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Mary Ann Faure (Chastain) (1652 - 1700)

"Mary Ann Faure", "Marie-Anne Chastain"

Date of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be 1637. Title : The Huguenot Publication Author : The Huguenot Society Note :NS045173 Page: Publication #1, 1924, p. 14 Text : L'Veuve [w...

2/19/2007 1/20/2016

Jean Pierre Morrisett (c.1690 - c.1734)


Jean Pierre Morrissett, Huguenot, born Abt. 1696 in France; died 1734 in Dale Parish, Henrico Co., Virginia. He was the son of 2. Thomas Morrissett and 3. Mary Ann Wade. He married (1) Elizabeth Faur...

10/10/2008 1/15/2016

Elisabeth Morrisett (1690 - 1746)

Elizabeth Faure married Pierre Morriset (also on the Mary and Ann) a year or two later. The name is variously spelled Morriset, Morrisett, Morrissett, and Morrissette. In some colonial records it is sp...

11/14/2007 1/15/2016

Mary Elizabeth Ford (1730 - 1821)

9/10/2015 1/8/2016

Lewis Dutarque (c.1678 - 1748)

"Lewis Dutarque"

Lewis was a French Huguenot (Protestant) refugee who fled France as a result of religious conflict with the Catholic majority. Persecution of the Huguenots increased after the revocation of the Edict o...

4/4/2009 1/3/2016

John Boutcher (c.1627 - c.1679)

"John", "Jean", "Boutcher", "Boucher", "Bouchière", "Bouchierre"

John Boutcher, of Hartford, England. He was perhaps a Huguenot from Champagne, France (Wife's name unknown)

2/22/2007 12/31/2015

Isaac DuBose, I (c.1665 - c.1721)

dubose.dna.rdgriffith... ; THE HUGUENOTS The exodus of Huguenots (Protestants) from France to Geneva, Amsterdam, London, and other places started in 1572 after the "St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre...

7/31/2007 12/13/2015

Anna Walker (c.1604 - d.)

"Barlow", "Anne Bailliuw"

Abigail's marriage [to John Dunham] was witnessed by her father, Thomas Billiou and a sister Anna (not previously mentioned) who was married 28 May 1624 in Holland to Nathaniel Walker. WORKMAN FAMI...

6/26/2015 6/26/2015

Abigail Dunham MP (c.1600 - 1669)

"Billiou", "Bilyeau", "Balliou", "Abigail Wood"

2B. ABIGAIL BALLIOU (BALLION, BILYEU) born in France, dau, of Thomas Billiou 1B and Aime ..................; married 22 Oct. 1622 in Leyden, Holland, to JOHN DUNHAM (born 1589 in Nottinghamshire, Engla...

7/6/2007 6/26/2015

James Henry Cousins (1873 - 1956)

James Cousins James Henry Cousins (22 July 1873 – 20 February 1956) was an Irish writer, playwright, actor, critic, editor, teacher and poet. He used several pseudonyms including Mac Ois...

6/2/2015 6/2/2015

Joseph DuVal (deceased)

4/10/2015 4/10/2015

Philadelphia Duval MP (c.1677 - c.1715)

comments Last updated April 2015 Said to have been a relative (niece) of Cardinal Guillaume Du Bois . However no relationship can currently be found. See page 6 for details of that family.

3/1/2009 4/3/2015

Daniel DuVal MP (c.1665 - 1717)

"Chevalier of France Daniel DuVal"

Daniel was known in France as Chevalier Daniel DuVal. He escaped from Normandy, France during the Huguenot persecution when the protestants were being mass murdered and their possessions taken by the K...

3/1/2009 4/3/2015

Antoine DuVal MP (c.1620 - 1651)


9/30/2009 4/3/2015

Peter Tuley (1655 - 1750)

Arrived in James City, Virginia on 08/12/1700 aboard the Ship Mary and Ann. A Huguenot Refugee

4/18/2007 3/28/2015

Marie Magdelene Traverrier was the daughter of Marie Arnaud and second husband Capt. Pierre Traverrier. She and her twin brother Pierre were born in born December, 1688 in Narragansett, Rhode Island. T...

