Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz (1808 - d.)

Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz was born on 20 February 1808, the son of Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz and his third wife, Eleonora. Because his birth record cannot be found in the Trebic Jewish books, it is believ...

Simon Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1755 - 1817)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz was born in Zerkowitz, South Moravia [now Zverkovice, Czech Republic] and moved with his parents to Mahr. Weisskirchen in the early 1760s. Around 1780, however, he moved to Trebits...

Lazar Herzfelder (1749 - 1809)

Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band II- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein- pg. 419 Mhrr from Heidingsfeld, lived in Pirnitz, Maehren and Vienna.