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Seymour Lieberman (deceased)


Fiszko Stutinsky (1849 - 1931)

"Fishel", "Fischel", "Szczuczynski", "Szczuczynsky"

Birth in Filiopow, Suwalki, Biyalstok Province, Poland in 1849 (Jewish Gen, JRI-P): SZCZUCZYŃSKI Fiszko son of Szepszel and Basia Doba Microfilm Number 746,504


Sara Estera Stutinsky (1855 - 1935)

"Szczuczynski", "Szczuczynsky", "Sara Esther"

Children: Leo (Judah Leib) LEWIS Emile (Elias Jacob) STUTINSKY Harry LEWIS Berta (Bashka) SCHANZER (née STUTINSKY) Albert STUTTIN Isidore (Isi) STUTINSKY Selma HERZOG (née...


Fruma Schilobolski (c.1868 - d.)

"Jacobson", "Miskovsky", "Miskowsky", "Myszkowski", "Myszkowsky"


Srol Kalwaryjski (c.1810 - 1859)

"Kalwariysky", "Srol", "Margolis"

Mystery How is Srol Kalwaryjski of Przerol related to Judah Leib Margolis? At that time the Margolis family went by "Kalwaryjski". Przerosl was a small town. This family used given names shared with ...


bris on 16 November by Lipman Polyak; Family from Shavel


In 1867 was excluded from Revision List; got status of teacher and became to work at Sauliai State Jewish School. EFRAT, Ioakim son of Moisey, grandson of Khaym. Mother is Rashel, daughter of Naum b...


Kayla Unknown (c.1830 - d.)

Married in 1850.


Isaac Bramson was born in Przerosl, Poland in 1909 to Zalman. He was a grocer. Prior to WWII he lived in Przerosl, Poland. During the war he was in Przerosl, Poland. Isaac was murdered in Poland. This ...


David Starling (1915 - 2000)

David Starling, a seasoned broadcast pioneer who began his career in Los Angeles, died Feb. 22 of a heart attack in Los Angeles. He was 84. A native of Ohio, Starling graduated from UCLA and served i...


Mel Epstein MP (1910 - 1994)

Mel Epstein was born in Dayton, Ohio on March 25, 1910. He is best known for producing Secret of the Incas (1954), which "... is often cited by film buffs as a direct inspiration for the Indiana Jones ...


David Gabriel Lubell (1929 - 2012)


Ruth Saxe (1907 - 2003)

"Lubelski", "Lubelsky"


Mo Lubell (1893 - 1978)


Dorothy Dee Lubell Feigin MP (1902 - 1969)

A noted American artist and sculptor. President of the New York Society of Women Artists, Dorothy Feigin was a student at the Art Students League of John Sloan and George Luks. Among her exhibition v...


Julius L. Lubell (1866 - 1930)

"Yehuda Lieb"

Name: Julius L. Lubelsky Spouse Name: Kattie Gunzburg Marriage Date: 1890 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, New York Marriage ID: 63 0000818 Certificate Number: 6882 Other Comments...


Ismar Ginsberg (1889 - 1933)


Bessie Brody (deceased)

Also Rosenstein The Margolis Family (1984) page 34. Bessie (Beulah) Margolis married Jacob I. Brody. She was born 1866 in Kalwariya, Lithuania, daughter of Louis (Asher Leib) and Bella (Beila Chaya)....


Came to USA in 1868. He settled first in Alabama and by 1874 had opened up a dry goods store in Chicago, IL. Children: Bessie of Des Moines, Iowa married Jacob I. Brody. Abraham Margolis of Chi...


Marjorie A. Blau (1925 - 2006)

"Margery", "Marjory"

Ohio Deaths Name: Marjory A Blau [Marjory A Miller] Birth Date: 12 Apr 1925 Birth State: Ohio Gender: Female Race: White Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino) Residence City: Ketteri...


Rosella Miller (1903 - 1991)


Jerome Epstein, Jr. (1925 - 2002)

Unmarried. Attended 4 years of college at the University of Dayton, Class of 1949. Majored in art. Appears to have lived in Dayton his whole life. Worked in the family business, Western Iron and Steel ...