3/23/2015 3/23/2015

Jean Perlier MP (1640 - 1686)

"Jean Perlee"

Jean Perlier was born about 1640 in LaTremblade, Saintonge County, Maritime Providence, France. There he married Marie Arnaud, November 27, 1667. His parents are unknown. His occupation has been given ...

6/20/2008 3/23/2015

Jean Parlee (1703 - c.1771)

2/9/2010 3/23/2015

Michael Devin (1749 - 1822)

Find a Grave Birth: 1749 County Dublin, Ireland Death: Jan. 2, 1822 Relief Washington County Ohio, USA Michael Devin was a French Huegonot who emigrated from Dublin, Ireland. One source says th...

4/8/2009 2/26/2015

Jean Calvin MP (1509 - 1564)

John Calvin was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation. He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism. (...

2/28/2014 2/11/2015

Casper Griesemer MP (1715 - 1794)


7/12/2008 12/17/2014

Thomas Lanphear MP (1520 - 1572)


George Lanphere of Rhode Island was a grandson of Huguenots [Huguenot = a French Protestant of the 1500 and 1600s, believed Calvinist or Reformed theology]. His grandfather THOMAS LANPHEAR [4] fled Fra...

9/17/2008 10/15/2014

Paulus Balliet (1716 - 1777)

Fled France due to persecution of Huguenots (French Protestants). Came to Pennsylvania. Credited with founding Ballietsville. Ran a hotel/tavern. Founded the First Line of Balliets in the US.

11/12/2012 7/19/2014

Michael Le Tonnelier (1470 - d.)

Tonnelier = barrel maker The Le Tonnelier/Küfer/Kieffer/Cooper/Keifer /Keefer History: In the 11th century (1001-1100AD) the French began to first use last names/surnames/family names, but sur...

3/23/2009 6/20/2014

Rev. John "Ten Shilling Bell" Chastain MP (1743 - 1805)

"Ten Shilling Bell"

Reverand John Chastain, b.1743, Goochland County VA, who married Mary O'Bryan. This John's father was Pierre Chastain, Jr. and Mildred Archer. Pierre was the son of the emigrant, Pierre Chastain....

6/28/2007 3/13/2014

Pierre Chastain, Jr. MP (c.1707 - c.1776)


Pierre "Peter" Chastain, Jr. Birth: 1707 in Manakin, Goochland Co., Virginia 1 Death: Abt 1775 in Buckingham Co., Virginia 2 1 Father: Pierre "Peter" CHASTAIN b: 1663 in Chaost, Province of Ber...

4/21/2008 3/13/2014

Dr. Francis Guiteau (1825 - 1872)

Find a Grave Birth: Mar. 24, 1825 Trenton Oneida County New York, USA Death: Aug. 9, 1872 Dr. Francis Guiteau Jr. descends from a French Huguenot family, settled in Deerfield and began practice...

2/26/2014 2/26/2014

Reynier "Rene" Piatt MP (c.1640 - 1705)

"Thomas la Fleur"

Additional Curator's Notes: Reynier (or Rene) Piatt was French Huguenot silkweaver from the Dauphine region of France. To escape religious persecution, he changed his name several times, fled to Holl...

6/21/2008 12/23/2013

Suzanne Robert (deceased)

3/7/2012 11/19/2013

Daniel Robert MP (deceased)

Daniel Robert was a Huguenot refugee to Martinique; Daniel Robert (I) later moved to New Rochelle, and in 1703 is listed as a principal inhabitant of New York City; he married Suzanne Latour, who after...

3/7/2012 11/19/2013

Christopher Robert MP (c.1708 - 1793)


3/7/2012 11/19/2013

Dr. Daniel Robert (1746 - 1804)

About the Robert family: Long Island Genealogy: Dr. Daniel Robert, 1746-1804 "Doctor's Point" Mastic, Long Island, NY "The colorful Doctor Robert was born in New York City on January 27, 17...

