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Jamaica, West Indies, 1823 Census

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A Census of the White & Brown inhabitants & other Persons of Free Condition of the Parish of Hanover distinguishing their Sexes, Colour, Ages and places of Residence

Name Gender Age Colour Residence

Vassall, Robert O. Male - White Abingdon Vassall, Christian Female - White Abingdon Vassall, John Male - White Abingdon Vasall, Mary Female - White Abingdon Doo, Sarah Female 67 White Albion Rusea, Elizabeth Female 45 White Albion Rusea, Rebecca Female 41 White Albion Rusea, Ann Female 35 White Albion Henderson, Donald Male 34 White Alexandria McMorland, John Male 28 White Alexandria Smith, Joseph Male 58 White Alexandria Campbell, Archibald Male 71 White Askinish Campbell, Trafford Male 32 White Askinish Campbell, Alexander Male 18 Quadroon Askinish Campbell, Elizabeth M. Female 50 Mulatto Askinish Campbell, Lilly Female 23 Quadroon Askinish Campbell, Ann Female 21 Quadroon Askinish Campbell, Jane Female 19 Quadroon Askinish Campbell, Margaret Female 13 Quadroon Askinish Senior, Sarah Female 30 Mulatto Atlas Huggins, William Male 17 Quadroon Atlas Huggins, Abraham Male 8 Quadroon Atlas Huggins, Catherine Female 5 Quadroon Atlas Huggins, Maria Female 2 Quadroon Atlas Spence, William Male 74 Mulatto Axe & Adze Heron, William Male 22 Quadroon Axe & Adze Campbell, Harriet Female 14 Quadroon Bachelors Hall Chisholm, Francis Male 27 White Bachelor's Hall Bell, John Male 23 White Bachelor's Hall Butchart, John Male 26 White Bachelor's Hall Walker, William C. Male 45 White Bamboo Walker, F.G. Female 35 White Bamboo Bucknor, E.A. Female 35 White Bamboo Berladie, James Male 47 White Bamboo Bucknor, Mary Female 21 Quadroon Bamboo Hill, Thomas Male 26 Quadroon Bamboo Walker, Frances Female 7 Sambo Bamboo Purdy, Elizabeth Female 9 Sambo Bamboo Anderson , James Male 21 White Barbary Hill Walters, George Male - White Barbican Pepper, William Male - White Barbican Campbell, James Male 35 White Baulk Wilson, Kenneth Male 28 White Baulk Kerr, Samuel Male 27 Mulatto Baulk Suell, Henry Male 25 White Beans Wilkins, Edmund Male 19 White Beans Gayner, James Male 30 Mulatto Beans Leigh, Lydia A. Female 60 White Belvedere Reid, Theodora Female 30 White Belvedere James, Janet Female 44 Quadroon Berry Hill Plummer, George W. Male 27 Quadroon Berry Hill Plummer, Mary Ann 26 Mustee Berry Hill Hill, Robert Male 32 Quadroon Binns Hill Hill, Mary Ann 34 Quadroon Binns Hill Sinclair, Daniel Male 23 White Blenheim Stewart, John Male 34 White Blenheim Wilson, Donald Male 19 White Blenheim Hamilton, James Male 22 White Blenheim Robertson, Isaac Male 28 White Blue Hole Smith, William Male 30 White Blue Hole Buchanan, Sarah Female 38 Mustee Bogie Hill Lucea Buchanan, Jane Female 34 Mustee Bogie Hill Lucea Christie, Maudlin B. Female 12 White by Law Bogie Hill Lucea Ellison, Mary Female 68 Negro Bogie Hill Lucea Sorton, James Male 21 Mulatto Bold Attempt James Crooks Male 37 Sambo Bold Attempt Robert Crooks Male 8 Sambo Bold Attempt Connell, Elizabeth Female 26 Mulatto Bonnel Wiseman, James Male 3 Quadroon Bonnel Wiseman, William Male 1 Quadroon Bonnel Kirkaldy, William Male 48 White Bower Hall Dawson, Ann Female 40 Mulatto Bower Hall Patie, Ann Female 34 Quadroon Bushy Park Thomson, James W. Male 13 Quadroon Bushy Park Finucane, John E. Male 26 Quadroon Buxton Wise, James Male 35 Quadroon Buxton Wise, Catherine Female 28 Mulatto Buxton Wise, Susan E. Female 16 Mulatto Buxton Mitchell, Richard Male 16 Mulatto Buxton George Mitchell Male 15 Sambo Buxton Ann Mitchell Female 19 Sambo Buxton Elizabeth Kerr Female 51 Negro Buxton McMahon, Elizabeth Female 20 Quadroon Cacoon Perrin, Jane Female 50 Mulatto Cacoon McMahon, William Male 28 Quadroon Cacoon McMahon, Mary W. Female 18 Quadroon Cacoon Rattray, Charles Male 40 White Cacoon Castle Pen Peackock, John Male 25 White Cacoon Castle Pen Miller, John Male 20 White Caldwall Mair, George Male 40 White Caldwall Walker, John C. Male 40 White Callidonia Walker, Elizabeth Female 20 White Callidonia Tinling, Edward Male 23 White Cambleton Menzies, Stewart O. Male 40 White Cambleton Thomson, Sarah Female 10 Mulatto Cascade Spence, James Male 38 White Castle Hyde Spence, Rebecca Female 35 White Castle Hyde Coleman, Christiana Female - White Castle Hyde Coleman, Betsy Female - White Castle Hyde Ross, Donald Male 42 White Cave Valley Ross, Alexander Male 42 White Cave Valley Rorrison, Lothian Male 60 White Cave Valley Johnson, George Male 35 Quadroon Cave Valley Innes, Margaret D. Female 25 Mulatto Cave Valley Johnson, Susan Female 8 Quadroon Cave Valley Johnson, Emma Female 5 Quadroon Cave Valley Ross, Ann Female 15 Mulatto Cave Valley Freelain, Elizabeth Female 18 Mulatto Cave Valley Grierson, Jane Female 12 Mulatto Cave Valley Grierson, William Male 8 Mulatto Cave Valley Grierson, Susan Female 5 Mulatto Cave Valley Affleck, Anne Female 18 Mulatto Cave Valley Stewart, Duncan Male 10 Mulatto Cave Valley Heming, Hine Male 26 Mulatto Cave Valley Walker, George Male 36 Mulatto Cave Valley Wilson, Mary Ann Female 34 Mulatto Cave Valley Freelain, Robert Male 13 Mulatto Cave Valley Fergusson, Grace Female 50 Negro Cave Valley Reid, Ann Female 35 Negro Cave Valley Campbell, Peggy Female 50 Negro Cave Valley Affleck, Nelly Female 40 Negro Cave Valley Kerr, Robert Male 51 White Chelsea Schaw, Mary Ann Female 41 Mulatto Chelsea Kerr, Robert Allen Male 18 Quadroon Chelsea Kerr, Euphemia Female 16 Quadroon Chelsea Camplin, Margaret Ann Female 6 White by Law Chelsea Kerr, James Male 1 Quadroon Chelsea Samuells, Thomas E. Male 46 Mulatto Chester Hill Samuells, Edward Male 12 Mulatto Chester Hill Samuells, Robert Male 2 Mulatto Chester Hill Samuells, Mary Female 17 Mulatto Chester Hill Samuells, Ann Female 8 Mulatto Chester Hill Campbell, James Male 51 White Clearmount Binns, Frances Female 35 Mulatto