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Ralph Neville 1st Baron Neville de Raby MP (1262 - 1331)

"Ralph Neville", "Ranulf Neville", "1st Baron Neville of Raby", "1st Baron Neville de Raby"

Ralph Neville, 1st Baron Neville de Raby Ralph Neville, 1st Baron Neville de Raby (18 October 1262 / 1270 – 18 April 1331) was a Norman nobleman and member of the powerful Neville family, son ...

5/27/2007 2/9/2016

"Having nine hostages" See Niall of the Nine Hostages ( ) In Irish Kings and High Kings (Dublin, 1973), John Francis Byrne prefers a much earlier date for Niall's death and also suggests the Thre...

2/16/2007 2/8/2016

François Bélanger, sieur de Bonsecours MP (1612 - 1685)

"Belanger", "Bellenger"

(see French) Notes Francois's name varies between Bellenger and Bélanger. The earlier records have his name as Bellenger; later records as Bélanger. A possible reason for this was t...

1/29/2007 1/22/2016

Jeanne Millet MP (c.1575 - 1629)

"Millet", "Millette", "Mallet"

Notes Lieux info: Normandie, France (naissance,mariage,décès) Larry Voyer Résidence : Saint-Leonards-des-Parcs, Normandie, France. Jeanne Millet Birth 1585 •...

1/27/2007 1/22/2016

Angharad verch Maredudd, Queen of Powys MP (982 - 1077)

"Anghd ferch Meredydd", "Anghd ferch Mredd", "Ankaret ferch Meredith"

Angharad verch Maredudd Angharad was born about 0982 in Rhuddlan, Wales.1 Birth Notes Angharad's father was Maredydd ap Owain and her mother was . Her paternal grandparents were Owain ap Hywel and An...

6/3/2007 1/12/2016

Nest ferch Gruffydd MP (1055 - d.)

"Nest", "Nesta ferch Gruffydd"

Nest or Nesta Possible date of death: c.1125 NESTA . daughter of GRUFFYDD ap Llywelyn (-killed Snowdonia 5 Aug 1063) and EALDGYTH of Mercia, daughter of ÆLFGAR Earl of Mercia & his first...

6/11/2007 1/12/2016

Gwladys verch Rhiwallon, Queen of Deheubarth MP (c.1041 - 1137)

"Another name for Gwladus was Gladys COMYN."

Gwladys verch Rhiwallon born about 1041 Powys, Wales father: *Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn born about 1025 Powys, Wales died 1070 (slain) Battle of Mechain, Montgomeryshire, Wales mother: unknown siblin...

5/2/2007 1/12/2016

Nesta, of Hereford MP (1079 - 1163)

"Nest (Same as her Mother)", "Agnes", "de Neufmarché"

Nesta of Hereford married Bernard de Neufmarché , Lord of Brecknock, son of Geoffrey de Neufmarché and Ada of Hugleville, before 1104. -------------------- Nesta ferch Gruffydd (born ...

6/10/2007 1/12/2016

Madog ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys MP (c.1095 - 1160)

"Prince of Powys", "Madog Maredydd", "Madawc mab Maredud", "Madawg ap Meredydd", "Madg ap Mredd"

See Darrell Wolcott, "The Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam," for untangling and clarification of these lines. (January 18, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator) ******************* Madog ap Maredudd From Wiki...

5/2/2007 1/12/2016

Gwriad ap Elidir MP (c.738 - 825)

Gwriad ap Elidyr (English: Gwriad son of Elidyr) or Gwriad Manaw was a late-8th century figure in Great Britain. Very little is known of him, and he chiefly appears in the historical record in connecti...

9/3/2007 1/12/2016

Susanna verch Gruffydd MP (c.1112 - 1165)

"Sisana ferch Griffith", "Siwsanna ferch Ruvydd", "Susan ferch Gruffydd."

Susanna verch Gruffydd b abt 1112, Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales, daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan and Angharad verch Owain. She md Madog ap Maredudd abt 1130, prob Wales, son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn, ...

8/20/2007 1/11/2016

Engelberga von Friaul MP (826 - 900)

"Angelberga", "Angilberga", "Alsace", "Spoleto", "Parma"

Her ancestry is unknown. The French edition of Wikipedia discusses the competing theories: 1 - Les auteurs italiens pensent que le qualificatif de soror fait référence à une pare...