3/7/2012 11/19/2013

7/26/2013 7/26/2013

René Martineau (1516 - 1573)

Etudes à Paris dans un collège de la faculté des arts (collèges secondaire de l'Université) , puis en Italie, à l'université de Bologne où il obt...

4/2/2013 4/2/2013

Capt. Henri Marius Brunet de Rochebrune MP (1695 - 1732)

"Henri Maurice"

De Rochebrunesteeg die naast het pand nr. 10 uitkomt in de Grote Kerkstraat, is genoemd naar Henri Martin Brunet de Rochebrune (1697-1732), kapitein van het lijfregiment van de stadhouder, die enige ti...

11/26/2012 3/24/2013

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Thibaud Le Tonnellier Küfer (1540 - d.)

"Thibaud Le Tonnelier"

Thibaud Le Tonnelier was a native of Paris, France. He became a Huguenot and was forced to leave France. In 1563 he moved to Kettenheim, Germany in the Pfalz and at Alsace he changed his name to Theo...

11/8/2008 3/18/2013

Gabriel Bernon MP (1644 - 1736)

From: Find A Grave Memorial # 19231732; Birth:  Apr. 6, 1644, France Death:  Feb. 1, 1736 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA Parents: Andre Bernon Suzanne G...

6/2/2009 2/23/2013

Hester Batchelder MP (1591 - 1631)

Christening: 23 May 1591 St. Anglois, South Hampton, Hampshire, England Also record seen as: He married first Hester Merce, daughter of Jean and Jeanne (leClerc) Mercer, or Mercier. She was baptize...

3/24/2007 1/24/2013

Gabriel Baubeau, Pere MP (1629 - c.1704)

Gabriel Baubeau was a French Huguenot living in St. Sauvant, France. His name appeared, in 1681, on a list of those sentenced to death for their religion. Also on this list were his wife Catherine Riva...

6/25/2007 12/26/2012

Paul Parrian de Durrett (c.1683 - d.)

See "Virginia Genealogist," v.15, p. 3-9 1 Marriage 1 Antonia ? (DURRETT) b: WFT Est. 1677-1705 Married: WFT Est. 1710-1746 1 Children John DURRETT b: 1773 Richard DURRETT b: WFT Est. 1700-17...

5/19/2008 12/14/2012

Marianne Le Serrurier MP (1675 - 1732)

Marianne le Serurier was the daughter of Jacques le Serurier and wife Elizabeth Leger She was born in Saint-Quentin, Aisne, Picardy France on October 4, 1675 and emigrated to London with her family, an...

1/6/2009 12/5/2012

Isaac Mazyck MP (1661 - 1735)

Isaac Mazyck was a French Huguenot who left France soon after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. He traveled through Amsterdam to London, and from there to the Carolinas, arriving in Charles Town i...

1/6/2009 12/5/2012

Marguerite DeVeaux (c.1665 - 1745)

"Marguerite Videaul de Bourdeaux", "Marguerite Poitevint"

Marguerite de Bourdeaux was born c.1665 in Grenoble, The Dauphine, France. She was the daughter of Jacques de Bourdeaux and wife Madeleine Garillond. She came to South Carolina about 1685 with her fami...

10/20/2007 11/30/2012

Madeleine Garillond (c.1648 - c.1700)

10/20/2007 11/29/2012

Catherine du Fresne MP (c.1600 - c.1670)

"Catherine Fresne"

Catherine du Fresne was the daughter of Alexandre du Fresne and Catherine de Torcy. She was born in Grenoble, France c.1600. She married Evremond Purcell de Bourdeaux. They emigrated to England, where ...

9/29/2008 11/29/2012

Evremond Purcell de Bourdeaux MP (c.1600 - c.1663)

"Evereaud Du Bordeaux", "Evermond", "Evereaud"

Evermond Purcell de Bourdeaux was the son of Pierre Purcell de Bourdeaux and wife Marie du Bois. He was born between 1590 - 1610 in Grenoble, the Dauphine, France, and died after 1680 in Canterbury, Co...