Clearmount Campbell, Euphemia Female 13 Quadroon Clearmount Miller, John Male 22 Quadroon Clearmount Peddy, Elizabeth Female 35 Mulatto Clearmount Galbraith, Frances Female 35 Quadroon Clearmount Webbs, Susan Female 40 Mulatto Clearmount Hamilton, Elizabeth Female 23 Quadroon Clearmount McLachlan, ….. Male 51 White Clifton Chimenay, …… Male 28 White Clifton Brown, James Male 45 Mulatto Clifton Parnther, Ann Female 40 Mulatto Clifton Brown, Elizabeth Female 20 Mulatto Clifton Brown, Ann Female 15 Mulatto Clifton Finucane, Elizabeth Female 36 Quadroon Clifton Walker, David Male 50 Quadroon Clifton Hudson, Elizabeth Female 60 Mulatto Coldbrook Willey, John Male 26 Quadroon Coldspring England, Sarah Female 42 Mulatto Coldspring Harvey, George Male 73 White Comfort Hall Harvey, Dorothy Female 27 White Comfort Hall Harvey, Lydia C. Female 21 White Comfort Hall Harvey, Ellen Female 30 White Comfort Hall Harvey, Jane Female 8 White Comfort Hall Coveny, John Male 47 White Comfort Hall Coveny, John Junr. Male 5 White Comfort Hall Coveny, Elizabeth Female 32 White Comfort Hall Coveny, Mary Elizabeth Female 7 White Comfort Hall Bucknor, Mary Female 40 White Comfort Hall Miller, James Male 40 Mulatto Comfort Hall Miller, Elizabeth Female 60 Mulatto Comfort Hall Miller, Lillila Female 10 Mulatto Comfort Hall Moore, William Male 30 Mulatto Comfort Hall Samuells, William Male 17 Mustee Comfort Hall Samuells, Barbara Female 23 Mustee Comfort Hall Neilson, Jane Female 43 Quadroon Comfort Hall James, Elizabeth Female 5 Quadroon Comfort Hall Cleghorn, Robert Male 28 White Content Scott, James Male 31 White Content Lanie, Thomas Male 26 White Content McConnell, James Male 24 White Content Rankine, John Male 21 White Content Petgrave, E Male 19 White Content Cleghorn, James Male 14 White Content Brissett, Joseph Male 24 White Content Brissett, Mrs. Female 57 White Content Brissett, Mrs. Jos. Female 23 White Content Brissett, Joseph Junr. Male 1 White Content Stercy, Mary Ann Stercy, Mary Ann 22 White Content James, Ann James, Ann 14 Mulatto Content Dias, Samuel Male 60 Quadroon Content Dias, Ann Female 38 Quadroon Content Cordova, Judith Female 36 Mustee Content Brissett, Abraham Male 22 Mulatto Content Brissett, Richard Male 23 Mulatto Content James, Robert Male 28 Quadroon Content Shaw, Ann Female 27 Mulatto Content Dolinson, Robert Male 5 Quadroon Content Dolinson, Elizabeth Female 6 Quadroon Content Croll, James Male 60 Negro Content Croll, George Male 26 Negro Content Croll, Elizabeth Female 51 Negro Content Croll, Mary Female 42 Negro Content Finucane, Samuel Male 12 Sambo Content Finucane, Elizabeth E. Female 9 Sambo Content Besly, John Male 14 Sambo Content Robert Casely Male 30 Sambo Content Rebecca Dias Female 25 Sambo Content Michael Williams Male 5 Sambo Content Crooks, John Male 17 Mulatto Content Cottage Crooks, Richard Male 19 Mulatto Content Cottage Crooks, William Male 16 Mulatto Content Cottage McDonald, James Male 31 White Copse Cranston, William Male 50 White Copse Sands, John Male 24 White Copse Grubb, James Male 20 White Copse Tidy, Henry Male 29 White Copse Stewart, Charles Male 29 White Copse Campbell, Alexander Male 53 White Copse Davillas, Sarah Female 20 Mustee Copse Campbell, Alexander Male 3 White by Law Copse Jackson, Ann Female 65 Mulatto Copse Reid, John Male 31 White Cottage Langton, Benjamin Male 70 White Cottage Spence, Mrs. Mary Female 50 White Cottage Spence, Sarah Female 25 White Cottage Spence, Mary L. Female 22 White Cottage Thomson, Anne Female 32 Quadroon Cottage Gray, Ann Female 27 Quadroon Cottage Gordon, Thomas Male 29 Mulatto Cottage Mentz, Frances Female 27 Mulatto Cottage Tennant, David Male 16 Mulatto Cottage Gordon, Thomas Male 30 Mulatto Cottage White, James Male 36 White Cousins Cove Savel, William Male 25 White Cousins Cove Dickson, William Augustus Male 36 White Davis Cove Dickson, Ann Female 25 White Davis Cove Dickson, " Male Infant White Davis Cove Brown, Mrs. Mary Female 60 White Davis Cove Fraser, Fanny Female 55 Mulatto Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Mary Junr. Female 14 Mulatto Davis Cove Wharf Baker, Ann Female 56 Mulatto Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Mary Senr. Female 37 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Grace Female 26 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Phillips, Jane Female 34 Mustee Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, John Male 40 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Richard Male 30 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, William, F. Male 25 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Mary Female 36 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Juliana Female 6 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Thomas Male 4 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Sarah Female 2 Quadroon Davis Cove Wharf Douglas, Elizabeth Female 30 Mustee Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, James Male 9 Mustifina Davis Cove Wharf Dickson, Samuel M. Male 7 Mustifina Davis Cove Wharf Stewart, Charles Male 40 Mulatto Dias's Mason, Ann Female 40 Mulatto Dias's Moore, Elizabeth Female 33 Mulatto Dias's Davis, Samuel Male 15 Mulatto Dias's Ann Tenant Female 18 Sambo Dias's Leslie, John William Male 50 Negro Dolphin Barton, William James Male 33 Sambo Dolphin Chambers, Jacob E. Male 40 White Dry Hill Chambers, Lydia. H. Female 27 White Dry Hill Chambers, Alex Male 6 White Dry Hill Chambers, Edward Male 5 White Dry Hill Chambers, W. F. Male 3 White Dry Hill Chambers, John J. Male 1 White Dry Hill Pyle, Ann Female - White Dry Hill Evans, Rhodes E. Male 40 White Dundee Milner, Charles Male 40 White Dundee Samuells, Rachael J. Female 21 Mustifina Easingwood Settlement Pollock, John Male 30 White East Barns Pollock, Jane Female 27 White East Barns Pollock, Jane Female 9 White East Barns Harvey, John Male 40 White Eaton Box, Thomas Male 