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Prominent Jewish Families of Vienna (Wer Einmal War)

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  • Ernst Kelsen (1883 - 1937)
    "Wer einmal war" - The Jewish Grand Bourgoisie of Vienna 1800-1938 Nr. 6774 Last Name Kelsen First Name(s) Ernst Page 274
  • Gertrude Trudy Benedict (1899 - d.)
    "Wer einmal war" - The Jewish Grand Bourgoisie of Vienna 1800-1938 Nr. 3257 Last Name Benedict First Name(s) Gertrude (Trudy) Page 153
  • Ernst Sigmund Patzau (1897 - 1922)
    Wer einmal war" - The Jewish Grand Bourgoisie of Vienna 1800-1938 Nr. 31437 Last Name Patzau First Name(s) Ernst Sigmund Page 1350
  • Emmerich Robert (Imre) Schick (1897 - d.)
    DOB: Appears in sister Marianne Bertha's birth record. Heirat 1923 "Wer einmal war" - The Jewish Grand Bourgoisie of Vienna 1800-1938 Nr. 32890 Last Name Schick First Name(s)...
  • Zsiga Abeles (1848 - d.)
    "Wer einmal war" - The Jewish Grand Bourgoisie of Vienna 1800-1938 Nr. 32485 Last Name Abeles First Name(s) Zsiga Page 1392

This project provides a basis for researching a number of prominent Jewish families from Vienna. Georg Gaugusch's 2011 book Wer einmal War (Vol. I: A-K) is the first comprehensive, published genealogy for many of these families. The goal of this project page is to make the Geni tree as complete as possible, using the information from Gaugusch's Vol. I and other sources, such as Vienna IKG vital records, Vienna Jewish cemetery data, Peter Rohel's website and Felix Gundacker's GenTeam site (which includes a complete index of all the names in Gaugusch's book and their page numbers in 2011's Vol. I).

Below is a list of families from Gaugusch's Wer einmal War, with links to the Geni tree. Although nearly all of the basic profiles are now on Geni, much of the data in the book has not yet been entered, and those interested in any of the families should purchase the book, as there you can also find addresses and professions, causes of death, and dates and witnesses of marriage or baptism, as well as much useful biographical information.

An interesting review article on Wer einmal War, entitled "In Search of Vienna's Vanished Jewish Elite," appeared in the British magazine Standpoint in March 2012.

A series of business directories for Vienna covering 1859-1942 appears online at the Digital Wienbibliothek. Entitled Adolph Lehmann's allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger, the directories also include lists of city residents by Name.

Further resources can be found from Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy

-- Randy Schoenberg Los Angeles, CA

Families in Wer einmal War (note that this is not a list of every family in Vienna, but only those included in Gaugusch's book).














  • Mallner Bielitz (Austrian Silesia)
  • Mandl (Hirtenberger) Triesch (Moravia)
  • Mandl von Maldenau Prossnitz (Moravia)
  • Mannheimer Copenhague (Denmark)
  • Margulies Skalat (Galicia)
  • Markbreiter Guens (Hungary)
  • Marmorek Tarnopol (Galicia)
  • Mauthner I Horschitz (Bohemia)
  • Mauthner II Horschitz (Bohemia)
  • Mauthner, M. Kittsee (Hungary)
  • Mauthner (Epstein) Pest (Hungary)
  • Mautner Nachod (Bohemia)
  • Mautner von Markhof Smirzitz (Bohemia)
  • May von Lundenburg (Moravia);
  • Mayer Horschitz (Bohemia)
  • Mayer Pest (Hungary)
  • Mayer de Also-Russbach Eisenstadt (Hungary)
  • Mendl Bruex (Bohemia)
  • Merores Prague
  • Mises von Brody (Galicia)
  • Modern Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Moises Schlaining (Hungary)
  • Monath Ungarisch Ostra (Moravia)
  • Morawitz von Triesch (Moravia)
  • Morpurgo Triest
  • Muhr Pless (Germany)
  • Mueller von Deham Buczacz (Galicia)
  • Munk Bielitz (Austrian Silesia)
  • Munk (Pest) Pest (Hungary)
  • Muenzer von Muenzbruck Praschno Aujezd (Bohemia)





