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Alice Spencer Warren MP (1626 - c.1659)

born in 1622 in James River, Jamestown, Virginia. children were Alice Warren and William Warren Wife of Thomas Mother of Anne, John, Richard, Thomas, Allen, Robert, and William Alice Powell Spenc...

11/20/2007 12/29/2015

Alice Flake was the d/o Mathias Flake and Alice Warren, d/o Capt. Thomas Warren, bapt. Jan. 30, 1624; ob. ante Sept. 24, 1670, Surry County. Will Book 1, p. 377. He was the son of William Warren (1597-...

2/10/2009 12/29/2015

Matthias Marriott (c.1642 - 1707)

"Mathias Flake in re: dau. Alice Flake"

Matthias Marriott Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about sponsoring this memorial... Birth: 1641 Jamestown James City County Virginia, USA Death: Jun. 12, 1707 Surry County Virginia, USA We...

2/10/2009 12/28/2015

John Marshall II was the son of John Marshall I. He was born in Ireland c.1596 and died in Isle of Wight, Virginia c. 1680. He married Jane McCarthy in Ireland. Two sons were born in Ireland and the re...

3/17/2007 12/14/2015

John Wall, of Charles City MP (c.1600 - 1665)

OrdrBk(1655-)531, Charles City, VA From [Dianne’s note: the below may be incorrect. It appears there were 2 John Clay’s & this article combines both.] Adventurers of Purse and Perso...

7/29/2008 12/2/2015

Captain John Worsham MP (1662 - 1729)

from John Worsham, Capt., born ca 1653 in the Burmuda Hundred, Henrico Co., Virginia. He married Phoebe _____. Phoebe was born ca 1657 in Henrico Co., Virginia. John was a Captain in the Militia. J...

1/28/2007 12/1/2015

William Worsham of Jordan's Parish MP (c.1625 - c.1661)

"John William Worsham"

Worshams and Wertleshams are in the records of Bexle (Bexhill) Sussex, England as early as 1462 AD. Researchers believe that the Worsham name originated from Wyrtlesham, Worswick, Worleich, Worsam, or ...

6/26/2007 12/1/2015

Mary Hampton MP (1620 - 1690)

1/11/2009 11/22/2015

John Lawrence Birth: 1643 - Virginia,USA Death: 1696 - New Kent,,Virginia,USA Parents: Robert Lawrence, Elizabeth Adkinson Wife: Mary Power Sept. 25, 1663 - John Lawrence patented 625 acr...

9/21/2007 11/19/2015

William Richardson (1658 - 1691)

5/6/2015 11/16/2015

Daniel Allen MP (c.1670 - 1699)

2. Daniel Allen  b. CIR 1675/76 SCOTLAND d. AFT 1715 Hanover Co.-VA ? m. CIR 1698  VIRGINIA Rebecca    Richardson  b. CIR 1675 New Kent Co.-NC ? d. AFT 1715 Hanover C...

9/28/2008 11/16/2015

John Russell, I, Jamestown colonist MP (1587 - d.)

"John Russell", "the Emigrant", ""Chief"", "gentleman"

The following is a collection of quotes and paraphrases from "The Russell Family In Early Virginia", Chapter I "The Russell Family in England" by Louis des Cognets, Jr. "... was a student at Gloucest...

7/7/2008 10/2/2015

Sarah Sampson (1630 - c.1727)

8/18/2011 9/24/2015

Robert Edwards was born 1608 in Cardiff, Wals and died 1681 in Isle of Wight Virginia. Parents: Joshua Edwards (1595-1664) and Margaret Babbs. Married Mary Hunt (1603-1727) Children: Sa...

5/5/2009 9/24/2015

John Lanier, "the Emigrant" MP (1631 - 1719)


John Lanier was born about October, 1631 in Lewisham. He married Lucreece (BASSANO) (SIC: name of wife unknown) before leaving England for Virginia where they are mentioned in Charles City records in 1...

6/4/2007 9/21/2015

Maj. Goodrich Lightfoot, Sr. (c.1684 - c.1737)

Maj Goodrich Lightfoot Find A Grave Memorial# 113565245

3/29/2010 9/9/2015

Robert Warren (1667 - 1721)

Robert Warren Memorial Birth: Mar. 13, 1667 Jamestown James City County Virginia, USA Death: May 15, 1721 Surry County Virginia, USA Family links: Parents: Thomas Warren (1624 - 1670) ...

6/21/2008 8/23/2015

Rebecca Herring MP (c.1652 - d.)



