammi Baldwin and Mary Fowle, was b. May 18,1778 [correct to May 16,...

8/26/2011 12/13/2015

John Rogers (Harvard) John Rogers (January 11, 1630—July 12, 1684) was an English academic in early Colonial America. Eldest son of minister Nathaniel Rogers, he was born in Coggeshall, a smal...

3/12/2008 12/12/2015

James Sibley Watson, Jr. (1894 - 1982)

James Sibley Watson, Jr. (August 10, 1894 – March 31, 1982) was an American medical doctor, philanthropist, publisher, editor, photographer, and early experimenter in motion pictures.

12/11/2015 12/11/2015

Dr. Robert B. Irwin (1883 - 1951)

Robert B Irwin Find A Grave Memorial# 58534917 Detailed biography at: Robert B. Irwin Inducted 2002 By Dean and Naomi Tuttle Robert Irwin (1883-1951) was born in Iowa. When he was five years ol...

12/30/2009 12/6/2015

Stan Greenberg MP


Stanley Bernard "Stan" Greenberg (born May 10, 1945) is a leading Democratic pollster and political strategist who has advised the campaigns of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry, as well as hundr...

12/5/2015 12/5/2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson (/ˈniːəl dəˈɡræs ˈtaɪsən/; born October 5, 1958) is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and scienc...

9/4/2015 12/3/2015

Teodoro de los Reyes Padilla MP (1927 - 1999)

On September 12, 2013, another distinguished collection was formally turned over to the De La Salle University Libraries. The Justice Teodoro R. Padilla Collection, consisting mostly of notable out-o...

9/28/2010 12/3/2015

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the USA MP

"Michelle LaVaughn Robinson"

Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC, USA

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is an American lawyer and writer. She is married to the 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first Africa...

6/3/2008 11/28/2015

William Wistar Comfort (1874 - 1955)

William Wistar Comfort (1874-1955), son of Howard and Susan Foulke Wistar Comfort, was born in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. and raised a Quaker, attending Meeting as a youth at the Meeting at Coulter ...

11/27/2015 11/28/2015

Horatio Emmons Hale (1817 - 1896)

Horatio Emmons Hale (May 3, 1817 – December 28, 1896) was an American-Canadian ethnologist, philologist and businessman who studied language as a key for classifying ancient peoples and being ...

4/5/2012 11/26/2015

Professor Louis I. (Levi Isaac) Ginzberg MP (1873 - 1953)

"Rabbi Dr. Louis Ginzberg"

Rabbi. Louis Ginzberg was a Talmudist and leading figure in the Conservative Movement of Judaism of the twentieth century. Ginzberg was born into a religious family whose piety and erudition was well...

3/27/2009 11/21/2015

Newton Nash Clements, a Representative from Alabama; born in Tuscaloosa County, Ala., December 23, 1837; was graduated from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa in 1858; entered Harvard University...

11/18/2015 11/18/2015

Carl Sagan MP (1934 - 1996)

Carl Edward Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996) was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in the space and na...

5/23/2011 11/17/2015

Julian Seymour Schwinger (February 12, 1918 – July 16, 1994) was a Nobel Prize winning American theoretical physicist. He is best known for his work on the theory of quantum electrodynamics (QED...

12/7/2014 11/13/2015

Judge Smith Hickenlooper (1880 - 1933)

Smith Hickenlooper (February 13, 1880 – December 22, 1933) was a United States federal judge. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hickenlooper was the son of Andrew Hickenlooper and Maria L. Smith Hic...

11/8/2015 11/8/2015

Dr. Edward Revere: KILLED AT ANTIETAM CDV of Dr. Edward Hutchins Robbins Revere, Assistant Surgeon, 20th Mass. Vols., and grandson of the Revolutionary War Patriot Paul Revere. He was the brother of Co...

10/7/2009 11/7/2015

Dr. Walter Ela, M.D. MP (1848 - 1924)

WALTER ELA . Born in Washington, D.C., September 23, 1848. Son of Richard and Lucia (King) Ela. Fitted for college at Exeter, N.H. Degrees: A.B. 1871; M.D. 1875. Married December 29, 1887, ...

11/7/2015 11/7/2015

Robert "Bob" Parris Moses MP

Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Robert Parris Moses (born January 23, 1935 in Harlem, New York, also known as Bob Moses) is an American educator and civil rights activist, known for his work as a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coor...

3/9/2012 11/6/2015

Harvard Memorial Biographies Ed. by T.W. Higginson. With Supplementary Biographies EDWARD STANLEY ABBOT. Second Lieutenant 17th United States Infantry, November 10, 1862; First Lieutenant, April 27,1...