Israel Margolis (1861 - d.)

Birth in Przerosl, Suwalki Gubernia, Biyalstok Province, Poland in 1861 of KALWARYJSKI Sról 1861 B 16 son of Lejba and Kuna daughter of Mendel


Robert Garon Milstein (1924 - 2013)

Name of Deceased: Robert Garon Milstein Gender: Male Death Date: 2 May 2013 Obituary Date: 7 May 2013 Newspaper Location: Gloversville, New York, USA Spouse's Name: Elaine Schiff Military: ...


Note "Nathan" Sterling MP (1844 - 1916)


Living in Bakalarzewo, Suwalki, Poland at the time of the birth of several of his children. Married to Chaya Feiga Borofsky (Borowska). His marriage to Chaya Feige is recorded in 1871 in Bakalarzewo. H...


Paul Rosenberg (c.1878 - d.)

"Pejsach Szejma"

Birth in Suwalki registered in 1878 (all the children were registered the same year so this is not likely his birth date) - ROZENBERG Pejsach Szejma 1878 Mortchaj Mina POLENBAU...


Birth in Suwalki ( ROZEMBERG Jankiel 1878 Mortchaj Jankiel Mindla Fruma PALENBAUM Film 1,496,954


Paul Stein (1898 - 1981)


Eliezer Efrati (deceased)

The Jewish Hospital was founded originally in 1891 in a wooden building with room for twelve beds. This was a small hospital for a large community. The businessmen of the city saw that there were g...


Mordechai Magid (c.1840 - d.)

Father is a shop keeper, Family from Vilnius


Leyzer ITELSON (c.1841 - d.)

Living in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1865. Family from Vilnius.


Rivke Abramson (1918 - 1943)

The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names


Baruch Abramson, Twin (deceased)



Dan Levy Levin (1934 - c.1943)

"Dan Levy Levin"


Alexander David Levin MP (1901 - 1943)

"David Alex", "born as Alex Levin"

Born in the Netherlands. He was an electrical engineer, who spent a few years in the Dutch West Indies (now Indonesia) and then made aliyah (emigrated) to Palestine in 1933. He married Deborah (Devora)...


Solomon Knapp (deceased)


Yardena Goldberg (1899 - d.)

"Jordena Kalvariski", "Margolis"


Devora Margolis-Kalwaryiski Levin MP (1900 - 1943)

"Deborah Levin", "Devora Levin", "Debora Levin-Kalvarisky", "Deborah Margolis-Kalwariski"

Deborah (Devora) Margolis-Kalwaryiski was the daughter of Haim Margolis-Kalwaryiski and Esther Glickstein. She was born in 1901. She married David Alex Levin, known as "Alex". He was born in The Nether...


Judel Lejba Glikman (deceased)


Eliasz Zak (deceased)

Married (Chaya) Inda Wistynietzky in Przersol in 1868, They had a son, Mordechai, born in 1871, also in Przerosl. ( JRI-Poland)


Dobroska (Devora) MARGOLIS (b. - 1873)

"Doba", "Dobrosza", "Dobka" Jewish Records Indexing - Poland; records for Bakalarzewo. Dobka died in 1873 in Baklerowe Daughter of Lejbka Jastrzembin'ski and Michla bas Chaim. KALWARYJSKA Dobka 1873 D 5 ...


Eliezer Levin MP (1872 - c.1944)


David Simon (1928 - c.2013)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.4 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association- אילן ב


Hermona Bella Simon (1907 - 1988)

"Calvariski", "Calvarisky"

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.4 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association- אילן ב


Shaul E. Fink (1926 - 2012)



Rose Rachel Fink (1901 - 1973)


Rocha Leia Bas Leyzer Margolis (c.1835 - 1875)

"Rocha Leah Kleyf", "Rocha Leah Margolis", "Rachel Leah Klefy", "Rachel Leah Margolis"


Sarah bas Zorach Margolis (1809 - c.1870)


Abraham (Abba) Tanchum Henigson (1850 - 1932)

"Tanchel", "Enigzon", "Genigzon"

Birth in Šakiai / Szaki, Wladyslavow, Suwalki, Lithuania on June 20, 1850 of Henigson, Tanchel son of Chaim and of Bluma Chaim and Bluma were 36 years old. Record: 1850 50 not filmed ...