11/2/2007 8/17/2015

William West MP (1642 - 1708)

"The Rebel"

William West Birth: Between 1642 and 1645 - Isle of Wight, Virginia Death: aft Oct 27 1708 - Isle of Wight, Virginia Parents: Henry West, Mary (or Rose) Brother: Henry West Spouses: Rebecca...

4/26/2008 8/17/2015

John Cockrell (1669 - 1713)


During the past century the spelling of the name became more or less fixed among the different branches of the family, and at the present time the name is found spelt as follows: Cockerell, Cockeri...

7/5/2008 8/17/2015

Daniel Lucy MP (c.1592 - c.1627)

DANIEL LUCY, the first recorded Lucy in America, emigrated to Jamestown, Virginia on the ship 'Susan' in June 1624. Research has suggested that Daniel Lucy was the son of Timothy Lucy and Susanna Fan...

5/12/2008 8/7/2015

Matthew Strickland Jr (c.1663 - 1730)

May have been born Crosthwaite Parish, Cumbria, England. died Bef. October 25, 1730 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA Notes for Matthew M. Strickland, Jr.: A second source gives his birth ...

3/30/2007 8/6/2015

John Lanier, Jr MP (1655 - 1719)

"John James Lanier"

John Lanier, Jr. was born in 1655 in England and brought to Virginia by his parent sin 1656. He married in Charles City County in 1677, He lived all his life in what is now Prince George County and die...

1/24/2007 8/5/2015

James Williams (c.1698 - 1736)

7/16/2008 8/4/2015

William Bryant, I MP (c.1655 - c.1755)

William Bryan, son of John Bryan, was born about 1650 and he married Alice “Elsie” Needham , daughter of Lord Charles Needham (4th Viscount of Kilmorey), in England about 1689. William Br...

6/1/2007 8/4/2015

Capt. Roger Mallory MP (c.1637 - 1695)

For an extensive biography, see Roger Mallory is the ancestor of several lines of Mallory descendants in America. He is not even remotely related (in the male line) to Peter Mallory of New Haven, Con...

6/1/2007 8/4/2015

Roger Mallory, II MP (c.1680 - 1743)

10/11/2008 8/4/2015

Timothy Terrill (1656 - 1720)

"Timothy Tyrrell"

The family spells the name both Terrell and Terrill in the early days. After Timothy Terrill (RIN#1600), most of his descendents elect Terrill, while the descendents of his brothers pick Terrell. In ad...

8/27/2008 8/4/2015

William W. England (1679 - c.1721)

Born in Jamestown. Son of John England, who arrived in 1633. Descendents are eligible for Jamestown Society membership.

4/19/2010 7/31/2015

John England (1624 - 1685)

Emigrated to America August 27, 1633. VA Descendents are eligible for membership in the Jamestown Society.

8/1/2014 7/31/2015

Capt William West Find A Grave Memorial# 149915193 Jamestown Historic Anglican Church Cemetery Jamestown, James City County, Virginia, USA, Plot: Chancel Grave "D" WHO WAS WILLIAM WEST? William...

7/30/2015 7/31/2015

Sir Ferdinando Wainman of Jamestown MP (c.1576 - c.1610)

"Wenman", "Weyman"

Sir Ferdinando Wainman (also spelled Wenman, Weyman) was born c.1576 in England. He was the son of Thomas Wenman, MP and wife Jane West. Jane West was the daughter of William West, 1st Baron de la Warr...

5/9/2013 7/31/2015

Jane Jordan (1658 - 1682)


In 1675 Capt. Spencer married Elizabeth White, dau. of Capt. John White (Gen. Court Records). Then he married Jane , who survived him. He names (in will pr. 1679) children Elizabeth and Ann, which last...

9/13/2007 7/26/2015

Edward Morris, I (1665 - 1717)

12/4/2007 7/26/2015

Elizabeth Cockrell MP (1666 - 1741)

"Elder / Saunders / Morris/PRESLY"

6/19/2007 7/26/2015

Thomas Hampton, Jr. MP (1654 - 1703)

Thomas Hampton , Jr. Birth: ABT 1654 in York County, Virginia Death: BEF 9 DEC 1703 in Isle Of Wight County, Virginia Father: Thomas Hampton , Sr. b: 15 APR 1623 in Elizabeth City County, Virgi...

4/18/2007 7/26/2015

Capt. John Hampton MP (1655 - 1718)

•ID: I27408 •Name: John HAMPTON •Surname: Hampton •Given Name: John •Sex: M •Birth: 1655 in James City, York County, Virginia 1 2 •Death: 10 Nov 1718 in...