6/20/2007 12/26/2015

Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, King of Powys MP (c.1025 - 1075)

"King of Gwynedd and Powys and Deheubarth", "Bleddyn ap Kynvyn", "Bleddn ab Cynvn", "King of Gwynedd and Powys"

slain in battle with Rhys ab Tewdwr "A wise and gentle ruler" {re: "Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons," Carr P. Collins, Jr., Dallas, 1959, p. 94}. {Bleddyn's wife, Haer, is dau. of Cilin (son o...

5/16/2007 12/24/2015

Elen verch Llywarch MP (893 - 943)

"daughter of llywarch ap HyFaidd"

Name: Elen Verch Llywarch Of Dyfed 1 Sex: F Birth: ABT 893 in Dyfed, Wales 1 Death: Deceased 1 Marriage 1 Hywel 'Dda' Ap Cadell b: ABT 887 in Deheubarth, Wales Children Owain Ap Hywel Dda K...

5/2/2007 12/22/2015

Gruffydd ap Rhys MP (c.1081 - c.1137)

"Gruffydd Prince of Wales", "King of Deheubarth", "Rhys Ieuanc", "King of Wales", "King of D|eheubarth"

Gruffydd ap Rhys born about 1081 Llandilo, Carmarthanshire, Wales died April 1137 father: Rhys ap Tewdwr born about 0997 Carmarthanshire, Wales or Brittany, France died 1093 Brecknock...

5/2/2007 12/4/2015

Margaret verch Llewelyn, Margaret of Wales MP (1202 - 1264)


The maternal parentage of Marared/Margred/Margaret, daughter of Llywelyn has not been definitively determined, as this discussion between medievalists will attest: ------------------- B: 1202 121...

4/2/2007 12/4/2015

Gruffydd ap Llewellyn, king of the Britons MP (c.1007 - 1064)

"Gruffydd Ap Llewelyn"

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gruffydd ap Llywelyn (c. 1020–August 5, 1064) was the ruler of all Wales from 1055 until his death, one of very few able to make this...

6/11/2007 12/4/2015

Thomas Hobart, of Plumstead MP (1537 - c.1599)

"Hobart", "Hubbard", "The Martyr"

Thomas Hobart of Snoring Manor in Plumsread of the County of Norfolk, England, was born between 1525-1537 and christened in Hingham Parish. He died on 17 Jan 1599 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. Parent...

2/27/2007 11/28/2015

Margaret de Clare, Countess of Cornwall, Countess of Gloucester (October 1293 – April 1342), was an English noblewoman, heiress, and the second eldest of the three daughters of Gilbert de Clare,...

6/8/2007 11/18/2015

Thomas (the Younger) Hull MP (1552 - 1636)

from The George Hull Line and the Reverend Joseph Hull Line of Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England These men were brothers and sons of Thomas Hull, the Younger. Thomas Hull, the Younger, was a son o...

3/10/2007 6/8/2015

John Ayer, Sr. MP (1582 - 1657)

"John Eyre", "John Ayers", "John Ayres"

John Ayer (1582–1657) was one of the original European settlers to Massachusetts, settling in Ipswich, Haverhill, and Salisbury. John's last name back in the 1500-1600's was spelt 'Eyre', but ...

7/9/2007 6/3/2015

Marguerite Langlois MP (1596 - 1665)

Notes Location info: La Rochelle, Aunis, France (birth), Québec (marriage,death) Sources Requises PRDH indique que les origines de Marguerite sont inconnues. Présentement (15 mar 2...

1/21/2007 4/21/2015

Sarah Warren MP (1622 - 1700)

"Lombard", "Rider", "married Nathaniel Warren Nov 19", "1645 Plymouth", "MA"

Sarah Walker was born 10 Nov 1622 in Surrey, England; bapt apparently Southwark, Surrey, England. She died 24 Nov 1700 in Plymouth Massachusetts and was buried 24 Nov 1700 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. ...

1/22/2007 4/14/2015

Marin Boucher MP (1589 - 1671)


Notes Location info: Saint-Langis, Perche, France (birth,marriage), Château-Richer (death) Pionnier de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive au Québec le 4 juin 1634 à bord du «...

3/12/2007 4/11/2015

Perrine Boucher MP (1604 - 1687)

"Perrin", "Perinne", "Malet"

Notes Location info: Perche, France (birth), Château-Richer (death,burial) Pionnière de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive au Québec le 4 juin 1634 à bord du « Navire ...

3/12/2007 4/10/2015

Abraham Martin dit l'Écossais MP (1589 - 1664)

"The Scott"

One states according to this site Fichier Origine this line should end here - but its all in French - which I can not read or translate properly - also there are other peoples profile entries that are ...