30 White Eaton Maitland, James Male 26 White Eaton Craggs, James Male 36 White Eaton Malcom, William Male 35 Quadroon Eaton Streete, William H. Male 30 White Effort Streete, Margaret H. Female 24 White Effort Streete, Wilhelmina Female 3 White Effort Streete, Gill Female 50 White Effort Lawrence, Mary Female - White Endeavour Lawrence, Sarah B. Female - White Endeavour Lawrence, Mary B. Female - White Endeavour Zincke, Frederick. B. Male - White Endeavour Zincke, Emily Female - White Endeavour Zincke, F.B. Junr. Male - White Endeavour Zincke, Tharp L. Male - White Endeavour Zincke, Foster B. Male - White Endeavour Zincke, William L. Male - White Endeavour Zincke, Mary L. Female - White Endeavour Zincke, Albert Augustus Male - White Endeavour Frances Walker Female 22 Negro Endeavour Ann Smith Female 38 Negro Endeavour Mary Smith Female 20 Negro Endeavour Rachel Smith Female 22 Negro Endeavour Campbell, James Male 33 White Esher McKay, Peter Male 28 White Esher Chisholm, John Male 22 White Esher Fenton, Peter Male 37 White Fat Hog Quarter Forbes, Peter Male 24 White Fat Hog Quarter Bruce, Robert Male 26 White Fat Hog Quarter Cowan, Michael Male 26 White Fat Hog Quarter Anderson, Elizabeth Female 30 Quadroon Fat Hog Quarter McDonald, Robert Male 27 White Fish River Edkins, Matthew Male 20 White Fish River Bigwood, Lewis Male 19 White Fish River Russell, Ann M. Female 23 Quadroon Fish River Russell, Sophia Female 17 Quadroon Fish River McDonald, Robert Male 4 Mustee Fish River McDonald, Alexander Male 2 Mustee Fish River Campbell, Deborah Female 50 Mulatto Fish River Ritchie, James Male 35 Quadroon Fish River Homes, James Male 17 Mustee Fish River Homes, Thomas Male 14 Mustee Fish River Atkinson, Ann Female 16 Mulatto Flamstead Atkinson, Catherine Female 25 Mulatto Flamstead McGrigor, William Male 38 White Flint R. Blacksmith Shop Gingle, Job Male 24 White Flint River Hole, William B. Male 50 White Flint River Nelson, Thomas Male 20 White Flint River Croll, George Male 71 White Flint River Watson, John M. Male 30 White Flint River Wharf Chambers, Elizabeth Female 18 Quadroon Flint River Wharf Bucknor, William S. Male 30 White Forest Knubley, John S. Male 28 White Friendship Evans, John W. Male 37 White Friendship Evans, Margaret Female 50 White Friendship Holbrook, George Male 29 White Friendship McNeil, Hector Male 24 White Friendship Whiteside, Richard Male 21 White Friendship Field, John Male 16 White Friendship Payne, Sarah Female 36 Mustee Friendship Samuells, Ann Female 24 Mustee Friendship Evans, Margaret Female 4 Mustee Friendship Connell, David Male 28 Quadroon Friendship Elliott, James Male 25 Quadroon Friendship Croll, Rebecca Female 24 Mulatto Friendship Millar, Benjamin R. Male 21 Mulatto Friendship Black, James Male 40 Mulatto Friendship Wood, John Male 32 Mulatto Friendship Black, Robert Male 10 Mulatto Friendship Wood, William Male 1 Mulatto Friendship Stephens, Ann Female 29 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Robert Male 37 Mulatto Friendship Mentz, Catherine Female 34 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Mary Female 35 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Thomas Male 8 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Evelina Female 4 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Ann Female 2 Mulatto Friendship Tennant, David Male 14 Mulatto Friendship Tennant, George Male 12 Mulatto Friendship Tennant, Elizabeth Female 10 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Sarah Female 6 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Maria Female 4 Mulatto Friendship Gordon, Morgiana Female 1 Mulatto Friendship Brown, Thomas Male 30 Mulatto Friendship Fletcher, Elizabeth Female 50 Mulatto Friendship Hewett, Sarah Female 30 Quadroon Friendship Avlon, William Male 9 Mustee Friendship Bucknor, John M. Male 46 White Friendship Grove Bucknor, E.R. Female 32 White Friendship Grove Bucknor, Smart S. Female 38 White Friendship Grove Bucknor, John B. Male 10 White Friendship Grove Bucknor, Thomas Male 7 White Friendship Grove Lochlan, John Male 29 Quadroon Garden Valley McKenzie, Alexander Male 40 White Georgia Dwyer, James Male 30 White Georgia Nembhard, Edward Male 20 White Georgia Holliday, Margaret Female 2 Mulatto Ginger Hill Anderson, John Male 7 Mulatto Ginger Hill Anderson, Thomas C. Male 5 Mulatto Ginger Hill Dias, Margaret Female 17 Mulatto Ginger Hill Howden, Frances Female 1 Mulatto Ginger Hill Worrell, Mary Female 80 Quadroon Ginger Hill Anderson, Judith Female 64 Quadroon Ginger Hill Crooks, James Junr. Male 80 Quadroon Ginger Hill Wallace, Thomas Male 30 Mulatto Ginger Hill Dias, Aaron Male 40 Quadroon Ginger Hill Crooks, James Male 13 Mulatto Ginger Hill Crooks, Margaret Female 47 Mulatto Ginger Hill Sorton, Elizabeth Female 19 Quadroon Ginger Hill Dias, Joseph Male 65 Negro Ginger Hill Crooks, Elizabeth Female 32 Sambo Ginger Hill Crooks, Jane Female 30 Sambo Ginger Hill Crooks, Rebecca Female 28 Sambo Ginger Hill Douglas, Sarah Female 28 Mustifina Glen Hall Anderson, Peter Horden Male 2 White by Law Glen Hall Patie, Jane Female - Negro Glenorchy Croll, George Male 29 Mulatto Good Hope Butter, David Male 38 White Graham Hall Potts, Hannah Female 28 mustee Graham Hall Butter, Cuthbert P. Male 12 Mustee Graham Hall Butter, Geroge P. Male 11 Mustee Graham Hall Kelby, Alexander Male 35 White Grange Medley, John William Male 25 White Grange Johnson, Patrick Male 21 White Great River Bartibo, James Male 38 White Great River Bartibo, Elizabeth Female 53 Negro Great River Bartibo, Mary Female 29 Sambo Great River Harvey, Ann Female 24 Sambo Great River Bartibo, Peter Male 22 Sambo Great River Bartibo, Robert Male 20 Sambo Great River Bartibo, Alexander Male 9 Sambo Great River Bartibo, Elizabeth Female 23 Sambo Great River Grant, William Male - White Green Island Grant, Peter Male - White Green Island Grant, John Male - White Green Island