8/4/2008 7/26/2015

William Smith Bryan MP (1599 - 1667)

"Prince William", "Byron", "Bryant"

William Smith Bryan was born about 1590. He married Catherine Morgan (born 1604). William Smith Bryan and Catherine Morgan were both born in County Claire, Ireland. During the Puritan Rebellion, Willia...

3/3/2007 7/23/2015

Thomas Pittman, III (1659 - 1725)

2/1/2009 7/22/2015

Thomas Garnett, Ancient Planter , (1) was born in 1585, probably in Lancashire, England. He died after 1635 probably in Essex County, Virginia. Parents: not proven (see Family Notes) Events 161...

7/5/2008 7/21/2015

8/2/2011 7/21/2015

John Atkinson (c.1627 - d.)

2/23/2009 7/21/2015

Thomas Atkinson, Jr (c.1629 - d.)

From Surry County [Virginia] Records, 1652-1684 by Eliza Davis, 1980, page. 61 " Book I, page 299, 7 November 1667. I, James Atkinson, son of Thomas Atkinson, discharge Thos. Pitman as he marring the...

2/23/2009 7/21/2015

James Atkinson (c.1628 - d.)

2/23/2009 7/21/2015

William Gwaltney, Sr. MP (1655 - 1728)

William Gwaltney (c. 1655-1732) Like his father, William also was primarily a farmer. He did receive some education because it was stipulated in the marriage agreement between Martha and her third husb...

11/20/2007 7/21/2015

Thomas Gwaltney, Jr. MP (1613 - 1666)

On 29 July 1650 Wm. Yarrett & Francis Whittington received a land grant for 580 acres on the N. side of the Rappa. Riv. next above land of Robert Bird. The grant was for transporting 12 persons to the ...

11/20/2007 7/21/2015

Thomas Pittman, Jr. (1634 - 1691)

10/23/2010 7/21/2015

Mary Gwaltney (Atkinson) MP (1618 - 1679)

"Mary (---) Atkinson Gwaltney"

Rolison, op. cit. is the first source to list her maiden name as ATKINSON but from the documents above we know that she was first married to an Atkinson, then to Thomas Gwaltney. and third was married ...

11/20/2007 7/21/2015

Thomas Atkinson MP (c.1608 - 1666)

Notes for Thomas Atkinson: Immigrant 1635 "13 July 1635, These underwritten names are to be transported to Virginia, embarked in ALICE, Richard Orchard, Mr. the men have taken oaths of allegiance a...

2/23/2009 7/21/2015

William Eddins MP (c.1695 - 1754)

John Edens was a Huguenot. Came to Virginia from England 1726 - 1st record of him in America, Spotylvania, VA; with land purchase by son, Wm Sep 18 1728 - Spotsylvania, VA; Land grant, 525 acres by pat...

6/28/2008 7/13/2015

Please note: WILLIAM SPENCE and WILLIAM SPENCER were two different men. The two men, both "Ancient Planters," have often been confused with each other. Alas, the spellings were used interchangeably i...

5/14/2009 7/9/2015

Alice Spencer MP (c.1600 - 1625)

Probably Alice Lightfoot.... In the 1624/5 Jamestown muster, Alice is listed in the household of William Spencer as his wife with daughter Alice, 4 years old. William Spencer, a child, is listed as d...

7/31/2007 7/8/2015

Richmond Terrell MP (1624 - 1680)

"Richland Terrell"

Came to Virginia from Reading, Berkshire, England about 1656, bought lands, also had a grant of 640 acres in New Kent on the west side of the York River, November 28, 1658 and too another grant of land...

6/26/2007 7/2/2015

Elizabeth Hammond (1660 - 1717)

6/4/2009 7/2/2015

John Haynie (c.1590 - c.1635)

John Haynie, b. 1590, immigrated to the U.S. aboard the "Margrett and John, " out of the Port of London. Records suggest he was about 27 years old, and already married, though his wife, Elizabeth, arri...

9/12/2007 7/2/2015

Capt. Richard Haynie MP (1652 - 1724)

6/26/2008 7/2/2015

Capt. John Haynie MP (1624 - 1697)

9/12/2007 7/2/2015

John Mann (1619 - 1673)

1/21/2009 6/26/2015

Mary Ann Hampton (c.1652 - c.1690)

5/31/2007 6/26/2015

Capt. John Moone MP (1600 - 1655)

Capt. John Moone was born 24 Jun 1601 in Parish, Hampshire, England, and died 12 Aug 1655 in Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States. He was the son of William Moone and Ann Woodman. (o...