1/21/2007 3/15/2015

Jean-Noël Langlois, 183 MP (1606 - 1684)

"Langlois", "Lachapelle", "La Chapelle"

Notes Lieux info: Normandie, France (naissance), Québec (mariage), Château-Richer (mariage), Beauport (décès) Lieux de naissance alternatifs : 1) Saint-Léonard...

1/27/2007 3/9/2015

Madeleine Aymart MP (1626 - 1708)

"Aymart", "Émard", "Esmart"

Notes Location info: Niort, Poitou, France (birth), La Rochelle, Aunis, France (marriage), Château-Richer (death) Pionnière de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive à Québec en ...

6/25/2007 3/8/2015

Xainte Dupont MP (c.1596 - 1680)

"Xainte", "Sainte", "Saincte", "Zainte", "Dupont", "Dupontin"

Notes Location info: paroisse Saint-Jean, Perche, France (birth,marriage), Château-Richer (death), a habité à La Cloutièrerie de Beauport . Pionnière de la Nouv...

6/25/2007 3/8/2015

Renée Brière MP (c.1570 - 1608)

Notes Location info: Perche, France (birth,marriage,death)

9/25/2007 3/8/2015

Zacharie Cloutier MP (1590 - 1677)

Attention : Do not confuse with his son, Zacharie, who is also a pioneer of Nouvelle-France Notes Location info: paroisse Saint-Jean, Mortagne, Perche, France (birth,marriage), Château-R...

6/25/2007 3/8/2015

Catherine Howard,Duchess of Norfolk MP (1424 - 1465)


Katherine Moleyns1,2,3,4,5,6,7 F, #15422, b. circa 1410, d. 3 November 1465 Father Sir William de Moleyns2,3,4,5,6,8 b. 7 Jan 1378, d. 8 Jun 1425 Mother Margery2,3,4,5,6,8 d. 26 Mar 1439 Kather...

5/1/2007 3/7/2015

"John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, KG, Earl Marshal (c.1425 – 22 August 1485) was an English nobleman and soldier, a descendant of King John, and the first Howard Duke of Norfolk. He was a close...

2/15/2007 3/7/2015

Marie Huêt MP (1557 - 1626)

Notes Location info: Tourouvre (paroisse Saint-Urbain), Perche, France] (birth,marriage), Mortagne (parroise Saint-Jean), Perche, France (beath) Sources give several alternative data. If you ha...

1/20/2007 3/7/2015

Jacques Guyon MP (1562 - 1623)


Notes Location info: for birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial, possibly Tourouvre (paroisse Saint-Aubin, Perche, France or Mortagne (parroise Saint-Jean), Perche, France Sources give eith...

1/20/2007 3/6/2015

President Franklin D. Roosevelt MP (1882 - 1945)


Roosevelt Genealogy: SOURCE: Wikipedia Biographical Summary: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945; pronounced /ˈroʊzəvɛlt/ ROE-z...

7/8/2007 11/18/2014

Rebecca Wheeler MP (1572 - 1653)

"Rebekah Sayre", "Katherine Rebecca Sayre"

Rebecca Birth: 1572 - Bedfordshire, England parents: unknown Husband: Thomas Wheeler Death: May 3 1653 - Bedfordshire, England Children of Thomas Wheeler and Rebecca Elizabeth Wheeler...

3/7/2007 10/31/2014

Ada of Huntingdon, Heiress of Yardley MP (c.1205 - 1241)

"Ada "le Scot" de Huntington", "Aday of Scotland", "Ada de Huntington", "Ada de Brereton"

Ada of Huntingdon1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #6451, d. between 4 August 1241 and 30 June 1242 Father David, 9th Earl of Huntingdon2,3,7,5,6 b. 1152, d. 17 Jun 1219 Mother Maud of Chester3,7,6 b. 1171, d. 6 Ja...

7/2/2007 9/17/2014

Génébaud II, duke of the Salian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.262 - 358)

"Génébaud der Ostfranken", "Genebald of the Salian Franks"

Note: with 2,686 men with their wives and children were sent by his brother Clodomir IV, King of the Franks, in quest of new habitations, A.D.328, and they planted themselves between the Almanas and Th...

2/7/2007 8/20/2014

Beli "The Great", King of Britain MP (c.-110 - c.-72)

"Heli", "King Beli Mawr "The Great" of the Druids of the Celtic Britons"

Beli Mawr (translated into English as Beli the Great) was an ancestor figure in medieval Welsh literature and genealogies. He is the father of Caswallawn, Arianrhod, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Llefelys, and Af...