9/29/2008 11/29/2012

Jacques de Bourdeaux, "the Immigrant" MP (c.1650 - 1699)

"James de Bourdeaux", "James"

Jacques de Bourdeaux was the son of Evremond Purcell de Bordeaux and wife Catherine du Fresne. He was born c. 1650 in Grenoble, the Dauphine, France. He was a blacksmith by trade. He died c.1699 in Ora...

10/20/2007 11/29/2012

Daniel de la Rive (1609 - c.1650)

11/20/2012 11/20/2012

Charles Bonnet MP (1720 - 1793)

Charles Bonnet (March 13, 1720 – May 20, 1793), Swiss naturalist and philosophical writer, was born at Geneva, of a French family driven into Switzerland by the religious persecution in the 16th...

11/20/2012 11/20/2012

Claude de Saussure MP (1543 - d.)

Claude de Saussure was the son of Antoine de Saussure, early Huguenot, and wife Antoinette d'Augy. He was born in Lorraine, France in December, 1543. He married Anne de Pierre in 1566. Anne was the dau...

11/12/2012 11/12/2012

Jean de Saussure was the second son of Antoine de Saussure and wife Antoinette d'Augy. He was born early in the family's flight from Lorraine, probably in 1551. He married Catherine de Veillet de Scrim...

2/16/2008 11/12/2012

Antoinette d'Augy was born c.1520 in Lorraine, France. She married Antoine de Saussures c.1538. She had six children before fleeing France due to Huguenot persecution, the seventh while fleeing, and th...

2/16/2008 11/12/2012

Francoise de Saussure MP (c.1543 - 1568)

Francoise de Saussure was the daughter of Antoine de Saussure, early Huguenot, and his wife Antoinette d'Augy. She was most likely born in Lorraine, France, at one of her father's estates. Her date of ...

11/12/2012 11/12/2012

Antoine de Saussure MP (1514 - 1569)

Antoine de Saussure was born in 1525 to Mongin Chouel de Saulxures and wife Catherine Warin de Clemary. He was one of eleven children, but his name is the only one that has survived. He was most likely...

2/16/2008 11/12/2012

Samuel du Pont (1708 - 1775)

11/15/2010 11/5/2012

Pierre Samuel du Pont MP (1739 - 1817)

Pierre Samuel du Pont (de Nemours was later added to his name) was born in Paris in 1739, the only son of Samuel (a watchmaker) and Anne Alexandrine de Montchanin du Pont. At his mother’s insist...

2/6/2009 11/5/2012

Louis Raoul (c.1775 - d.)

3/23/2010 11/2/2012

Colonel Isaac Barré MP (1726 - 1802)

Colonel Isaac Barré Irish soldier and politician. He earned distinction serving with the British army during the Seven Years' War, and later became a prominent Member of Parliament where he be...

10/29/2012 10/29/2012

Benjamin Constant MP (1767 - 1830)

See Wikipedia...

10/2/2011 10/26/2012

Gabriel Béranger (1731 - 1817)

BERANGER, GABRIEL ( 2 marriages first marriage to his cousin Louise Beranger) Memoir of Gabriel Beranger Artist, was born in Rotterdam 5 May 1731 , and was descended from one of the Hugueno...

10/23/2012 10/23/2012

Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco MP (1686 - 1820)

"Old Henry", "Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco"

Hendrick Francisco , born 1686, died 1820 American Revolutionary War service with the Green Mountain Boys; DAR Ancestor #: A041636 , Pension *S44864

9/7/2009 10/22/2012

Lydia Laurens (1706 - d.)

10/21/2012 10/21/2012

James Laurent (1693 - d.)

"Laurent", "Laurens"

10/21/2012 10/21/2012

Jeanne Laurent (c.1672 - c.1687)

10/21/2012 10/21/2012

Auguste Laurens (1700 - d.)

10/21/2012 10/21/2012

André Laurent (c.1667 - c.1715)

"Andre Laurens", "Andrew"

Not much is known about Jean Laurent (1643-1681) and his wife, Elizabeth Manigault (1647-1700) except that they were from France. Only one son is known, and his name was Andre. Andre Laurent (1667-1715...

9/29/2008 10/21/2012

Marie Lucas (c.1669 - c.1716)

9/29/2008 10/21/2012

Carbonne D'Illard, Jr. (c.1565 - d.)

