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Legendary King of Teamhair

12/15/2008 3/15/2011

Eochaid Muigh Meadhoin Mugmedon MP (287 - 357)

"Eochaid", "Echach", "Echu", "Eochy", "Eochad", "Muigh Meadhoin", "Mugmedón", "Muigmedóin", "Mugmedon", "Moyvone", "Eochaidh Loihneadhain", "Eochaid Mugmedon", "Eochaid Mugnedon King of Ireland", "King of /Connacht/"

Eochaid Mugmedón ("slave-lord", pronounced [ˈɛxəð ˈmʊɣvʲəðən]), according to medieval Irish legend and historical tra...

3/25/2007 3/12/2011