McDonald, James Male - White Green Island Paul, James Male - White Green Island Jefferies, William Male - White Green Island Martin, John Male - White Green Island Hosier, George Male - White Green Island Henry, Francis Male - White Green Island Munro, George Male - White Green Island Russell, Thomas Male - White Green Island Stewart, John Male - White Green Island Robert Watson Male - White Green Island Mussenden, …. Male - White Green Island Parker, George A. Male - White Green Island Morrison, Alexander Male - White Green Island Munro, Hugh Senr. Male 70 White Green Island Munro, Hugh Jnr. Male 35 White Green Island Sayle, Mary Anne Female - White Green Island Graham, James F. Male 44 Quadroon Green Island Ewar, Joseph Male 47 Mustee Green Island Wilson, James Male 28 Quadroon Green Island Stormont, John Male 30 Mulatto Green Island Ritchie, John Male 17 Quadroon Green Island Ritchie, William Male 14 Quadroon Green Island Samuells, John Senr. Male 65 Mulatto Green Island Samuells, John Junr. Male 25 Mulatto Green Island Graham, James Male 17 Mulatto Green Island Allen, John L. Male 26 Quadroon Green Island Allen, Jacob Male 35 Mulatto Green Island Munro, Andrew Male 23 Quadroon Green Island Munro, John Male 19 Quadroon Green Island Morice, William Male 22 Mustifina Green Island Morice, John Male 8 Mustifina Green Island Henry, John Male 2 Mustifina Green Island Jones, Richard Male 16 Mulatto Green Island Munro, Catherine Female 17 Mustee Green Island Bedward, Elizabeth Female 56 Mulatto Green Island Ralph, Mary Female 30 Quadroon Green Island Ritchie, Deborah Female 14 Quadroon Green Island Taylor, Elizabeth Female 40 Mustee Green Island Morice, Isabella Female 14 Mustifina Green Island Chisholm, Sarah Female 25 Quadroon Green Island Martin, Robert Male 2 Mustee Green Island Martin, …. Male 1 Mustee Green Island Edward, Kelly Female 25 Mustee Green Island Henry, Helen Female 4 Mustifina Green Island Samuells, Rody Female 65 Mulatto Green Island Samuells, Judy Female 35 Mulatto Green Island Samuells, Kelly Female 30 Mulatto Green Island Huggup, John Male 14 Quadroon Green Island Peel, Benjamin Male 14 Quadroon Green Island Peel, Elizabeth Female 9 Quadroon Green Island Peel, Isabella Female 7 Quadroon Green Island Peel, Mary Female 5 Quadroon Green Island Palermo, Rosy Female 25 Mulatto Green Island Quarrell, Nancy Female 50 Mulatto Green Island Quarrell, George Male 6 Mustee Green Island Quarrell, Penelope Female 8 Mustee Green Island Young, Penelope Female 30 Quadroon Green Island Young, Margaret Female 35 Quadroon Green Island Douglas, Margaret Female 10 Mustee Green Island Sharp, N.A. Female 35 Mulatto Green Island Campbell, Elizabeth Female 25 Mustifina Green Island Francis, Elizabeth Female 35 Mulatto Green Island Grant, Mary S. Female Infant Mustifina Green Island Grant, Mary Female 9 Quadroon Green Island Grant, Alexander Male 7 Quadroon Green Island Anderson, Elizabeth Female 69 Mulatto Green Island Wells, Jane Female 25 Quadroon Green Island McDonald, Catherine Female 5 Mustee Green Island McDonald, Elizabeth Female 3 Mustee Green Island McDonald, Norman Male 1 Mustee Green Island Campbell, Ann Female 20 Mulatto Green Island Stewart, Helen Female 9 Quadroon Green Island Stewart, John Male 7 Quadroon Green Island Mollison, John Male 12 Mulatto Green Island Morrison, Catherine Female 50 Mulatto Green Island Ewar, Elizabeth Female 30 Mulatto Green Island McCaurtie, Mary Female 50 Mulatto Green Island Robertson, Mary Female 35 Quadroon Green Island McFarlane, Margaret Female 14 Mustee Green Island Gardner, Elizabeth Female 55 Mulatto Green Island Price, Mary Female 26 Quadroon Green Island Morrison, Rebecca Female 55 Mulatto Green Island Campbell, James Male 55 Mulatto Green Island Baird, Margaret Female 35 Quadroon Green Island Gladstone, Susan Female 17 Mustee Green Island Anderson, Richard Male - Quadroon Green Island Francis, Sarah Female - Mulatto Green Island Anderson, John Male - Mulatto Green Island Anderson, …. Male - Mulatto Green Island McCulloch, Kate Female 40 Quadroon Green Island Munro, George Male 14 Mustee Green Island Munro, Donald Male 12 Mustee Green Island Munro, Murdoch Male 9 Mustee Green Island Munro, Elizabeth Female 5 Mustee Green Island McCulloch, Margaret Female 25 Quadroon Green Island McKenzie, Margaret Female 4 Mustee Green Island McCulloch, Betsy Female 30 Quadroon Green Island McCulloch, Mary Female 20 Mulatto Green Island Munro, George Male 25 Mulatto Green Island Drummond, William Male 35 Mulatto Green Island Grizzell, Sarah Female 45 Mulatto Green Island Thomas, Joseph Male - Negro Green Island Thomas, Rosy Female - Negro Green Island Thomas, Joseph Male - Negro Green Island Wilson, Elizabeth Female 14 Sambo Green Island Thomas, Betty Female 55 Negro Green Island Pallmer, Rose Female 35 Negro Green Island Stephens, Mary A. Female 50 Sambo Green Island Payne, Margaret Female 45 Negro Green Island Grant, Lewis Male 52 White Green Land Fraser, Alexander Male 34 White Green River Stabb, James Male 34 White Green River Hughes, Richard Male 36 White Green River Shilling, Joseph Male 19 White Green River Jack, John Male 16 White Green River Ottie, Anny G. Female - White Greenfield Ottie, Mary Ann Female - White Greenfield Ottie, James Male - White Greenfield John Chambers Male 28 Negro Greenland King, William Male 23 White Haddington Harvey, Joseph Male 25 White Haddington Hibbert, Joseph Male 25 White Haddington Maitland, William Male 28 White Harding Hall McDonald, John Male 25 White Harding Hall Henry, John Male 35 White Harding Hall Largie, Samuel Male 35 Mulatto Harding Hall Wilkinson, Thomas Male 42 White Haughton Court Wood, James Male 30 White Haughton Court Davie, John Male 32 White Haughton Court Miller, Thomas Male 25 White Haughton Court Grant, Donald Male 20 White Haughton Court Coleman, William Male 25 White Haughton Hall Rusea, Henry Male 26 White Haughton Hall Brown, John