Bertha Henigson (c.1855 - 1900)


"Bluma came to the USA and settled with her husband in New York. Her tombstone states that she came from Kalwariya. Source: The Margolis Family, by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, 1984 (out of print but availab...


Liba Sterling (c.1845 - c.1895)

Jewish Gen PRI - J gives the birth of Oszer Szterling and Liba ALEKSANDROWICZ's children in Bakalarzewo: Hirsh (Girsz SZTERLING), born 1870 Malka, born 1871 Chaja, born 1874


Chaya Sora Rosa Zak (1856 - d.)

"Chajka Reuza Wisztyniecka"

Przerosl Marriages (JRI-P Jewish Gen): Date: 1878 Bride: WISZTYNIECKA Chaja Rejza daughter of Chaim and Basia (Lejbowna) Groom: Z*AK Eliasz son of Abram Ber and Chaja Fejga Film: 1,191,274


Shalom WISTYNIETZKY (1854 - d.)


Chaya Hinde Wistynietzky (1845 - d.)

"Chaja Inda Wistztyniecka"

Przerosl Marriages (JRI-P, Jewish Gen): Date: 1868 Bride: WISZTYNIECKA Chaja Inda daughter of Chaim and Basza KALWARYJSKA Groom: GLIKMAN Judel Lejba son of Eliokim and Mirka (her patronymic...


Judah Wistynietzky (1843 - 1908)

"Wistenetzky", "Wisztyniecki", "Yehudah Vistinetski"

He was named after his maternal grandfather, Judah Leib Margolis. He was educated in Raatzk, Baklerove, and Suwalki. He was the author of "Elat HaShachar" (Berlin, 1892 and New York 1894) and of glosse...


Zvi Hirsch MARGOLIS MP (1818 - d.)

Landsmen Vol 14, Numbers 3 -4 (December 2004) page 66 records the birth in Przerosl in 1818 of Kalwaryski, Irsz son of Lejb son of Mortchaj and Badana z Judko. (The surname is speculative but this ...


Leib Margolis (1838 - 1842)

Death in Przersol, Suwalki Gubernia, Biyalstok Province, Poland in 1842 of KALWARYJSKI Lejba 1842 D 19 son of Mowszo and Peszka


Hinda Margolis (1841 - d.)

Named after her grandmother Hinda bas Ber, wife of Mordechai Margolis who died ca. 1837: Birth in Przersol, Suwalki Gubernia, Biyalstok Province, Poland in 1841 of KALWARYJSKA Hynda 1841 B 18 dau...


Asher Zundel Sterling MP (c.1840 - c.1913)

Asher (Oszer Zundel) Sterling (Szterling) lived in Bakalarzewo, Suwalki with his wife Liba, at least when several of his children's births were recorded. His marriage to Liba Aleksandrowicz is recorded...


Nathan Lieberman (1892 - 1973)


Mary Lieberman (1880 - 1926)


Samuel Jacob Margolis (c.1840 - d.)

Settled in Malmo, Sweden. Two daughters who settled in Denmark. Rachel, who remained in Denmark, married into the Gruen family. Toby Kantor, her sister, left and settled in Chicago. Members of Toby's...


Abram Epstein (c.1782 - 1864)

from Baklerowe, Lithuania Badana Myszkowski's first husband, Judah Leib Margolis died when he was 39 yrs old and she remarried Abram Epstein son of Izrael Epstein.


Esther Margaliot - Kalvarisky (1869 - d.)

