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Kaapsehoop South Africa (established in 1882) Coordinates for finding Kaapsehoop on Google Earth. 25°35'28.66"S 30°45'59.65"E or click here to see it in Google Maps.

Brief History

It was the discovery of gold in 1882 the streams around what is known today as Kaapsehoop also known as Kaapshehoop or Kaapschehoop that led to the establishment of the town. Gold was also discovered in the small creek running through the town. This led to portion of the original township layout being canceled and opened up for gold diggings.

The name of the town is probably derived from the fact that when gold was discovered in the town, the find created hope for the early inhabitants of the geographically nearby De Kaap Valley – (The Cape Valley) – of striking it rich.

Apparently, it was the Karanga tribe who first discovered gold, but their mining activities were put to an end when they were driven away by a bakaNaqonane tribe and the Swazis.

The De Kaap goldfields were recognised in the late 19th century, owing to the discoveries of prospectors such as Thomas MacLachlan in 1874, Bernard Chomse in 1882, and Charlie the Reefer in the early 1880s. MacLachlan's discovery did not immediately attract prospectors, diggers and fortune hunters, but wild stories about streets that were covered in gold caused remarkable interest in the area. Very soon, fortune hunters and various other characters from all over the world and some diggers from Pilgrim's Rest rushed to the De Kaap valley to try their luck.

The ZAR government established a Commission of Enquiry in 1882 to investigate and report on the situation in the area. The commission found that between 170 and 180 diggers were already active at the so-called Kodwaansplaat, the majority of whom were Afrikaners. The Commission also found that a digger's town, Duiwelskantoor not only existed, but was also the centre of all activities on the goldfields. By this time, the diggers had already established their own digger's commission to protect their interests. The village of Kaapschehoop developed almost overnight on government land next to the farm Berlyn (Berlin). The village is set on a plateau between massive detached sandstone rocks. These rocks apparently reminded the diggers and farmers of the walls of a room and the regular thick mist gave the place a gloomy atmosphere, possibly the origin of its original name, Duiwelskantoor (Devil's office). At first, Kaapschehoop consisted of wagons and tents. Even the government office was a tent. Later, clay structures and wood and iron buildings were erected.

By August 1882 there were 250 diggers at Kaapsehoop, by end of September there were 900, and by early 1884 their numbers had swelled to some 4 000. In its heyday, the village had two hotels, several bars, 15 shops, a school, post office and an assortment of corrugated-iron cottages and clay-brick houses. The area entered its most active period during a short revival in August and September of 1885.

Most of the diggers abandoned the settlement when the Pioneer Reef was discovered near Barberton and a far richer goldfield was discovered on the Witwatersrand, which was declared a public digging by the end of 1886. But the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand did not bring Kaapsehoop to a complete standstill. During the 1890s and after the turn of the century, the village was a popular place with several pubs, two hotels, a small school, several general dealers and clay and brick houses. S.W. Wierda designed a new post office in 1896 and between August and December of 1888 Kaapschehoop had its own newspaper, the North Kaap Telegraph.

This project is intended to record all the early pioneers and gold prospectors connected to Kaapsehoop who are on our Geni tree. Several South African families have their roots in Kaapsehoop when the gold rush in the late 1800's attracted diggers from worldwide.

The Diggers

  • Tom McLachlan the son in law of Maria Shires, and one of the greatest of all South African prospectors.
  • Charles Anderson “Charlie the Reefer”
  • Bernard Chomse prospector and former policeman
  • "Fiddler" Jack Findlay
  • HW Peacock on 3 Julie 1912 found a nugget weighing over 5 kg (179 ounces)
  • Ernest George Sparg (1902 - 1972) a prospector from Stutterheim
  • William Hayes (1845 – 1886) of London, one of the pioneers who developed the goldfields
  • Harry Culverwell, and 28 others who refused to recognize the Moody Company’s claims
  • Dick McNab who with a party of reckless diggers took control of Lourenco Marques for 9 days
  • Mr Ede
  • Mr Rymers
  • Mr Newmarsh
  • Mr Taylor who together with the 3 above witnessed the naming of the town Barberton
  • Thomas who discovered the Thomas Reef
  • McDonald who discovered the Honeybird Reef
  • Old Gous, one of the Voortrekkers and a rare Boer prospector
  • Pretorius, a notorious Boer who later became Commandant Pretorius who was captured at elandslaagte
  • James Murray
  • Bob Watson
  • Tom Elsie, who with the above 2 found gold at Jamestown Creek
  • Ingram James
  • J Paterson, Paterson’s creek
  • Mc Alpine, Patersons partner
  • J McKenzie
  • J South
  • Pratt
  • Peter Ploes
  • Nielsen
  • Arthur Augustus Bryant "Harry the sailor" once captain of "Flying Cloud"
  • Rocky Mountain Thompson
  • Charlie the Tinker
  • Californian Wilson
  • Northern Territory Jack
  • Yankee Dan

