Oom Dawid Kruiper, ‡Khomani San in the Kalahari MP (c.1941 - 2012)

I would like also to say to the world that the San are here and that you should support us and our traditional way of life. -- Oom Dawid Kruiper Basic Biography Dawid Kruiper was a traditional heal...

Zara Hottentot (c.1647 - 1671)

"Sara was a Khoikhoi girl, a servant for wages, who practised concubinage with various Europeans, grew up in a settler home, spoke Portuguese and Dutch, attended Christian services, and who, on 18 Dece...

Elisabeth Voogd van de Caap (c.1703 - c.1777)

Read page 10 at Note document on father of Diederik. b1 Diederik Niemand (Dieter) Born about 1697 Cape, South Africa; Bapt. 16 May 1765; [G1/8/1-p8] [KAB VC604-p8 – Note 2] [SAG Vol 6 page 2...

Autshumato 'Herry' Chief of Goringhaicona MP (b. - 1663)

Names: Autshumao Died: 1663 In summary: khoikhoi leader and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas. Autshumao also known as Herry the strandloper (beach walker), he was chief and interpreter of the G...

Maria de Buys, PROG (c.1766 - 1821)

Maria was a Baster Khoi Koi woman of slave descent who had 7 children with Coenraad de Buys

Krotoa 'Eva' van Meerhof SM/PROG MP (c.1641 - 1674)

Add yourself to the list of Krotoa's Grandchildren on Geni Please see Timeline Tab for a breakdown of her Life Events Feel free to add information or other interpretations as well. [Sharon Apr 2013] ...