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Pinia Pauline KREINIK (1893 - 1953)

"Pauline Berger"

Eric Kessler gave us her parents' names, Chaim and Elka. She is Stanley Kreinik's father Walter's 'cousin' but he doesn't know exactly how she is a cousin. Dec 18, 2013, from Stanley: Pauline Berger ...

3/23/2014 10/19/2015

Horace Carlin Kreinick (1909 - 1992)


Social Security Death Index Horace C Kreinick Birth: May 7 1909 Death: Sep 27 1992 Last residence: Chandler, Arizona 85225, USA

12/27/2008 10/18/2014

Ruth R Kreinik (1899 - 1977)

"Ruthie", "0329", "Kreinick"

RUTH KREINICK was born November 25, 1899, received a New York Social Security number, 052-18-7660, and died November 1977. (I think this may be the Aunt Ruth who was hospitalized in a mental institute....

10/21/2008 10/18/2014

Jacob Tuvye Kreinik (c.1830 - c.1933)

"Tuvye", "Yankel", "Yaakov."

Nachum Kornfeld, Brooklyn NY, Feb 2014. "The rebbe's mother was Mirel Kreinik. She had a brother named Yaakov who lived to be 103 and attributed his long life to the fact that he carried the young R. S...

2/19/2010 10/18/2014

Mirel Kreinik (c.1827 - c.1902)

Nachum Kornfeld Feb 27 2014: "The rebbe's mother was Mirel Kreinik. She had a brother named Yaakov who lived to be 103 and attributed his long life to the fact that he carried the young R. Shlomo Lei...

2/27/2014 10/18/2014

Frimet Kreinik (c.1862 - c.1942)

"Friemert", "Feiler", "Neppel", "Nepel", "Frummet"

Frimet Kreinik nee Neppel was born in Sedziszow_Malopolski, Poland to Yaakov and Pinia. She was a shop owner and married to Tuvia. Prior to WWII she lived in Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland. During the wa...

10/12/2008 11/12/2013

Jacob (Yankel Neppel) Neppel Feiler (c.1835 - 1909)

"Yankel", "Neppel", "Napel", "Shlomo /Yankel/"

10/12/2008 11/12/2013

Hersh Wolf Neppel Feiler (1856 - d.)

"Herse", "Wolf", "Neppel"

Hersh 1856- (lived in Sedziszow no children) was a smoked meat & lumber dealer)

3/23/2010 8/25/2013

11/4/2009 4/14/2013

Norman B Jacobowitz (1912 - 1985)

"Nachman ben Elijahu"

He would have been 100 this August 6, 2012. Norman Jacobowitz SSDI === Birth: Aug 6 1912 Death: Feb 1985 Last residence: San Diego, California 92128, USA Residence code: 05 = Norman B Jacobowitz...

7/17/2007 1/22/2013

Joseph M. Kreinik (c.1902 - 1959)

Stanley Kreinik, Feb 7, 2013" "The Joseph Krienik who was married to Catharine lived in Albany NY. He was Arthur Kreinik's brother who converted to Catholicism and had two children..." 1928 Boston Ci...

3/20/2010 3/23/2012

Dorothy Kreinik (1913 - 1994)

DOROTHY KREINIK was born October 29, 1913, received a New York Social Security number, 065-09-3966, and died December 2, 1994.

3/2/2012 3/11/2012

Joseph (Yussel Flum) Kreinik (1868 - 1937)

"Yussel Flum", "Flam"

Stanley Kreinik, Mar 11, 2013. Joseph Flum lived in Harlem. He had a chauffeur and once gave Stanley a $5 bill in 1936. He couldn't read or write, but was very successful in business. Sylvia Wright Wou...

3/8/2010 3/7/2012

Artie Pepis (1891 - 1940)

Name: Aaron Pepis [Artie] Age in 1910: 18 Estimated Birth Year: 1892 Birthplace: New York Relation to Head of House: Son Father's Name: Jacob Pepis Father's Birth Place: Austria Mother's Birth Place: A...

3/8/2009 10/29/2011

Nathan Pepis (1892 - d.)