Diggers Committee

  • MC de Stoppelaar, Chairman 1887
  • JA Brink, Secretary 1888
  • PA Ogilvie, Secretary, He also drew the plans for the Government Building
  • Charles Rupert Lambourn 1889
  • PM Maritz, resigned 1888
  • RA Michell, resigned 1888
  • JJ Retief nominee
  • Henry Alder nominee
  • PO Wilson nominee
  • AJ Myburgh nominee
  • WH Payne nominee

The Preachers

  • Reverend Norris
  • Reverand JL van der Merwe who became Mining Commissioner for Barberton and later Johannesburg

The Officials

  • JP Ziervogel The first Gold Commissioner who fled
  • CF Hoolboom of Pilgrim’s rest, temporary Gold Commissioner
  • David McKay Wilson a Scot, the Gold Commissioner, also Magistrate and Justice of the Peace
  • MC de Stoppelaar Gold Commissioner
  • Mr Bester the policeman
  • Saul, a Zulu Constable
  • JA Brink Postmaster, Magistrate clerk and Telegraph operator
  • Mr Pitt Postmaster
  • Mr J Vogel Landrost/Public Prosecutor
  • Mr Oerder Claim Inspector
  • Mr Di V Joubert Claim Inspector lower or reef district
  • Mr Murphy Constable, an Irishman
  • SC Rogers Beacon Inspector
  • Dolly Lambourn nee Koch Postmistress

The Publicans

  • Charles Rupert Lambourn well known Kaapsehoop resident and canteen owner
  • ML Walsh an old Australian who owned the first hotel "Pilgrim's Rest" later renamed the "Kaapsche Hoop Hotel"
  • WH or J Barter, International Hotel
  • Eddie Topham whose hotel was condemned in 1937
  • George Lutz who built a new hotel, in 1948 the only building with an electric plant

The Shopkeepers

  • R Schurink, from Lydenburg. General Dealer, Wholesale and Retail, also had the boxing ring erected.
  • H Juby Blacksmith and Wagon maker
  • W Hawkins "Kantoor Butchery and Bakery"
  • Holtzhausen Bros. and Co. Butchers
  • Kitter and Duffield Wagonmakers Blacksmiths and Farriers
  • Dolf Oosthuizen Shoemaker who lived at "The Rocks"
  • Fowlie and Moore Direct importers (opened Nov 1888) Wholesale and Retail dealers
  • J Parsons Drapery goods, Clothing Store
  • Mr Lumden, manager at Parsons
  • Willy Lambourn, Butchery
  • Mr van de Bijl, International Hotel and General store Duiwel’s Kantoor
  • Mr Barter, International Hotel and General store Duiwel’s Kantoor
  • Mr Woodburn ran “Jamieson, Forsythe and Co.” Wholesale merchants.
  • DM van Gass, Butchers and Bakers
  • ML Walsh, Butchers and Bakers (1895)
  • Mr Stone storekeeper

The School teachers

Other Notable Characters

  • Stafford Parker Wikipedia page an auctioneer and claim agent and ex president of the Diamond Diggers Republic, was also elected to represent Lydenburg at the Transvaal Republic Volksraad
  • Charles Grant Murray Somerset Stuart Gunn "Gunn of Gunn, Lord of Farquhar".
  • Barrett brothers, Charles and Benjamin, who had the concession for the farm Berlin
  • Charles Barrett
  • Benjamin Barrett
  • Bryce Boyd of Pietermarizburg ran the "North Kaap Telegraph"
  • Mr Graham, a blacksmith
  • Cornelius Johannes Graham
  • Mrs Evans formerly Castle nee Bennett, the local midwife and nurse
  • Hoy brothers? they were notorious thieves
  • Eileen Norris, killed when mistaken for a baboon
  • Mr Worthington who accidently killed Eileen Norris
  • Lewis Evans, Mining Engineer, Coetzeestroom Estate and Gold-mining
  • CJ Alforrt, " The Geological Features of the De Kaap Gold-fields,"
  • Ernest Lambourn
  • Piet Nel
  • Kommandant Paul Maritz, War veteran who died in the Influenza epidemic (1856 – 1918)
  • Dr Slade employed by Ameanthis Mine, also the dentist
  • Dr McVie retired to Scotland after his wife won the Irish Sweepstakes
  • Mr Percy Whitehead an engineer who erected the machinery at Barrets Berlyn and Moodies
  • AT Judge, Managing Director of the Amianthus Mine (produced Chrysolite a type of Asbestos)
  • C Mocke, Auctioneer
  • Mr Pritchard who bought the rights on the farm Berlin, and later sold to the Barretts