9/16/2015 11/4/2015

Francis Ellingwood Abbot (1836 - 1903)

Francis Ellingwood Abbot (November 6, 1836 – October 23, 1903)[1] was an American philosopher[2] and theologian who sought to reconstruct theology in accord with scientific method. The lifel...

9/16/2015 11/4/2015

Joseph Hale Abbot (1802 - 1873)

From "Joseph Hale Abbot" by Francis Ellingwood Abbot in History of the Town of Wilton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, with a Genealogical Register by Abiel Abbot Livermore and Sewall Putnam. Lowel...

9/16/2015 11/4/2015

Edwin Hale Abbot (1834 - 1927)

Edwin Hale Abbot (1834–1927) was a lawyer and railroad executive, active in Boston and Milwaukee. Abbot was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, educated at Harvard University (BA 1855, AM 1858, ...

9/16/2015 11/4/2015

John Rodrigo Dos Passos MP (1896 - 1970)

John Dos Passos, the illegitimate son of a prominent American attorney, was born in Chicago in 1896. Brought up by his mother in Virginia, and for a time lived in France. Dos Passos returned to the Uni...

3/6/2010 10/31/2015

9/9/2011 10/23/2015

Thomas Hord Herndon (July 1, 1828 - March 28, 1883) was a U.S. Representative from Alabama. Born in Erie, Greene (now Hale) County, Alabama, the son of Thomas Hord Herndon, Sr., and Sarah Emma Toul...

3/6/2009 10/18/2015

Frederick George Bromberg, a Representative from Alabama; born in New York City June 19, 1837; moved with his parents to Mobile, Ala., in February 1838; attended the public schools; was graduated fro...

10/18/2015 10/18/2015

Luther Roberts Nash (1871 - 1947)

From Entry for John D. Nash Luther Roberts, born January 22, 1871, studied in the common schools and spent three years at Williston Seminary, E. Hampton, Mass. He then entered the Boston School of Te...

10/9/2015 10/11/2015

Michael Stanley Dukakis (/dʉˈkɑːkɨs/; born November 3, 1933) served as the 65th and 67th Governor of Massachusetts, from 1975 to 1979 and 1983 to 1991 respectively....

2/2/2014 10/8/2015

Philip Warren Anderson (born December 13, 1923) is an American physicist and Nobel laureate. Anderson has made contributions to the theories of localization, antiferromagnetism, symmetry breaking, high...

1/6/2015 10/7/2015

Graduated Harvard University. Captain in U.S.Army. Served in the Spanish-American War;(28th Inf. Reg't., Phillipine Campaigne; as a Lieutenant) and WWI. He removed to San Diego in 1914. No known childr...

8/19/2014 10/6/2015

Raul Ruiz, a Representative from California; born in Zacatecas, Mexico, August 25, 1972; graduated from Coachella Valley High School, Coachella, Calif., 1990; B.S., University of California, Los Angl...

10/2/2015 10/3/2015

Horace Edward Deming (1850 - 1930)

Men of America: A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries

10/1/2015 10/1/2015

Guy Spalding Lewis (1923 - 2013)

LEWIS Saturday, May 25, 2013 Guy Spalding Lewis took his last breath. Guy was 6'5 tall with thick white hair and perpetually freckled skin. He enjoyed robust health, strength, and vigor for most of his...

10/1/2015 10/1/2015

William Stokes Wyman, educator, was born November 23, 1830, in Montgomery, and died October 20, 1915; son of Justus and Mary Amelia (Stokes) Wyman, the former a native of Woburn, Mass., of Puritan stoc...

9/27/2015 9/27/2015

Alva Woods (1794 - 1887)

Alva Woods (1794–1887) was an American minister, university professor and university president. He was interim President of Brown University, 1826–28 and President of Transylvania Unive...

9/27/2015 9/27/2015

Adam Schiff, a Representative from California; born in Framingham, Norfolk County, Mass., June 22, 1960; B.A., Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., 1982; J.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.,...

9/27/2015 9/27/2015

Rev. Stephen H. Tyng (1800 - 1885)

He was a 1817 graduate of Harvard University in 1817. The degree of D.D. was conferred upon him by Jefferson College in 1832, and by Harvard in 1851. Tyng was considered to be one of the most notable...

2/7/2013 9/25/2015

Biography (taken from " Class of 1844, Harvard") JAMES MORISON, son of Nathaniel and Mary Ann (Hopkins) Morison, was born in Peterboro, New Hampshire, 20 June, 1818. He was the youngest of seven chil...

9/12/2015 9/20/2015

Prof. Horace Morrison (1810 - 1870)

Biography Horace Morison, in his youth, experienced similar hard- ships with his brothers, and was made early to earn his own support. When seventeen years of age he learned the cabinet- maker's trad...

9/12/2015 9/20/2015