Juan Rodriguez Bellido (1560 - 1627)

He was a soldier who came with the second wave of settlers who came to New Mexico on Christmas Eve 1600. He was also a member of the loyalist group that stayed in New México while many coloniest...

Bartolomé Romero, III MP (1602 - 1643)

Served in the Royal Spanish Army with distinction, and went on to become the Alcade mayor of Santa Fe. The name "Bartolome Lopez Romero," inscribed on El Morro (Inscription Rock, southwest of Grants), ...

Juan de Oñate Salazar MP (c.1552 - 1626)

Source for dates-- ; also Nuevas Leyes de Las Minas de España; 1625 Edicion de Juan de Oñate, introduction, p. 8. Half brother of Magdalena Mendoza de Salazar He is the twin brother o...

Felipe Antonio de Cisneros MP (c.1660 - 1706)

Antonio de Cisneros born c. 1660, died August 9, 1706, killed by Apaches and buried beneath the church on the epistle side of the sanctuary, Zuñi , Nuevo México, Nueva España Bor...