  • Rapoport von Porada Krakau (Galicia)
  • Rappaport Lemberg (Galicia)
  • Ratzersdorfer Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Redlich von Vezek Leipnik (Moravia)
  • Redlich Göding (Moravia)
  • Regenstreif Czernowitz (Bukowina)
  • Reich Ungarisch Hradisch (Moravia)
  • Reif Uherský Ostroh (Moravia)
  • Reitlinger Ichenhausen (Bavaria)
  • Reitlinger Vienna
  • Reitzes Lemberg (Galicia)
  • Reuter (with Goldberger and Roth) Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Rie Prague (Bohemia)
  • Riesz Kittsee (Hungary)
  • Rosenberg Prague
  • Rosenberg von Gross Kanizsa (Hungary)
  • Rosengarten (with Jaff) Jaroslau (Galicia)
  • Rosenstock Skalat (Galicia)
  • Rosenthal (with Kraut) Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Rosenthal (with Steinach) Hohenems (Vorarlberg)
  • Rothberger Alberti Irsa (Hungary)
  • Rothschild von (Viennese branch) Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • Rotter Wischnitz (Galicia)
  • Ruhmann Boskowitz (Moravia)


  • Saborsky Niedertoschonowitz (Austrian Silesia)
  • Sachs von Sachsenhall Nikolsburg (Moravia)
  • Scharf Pest (Hungary)
  • Schenk Waag Neustadtl (Hungary)
  • Schey von Koromla Guens (Hungary)
  • Schiff (with Paul Schiff) Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany)
  • Schlesinger (with Szeps) Hundsdorf (Hungary)
  • Schlesinger Vienna
  • Schlesinger Eisenstadt (Hungary)
  • Schlesinger Oberglogau (Germany)
  • Schlesinger-Kolm Vienna
  • Schnabel Trebitsch (Moravia)
  • Schnapper von Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • Schnitzler Gross Kanizsa (Hungary)
  • Schosberg Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Schosberger de Tornya Pest (Hungary)
  • Schüller Butschowitz (Moravia)
  • Schütz Prague
  • Schwab Prague
  • Schwarz Lemberg (Galicia)
  • Schwarzmann Jassy (Romania)
  • Schweinburg Nikolsburg (Moravia)
  • Schwitzer Lundenburg (Moravia)
  • Seiberling Wilna (Russia)
  • Sichrovsky von Czachrau (Bohemia)
  • Singer Pest (Hungary)
  • Sonnenthal von Pest (Hungary)
  • Specht Werschetz (Hungary)
  • Speyer Breslau (Germany)
  • Spiegler Schossberg (Hungary)
  • Spitzer (with Berl) Butschowitz (Moravia)
  • Spitzer Nikolsburg (Moravia)
  • Spitzer Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Spitzer Bezdan near Zombor (Hungary)
  • Spitzer I Stampfen (Hungary)
  • Spitzer II Stampfen (Hungary)
  • Springer Bamberg (Germany)
  • Springer (Fould-Springer) Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • Sruh St. Georgen (Hungary)
  • Stein Jassy (Galicia)
  • Steiner (Seidenfabrik) Klein Hraschtitz (Bohemia)
  • Steiner Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Steiner Ofen (Hungary)
  • Steingraber von Troppau (Austrian Silesia)
  • Steinhuebl Arad (Hungary)
  • Stern Zala Egerszeg (Hungary)
  • Stern Austerlitz (Moravia)
  • Stern (Straus) Pest (Hungary)
  • Stern Maehrisch Krumau (Moravia)
  • Stern Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Stern Raab (Hungary)
  • Stern St. Miklos (Hungary)
  • Sternlicht Strassnitz (Moravia)
  • Stiassny von Elzhaim St. Georgen (Hungary)
  • Stoerk Ofen (Hungary)
  • Strakosch Butschowitz / Bučovice (Moravia)
  • Strass Kolleschowitz (Bohemia)
  • Strasser Kittsee (Austria), Pest (Hungary)
  • Strasser de Sancz Leipnik (Moravia)
  • Strasser-Deutsch Nagy Kanizsa (Hungary)
  • Stricker Waag-Neustadl / Vág Ujhely (Hungary)
  • Strisower Brody (Galicia)
  • Sulzer Hohenems (Vorarlberg)




  • Vogel Maehrisch Weisskirchen (Moravia)