Burial Register/Gravestones care of NAAIRS

  • James Agnew. Died 29-11-1935
  • James Henry Agnew. Died 30-03-1941. Aged 77 years
  • Henry Joseph de Bruno Austin Born in England.
  • Spr. HG Baskerville. Died 05-05-1901. Member of Royal Engineers
  • Jan Blaauw. Born 13-08-1901. Died 04-08-1978
  • Billy Bodenstein. Born 16-02-1932. Died 29-08-1935. Aged 3 1/2 years
  • Jan Andries Brink. Born 28-03-1859 in Stellenbosch. Died 01-03-1893 at Kaapsche Hoop. Father of Sophia Dorothea Brink
  • Pieter Brink Died 29-11-1918. Husband of Alice Brink. Father of Jan, Henry and Roma Brink
  • Sophia Dorothea Brink. Born 20-06-1887 at KaapscheHoop. Died 13-03-1893 at Kaapsche Hoop. Daughter of Jan Andries Brink
  • "Tannie" Brink.
  • Hilda Brookes. Wife of Jack Brookes.
  • Jack Brookes. Husband of Hilda Brookes
  • Frank Horton Brooks. Born 30-11-1900. Died 17-12-1989. Husband of Hilda Maud Brooks
  • Job Burger. Born 1935. Died 1936.
  • Giosippina Castlalleon. Born 1872. Died 1893
  • Clement (male)
  • Pte. VG or W Cook. Died at Kaapsche Hoop. Member of Liverpool Regiment
  • Marjorie Crozier. Born 15-12-1949. Died 28-12-1952
  • Baasie Davel
  • Alice Davies. Born 31-03-1887. Died 06-12-1969. Mother of Jan, Henry and Roma Brink
  • Evan Davies Aged 80 years. Husband of Alice Davies. Father of Peggy and Gwyn Davies. Wounded at Delville Wood
  • No Name Davison (infant).
  • Christo Duffield. Died 08-03-1887
  • Leslie Paul du Toit. Born 01-10-1936. Died 14-03-1981
  • Susanna Magdeline "Madge" Edwards, nee Gouws. Born 27-06-1906. Died 22-06-1967. Cremated 23-06-1967 at Pietermaritzburg
  • John William Ellers. Died 1954
  • Charles Frere Eustace. Died 21-02-1901. Aged 33 years
  • Advocate No Name Frazer
  • Gerhard Froneman. Born 22-02-1963. Died 08-11-1980. Pupil of Hoerskool Rob Ferreira Vorentoe
  • No Name Gardener (male)
  • Gerrinda Gouws
  • Mieta Gouws
  • Pieter Johannes Gouws
  • Rudolf Johannes Gouws. Born 28-01-1870 in Heidelberg. Died 03-03-1950
  • No Name Graham (infant)
  • William Graham. Died 1937
  • Annie Edith Guagon
  • William Hayes. Born 24-06-1845 in London, England. Died 04-05-1886
  • Dr No Name Heath
  • E Hensen. Died 1934
  • William Hosking. Born 05-08-1870 in Lanner, Redruth, England. Died 08-11-1932
  • Edith Ives. Died 23-07-1920 at Kaapsche Hoop. Aged 27 years. Wife of Charles Ives
  • Percy Kinnear. Died 09-11-1950
  • No Name Kirkman (male)
  • Jackie Knowles. Died 10-08-1933
  • Arthur Lambourn. Born 29-12-1884 in Lydenburg. Died 06-09-1922 at Barberton. Fourth son of Charles Rupert and Fanny Frances Lambourn
  • Charles Lambourn. Died 20-02-1942. Aged 70 years
  • Ernest Irish Lambourn. Died 12-06-1952 at Barberton. Aged 70 years
  • Charles Rupert Lambourn. Born 21-03-1851 in Brentford,England. Died 31-12-1931 at Kaapsche Hoop. Husband of Fanny Frances Lambourn
  • Francis "Frank" Lambourn. Died 20-06-1957. Aged 64 years
  • Fanny Frances Lambourn. Born 14-07-1855 in Reading, Berkshire. Died 14-05-1925 at Kaapsche Hoop. Wife of Charles Rupert Lambourn
  • HMMP Lambourn. Born 06-10-1921. Died 31-07-1973
  • Joseph Lambourn. Born 01-10-1889. Died 02-05-1965
  • Leonard Lambourn. Born 15-04-1894. Died 26-08-1970
  • Linda Lambourn. Born 14-05-1890. Died 09-08-1976
  • May Violet Lambourn. Born 09-05-1877. Died 17-09-1967