5/4/2007 7/28/2014

Muireadach Tireach, 122nd High King of Ireland MP (c.261 - c.326)

"Murdeach Tireach", "High King of Ireland"

born: 261 173 251 died: 326 226 356 Muiredach Tirech, son of Fiacha Sraibhtine, was a legendary High King of Ireland of the 4th century. He gained power by exiling the three Collas, who had killed ...

5/26/2007 7/20/2014

Sir John Drummond, 11th of Lennox MP (1318 - 1360)

"of Stobhall"

Sir John Drummond, 11th of Lennox1,2 M, #102467, b. 1318, d. 1373 Last Edited=2 Mar 2005 Sir John Drummond, 11th of Lennox was born in 1318.2 He was the son of Sir Malcolm Drummond, 10th Than...

5/2/2007 7/5/2014

Helias, Count of Maine MP (1060 - 1110)

"Helias de Baugency", "Helie", "Elias", "Elie", "Also called 'Helias de Baugency' 'Helias of /Maine de la Flèche or de Baugency' and 'Helie'", "Helias", "/Helie/", "Comte de Maine//", "Count Of Maine /Helie/"

Elias I (also Hélie or Élie; died 11 July 1110), called de la Flèche or de Baugency, was the Count of Maine from 1093. He was the son of the lord of La Flèche, John de Beaug...

6/10/2007 7/3/2014

Mathilde de Château-du-Loir MP (1055 - c.1099)

"Mathilde", "Mathilda of Chateau-du-Loire"

Mathilde de Château-du-Loir Heiress of Château-du-Loir, died 1099. Date of Birth: Unknown. Place of Birth: Unknown. Date of Death: A few days before 27 March 1099. On 27 March 1...

10/31/2007 7/3/2014

Ermengarde, countess of Maine MP (c.1096 - 1126)

"Erembourg de Beaugency de la Flèche", "'Aremgarde' 'Ermintrude' 'Erembourge Countess of Maine' 'Aremburgis' 'Aremberg Countess of Maine' 'Eremberge' of Maine", "Erembourg de Maine", "Ermentrude", "Countess", "Ermentrude of /Maine/", "Erembourg de la Flèche", "Counte..."

Ermengarde or Aremburge de la Flèche of Maine Erroneously connected with W Cantilupe Ermengarde or Erembourg of Maine, also known as Erembourg de la Flèche (died 1126), was Countess o...

3/8/2007 7/3/2014

Margery Eames MP (1597 - 1662)

"Prisse", "Widow James", "Mercy", "Sampson", "Margery"

Margery - b. about 1597, near Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England. Surname varies in different secondary sources; any comments are welcome. Admitted to church at Charlestown, MA on Sep. 13, 1635. ...

3/26/2007 6/20/2014

Capt. Anthony Eames MP (c.1592 - 1686)


Anthony EAMES - b. 1 DEC 1595, Fordington St. George, Dorset, England; d. 6 OCT 1686, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. Son of Thomas EAMES and Millicent. Married Margery Pierce notes Anthony...

3/26/2007 6/20/2014

St. Irmina, abbess of Oeren MP (c.650 - c.704)

"Irmina von Trier", "Saint Irmina", "Theodrate"

Saint Irmina, Abbess of Oeren . Irmina became a nun and founded a Benedictine convent in the old castle of Honrien at Trier, Germany, given to her by her father. Generous benefactor to Celtic and Saxon...

5/15/2007 6/5/2014

John Porter, Jr., of Windsor MP (1594 - 1648)

John Porter , son of John Porter (1560 - 1625) and Sybil Vessey (1561 - 1625), was baptized on 21 June 1594 in Holy Cross Church, Felsted, Essex, England. He died on 21 April 1648 in Windsor, Hartford ...

3/11/2007 5/29/2014

Margaret of England MP (1275 - 1333)

Margaret of England1 F, b. 11 September 1275, d. 1318 |p10486.htm#i104856| Margaret of England was born on 11 September 1275 at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. She was the daughter...

8/21/2007 5/20/2014

Alice "Elsgen" Rogers MP (c.1573 - 1622)

"Elsgen", "Grace", "Elizabeth"

Basic information from the Thomas Rogers Society: Alice Cosford[1],[2] F, b. 10 May 1573 Alice Cosford was baptized on 10 May 1573 at Watford, co. Northamptonshire, England. She was the daugh...