9/13/2009 6/25/2015

Lt. Col. Nathaniel West MP (c.1592 - 1623)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Search Results | Print -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathaniel WEST (AFN: LSF2-S...

12/24/2007 6/21/2015

John Bright (1640 - 1720)

8/28/2013 6/21/2015

Needham Bryan, I MP (1690 - 1770)

In 1721, Needham patented 640 acres of land in Bertie County on the Moratuck River. (NC Colonial Records, II, p. 426). In 1726, he purchased 210 acres called Snowfield Plantation. He and his three wi...

6/4/2007 6/12/2015

John Robinson (1683 - 1749)

John was born at Hewick. He lived there with his wife Catherine Beverly where seven children were born of his union. This son John inherited all of his uncles Bishop John Robinson's Estate in England. ...

3/29/2010 6/6/2015

Anne A. Mayo MP (1685 - 1743)

"Anne Jordan", "Anne Bourke", "Anne Burk"

Anne Mickelburough was born c. 1689 (some sources say as early as 1678) in Middlesex, Virginia. She was the daughter of Edmond Mickelburough. She married (1) John Bourke or Burk c.1697 and had one son....

2/16/2007 6/5/2015

Valentine Mayo MP (1665 - 1716)

2/16/2007 6/5/2015

Major in Virginia Militia; First surveyor of Louisa County, VA in 1742; represented Hanover County in House of Burgesses. Oldest son of Wm & Temperance Harris. Will proved 8 Aug 1765. Major in Virgin...

3/15/2007 5/27/2015

Augustine Hunnicutt, Jr. (1671 - c.1743)

3/30/2008 5/22/2015

Rev. Thomas Hampton MP (1623 - 1690)

Rev. Thomas Hampton, born 16 Apr 16__ in Elizabeth City County, Virginia, sailed for England in 1625 and enrolled at New College, Oxford 3/11/1625, at age of sixteen. If he was 16 when he entered colle...

4/18/2007 5/21/2015

Edward Wade II MP (1640 - 1682)

1/19/2008 5/21/2015

Anne Gorsuch MP (1611 - 1652)

After the death of her husband Mrs. Anne (Lovelace) Gorsuch Chose the colony of Virginia for her home, and with her younger children settled in Lancaster county , to which she came probably as early as...

8/2/2007 4/29/2015

Richard Hakluyt, M.A., D.D. MP (c.1553 - 1616)

"Hackluit", "Richard Haklyut (the younger)", "Richard "the minister" Hakluyt", "Halykut"

Richard Hakluyt From WIkipdedia: Richard Hakluyt (/ˈhæklʊt/, /ˈhæklət/, or /ˈhækəlwɪt/;[1] 1553 – 23 November 1616) ...

1/3/2015 4/25/2015

About the plaque shown on this profile it is commemorating the Indian Massacre plot at Jamestown, 3-22-1622. It is not a coincidence that William Hancock died at Jamestown on 3-22-1622. He came to Ja...

7/28/2008 4/17/2015

Mary Byrd MP (1660 - 1710)

6/4/2007 3/30/2015

Thomas Byrd MP (1650 - 1687)

""of Martin's Brandon"", "Surry"

6/4/2007 3/30/2015

This is Nicholas Wyatt of Prince George, VA. Do not confuse with Nicholas Wyatt of Anne Arundel, MD - they may possibly be related but are not the same person. Much background here: notes In 1686...

5/25/2007 3/20/2015

Captain Charles Barham (c.1626 - 1683)

source: Capt Charles BARHAM was born about 1626 in East Hall, East Sutton, Kent, England. He died about Sep 1683/1690 in , James City, VA. He married Elizabeth RIDLEY on 2 Feb 1665 in , Surry, Va. ...

7/31/2008 3/4/2015

Elizabeth Barham (c.1640 - 1694)

a) Birth record abt 1628; 1684 Order Records Surry Co VA Bk1671/90 pg428 - Upon request of Mrs Elizabeth Barham, executrix of Capt Barham it is ordered that Edward Tanner, William Hancock, and John Rut...

7/31/2008 3/4/2015

William Boddie MP (1633 - 1712)

Note: The Parentage of William Boddie is not definitely proven, he is probbly the son of John and Mary Boddie of Longon and Ingatestone, Essex.

6/25/2007 2/25/2015

Katherine Graves MP (c.1586 - 1636)

"Katherine (Croshaw / Crosher) Graves", "Crosher"

Very little is known about Katherine, wife of Capt. Thomas Graves.  Her maiden name may have been Croshaw. (There was a Raleigh Chroshaw, Gent., who arrived with the second supply with Thomas Gr...