  • No Name Lambourn. Died 02-04-1941. Infant child of Frank and Dolly Lambourn
  • Shane Latre. Son of Dick and Lorette Latre
  • Johannes Louw. Born 1935. Died 1936
  • Pte. I or J Lydon. Died 07-07-1901 Fusilier. Member of Northumberland Fusiliers
  • No Name Maritz. Infant daughter of Paul Mogiel Maritz
  • Kommandant Paul Maritz. Born 1856. Died 18-11-1918
  • Paul Mogiel Maritz
  • No Name Marshall (Mrs)
  • DW McAllister 6/7/1916 +16/9/1997 eggenoot van Lettie MYBURG, pa van Cecily, George, Peggy, David, Mitch en Russel
  • Aletta Cathrina Johanna McDermid, nee Myburgh. Born 28-09-1875. Died 14-07-1937. Wife of Donald McDermid
  • Boet McDermid. Born 18-09-1901. Died 21-07-1969. Husband of Jose McDermid. Freemason
  • Donald McDermid. Born 08-12-1863. Died 11-12-1937. Husband of Aletta Cathrina Johanna Myburgh
  • Jose McDermid. Born 10-02-1907. Died 11-07-1978. Wife of Boet McDermid
  • No Name Muller (male)
  • John Andrew van Ryneveldt Munnik. Born 20-04-1874. Died 11-06-1920
  • Gerald Barry Murphy. Born 22-07-1915. Died 01-08-1988.Husband of Hendrika Elizabeth Murphy
  • Hendrika Elizabeth Murphy. Born 05-09-1921. Died 17-09-1989.Wife of Gerald Barry Murphy
  • Albert JR Myburgh. Born 17-10-1877. Died 23-09-1942. Husband of Magdalena MM de Clercq
  • Albert Johannes Myburgh. Died 11-03-1908 at Uitkyk, Aged 60 years and 19 days. Husband of Susan Maria Holtzhauzen. Freemason
  • Chris Myburgh. Died 1987. Son of Magdalena Myburgh
  • Carel Frederik "Callieman" Myburgh. Born 08-05-1976. Died 17-12-1986
  • Hugo Myburgh
  • Magdalena MM Myburgh, nee De Clercq. Born 20-06-1881. Died 27-11-1968. Wife of Albert JR Myburgh
  • No Name Myburgh (infant)
  • Susan Maria Myburgh, nee Holtzhauzen. Born 14-10-1854. Died 10-10-1950. Wife of Albert Johannes Myburgh
  • Daisy Nel. Died 19-10-1963. Mother of Robert Nel
  • Elsie Catrina Nel
  • Gessina Sussana Nel
  • Johanna Nel
  • Johannes Marthinus Nel. Born 26-11-1886. Died 12-09-1948
  • Laura Nel, nee Pienaar. Died 29-01-1944 at Bremersdorp. Aged 54 years
  • Louis Nel
  • Robert Nel. Died 22-05-1936. Son of Daisy Nel
  • Robert Martin Nel
  • William Nel
  • William Andries Nel
  • Danie du P Oosthuizen. Died 1928
  • Gezina Suzanna Isabella Oosthuysen. Born 19-03-1860. Died 03-11-1928 (moontlik eggenote van Danie du P Oosthuizen)
  • No Name Paskin (female)
  • No Name Pawson (male)
  • John William Pearce (MGMMS). Born 30-09-1870. Died 15-08-1926. Claimant to the Earldom of Northumberland
  • Cornelius Rademeyer
  • Hendrick Reyneke
  • Maureen Schmidt
  • No Name Schmidt. Infant of Maureen Schmidt
  • Edith S Simpson. Died 12-06-1933. Aged 54 years. Wife of Charles K Simpson
  • Frederick Speed. Born 04-05-1882. Died 27-08-1935
  • No Name Steyn (Infant)
  • Alexander Swanepoel. Born 10-09-1959. Died 26-10-1963
  • Coen Swarts (Infant)
  • Joy Taljard. Born 06-03-1934. Died 25-05-1986. Wife of Hein Taljard
  • No Name Terblanche (male)
  • Thomas Thomson. Born 16-06-1912. Died 24-09-1977
  • Piet Thysman
  • Sarah Topham, nee Oosthuizen
  • No Name Turner (Mrs)
  • Catherina Maria Dorothia van der Merwe, nee Van Zyl. Born 26-10-1857. Died 15-01-1937
  • Maria Elizabeth Vermaak. Born 15-02-1854. Died 23-03-1901
  • Cathleen Waters
  • No Name Watkins. Wife of Frank Watkins
  • Sam Williamson

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