Josel of Rosheim MP (c.1478 - 1554)

"Josel of Rosheim (alternatively: Joselin, Joselmann, Yoselmann, German: Josel von Rosheim, Hebrew: יוסף בן גרשון מ&#...

Shimon Seligman ben Elieser Ulmo Ginzburg MP (1506 - 1585)

Rabbi Simon ben Eliezer Ulmo Ginzburg (1506-1585) who also was a court Jew is a descendant from former Augsburg branch of the Kalonymos as well as the ancestor of the wide-spread family of Ulmo Ginzbur...

Jakob Weil - יעקב בן יהודה ווייל (MahariV) MP (c.1385 - c.1456)

Early History of the Rabbinical Weil Family by Werner L. Frank Descendants of R. Jakob ben Yehuda Weil (c 1385 - 1456) Family Tree Chart Talmudist, the Mahari"V; Rabbi in Nuernberg, Augsburg, B...