7/27/2007 5/18/2014

--- of the Bavarians MP (c.485 - 512)

The wife of Chloderic the Parricide was an Agilolfing, and a kinswoman of Saint Clothilde, the Burgundian Queen of Clovis the Great. Her ancestry is unknown. She has been speculated as a daughter of:...

3/5/2007 5/13/2014

Flavius Richomeres, Consul of Rome 384 MP (c.335 - 393)

"Richemir", "Ricomir", "Lething", "Richomer (Ricomer) des FRANCS RIPUAIRES", "Flavius Richomeres (Consul); (de THEROUANNE)", "King of the FRANKS (LOMBARDY)"

A Frank in the 4th century who became a Supreme Commander in the Eastern Empire. Fought against the Romans and the Goths. Founded Brandenburg. Flavius Richomeres was a Frank who lived in the late 4th...

2/7/2007 5/12/2014

Duke Adelbert de Moselle MP (c.417 - 491)

"Adalbert", "Adelbert", "Albéric", "Albberic", "Albéro"

The fifth century historian Priscus of Panium wrote of a disputed inheritance within the Frankish royal family. He did not name names but the dead father was probably Chlodio while the two disputing so...

3/12/2007 5/10/2014

Reginar II, count of Hainaut MP (c.892 - c.932)

"Rainer", "Count of Lorraine", "van Henegouwen", "Reginaldo II", "Count De Hainault", "Rainer II Hainault", "Rainer /Hainault/", "Rainier /Longneck/", "(Reginar)", "von Hennegau", "van Hennegouwen"

Weis says that it is not clear which of his father's wives was his mother. Medlands makes it clear that she must have been Alberade. Reginar II (890-932) was Count of Hainaut from 915 until 932. He...

4/11/2007 5/7/2014

Chlodéric "the Parricide", King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.478 - 509)

"Clodereius", "Clodoreius", "Chlodwig", "Chlodowech", "Clodoveu", "Chlodovech"

Chlodoric (or Chloderic ) the Patricide (died c. 509) murdered his own father, Sigobert the Lame, in order to take his kingdom. Chlodoric acted upon the instigation of Clovis I a rival king of the Sali...

2/7/2007 5/7/2014

Mundéric, lord of Vitry-en-Perthois MP (c.495 - c.532)

"Munderic", "Mundéric", "de Cologne"

Munderic (c495-c532), Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois. He claimed to be son of Clodéric "the Parricide" but there is room for doubt. He was very young in 509 when his father was killed. He claimed the...

2/7/2007 5/6/2014

Hermann I, duke of Saxony MP (900 - 973)

"Hermann Billung", "Herzog von Sachsen (Duke of Saxony)"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Saxony (covering his birth family): [BILLUNG] . The Chronica Principum Saxoniæ names "vir…nomine Bilingus" as father of "Hermannum...

2/25/2007 5/6/2014

Ermentrude of France MP (875 - 914)

"Irmentrude", "Ermentrude", "Princess of France", "Ermentrud von Westfranken von"

The identity of her husband is uncertain. He was possibly Regnier I . See Stewart Baldwin's analysis at (visited June 23, 2011). Ermentrude Princess of West Franks Female, (about 870 - ) Ermentru...

6/12/2007 5/6/2014

Saint Gondolfus, bishop of Tongres MP (c.545 - 607)

"Gondulf", "Gondolfus", "Gondon", "Gundulfus", "Gundulphus", "of Soissons", "of Maastricht", "of Tongeren", "Bishop of Tongres"

Saint Gondulphus of Maastricht (also Gondolfus, Gundulfus, Gondulf, Gondon; born c. 524, died c. 6 July 607) was the Bishop of Tongres and Bishop of Maastricht in the sixth century. His predecessor, ...

4/10/2007 5/6/2014

Frédégonde MP (c.543 - c.597)

"Frédégonde", "Fredegund", "Fredegunda", "Fredegundis"

Fredegund or Fredegunda (also Latin Fredegundis or French Frédégonde; died 597) was the Queen consort of Chilperic I, the Merovingian Frankish king of Soissons. Originally a servant, Fr...