1/26/2009 10/21/2012

David Digues des Rompieres La Touche David Digues des Rompieres De La Touche was born in 1671 and educated in a strictly Protestant manner. While in Holland, he secured a commission with Colonel La C...

9/21/2007 10/20/2012

Edward Leavell (c.1685 - 1749)

Children of ? LAVELLE are: 2.....i.....JOHN LAVELLE, b. 1675; d. 1740. 3.....ii.....EDWARD LEAVELL, b. 1685; d. July 1749, St. George's Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia, USA. Notes ...

9/16/2009 10/20/2012

Jean Lea Valle (1665 - 1740)

Jean John G Lea Valle Leavell MyHeritage Family Trees Dykes20Family20Tree1 in Dykes Web Site, Birth: Mar 2 1667 - Sermaize, Loiret, Centre, France Death: 1740 - York, Virginia, United States Pare...

9/16/2009 10/20/2012

Count Jean de Cessna MP (1665 - 1751)

"Jean De Cisney", "Jean De Cesne", "Jean Le Sesne"

Note: Many Cessna family researchers believe that Jean (1) came to America in 1718 and some believe he never left Ireland. Early Pennsylvania and Huguenot histories and biographies all say Jean (1) cam...

2/27/2010 10/13/2012

John 'Nolichucky Jack' Sevier, 1st Gov. of Tennessee MP (1745 - 1815)

"Nolichucky Jack", "Sevier", "Jean", "Xavier"

John Sevier (September 23, 1745–September 24, 1815) was an American soldier, frontiersman and politician, and one of the founding fathers of the State of Tennessee. He played a leading role, bot...

4/11/2007 8/29/2012

Louis Manierre, I MP (1757 - 1794)

Louis Manierre has been said to have served under French General Lafayette (1757-1833, aka Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette) in the American Revolution. Lafayette was among the French leaders t...

5/13/2009 8/27/2012

Abraham and Casper From Paris 1685 to Zweibrucken Tonnelier(Keffer) (Huguenot refugees)

3/16/2010 7/30/2012

Marie de Forest MP (1576 - 1622)

"Marie /De Cloux/"

French Huguenot 4443. Maria du Cloux b. 1580 (Avesnes/) Sedan, Meuse, France d. 1676 Leyden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands Family: (4442) Jesse De Forest i. Marie de Forest c. 7 July 1602 Sedan, Meus...

5/25/2007 6/29/2012

Jean Fiere? La Verree (1624 - d.)

7/27/2008 6/22/2012

Daniel Fierre, Sr. MP (1646 - 1708)

Surname has also been (erroneously?) reported to be the following: Fierre Fuehre Verree A French Huguenot, and a wealthy silk manufacturer. They lived in Landau, France, along the Rhine Riv...

9/28/2007 6/22/2012

Rev. John Mariner MP (c.1644 - 1717)

"John Marin", "John Marriner", "LeMariner", "Jean Mariner"

Past and current members have joined the Huguenot Society of America by right of descent from the following Huguenot ancestors who qualify under the constitution of the Society: Mariner, Rev. John. "...

9/14/2008 6/11/2012

John Mariner MP (c.1685 - 1748)

parents: Rev. John Mariner (LaMariner) father of John Mariner of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, by his 1st wife, Elizabeth. who was the father of Rachel Mariner (child born the day before her mother died);...

8/9/2008 6/11/2012

Daniel 'The Huguenot' Perrine MP (c.1642 - 1719)

"Perine;", ""The Huguenot""

A. Daniel Perrine, aka “The Huguenot” (1642- post-9/6/1719) b. Isle of Jersey, Channel Is., France, d. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY. One of 18 servants who came on ship “Philip...

6/27/2008 6/9/2012

5/25/2012 5/25/2012

Louis Alexandre de Milly (c.1703 - 1741)

1726 : Komst naar de Republiek 1727 : gingen over tot de protestantse godsdienst 1730 01 22 : Den Haag - Protestants hertrouwd.

