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Jewish Families of Kargowa (formerly Unruhstadt)

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Kargowa is a small town in Western Poland near Babimost, a larger town. There is a town web site at . Mention must be made of the murder by the Nazi's of many Jewish women and children during a Death March nearby to Kargowa.

The town site at lists the following people who were murdered by the Nazi's:

No. Surname Name Maiden name Date and place of birth Place of residence Deportation Date and place of death

  1. Baumgart Kurt Siegbert 08.01.1908 Kargowa Wrocław to Auschwitz
  2. Bernhold Martin 23.12.1890 Kargowa Berlin 13.06.1942 from Berlin to Sobibór 27.09.1942
  3. Blumenfeld Margarethe 20.08.1898 Kargowa Berlin 03.03.1943 from Berlin to Auschwitz
  4. Blumenfeld Rosa Rosalie 13.09.1897 Kargowa Berlin 11./13.07.1942 from Berlin - Bielefeld – Hamburg to Auschwitz
  5. Boldes Frieda Baumgart 02.05.1905 Kargowa Wrocław to Auschwitz
  6. Goldschmidt Elise Bornstein 12.08.1892 Kargowa Berlin 28.03.1943 from Berlin to the ghetto in Theresienstadt; 23.10.1944 to Auschwitz
  7. Heymann Ella Grossmann 20.12.1897 Kargowa Berlin 12.03.1943 from Berlin to Auschwitz
  8. Kaiser Erich 21.03.1892 Kargowa Wrocław 02.04.1943 from the ghetto in Wrocław to Theresienstadt; 28.09.1944 to Auschwitz
  9. Klein Martha Pach 12.07.1888 Kargowa Berlin 13.07.1942 from Berlin to the ghetto in Theresienstadt; 18.12.1943 to Auschwitz
  10. Levy Elise 26.06.1861 Kargowa Wrocław 30.08.1942 from Wrocław 05.10.1942 Theresienstadt; ghetto
  11. Lewy Selma Levy 12.12.1870 Kargowa Berlin 20.07.1942 from Berlin 24.12.1943 Theresienstadt; ghetto
  12. Loeser Paula Pauline Levy 24.04.1864 Kargowa Wrocław 05.04.1940
  13. Marcus Markus Pauline 15.06.1861 Kargowa Berlin 13.06.1942 from Berlin to the ghetto in Theresienstadt; 19.09.1942 to Treblinka
  14. Rosenbaum Auguste Baumgart 21.06.1868 Kargowa Wrocław 27.07.1942 from Wrocława 05.08.1942 Theresienstadt; ghetto
  15. Rosenbaum Irma 01.06.1892 Kargowa Berlin 19.02.1943 from Berlin to Auschwitz
  16. Rosenbaum Siegfried 15.05.1886 Kargowa Berlin 19.02.1943 from Berlin to Auschwitz