5/9/2007 5/5/2014

Mary of Guelders, Queen consort of Scotland MP (1433 - 1463)

"Queen Consort of Scotland", "Queen Regent of Scotland", "Maria Van Guelden"

Wikipedia links: Български , Deutsch , English , Español , Français ,

5/2/2007 4/5/2014

Ingelram of Flanders (Fictitious) MP (c.780 - c.825)

"Engeurrand", "Ingelramn", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Ingelram", "Engelram", "Enguerrand", "Engleran", "Ingelramnus", "Enghelram", "Martel", "Harlebec", "Rowland", "Harlebeeke", "Forrester", "/Engleran/", "Engeleram", "Engleram"

The existence of Ingelram is unknown and, if he did exist, his origin uncertain. He was the mythical father of Otger of Flanders Recommended reading: Graven van Vlaanderen, Edward De Maesschalck, 201...

5/9/2007 3/21/2014

Fiona / Fionnghuala of Moray, Lady of the Isles MP (c.1144 - 1200)

"Fonia of Moray"

She is not attested in historical records, but there is an old tradition that she was Fionnghuala ('Fiona') and that her father was Mormaer of Moray. She is sometimes said, anachronistically, to have b...

4/12/2007 3/16/2014

Gillebride macGille Adomnain MP (c.1090 - c.1164)

"Gillibrigdi", "Gillebride of Clan Angus", "Gillebride Mac Gille Adomnan of the ISLES"

Somerled's father was Gillebride of Clan Angus who had been exiled to Ireland. Gillebride mac Gille Adomnan was given command of four or five hundred persons, and at their head he returned to Alban...

4/12/2007 2/10/2014

John Perkins, I MP (1583 - 1654)

"John Immigrant Perkins Sr"

John Perkins, of Ipswich Birth & Baptism: 1583 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England[9,10] and was baptized there on 23 December 1583. Death: in Ipswich, Essex co., MA sometime between 28 March 16...

2/23/2007 1/13/2014

Thomasine Rice MP (c.1600 - 1654)

"Tamazine Frost"

Thomasine Frost was baptized on 11 August 1600 at Saint James Church, Stanstead, co Suffolk, England. [1,2,3,4] and died on 13 June 1654 at Sudbury, MA. She is buried with Edmund Rice in the North Ceme...

3/23/2007 12/4/2013

Agnes Stone MP (c.1530 - 1597)

Some family histories give Agnes's surname as Speed, while others identify it as Clark or Clarke. Also seen as Barton. Parents: John Arthur Barton (Father), Agnes Holte (Mother).

3/8/2007 12/4/2013

Duke of Somerset Successor Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke Earl of Somerset Predecessor John Beaufort, 1st Duke, 3rd Earl Successor Henry Beaufort, 5th Earl Spouse: Eleanor Beauchamp Issue El...

5/10/2007 10/9/2013

John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer MP (1924 - 1992)

"Johnnie", "8th Earl Spencer"

"Edward John "Johnnie" Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer MVO (24 January 1924 – 29 March 1992), styled Viscount Althorp until 1975, was a British peer and the father of Diana, Princess of Wales." ====...

4/18/2007 10/7/2013

Maud fitzRobert fitzHamon de Creully, Dame de Creuilly MP (c.1094 - 1157)

"Maude", "Maud", "Mabel", "Sibyl", "Mabile", "FitzHamon", "Maud FitzRobert", "Mabel-Maud-Sibyl /Fitzhamon/", "Mabel /FitzHammon/"

Mabel fitzRobert Daughter of Robert fitzHamon of Gloucester wife of Robert Earl of Glos. From Medlands: ROBERT de Caen , illegitimate son of HENRY I King of England & his mistress --- ([109...

4/14/2007 9/21/2013

Robert, count of Salzburg MP (c.620 - 678)

"de Terouenne", "Chruodbert", "Chrodobert", "Chrodobertus", "Chrotbert", "Robert", "/Chrodobertus/", "Crodobertus", "Crodebert", "Crodobert", "Nobleman", "/Robert/ II", "(Robert)", "Robert - Chrodobertus I (655-678)", "Robert von Salzburg", "Rodobertus"

Duke of Neustria, Comte Palatin de Bavière Chrodobertus (Robert) I Neustria s/o Charibertim Neustrien and Wulgard of Paris CHILDREN included: Lambert (Lambertus) I b.abt.670

7/16/2007 8/27/2013

Waccho, King of the Lombards MP (c.490 - c.539)

"Wacchon", "Wacho", "Waccho", "Wacchon Lenthingi", "re dei Longobardi"

---------------------------- Wacho was hoofdman (koning) van de Langobarden van 510 tot 540. Hij benoemde zichzelf tot koning, nadat hij zijn oom Tato in 510 had vermoord. Van Wacho is bekend dat...