Male 36 White Haughton Hall Martin, James Male 35 White Haughton Tower Miller, Peter Male 34 White Haughton Tower Sherman, Samuel Male 22 White Haughton Tower Rose, Joseph Male 19 White Haughton Tower Thorpe, Benjamin B. Male 25 White Haughton Tower Smithson, William Male 38 White Hillsborough McDonald, …. Male 34 White Hillsborough Finucane, William Daniel Male 32 Quadroon Hillsborough Finucane, Frances Jane Female 34 Quadroon Hillsborough Wilson, Elizabeth Evans Female 12 Quadroon Hillsborough Finucane, Sarah Ann Female 32 Quadroon Hillsborough Wilson, George Male 13 Quadroon Hillsborough Stewart, John Male 30 White Hillside Chalmers, William Male 39 White Hillside Campbell, Mary Ann Female 18 Mustifina Hillside Binham, Elizabeth Female 30 Mulatto Hillside Chalmers, Peter Male 12 Quadroon Hillside Chalmers, Catherine Female 4 Quadroon Hillside Chalmers, William Male 2 Quadroon Hillside Chalmers, Ann Female 1 Quadroon Hillside Debroau, Denis Male 23 White Hope Hall Parker, William Male 25 White Hopewell Reynolds, William Male 27 White Hopewell Robinson, Thomas P. Male 25 White Hopewell Barrett, Edward Male 25 White Hopewell Llewellyn, William Male 20 Mulatto Hopewell Walker, Lydia Female 21 Quadroon Hopewell Robinson, Catherine Female 1 mustee Hopewell McCoy, Ann Female 28 Mulatto Hopewell McClelan, John Male 12 Quadroon Hopewell McClelan, James Male 10 Quadroon Hopewell McCoy, Joana Female 5 Mulatto Hopewell Spence, Joseph Male 3 Mulatto Hopewell Griffiths, Mary E. Female 1 Mulatto Hopewell Dehany, Mary Female 40 Negro Hopewell Blagrove, Janet A. Female 10 Negro Hopewell Ginard, Geroge J. Male 23 Mulatto Humility McFarlane, Ann Female 50 Negro Humility Kenny, William Male 32 Quadroon Inch Valley Kenny, George Male 28 Quadroon Inch Valley Elliot, Elizabeth Female 17 Quadroon Inch Valley Elliot, Eleanor Female 19 Quadroon Inch Valley Thomson, Margaret Female 58 Quadroon Inch Valley Kenny, Henry James Male 7 Quadroon Inch Valley Kenny, William Male 5 Quadroon Inch Valley Fenton, John Male 25 White Industry Matheson, William Male 18 White Industry Clarke, Bessy Female 31 Quadroon Industry Bucknor, Jane Female 14 Mustee Industry Ross, Harriet M. Female 7 Mustee Industry Gladstone, Sarah A. Female 2 Mustee Industry Graves, John Male 28 Mustee Industry Edward, David Male 55 White Kendall Dawes, Sarah Female 40 Quadroon Kendall Malcolm, Catherine Female 65 Mulatto Kendall Henderson, William Male 30 White Kew Forrester, John Male 23 White Kew Campbell, Neill Male 41 White Knapdale Campbell, Ann Female 78 White Knapdale Donald, George Male 28 White Knapdale Campbell, Harriet Female 43 White Knapdale Jones, Elizabeth Female 35 Mulatto Knapdale McFarlane, Daniel Male 35 White Knockalva Pen Gray, Angus Male 48 White Lances Bay McIntyre, Duncan Male 68 White Lorn Wright, Elizabeth Female 14 Mulatto Lorn Milton, John Male 16 Mulatto Lorn Wright, George Male 15 Mulatto Lorn Furze, Mary Female 45 Negro Lorn Campbell, Alexander Male 48 White Lucea Evans, John C. Male 25 White Lucea Ritchie, Wallace Male 22 White Lucea Gabay, Joseph Male 29 White Lucea Stoneman, Thomas J. Male 20 White Lucea Prince, William Male 50 White Lucea Henry, Hugh M. Male 28 White Lucea Scott, Archibald Male 21 White Lucea Daniels, Michael Male 24 White Lucea Danks, William S. Male 30 White Lucea McKerry, Patrick Male 40 White Lucea Brooks, Hannah Female 45 White Lucea Rusea, Robert Male 46 White Lucea Ellard, John R. Male 45 White Lucea Robins, Charles Male 37 White Lucea Grant, Alexander Male 30 White Lucea Lee, John Male 40 White Lucea John, McCallum Male White Lucea Fonseca, Esther H. Female 70 White Lucea Levy, Elenor Female 54 White Lucea Isaacs, Judith Female 42 White Lucea Isaacs, Daniel Male 10 White Lucea Isaacs, Lyon Male 15 White Lucea Isaacs, Sarah Female 6 White Lucea Bing, Lewis A. Male 26 White Lucea O'Flaherty, Rev. John Male 24 White Lucea Campbell, John Male 36 White Lucea Butter, Thomas Male 26 White Lucea Munro, Donald Male 35 White Lucea Lyon , Isaac Male 86 White Lucea Myers, Andrew Male 13 White Lucea Lyon, Judith Female 68 White Lucea Myers, Abigail Female 35 White Lucea Harvey, Henry Male 22 White Lucea Heming, George Male 40 White Lucea Heming, George Male 13 White Lucea Heming, Selina Female 10 White Lucea Heming, Louisa Female 6 White Lucea Fourtado, Isaac O. Male 40 White Lucea Grant, Alexander Male 22 White Lucea Hopkins, George Male 35 White Lucea Grant, John Male 19 White Lucea Keys, James Male 38 White Lucea James, George Male 32 White Lucea Allpress, Samuel Male 35 White Lucea Rose, Rev. D. W. Male 54 White Lucea Rose, Ann Female 44 White Lucea Rose, Henry E. Male 9 White Lucea Rose, John W. Male 7 White Lucea Rose, Emma Female 3 White Lucea Chambers, Alexander Male 54 White Lucea Chambers, Lydia Female 48 White Lucea Chambers, Edward Male 17 White Lucea Chambers, John Male 24 White Lucea Chambers, Rhodes Male 15 White Lucea Chambers, Ann Female 11 White Lucea Chambers, Isabella Female 74 White Lucea Smith, Mary Female 50 White Lucea Dalley, John Male 10 White Lucea Dalley, Elizabeth R. Female 38 White Lucea Dalley, Sarah Female 8 White Lucea Rawson, Elizabeth Female 50 White Lucea Hine, Agnes Hine Female 45 White Lucea Hine, Mary Agnes Female 18 White Lucea Hine, Edward Male 16 White Lucea Hine, John Male 20 White Lucea Hine, James S. Male 45 White Lucea Hine, Isabella Female 40 White Lucea Hine, Liddy Female 5 White Lucea Evans, Charlotte Female 50 White Lucea Evans, Ellen Female 24 White Lucea Brodie, James Male 50 White Lucea Brodie, Mrs. Female 45 White Lucea …………., Bella Female 30 White Lucea Hill, Lydia C. Female 60 White Lucea Chambers, William Thomas Male 38 White Lucea Chambers, Elizabeth C. Female 38 White Lucea Chambers, William James Male 10 White Lucea Chambers, George Edmund Male 3 White Lucea Masters, Rachael Female 60 White Lucea Hayward, James Male 44 White Lucea Hayward, Maria Female 37 White Lucea Hayward, Joshua