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Lancashire - Family Heads

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People Connected to Lancashire

Map Right - The historical boundary of Lancashire, in red, and the modern-day boundary of the ceremonial county, in green

People connected to Lancashire can be placed in the following groups.

Historical and Political people

- accommodated by the project Historic Lancashire Link to follow which covers the History of Lancashire and historical/political people. Some of these are also listed in the Famous people category.

Families with their roots in Lancashire.

Please add the earliest head of the family to the list of Lancastrian Families on Geni below and link their profiles to the project. These should be male! Adding anyone with a Lancastrian birthplace to the project would cause the project to be a little cluttered, so please restrict this to the earliest head of family!

Famous or Notable People

Those people of note with connections to the county are listed below. Some of these connections are a little tenuous - counties like to lay claim to people of renown! Please visit Lancashire - Famous People and add them to the listing there.


People from Lancashire who went to the "New world" and were early progenitors in those countries. Where the earliest ancestor is known please add them to the list of "Lancashire families on Geni" below if that was their roots, or to the appropriate county project.

Where the earliest known ancestor is the emigrant add them to the list below. In some cases if there is a project that covers them in detail please link the project - there is no point in duplicating the list.

Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles. Non-bold links take you to other biographical web pages.

Lancashire Genealogical Resources

Lancashire Monumental Inscriptions

Lancastrian Families on Geni

Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles. Non-bold links take you to other biographical web pages.

How to add a link is explained in the attached document - Adding links to Geni profiles in projects.




  • Andrew Christy (1799-1865) Although born in Shropshire the family established themselves in Lancashire


















The Tinnes were Dutch sugar merchants and ship owners, who went to Liverpool from Demarara in what was then Dutch Guiana, later to be re-named British Guiana (and finally, following independence in 1966, Guyana) on the North East coast of South America. During the 19th century, as part of the firm of Sandbach, Tinne & Co, the family made a great fortune importing sugar, molasses, coffee and tropical hardwoods from their plantations.




There are links to biographies and more of people buried in the Jewish Deane Road Cemetery, Liverpool at their web page.

  • Henry Aarons (c.1801-1874) stationer and synagogue beadle
  • Israel Barned (1777-1858) banker and founder of Deane Road Cemetery
  • Rev Raphael Barnett (c.1814-1887) minister of religion and kosher slaughterers
  • David Behrend (1792-1863) & George H Behrend (1826-1903) shipping agents
  • Louis Benas (1820-1890) & family bankers with illustrious ancestry
  • James Braham (c.1811-1873) benefactor
  • Isaac Bright (1762/3-1849) jeweller and silversmith
  • Rev Raphael Isaac Cohen (1803-1865) minister of religion and schoolmastern
  • Baroness Miriam de Menasce (1851-1890) baroness
  • Gabriel Pincus Gabrielsen (c.1831-1911) commercial traveller
  • Bearman Gollin (1818/19-1895) merchant & Mary Gollin (1830-1906)
  • The Hart/Simmons/Edwards Family outfitters and provision dealers
  • The Hime Family music publishers
  • John Raphael Isaac (1809-1870) painter and lithographer
  • The Jackson Family drapers and synagogue officials
  • Ellis Montefiore Joseph (1802-1880) cotton broker
  • Henry Leveaux (c.1796-1859) fancy goods merchant
  • Augustus Samuel Levy (c.1815-1888) fruit broker and philanthropist
  • David Lewis (1823-1885) retail mogul
  • Dr Sigismund Lewis (c.1820-1899) communal physician
  • Issacher R Marks (1836-1859) victim of Royal Charter shipwreck
  • Charles Mozley (1797-1881) banker and first Jewish Mayor of Liverpool
  • Harris Newrick (c.1846-1893) cotton porter, hawker and tailor
  • Rev Michael Solomon Oppenheim (c.1791-1855) minister of religion
  • Theresa Otterbourg (1828-1909) schoolmistress & Bertha Lewis (1832-1896)
  • Rev Prof Jacob Prag (1816-1881) minister of religion and university lecturer
  • Jonas Reis (1819/20-1877) banker and bullion merchant
  • Joseph Leopold Rosenheim (1835-1889) cotton merchant
  • Lyon Samson (c.1786-1843) optician
  • Moses Samuel (1764/5-1839) philanthropist
  • Moses Samuel (1795-1860) clockmaker, translator and correspondent
  • The Samuell Family watchmakers, merchants and lawyers
  • Abraham Saqui (c.1824-1893) composer and choirmaster
  • Moritz Paul Tueski (c.1833-1882) professor of languages
  • Dr Joshua Van Oven (1766-1838) pioneering surgeon and school founder
  • The Yates/Samuel Family merchant dynasty

Emigrants from Lancashire

Please add the names of people from Lancashire who settled in the "New World"




South Africa

1820 British Settlers in South Africa