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He was the son of Sir John Maclean, 4th Baronet and Mary, daughter of Sir Aeneas Macpherson of Invereshie. He succeeded Sir John when he died in 1716. In June 1745 he was in Edinburgh, and he was immed...

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Red Hector of the Battles Maclean, or Eachann Ruadh nan Cath in Scottish Gaelic, was the 6th Chief of Clan Maclean. He was the son of Lachlan Lubanach Maclean, and he early distinguished himself by...

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Lachlan Maclean (?–1513) was the tenth Clan Chief of Clan MacLean. He was killed at the Battle of Flodden on 9 September 1513.

3/28/2008 1/17/2011

Pedigree Resource File name: Hector Mor /Maclean/ sexo: male nacimiento: 1508 / 1510 Dowart, Ross andCromarty, Scotland defunción: 1568 Scotland bautismo en otra Iglesia: Mor...

11/23/2008 1/17/2011

Lachlan Mor Maclean, 14th Clan Chief (1558 - 1598)

"Lachlan Maclean the Great"

Sir Lachlan Mór Maclean (1558–1598) or Lachlan the Great, was the 14th Clan Chief of Clan MacLean from late 1573 or early 1574 until 1598. Mór or Mor translates as "great" or "magn...

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"Like several of his contemporaries he is a larger-than-life figure about whom several traditional stories, unusually unflattering caricatures, survive."[2] It is possible that Maclean was a legitima...

11/23/2008 1/17/2011

Maolcaluim mac Giliosa, 3rd Chief of clan Maclean (c.1300 - c.1314)

"Maolcaluim mac Giliosa"

Maolcaluim mac Giliosa

3/28/2008 1/17/2011

John (Ian) Dubh MacGillean, 4th Chief (c.1297 - 1330)

"Iain Dubh mac Gilliemore"

3/28/2008 1/17/2011

Lachlan Og Maclean, 8th Chief (1432 - 1484)

"Lachlan the Younger"

of Dowait Pedigree Resource File name: Lachlan Og /Maclean/ 8Th Chief Of MacLean sexo: male nacimiento: aproximadamente 1432 Duart Castle, Lochdon, Isle of Mull, Argyll and Bute, Scotland [...

4/30/2007 1/17/2011

Malise mac Gilleain, 2nd Chief of Clan Maclean MP (c.1250 - c.1300)


3/28/2008 1/17/2011

Biographical Summary " Sir Lauchlan Maclean of Morvaren, or Morven , son and heir of Hector Og Maclean of Duart, by his 1st wife, Jeannette, daughter of Colin Mackenzie of Kintail; succeeded his fath...

6/16/2008 1/17/2011

Gillean of the Battle Axe, 1st chief of Clan Maclean MP (c.1174 - c.1249)

"Gillean of the Battle Axe"

Gillean of the Battle Axe, or Gilleain na Tuaighe in Scottish Gaelic, (flourished 1250's) is the eponymous ancestor of Clan Maclean and Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie. He is considered the 1st chief of Clan...

3/28/2008 1/17/2011

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Sir Allan Maclean, 6th Baronet of Morvern (1710 – 10 December 1783) was the 22nd Clan Chief of Clan Maclean from 1750 till his death in 1783. He was the 4th La...

9/30/2009 1/17/2011

Hector Og Maclean, 15th Chief (c.1572 - c.1630)

Hector Óg Maclean (1583–1623) was the 15th Clan Chief of Clan Maclean in Scotland. He was the son of Sir Lachlan Mor Maclean the 14th Clan Chief. The death of Sir Lachlan raised Young H...

6/16/2008 1/17/2011