Male 9 White Lucea Towton, Mrs. Female 60 White Lucea Towton, George Male 35 White Lucea Latham, Elizabeth Female 25 White Lucea James, Rachael M. Female 50 White Lucea Chambers, Richard Male 35 White Lucea Garrison, Alice Female 65 White Lucea Chambers, Alice Female 30 White Lucea Chambers, Wm. Christr. Male 8 White Lucea Chambers, Elizabeth Female 6 White Lucea Chambers, Edward Male 4 White Lucea Chambers, Ann Female 3 White Lucea Chambers, Richard Male 1 White Lucea Chambers, John Male 1 White Lucea Cooper, Mary Female 60 White Lucea Robertson, Susan Female 12 White Lucea Chambers, Elizabeth Female 45 White Lucea Chambers, Richard Male 10 White Lucea Chambers, Edward Male 7 White Lucea Chambers, Sarah Female 9 White Lucea Chambers, Elizabeth Female 5 White Lucea Younger, Mary Jas. Female 50 White Lucea Miller, Mary Ann Female 30 White Lucea Bucknor, Mary Female 10 White Lucea Anna Bella Smith Female 45 White Lucea Hine, John Male 65 White Lucea Hine, Daniel Male 15 White Lucea Hine, Mary Ann Female 26 White Lucea Hine, Comfort Female 22 White Lucea Hine, Judith Female 17 White Lucea Hine, Lydia Female 14 White Lucea Hine, Alice Female 12 White Lucea Hine, Frances Female 9 White Lucea Buchanan, J.W. Male 40 White Lucea Buchanan, Georgiana Female 30 White Lucea Buchanan, Mary Female 7 White Lucea Buchanan, Sarah Female 5 White Lucea Buchanan, William Allen Male 3 White Lucea Binns, S.H. Female 45 White Lucea Binns, James K. Male 21 White Lucea Binns, Edward Male 19 White Lucea Binns, Samuel Male 14 White Lucea Jackson, William Male 41 White Lucea Jones, Harford Male 29 White Lucea Coote, Charles Male 50 White Lucea McF. Campbell, Susan Female 12 White by Law Lucea Campbell, Mary C. Female 10 White by Law Lucea Campbell, Sarah D. Female 6 White by Law Lucea Campbell, Angus Male 4 White by Law Lucea Campbell, Alexander Male 2 White by Law Lucea Gabay, Alfred Male 6 White by Law Lucea Gabay, William Augustus Male 4 White by Law Lucea Gabay, Elizabeth G. Female 2 White by Law Lucea Tory, Jane Female 28 Mustee Lucea Ellard, Sarah F. Female 20 Mustee Lucea Jones, Alexander D. Male 1 Quadroon Lucea Campbell, Elizabeth Female 18 Mulatto Lucea Shippey, Ann Female 26 Mulatto Lucea Clement, Jane Female 12 Quadroon Lucea McIntyre, Elizabeth Female 14 Quadroon Lucea Brands, Samuel Male 21 Mustee Lucea Crooks, James Male 30 Mulatto Lucea Cathcart, Elizabeth Female 16 Mulatto Lucea Wood, Margaret Female 25 Mulatto Lucea Atkins, Mary Female 45 Mustee Lucea Johnson, Mary Female 18 White by Law Lucea Johnson, Thomas Male 20 White by Law Lucea Spence, Alexander Male - Mulatto Lucea Brissett, Catherine Female 25 Mulatto Lucea Reid, Frederick Male 40 Mulatto Lucea Allan, Ann Female 40 Quadroon Lucea Allan, Elizabeth Female 30 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Elizabeth Female 18 Mustee Lucea Reid, Mary Female 16 Mustee Lucea Drew, Sarah Female 40 Mulatto Lucea Thorn, William Male 18 Quadroon Lucea Chambers, William George Male 13 Mustee Lucea Chambers, Mary Female 11 Mustee Lucea Chambers, Joan Female 9 Mustee Lucea Banks, …... Female 3 Mustee Lucea Atkinson, Sarah Female 20 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Ann Female 50 Mulatto Lucea Murray, Margaret Female 40 Mulatto Lucea Brissett, Sarah Female 18 Mulatto Lucea Walker, Rachael Female 45 Mulatto Lucea Levy, William Male 10 Quadroon Lucea Levy, John Male 8 Quadroon Lucea Levy, Samuel Male 6 Quadroon Lucea Laidlow, James Male 12 Quadroon Lucea Stephens, Thomas Male 10 Quadroon Lucea Dawson, Mary Female 48 Quadroon Lucea Johnson, Mary Female 50 Mulatto Lucea Shippey, Sarah Female 18 Quadroon Lucea Thomson, Mary Female 50 Mulatto Lucea Lany, Hannah Female 45 Mulatto Lucea Younger, Anne Female 25 Quadroon Lucea James, Charles Male 30 Quadroon Lucea McFarlen, Margaret Female 30 Mulatto Lucea Rusea, Rebecca Female 20 Quadroon Lucea Rusea, Rachael Female 18 Quadroon Lucea Clapperton, Margaret Female 36 Mulatto Lucea Boteler, Ann Female 40 Quadroon Lucea Gray, Amelia Female 20 Quadroon Lucea Warren, Lydia Female 1 Quadroon Lucea Anderson, Ann Female 60 Mulatto Lucea Atkins, Elizabeth Female 35 Quadroon Lucea Clare, Catherine Female 30 Mulatto Lucea Davies, Mary Female 19 Quadroon Lucea Walker, Margaret Female 48 Quadroon Lucea Davis, Frances Female 20 Quadroon Lucea Durning, Christiana Female 40 Quadroon Lucea Delastrade, Frances Female 41 Mulatto Lucea Reid, Mary Female 40 Quadroon Lucea Durning, John Male 27 Quadroon Lucea Durning, Edward Male 25 Quadroon Lucea Clare, William Male 35 Mulatto Lucea Clare, Sarah M. Female 25 Quadroon Lucea Clare, James M. Male 4 Mulatto Lucea Elliott, George Male 20 Quadroon Lucea Atchison, John O. Male 31 Quadroon Lucea Atchison, Mary Female 33 Quadroon Lucea Sinclair, Elizabeth Female 37 Quadroon Lucea Mills, Isabella Female 45 Quadroon Lucea Malcolm, Alexander Male 19 Quadroon Lucea Malcolm, Georgiana Female 11 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Wilhelmina Female 8 Quadroon Lucea Wheeler, John Male 3 Quadroon Lucea Hart, Ann Female - Mulatto Lucea Andreas, John Male 35 Mulatto Lucea McIndoe, Ann Female 26 Mulatto Lucea Buck, John Male 10 Quadroon Lucea Buck, William Male 8 Quadroon Lucea Buck, Anthony Male 1 Quadroon Lucea Wilson, Frances Female 23 Quadroon Lucea Grant, Lewis Male 2 Mustee Lucea Parnther, Mary A. Female 45 Quadroon Lucea Miller, David Male 25 Quadroon Lucea Miller, Robert Male 22 Quadroon Lucea Gunning, John Male 18 Quadroon Lucea Redman, Isabella Female 13 Mustee Lucea Chambers, Elizabeth Female 25 Mulatto Lucea Miller, Michael Male 3 Quadroon Lucea Edwards, Ann Female 40 Mulatto Lucea Blythe, Amelia Female 18 Quadroon Lucea Campbell, Margaret Female 60 Mulatto Lucea Cordova, William Male 12 Mulatto Lucea Fairley, James Male 5 Mulatto Lucea Atchison, Sarah Female 2 Mulatto Lucea Hudson, Elizabeth Female 50 Mulatto Lucea Randall, John Male 37 Quadroon Lucea Randall, Ann Female 35 Quadroon