Arnold Boldt MP

In the 1970s Boldt established himself as the world’s top amputee high jumper, garnering invitations to both disability sport and able-bodied track meets. Boldt's World and Paralympic High Jump ...

Kurt Harry Fearnley MP

Kurt Harry Fearnley Kurt Fearnley - Australian world champion wheelchair athlete. He was born with lumbar sacral agenesis, missing the lower portion of his spine. He is the youngest of five children. ...

David Russell Weir, MBE MP

David Russell Weir MBE ( born 5 June 1979) is an elite British Paralympic wheelchair athlete from London, England. Leg amputee from birth David Weir currently holds the British record at all track di...

Fanie van der Merwe MP

Fanie van der Merwe South Africa’s foremost Paralympian sprinter who has cerebral palsy. He achieved a gold medal at the Beijing Summer Paralympics in 2008. Fanie competes mainly in category T...

Hannah McFadden MP

Name: Hannah McFadden Tatyana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a hole in her spine, a condition known as spina bifida. The operation that should have been done immediately on her wasnȁ...

Oscar Pistorius MP

Oscar Pistorius (born 22 November 1986, Johannesburg), South African sprint runner who is a double amputee was selected to run in both the individual 400 metres and the 4x400 relay at the London Olympi...