Hermann Armin Freiherr Groedel von Gyulafalva und Bogdán (1856 - 1930)

The Groedel family tree is fairly well documented from 1782 through the mid 1900s. Born in Friedberg, Hessen, Germany in 1856 to Zadyk Groedel and Fanny Ahl, Hermann and his two younger brothers, Bernh...

Rabbi Shem Klingberg of Zalushitz MP (1872 - 1943)

יRabbi Shem Klingsberg of Zalushitz (1872-1943) was the author of Ohelei Shem and one of the greatest kabbalah scholars of his time. A descendant of the Chassidic dynasties of Ziditschov and Kom...

R' Baruch Rabinowitz, Admur Skole MP (1874 - 1920)

The Rebbe was sixth-generation descendant of both the Ba'al Shem Tov and the Zlotichver Maggid. He traced his lineage to Rashi, Maharal, Rema, and the "Sheloh" (R. Isaiah HaLevi Horowitz 1565-1630) ...

R' Eliezer Haim Rabinowitz, Admur Yampol MP (1845 - 1916)

R' Eliezer Chaim Rabinowitz of Yampola was the founder of the Skoyle Hasidic Dynasty. Grandfather of David Isaac Rabinowitz, Skolyer Rebbe Jewish Dynasties

Grand Rabbi David Yitzhak Eizik Rabinowitz, Skolye Rebbe MP (1898 - 1979)

Skolyer Rebbe, author of "Mekor Ha Beracha", New York 1967 Ancestry of the Rabinowitz descendants: Re. Skolyer Rebbe, Brooklyn, NY : "His brilliance in Torah was matched by his concern for his fe...