Lucea Randall, Sarah Female 33 Quadroon Lucea Randall, Elizabeth Female 29 Quadroon Lucea Baker, Lucy Female 18 Mustee Lucea McLean, Henry Male 12 Quadroon Lucea Davis, George Male 10 Mustee Lucea Davis, Wilhelmina Female 8 Mustee Lucea Connell, David Male 28 Mulatto Lucea Hoyte, William Male 24 Quadroon Lucea Wright, Janet Female 47 Mulatto Lucea Cameron, Catherine Female 25 Quadroon Lucea McKeys, Elmina L. Female 6 Mustee Lucea Ritchie, James Male - Quadroon Lucea Leigh, Ann Female 30 Quadroon Lucea Leigh, Anna Female 9 Quadroon Lucea Leigh, Johanna Female 13 Quadroon Lucea Ross, Andrew Male 23 Mustee Lucea Davis, Alexander Male 14 Mustee Lucea Davis, Isaac Male 15 Mustee Lucea Davis, Benjamin Male 8 Mustee Lucea Davis, Henry Male 5 Mustee Lucea Philips, Elizabeth Female 40 Mustee Lucea Wood, Mary Female 30 Mulatto Lucea Ralston, Robert Male 6 Quadroon Lucea Tharp, William Male 4 Quadroon Lucea Miller, William Male 24 Mulatto Lucea Munro, George Male 16 Quadroon Lucea Campbell, Margaret Female 26 Mustee Lucea Munro, William Male 2 White by Law Lucea Evans, Sarah Female 30 Mulatto Lucea Chambers, Ellen Female 21 Quadroon Lucea Whitlock, Richard Male 13 Quadroon Lucea Evans, Rhodes Male 9 Quadroon Lucea Dias, Hetty Female 45 Mulatto Lucea Spence, Sophia Female 50 Mulatto Lucea Collings, Annie Female 8 Mulatto Lucea Collings, John (twins) 8 Mulatto Lucea Collings, Henry Male 6 Mulatto Lucea Collings, Sarah Female 4 Mulatto Lucea Chambers, William Male 12 Quadroon Lucea Lyon, Jacob Male 18 Quadroon Lucea Lyon, William Male 16 Quadroon Lucea Lyon, Henry Male 14 Quadroon Lucea Buchanan, Janet Female 35 Quadroon Lucea Buchanan, Maud Female 35 Mustee Lucea Younger, Thomas Male 36 Quadroon Lucea McMahon, Robert Male 16 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Dorothy Female 40 Mulatto Lucea Shearer, Daniel Male 38 Mulatto Lucea Shearer, William Male 15 Mulatto Lucea Leadbetter, Frances Female 48 Mulatto Lucea Dinham, Sarah Female 16 Quadroon Lucea Atkinson, George Male 30 Mulatto Lucea Gilling, Judith Female 40 Mustee Lucea Laidlow, James Male 15 Mustee Lucea Samuells, Rebecca Mary Female 20 Mustifina Lucea Samuells, Elizabeth Female 18 Mustifina Lucea Samuells, James Male 16 Mustifina Lucea Brands, Elizabeth Female - Mulatto Lucea Bedward, Rebecca Female 55 Mulatto Lucea Clarke, Elisha Female 19 Quadroon Lucea Younger, Charles Male 15 Mulatto Lucea Younger, John Male 10 Mulatto Lucea Younger, William Male 12 Mulatto Lucea Younger, William Senr. Male 30 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, John H. Male 20 Quadroon Lucea Cort, John Male 21 Mustee Lucea Cort, Duncan Male 15 Mustee Lucea Cort, David K. Male 18 Mustee Lucea Cort, Charlotte Female 20 Mustee Lucea Cort, Mary Ann Female 12 Mustee Lucea Petgrave, George Male 22 Mustee Lucea Malcolm, Robert Male 22 Quadroon Lucea Wilson, Edward F Male 14 Mustee Lucea Dias, Sarah Female 60 Lucea Thomson, James Male 57 Mulatto Lucea Bucknor, Samuel Male 17 Mustee Lucea Bucknor, Elizabeth Female 15 Mustee Lucea McMahon, William Male 6 Mustee Lucea Reid, Sarah J. Female 45 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Elizabeth R. Female 19 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Mary R. Female 14 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Frances Female 12 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Christiana Female 9 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Henry R. Male 10 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Mary H. Female 11 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, ELizabeth H. Female 9 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Sarah Female 22 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Ann Senr. Female 18 Quadroon Lucea Ellard, Ann Junr. Female - Quadroon Lucea Coleman, John Male - Quadroon Lucea Young, William Male - Quadroon Lucea Mitchell, Nelly Female 25 Mulatto Lucea Feurtado, John M. Male 9 Quadroon Lucea Feurtado, Louisa R. Female 7 Quadroon Lucea Feurtado, David O. Male 6 Quadroon Lucea Feurtado, Edward M. Male 4 Quadroon Lucea Feurtado, Joseph Male 1 Quadroon Lucea Feurtado, Ann R. Female 4 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Judith Female 23 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Ann Female 22 Quadroon Lucea Wallace, Francis Male 16 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, James M. Male 70 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, Elizabeth Female 65 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, John N. Male 38 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, Edward S. Male 25 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, William Male 20 Quadroon Lucea Dawes, Frances Female 18 Quadroon Lucea Campbell, John Male 25 Quadroon Lucea Simmons, Thomas Male 32 Mulatto Lucea Brown, William Male 31 Mulatto Lucea Brown, Ann Female 30 Quadroon Lucea Scarlett, Elizabeth Female 12 Quadroon Lucea Brown, William Junr. Male 1.5 Quadroon Lucea Brown, Thomas Edward Male Infant Quadroon Lucea McMahon, Edward Male 18 Quadroon Lucea Evans, Rachael Female 30 Mulatto Lucea Evans, Deborah Female 20 Mulatto Lucea McLeod, Dorothy Female 65 Mulatto Lucea Besly, Joseph Male 41 Quadroon Lucea Besly, George Male 33 Quadroon Lucea Brown, George Male 25 Quadroon Lucea Brown, Elizabeth Female 22 Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Joseph Besly Male 13 Mustee Lucea Dickson, George Besly Male 11 Mustee Lucea Dickson, John Besly Male 10 Mustee Lucea Dickson, Alyson H. Female 8 Mustee Lucea Kirkaldy, Elizabeth Female 14 Quadroon Lucea Kirkaldy, Ann Female 6 Quadroon Lucea Kirkaldy, John Male 12 Quadroon Lucea Allen, Daniel Male 32 Quadroon Lucea Allen, James Male 28 Quadroon Lucea Chisholm, Alexander Male 25 Quadroon Lucea McKenzie, Lilly Female 45 Quadroon Lucea Besley, Henry Male 35 Quadroon Lucea Allen, Ann Female 35 Quadroon Lucea McCallum, Ann Female 14 Quadroon Lucea Besly, Mary