"Margalit", "Estera", "Margolis"

Gliksztejn family from Augustow apparently. There was an Estera born on Sept 18, 1869 to Lejba and Chaja in Augustow. The birth date is a good fit for the wife of Haim Margolis-Kalwaryiski since he was...


JRI-P (Jewish Gen) births for Wizajny, Suwalki Gubernia / Bialystok Province: Name: SZYL/OBOLSKI, Abram Mortchaj Year: 1856 Father: Jankiel Lejzer Mother: Chaja Szyfra KALWARYJSKA F...


Samuel JACOBSON (1863 - 1939)

"Szmojlo Szylobolski"

Szmojl/o (Szmojlo) JRI-P (Jewish Gen) births for Wizajny, Suwalki Gubernia / Bialystok Province: Name: SZYL/OBOLSKI, Szmojl/o Year: 1863 Father: Jankiel Lejzer Mother: Chaja Szyfra KALWA...


Rose Gutradt MP (1899 - 1975)

"Reise Frenkel"

Arrived on the ship Patricia (Hamburg - Boulogne - Plymouth - New York). Departure date August 17, 1907. Departure Przeroszki. Family Group: Hinde Frenkel abt. 1881 Riwe Frenkel abt. 1902 Bad...


Leo Charles Frankel (1874 - 1932)

Leo Charles Frankel and Rebecca Frankel immigrated in 1902 or 1903. Their children were born in Russia -- Bessie 1902, Ephraim 1903, Rose 1900, and Minnie 1898 according to the 1910 Miracode Philadelph...


Rebecca Frankel Frankel (c.1879 - d.)

"Rikwe Frenkel", "Jennie Frankel"

Arrived on the ship Patricia (Hamburg - Boulogne - Plymouth - New York). Departure date August 17, 1907. Departure Przeroszki. Family Group: Hinde Frenkel abt. 1881 Riwe Frenkel abt. 1902 Bad...


Ernest Harvey (1897 - 1968)


Maurice David Harvey (1895 - c.1969)


Marion Frank (1918 - 2001)


Birth in Wizajny, Suwalki Gubernia, Bialystok Province of SZYL/OBOLSKI Abram Mortchaj 1856 to Lejzer and Chaja Szyfra KALWARYJSKA 1856 SZYL/OBOLSKA Dweura to Jankiel L/ozer and Chaja Szyfra KAL...


Philip Jacobson (1897 - 1944)


He was named Judah at birth. So Judah Schilobolsky became Julius Joseph Jacobson (after his father Jacob Schilobolsky). He was a candy distributor. Julius Jacobson, Passenger on Lapland 1922 Age 63...


The Unbroken Chain, Vol 1, page 18 - 20 (Neil Rosenstein): Ittel Margolis died age ninety one and was buried in Merkine (Meretz), married Eliezer Pruzhiner, ancestor of the Efrati Family, who died in...


Rabbi Asher Abramson (1910 - 1981)


Reizel Margolis MP (1859 - 1932)

Both Reizel Rosenberg and her first cousin, Jacob Hirsch Rosenberg, married Margolis. She married Jacob, son of Asher and Sheyna Bayla (Myszkowsky). Asher was the son of Judah Leib Margolis and Badan...


Eliyahu Bardin (1797 - 1867)

"Eliasz", "Elijah", "Bardyn", "Bardyni"

Rabbi, ABD Baklerove. Obituary in Hamaggid reports that he occupied the rabbinical seat in Baklerove for 40 years.


Moshe "Szepsel" Klinkowsztejn (1846 - d.)

"Meshel Klinkowstein", "Meszel Klinkowszteyn", "Szepszel Klinkowszteyn"


Sulka Klinkowsztejn (1849 - d.)

Married in 1878 in Bakalarzewo per PRI on Jewish Gen.


Mordechai Margolis (1846 - d.)

Mordechai Margolis, son of Jacob Margolis and Rochla Bas Elias Bardin Two sources only for this family: p. 11 (of the narrative) from Dr. Neil Rosenstein's book The Margolis Family, published in ...