2/8/2007 8/14/2013

Austrigusa of the Gepids MP (deceased)

"Austigusa", "Austrecuse", "Austreusa", "Austricuse", "Austrigosa", "Austrigusa", "Austrisa", "Ostrogotha", "Austrigusa of the Gepidae"

Austrigusa was a Gepid princess, but her father is unknown. The power struggles among the leading Gepid families make it difficult to speculate about her father. She might have been a daughter of Elemu...

2/8/2007 8/14/2013

Agrippina MP (c.449 - 486)

"Agrippine", "Agripina", "Caretena Agrippina", "Carstamena", "Caretena Agrippina (de Narbonne)"

In 486 (or 493?) Gundobad assassinated Chilperic and drowned his wife, then exiled Chilperic's two daughters, Chroma, who became a nun, and Clotilda, who fled to her uncle, Godegisel. There is some c...

5/30/2007 8/12/2013

Alberade de Mons, duchesse de Basse Lorraine MP (c.870 - 916)

"Alberada", "Alberade", "de Lorena", "Alberade de Mons", "Aubree", "de Lorraine", "of Lotharinga", "Lorraine Albérade"

Her parents are not named in contemporary sources, and are generally considered to be unknown. She was perhaps the heir of Hainault, the castle of Mons having been its central fortress. Alberada Pa...

4/11/2007 8/4/2013

Claudius Nero Drusus Germanicus, governor MP (-38 - -9)

"Decimus", "Claudius", "Drusus", "I. Germanicus", "Decimus Claudius Drusus also called Drusus Claudius Nero"

Nerón Claudio Druso o Druso el Mayor (38 a. C. - 9 a. C.), hijo de Livia y de su primer esposo, Tiberio Claudio Nerón. Debido a que Druso nació cuando su madre ya estaba casada y...

6/19/2007 7/29/2013

Antonia the Younger MP (-36 - 37)

"Antonia the Younger", "The Younger"

Name: Antonio Minor of Rome Given Name: Antonio Minor Surname: of Rome Sex: F _UID: A30B2AFA5118D811BE490080C8C142CC42D2 Change Date: 18 Oct 2005 Birth: 36 BC Death: 38 Father: MARC @ A...

6/19/2007 7/29/2013

Mary Cushman, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (1616 - 1699)

"Mary "Mayflower" Allerton", "mayflower passenger"

Mary Allerton , the third child of Isaac Allerton (c.1586 England - February 1658/9 New Haven, Connecticut) and Mary Norris, was born 16 June 1616 in Leiden, Rhynland (present South Holland), Holland, ...

4/18/2007 7/25/2013

Oda, a Suevian MP (c.562 - d.)

"Oda /Of Saxony/", "Ada of /Swabia/", "Oda Of /Heristal/", "Itite of Gascony", "St. Oda", "St. Chrodoara", "Oda of Herstal", "von Sachsen", "of Saxony", "Oda Of Saxony or Dode de Heristal Of Swabia"

Her parentage is unknown. She was a Suevian. On that basis, many assign her as a daughter of one Duke of Swabia or another. The French Wikipedia page on Arnoald: casts some doubt about the name o...

2/7/2007 7/24/2013

Oda, abbess of Amay MP (c.555 - 634)

"Chrodaire", "Chrodoare", "Dode", "Oda", "de Suavian", "de Heristal", "Ode", "Clothilde", "of Savoie", "van Zwaben", "of Swabia"

Sainte Oda, abbesse d'Arnay Oda () "The Sueve" [aka: Saint;A Suevian] She was Abbess of Amay (589 CE). She was a Suevian. (Weis, 190:7). Oda Female Oda||p30539.htm|Duke Bodegisel I|d. 581|p30...

4/10/2007 7/24/2013

Thyra "Danebod", Dronning af Vest Danmark MP (c.898 - d.)

"Þyrvé Danebod", "Thyrvé Danebod", "Thyri Dannebod", "Thurui", "Danebod"

We have no dates for Thyra. She was the wife of Gorm the Old, who was born about 890/900 and died about 958/61. She certainly died before he did. He erected a rune stone in her honor. She is called Thy...

3/3/2007 7/21/2013

Thomas "the elder" Wheeler MP (1563 - 1634)

"Thomas Wheeler"

Thomas "the elder" Wheeler, of Bourne End Baptized - 2 March 1563/4 - Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England Parents: John Wheeler, Alice Sayre Spouse: Unknown woman, Rebecca Marriage: 1) Before 15...

3/7/2007 6/27/2013

Col William Randolph, II MP (c.1651 - 1711)

William Randolph was a colonist and land owner who played an important role in the history and governement of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He moved to Virginia between 1669 and 1673, and married Mary ...