3/25/2011 10/29/2011

B_Step_Mother Pepis (deceased)

3/26/2011 10/29/2011

Mae Pepis (1894 - 1982)

"May", "Miriam", "0326"

Mae Pepis SSDI Birth: May 11 1894 Death: Mar 1982 Last residence: Brooklyn, New York 11203, USA Residence code: 33

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Nettie Blatt (1891 - 1978)

"Ned", "Neddie", "Henrietta", "0325"

Nettie and Morris, Mirian and Morton "Nettie is next in age, a very capable school teacher, now retired She is a well balanced, intelligent, warm hearted person, easy to live with. Most schoolteacher...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Celia Rauschkolb (1897 - 1980)


Here is Michele Richter Rockoff's Story, January 20, 2010 I wanted to clear up some information on my grandmother, Celia. Yes, she was hospitalized in a mental institution, on and off throughout her ...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Irving Israel Kreinik (1887 - 1960)

"Pater", "Iserial", "Yisroel ben Shmuel Yosef"

The spelling of the name was changed by a first grade teacher who added a "c" according to Sylvia's notes. "My one brother, Irving, less than a year and a half Anna's junior, was probably spoiled in ...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Anna Opper (1886 - 1976)

"Tianna", "0323"

She was called Tianna, because in the old days aunts were called "Auntie." So, "Auntie Anna" became "Aunt Tianna" About 1889? "Krakow reminds me of another incident which occurred when we were on our...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Fanny KRANTZ (1859 - 1935)

"Fanny", "Freda", "Freida", "Fannie", "032+"

Freida Kreinik died 7 May 1935, aged 76, Brooklyn DCert #10077 "But if my Grandpa Kreinik had a violent temper, I never experienced it; and my Grandma Frieda (it means "joy") was just like her name: a ...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

S Josef Kreinik (c.1857 - 1934)

"Shmuel", "Yussel", "Joseph"

The S. is for Shmuel. He was sickly as a child, so they changed his name for Josef Kreinik so the angel of death would not find him. I use the S. and spell Josef to distinguish him from all the other J...

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Leah K Jacobowitz (1881 - 1979)

"Du-du", "Lee"

0321 "As I Remember" -- A Memoir. Click the link for large document: " person was my own..." "... very few mornings when I did not wake up with a song in my heart. I find myself humming before a...

5/1/2008 10/29/2011

Chaim Kreinik (c.1800 - d.)

2/19/2010 10/29/2011

Morris Kreinik (1897 - 1966)

MORRIS KREINIK was born February 2, 1897, received a New York Social Security number, 099-03-6412, and died June 1966. Further matching shows him born: Feb 2 1897 Ruth Kreinik, Feb 24, 2013:"When I...

12/15/2010 10/29/2011

Joseph _ Kreinik (c.1907 - 1968)

This photo is not about this Joseph. Ida Kreinik Friedlander: "My father had 3 brothers Morris and Manny who came to New York before the Germans invaded Poland. He also had another brother named Jose...

12/15/2010 10/29/2011

Marcus Lazer Kreinik (1913 - 1971)


Ida Kreinik Friedlander reports: My dad Marcus was also from Sendishove (phonetic of Sędziszów) in Southern Poland. He was born around 1915. He was rounded up by the Nazi's and put on a t...

12/15/2010 10/29/2011

Annie Kehl (1870 - 1903)

"Anna", "Kreinik"

Richard Yospin's Record: Person: Ann Kehl Kreinik Birthday: 16 Feb 1870 Father: Shlomo Zalman Kehl Sex: female Andrew Kreinik: "My great grandparents Joseph and Anna had five children Sarah (my grand...

2/19/2010 10/29/2011

Zalmon Kreinik (1867 - 1933)

"Solomon", "Zalmon", "Zalman"

Solomon Kreinik died 12 Jan 1933, aged 72, Manhattan DCert #1337 Deborah had listed him as born in Dec 1867. What is the source for that? Barrie Kreinik, 3/9/2012: "He immigrated in March of 1884.....

10/21/2008 10/29/2011

Manny Kreinik (1904 - 1975)

Name: Manny Kreinik SSN: 059-10-1166 Last Residence: 10001 New York, New York, New York, United States of America Born: 21 May 1904 Died: Aug 1975 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951) Can...

12/15/2010 10/29/2011

Helena Kreinik (c.1910 - d.)

Art Friedlander: "Pan Am manifest in this picture lists Ida's sister Helena Kreinik who was born in 1942 and came to the USA on the same as Ida , and her parents." She was named after this Helena Krein...

12/15/2010 10/29/2011