John L. Boonshaft (b. - 1997)

Babar Collection of John L. Boonshaft This one-of-a-kind collection, bequeathed to Kent State University in 1992 by John L. Boonshaft of Las Vegas, Nevada, contains books and artifacts relating to ...


Ethel Schiff (c.1902 - d.)

"Riwe Frenkel"

Arrived on the ship Patricia (Hamburg - Boulogne - Plymouth - New York). Departure date August 17, 1907. Departure Przeroszki. (sic Przerosl) Family Group: Hinde Frenkel abt. 1881 Riwe Frenkel ...


Reizel Rosenberg MP (1813 - d.)

"Rose" Source - Don Schindler's genealogy blog on the VIsanska and Lazarus families. Here we have Reizel Visanska being the mother of Jacob Rosenberg who married Batya Bessie Margolis. Later, the...


Moshe Dov Ber MP (b. - 1816)

He was deceased by 1816 when his great grandson, Mowsz Ber, son of Judah Leib Margolis and Badana Myszkowsky, was born.


Solomon Herbert Rosenberg MP (1886 - 1951)


Cecelia Dora Rosenberg MP (1862 - 1938)

Her daughter's name was not Sarah Lee, it was Sarah Irene, and she was my grandmother.


Aaron Shoolberg MP (b. - 1887)

Ancestry member gives the following information (to be verified): Birth abt 1834 in Russ Pidan, Russia Death 18 Feb 1887 in Yorkshire - East Riding, Humberside, United Kingdom Aaron was injur...


Abraham Margolis (1891 - 1956)


Anne Horowitz (1886 - 1961)


Born Ginda in 1884 in Przerosl acc to Polish Records. Named in memory of her aunt, her father's first wife, Liba Ginda Szterling / Szperling Kalwariyjski.


p. 22 of the narrative of Dr. Neil Rosenstein The Margolis Family tells the story about Mordechai (Marcus) Margolis and the two sisters. She was called Sophie / Sola / Sulka. She was the younger sist...


Sterling is shown as "Szterling" in Polish records that are transliterated. Rosenstein believes that Abraham David Sterling is the son of Sulka Margolis and Reb Sterling. First, Abraham David named h...


Liba Hinda "Hilda" MARGOLIS (c.1852 - 1878)

Polish records give name (transliterated) as "Ginda Szperling". "G" is of course how "H" was written in Polish. I have found Szterling ~ Szperling. Married Mordechai (Mortchaj) Margolis in Przerosl i...


Elias Margolis (1886 - d.)

He arrived on the same ship with a Bramson cousin, Isadore Bramson , who was 17 years old. I assume that they were sent ahead of their families. From ship manifest NAME: Elie Margolis DEPARTURE...


Fannie Frankel (1885 - 1966)

She was the daughter of her husband's father's first cousin. Cousin marriages were common in the Margolis and Frankel family.


Rosa Frankel (1869 - 1939)

Neil Rosenstein writes that Rosa Frankel was the cousin of Charles Frankel. She was born May 28, 1869 in NYC, daughter of Joseph and Louise Frankel. Brother - Louis Frankel of NYC Children - Mr...


Charles Frankel MP (c.1860 - 1923)

Charles Frankel's father Joseph (Iosel/Josel) Frankel was from Merkine, Lithuania. His grandfather was his Tsalko Frankel, who Calko (Charles) appears to be named for. I don't have a death date for Tsa...


Rochla Leja Bryman (1856 - 1931)

"Rochla Leja Frenkiel", "Rochla Leja Briman", "Rachel Leah Bryman", "Rachel Leah Frankel"

Resident with her husband in Augustow, Suwalki, Biyalstok, Poland: BRIMAN Mortchaj Lejzor son of Chajkiel and Doba (daugther of Idziak) born 1852 Record 147-148 BRIMAN Rochla Leja maiden name ...


Mortchaj Lejzor Briman in some of the records. Lived in Augustow with Rochla Leja Frenkiel. Resident with his wife in Augustow, Suwalki, Biyalstok, Poland: BRIMAN Mortchaj Lejzor son of Chajkie...