5/25/2012 5/25/2012

John Ferree MP (1685 - 1769)

né vers 1685? JOHN3 FERREE (DANIEL2, JEAN1 LA VERREE) was born Bet. 1685 - 1688 in Lyon, France, and died September 1769 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania6. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH MUSGR...

10/3/2008 4/28/2012

Johann Christian Merkel MP (1678 - 1766)

"Mercklin", "John Chrisman Markle", "John Christian Merkel", "John Christian Merckling aka Mercklen", "Merkel"

he married (1) Jemima WEURTZEN, married in Amsterdam, Holland, b. ?, d. ? (3) Eva KELCHNER, b. ?, d. ?. Johann Christian Merkel fled to Amsterdam, Holland from Alsace-Lorraine section of Merzig on...

6/20/2008 4/22/2012

5/10/2008 4/18/2012

Laurent Flournoy (c.1530 - 1593)

Laurent Flournoy was a French Huguenot and he fled from Champagne to Geneva, Switzerland after the Duke of Guise led the protestant massacre at Vassey in 1562. The Flournoy ancestral estate was locat...

3/3/2007 4/18/2012

3/3/2007 4/18/2012

Pierre Jacques Cresson MP (1610 - 1679)

"“Pierre", "Le Gardinier", "” Pier Cresson"

Married june 5, 1630 sedan picardie, france one possible place of birfth: Delft, So. Holland, Holland, Netherlands in America in 1657 from Menil La Cresson, Abbeville, Picardy, France. Name of ship i...

3/7/2007 4/9/2012

Jacques Cossart (1595 - 1681)

"Jacob de Cossart"

He and his wife moved to Amsterdam and later to Leyden, Holland. Source: Jacques Cossart , /familypedia... ; Jacques Cossart, born 1595, is the first known ancestor of the American branch of this n...

1/6/2008 3/20/2012

Daniel d'Estrang MP (1650 - c.1710)

"Strang", "Streing"

Daniel Strang was a French Huguenot (Huguenots were members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France) Husband of Charlotte Maistre — married August 21, 1680 in Orleans, Loiret, France. Father...

7/28/2007 3/16/2012

Robert Brasseur, Sr. MP (c.1584 - c.1665)

"Brashears", "Brasher"

NOTE : Robert Brasseur was disconnected from suggested parents Allemand Brassier de Jocas and Madeleine de Cheylus, on August 1, 2014. Many online 'sources' (other genealogy websites) ascert this filia...

4/24/2007 3/8/2012

Jean Hasbrouck (1624 - 1674)

wikipedia Jean Hasbrouck House'..... - Build by one of Jean's descendants in 1721 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jean Hasbrouck House U.S. National Register of Historic Places U.S. National Hi...

3/31/2008 3/7/2012

Estienne (Etienne) Cheneau MP (1675 - 1750)

"Stephan de Cheneau"

The date and location of the birth of Estienne Cheneau have not been positively determined, but some assumptions can be made from information that is known about him. He is listed on the manifest of th...

11/18/2008 3/6/2012

Colonel William Fitzhugh MP (1651 - 1701)

"William (The Immigrant) Fitzhugh came to America about 1674 (or 1670 depending on who you believe). He was well educated, a shrewd businessman, a lawyer, and was religious. His church was the establis...

10/13/2007 3/4/2012

Nicholas Hayward, Jr. MP (c.1645 - 1698)

Christened at Allhollows Parish Aug 20, 1645 Source: ____________________ In the 1650s Nicholas Hayward was a merchant and a notary public in London who had dealings with Nathaniel Pope, for whic...

6/1/2009 3/3/2012

John Vinton (1620 - 1664)

John VINTON1 was born 1620 in Taunton, Hampshire, England1, and died August 03, 1664 in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut Said in the Vinton Memorial (1858) by John Adams Vinton to be probably...

3/21/2007 2/20/2012

Robert DePriest (c.1665 - c.1710)

"Robert /DePress/"

French Huguenot Robert DePress / DePriest born - France died - ca. 1710 Manakin, Goochland Co. Virginia

6/17/2008 2/5/2012