Bigby Female 9 Quadroon Lucea Besly, Ann R. Female 5 Quadroon Lucea Besly, John W. L. Male 7 Quadroon Lucea Besly, Henry Bigby Male 3 Quadroon Lucea Besly, George Allen Male 1 Quadroon Lucea Chisholm, Jennet Female 16 Quadroon Lucea Stewart, Daniel Male 15 Quadroon Lucea Buchanan, Elizabeth Female 45 Quadroon Lucea Cameron, Jane Female 27 Mustee Lucea McGrigor, Elizabeth Female 23 Mustee Lucea McGrigor, Maria Female 18 Mustee Lucea McGrigor, Daniel Male 15 Mustee Lucea McGrigor, Andrew Male 12 Mustee Lucea Lee, Sarah Female 10 Mustifina Lucea Lee, Lewis Male 3 Mustifina Lucea Lee, Thomas Male 12 Mustifina Lucea Lee, Benjamin Male 14 Mustee Lucea Branfoot, Elizabeth Female 20 Mulatto Lucea Graves, George Male 36 Mustee Lucea Samuells, Rachael Female 20 Mulatto Lucea Donaldson, Edward Male 3 Mulatto Lucea Spence, Frederick Male 29 Mulatto Lucea Spence, Samuel Male 26 Mulatto Lucea Reid, Richard Male 35 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Elizabeth Female 35 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Susannah H. Female 11 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Elizabeth Fisher Female 9 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Sarah F. Female 7 Quadroon Lucea Reid, Ann R. Female 3 Quadroon Lucea Baldie, Elizabeth Female 50 Quadroon Lucea Reddie, Catherine Female 15 Quadroon Lucea Reddie, Isabella Female 13 Quadroon Lucea Cooper, Ann Female - Quadroon Lucea Dickson, Elizabeth Female - Quadroon Lucea Cooper, James Male - Quadroon Lucea Cochran, Ann Female 20 Quadroon Lucea Cochran, George Male 23 Quadroon Lucea Cochran, M. A. Female 2 Quadroon Lucea Berry, Joseph Male 40 Mulatto Lucea Sharp, Alexander Male 25 Mulatto Lucea Anderson, Lewis Male 19 Quadroon Lucea Reddie, George Male 19 Quadroon Lucea Shootwell, Betsy Female 70 Mustee Lucea Casely, Mrs. Female 45 Mustee Lucea Casely, Mary Female 22 Mustee Lucea Warren, …. Female 4 White by Law Lucea Warren, …. Female 2 White by Law Lucea Warren, …. Male 1 White by Law Lucea Butter, Ann Female 36 Quadroon Lucea Gray, Amelia Female 19 Mustee Lucea Powell, …. Female 1 mustee Lucea Samuells, Rhodes Male 54 Quadroon Lucea Innes, Elizabeth Female 19 Quadroon Lucea Sinclair, Maria Female 16 Quadroon Lucea Potts, Frances Ann Female 6 Quadroon Lucea Chisholm, Andrew Male 30 White by Law Lucea Chisholm, William Male 25 White by Law Lucea Chisholm, Martha Female 16 White by Law Lucea Chisholm, Mary Female 14 White by Law Lucea Campbell, John Male 30 Negro Lucea Tennant, Mary Female 18 Sambo Lucea Mowat, Sarah Female 30 Sambo Lucea Binham, Edward Male 50 Negro Lucea Binham, Jane Female 16 Negro Lucea Gilling, John Male 40 Negro Lucea Gilling, Mrs. Female 35 Negro Lucea Gilling, …. Male 2 Negro Lucea Gilling, …. Female 4 Negro Lucea Malcolm, Elizabeth Female 50 Negro Lucea Malcolm, Ann Female 20 Negro Lucea Robertson, Mary Female 50 Negro Lucea Haughton, Frances Female 28 Negro Lucea Grant, John Male 22 Negro Lucea Owens, Susan Female 10 Sambo Lucea Owens, Sarah Female 8 Sambo Lucea McCallum, Elizabeth Female 38 Negro Lucea McCallum, Ann Female 32 Negro Lucea McIndoe, Nancy Female 57 Negro Lucea Gray, Edward Male 40 Negro Lucea Gray, Alexander Male 4 Negro Lucea Ward, Mary Female 22 Sambo Lucea Johnson, John Male 14 Negro Lucea Reid, Jane Female 22 Negro Lucea Dinham, Matilda Female 1 Sambo Lucea Johnson, Thomas Male 16 Negro Lucea Johnson, George Male 12 Negro Lucea Malcolm, Dugald Male 40 Negro Lucea McKeal, William Male 22 Negro Lucea Stewart, Samuel A. Male 40 Negro Lucea Watson, Ann Female 55 Negro Lucea Hawkins, Frances Female 35 Negro Lucea Curtain, Diana Female 30 Negro Lucea Johnson, James Male 14 Negro Lucea Dias, Thomas Male 7 Sambo Lucea James, Ann Female 40 Sambo Lucea Owens, Robert Male 12 Sambo Lucea Owens, George Male 10 Sambo Lucea Owens, Gertrude Female 8 Sambo Lucea Brands, Amelia Female 40 Negro Lucea Brands, James Male 19 Sambo Lucea Brands, Robert Male 8 Sambo Lucea Brands, John Male 6 Sambo Lucea Brands, Jane Female 14 Sambo Lucea Evans, Mary Female 50 Sambo Lucea Dias, Samuel Male 8 Sambo Lucea Dias, Richard Male 15 Sambo Lucea Dias, Catherine Female 10 Sambo Lucea Buchanan, Sarah Female 20 Sambo Lucea McDonald, Hugh Male 35 White Maggotty Samuells, Mary Ann Female 24 Mustee Maggotty Gordon, Richard James Male 27 Mulatto Maggotty Gordon, Richard Samuel Male 2 Mustee Maggotty Cameron, Murdoch Male 40 White Malcolms Support Hill, Elly Female 25 Quadroon Malcolms Support Thelwell, John Male 68 Quadroon Merryland Daly, Sarah Female 32 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Margaret Female 20 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Amelia Female 18 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, John Junr. Male 14 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Henry Male 12 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Stephen Male 10 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Eveline Female 5 Quadroon Merryland Daly, Frances Female 9 Quadroon Merryland Daly, Caroline Female 7 Quadroon Merryland Thelwell, Mary Female 45 Mulatto Merryland Thelwell, Thomas Male 40 Quadroon Merryland Daly, Patrick Male 30 Mustee Merryland Thelwell, Mrs. Female 30 Mustee Merryland Thelwell, …. Female 8 Mustee Merryland Payne, John E. Male 38 White Middlesex Stuphart, Elizabeth Female 22 Mustee Middlesex Innes, Colin Male 41 Mulatto Mount Grace Innes, Margaret Female 43 Mulatto Mount Grace Hughes, Ann Female 17 Mulatto Mount Grace Innes, George Male 8 Mulatto Mount Grace Mason, John Male 7 Quadroon Mount Grace Mason, James Male 5 Quadroon Mount Grace Fawcett, Jane Female 9 Quadroon Mount Grace Fawcett, John Male 7 Quadroon Mount Grace Innes, John P. Male 23 Mulatto Mount Grace Innes, Rose Female 53 Negro Mount Grace Gibbs, Mary Ann Female 28 Sambo Mount Grace Innes, James Y. Male 20 Sambo Mount Grace Mitchell, Richard Male 21 Quadroon Mount Lairy Mitchell, George Male 22 Quadroon Mount Lairy