3/19/2007 2/22/2015

Thomas Buckner (1670 - 1744)

5/23/2008 2/20/2015

Devereaux Browne (b. - 1674)

Browne, Deveraux, was one of the first justices of Accomac county as created anew in 1663, and was burgess in September, 1663. from: [Page 197]

5/1/2013 2/20/2015

John Atkins (c.1589 - c.1623)

4/25/2008 2/20/2015

John Moore of Elizabeth City MP (c.1584 - 1676)

It seems certain that the John Moore mentioned by most emigrated, age 36, from England to Virginia in 1620, in the ship 'Bona Nova', followed in 1622 by his wife Elizabeth in the 'Abigail'. Elizabeth's...

6/18/2007 2/9/2015

Priscilla Barham (c.1671 - c.1720)

7/31/2008 1/24/2015

Col. William Swann (c.1585 - 1638)

12/18/2007 1/20/2015

Judith Greene Swann (c.1589 - 1636)

"Judith Austen"

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via son Alexander Swann by SmartCopy : Mar 28 2015, 14:29:17 UTC

12/18/2007 1/20/2015

Joseph Chew (c.1637 - 1715)

Birth also reported as 1716. Joseph Chew dwelt for a time in Cecil County in northeast corner of Maryland, adjacent to Delaware, where as attorney he is recorded after 1672. - Jessie Hill Also live...

8/30/2008 11/22/2014

Susannah Marriott MP (1640 - 1660)

SUSANNAH SWAN(N), born 26 October 1640. She died on 25 November 1660 without issue "Having been married to Major William Marriott eight months and twenty two days - and was buried at Swann's Point". Ma...

6/21/2007 11/22/2014

Sgt. John Harris, Sr. MP (1586 - 1638)

John Harris John Harris was born about 1588-9 in Creeksea England, subscriber of the Third Charter of the Virginia Company of London along with his father. He was residing in Charles City County, V...

6/23/2007 10/5/2014

Anne Foster MP (c.1645 - 1711)

"Anne (Sheppard) Newsom Hart"

Elizabeth Sheppard Father: Robert Sheppard Mother: Elizabeth Spencer b: 1623 in Virginia Marriage Thomas Hart William Newsome George Foster Children of Thomas Hart and Anne Sheppa...

7/31/2007 9/3/2014

Henry Hart (1595 - 1648)

US and Canada Passengers' and Immigration Lists' Index, 1500's-1900's: arrival 1635 in Jamestown. Some sources say his wife was named Rebecca--some Elizabeth Hammond. I have not studied this line. Bu...

11/21/2009 6/22/2014

Thomas Hart, Sr. MP (1627 - c.1669)

"Hart of Surry" in Southside Virginia Families, Volume 2  By John Bennett Boddie. Page 153

7/25/2008 6/13/2014

Robert Hart MP (1666 - 1720)

9/14/2008 6/13/2014

Elizabeth Bucke MP (c.1582 - 1620)

Additional Curator's Notes: The Encyclopedia Virginia believes Elizabeth's maiden name to be Browne, but offers no proof. It has been suggested that Elizabeth was the daughter of a "Sir Brown" and a ...

10/11/2008 6/12/2014

Elizabeth Page MP (1600 - 1660)


Daughter Elizabeth married Jamestown burgess Thomas Crumpe, who patented 750 acres between the James City Parish glebe and Powhatan Creek, directly above the Buck patent. Later he became burgess for th...

10/11/2008 6/12/2014

Sgt. Thomas Crump, of Jamestown MP (c.1600 - c.1636)

Came to Va on the Bony Bess in 1624 . was burgess for James City, February, 1631-32, for Neck of Land, September, 1632. It is probable that he married Elizabeth, a daughter of Rev. Richard Buck. (1) ...

4/13/2009 6/12/2014

notes 1) - According to e-mail received from Carolyn J. (Crump) Rozelle (>, former editor of the Crump Newsletter: ALthough it is tradionally stated that Thomas Crump was th...

4/13/2009 6/12/2014

Thomas Fleming, the immigrant MP (c.1630 - 1683)

"found 7 sites saying this guy is ligit"

notes "Sir Thomas Fleming came from ENG to Essex Co. VA 1616, "2nd son of Lord John, Earl of Wigton, m. Lillian Graham, dau of Earl of Montrose." He came from ENG to Jamestown VA and later settled ...

6/3/2007 5/22/2014

44. Capt. JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES) * (JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES), ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born about 1631/1635. He died 1676 in Henrico Co, VA. �...

9/12/2007 4/26/2014