3/17/2007 6/23/2013

Eschyna de Londoniis MP (c.1106 - 1198)

"Lady Eschina of Molle", "Eschina of Mow", "Eschina de Londoniis", "Eschyna de Molle", "Eschina de Lundis", "Eochyna de Molle", "8465", "Wschyne"

Walter Fitzalan was married to Eschyna de Londoniis, heiress of Uchtred de Molla (Molle) & Huntlaw (territorial designations, not then surnames) [12][13] and widow of Robert Croc. Upon Walter's death h...

8/18/2007 6/17/2013

Edward Doty, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (c.1599 - 1655)

"Edward Dotey", "Edward Cameron Doty", "Mayflower Passenger"

 "The first of the family in America was Edward Doty , who came when but a youth in the Mayflower in 1620. He joined the Pilgrims at London and came with them to Plymouth, Mass. He married Faith...

6/1/2011 4/24/2013

Faith Phillips MP (c.1617 - 1675)

"Faith (Clarke) Doty Phillips", "Faith Doty", "Faith Doten"

Faith Clarke Birth: "say 1617" in Ipswich, Suffolk, England Death: before 21 December 1675 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA Parents: Thurston Clarke, Faith Married: 1) Edward Doty 2) John Phillips...

3/10/2007 4/18/2013

Martha Washington MP (1731 - 1802)

"Lady Washington", "Martha (Dandridge) Custis Washington", "Martha Custis"

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (June 2, 1731 – May 22, 1802) was the wife of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Although the title was not coined until after he...

4/3/2007 4/14/2013

John Adams, of Barton St. David MP (1508 - 1575)


John Adams Find A Grave Memorial# 62073810 The Adams name is thought to be of Welsh origin, originally Ap Adams(Ap meaning "son of" in Welsh), the Ap was dropped from the name as the Adams became...

3/8/2007 3/11/2013

John de Sutton, VI, 1st Baron Dudley MP (1400 - 1487)

"John de Sutton", "John Sutton Dudley VI", "Sutton Lord Dudley K.G.", "John Sutton", "Lord-Knight Of Garter", "'Of Dudley' K.G.", "Lord Lieutenant of Ireland", "1st Baron Dudley", "Lord Dudley", ""John de Sutton"", ""John Sutton Dudley VI"", ""Sutton Lord Dudley K.G."", ""Joh..."

Photo: Dudley Castle Note: In the Middle Ages the Sutton family inherited the title and estate of Lord Dudley and lived in Dudley Castle. Sir John de Sutton VI - was born on 25 Dec 1400 in Dudl...

3/14/2007 3/3/2013

Charles III "the Simple", King of the Franks MP (879 - 929)

"Karolus Simplex", "il Semplice", "den Enfaldige", "Charles the Simple", "Charles 'The Simple'"

Charles III (17 September 879 – 7 October 929), called the Simple or the Straightforward (from the Latin Karolus Simplex), was the undisputed King of France from 898 until 922 and the King o...

2/27/2007 3/2/2013

Cunobelinus ap ap Tasciovanus, King of the Britons and the Catuvellauni MP (c.-20 - c.40)

"Cunobelin", "Cynfelyn Cunobelinus", "Cynfelyn", "Kymbelinus", "Fendigaed", "Cynvelin Cunobelinus", "Cunobelinus", "Pendragon", "Cynvelin", "King of the Britons and the Catuvellauni"

Cunobelinus is the historical basis of Beli son of Manogan. This explanation shows how this error came to be. Ruler of a large area of southeastern Britain from about AD 10 to 42. He is the Cymbeli...

7/23/2007 2/27/2013

James IV of Scotland MP 100 (1473 - 1513)

"Iron Belt"

James IV Stewart, King of Scots was born on 17 March 1473 at Stirling Castle, Scotland and died on 9 September 1513 at The Battle of Flodden Field, Northumberland, England. His body was lost but his he...

5/2/2007 2/25/2013

Hawise de Quincy MP (c.1178 - 1222)

"Countess Hawise de Hungerford"

Name: Hawise de Quincy Given Name: Hawise Surname: de Quincy Sex: F _UID: C2122AFA5118D811BE490080C8C142CC682B Change Date: 5 Feb 2004 Birth: BET 1178 AND 84 in Winchester, Hampshire, Engla...

4/2/2007 2/21/2013

Lambert, count of Hornbach MP (c.720 - c.783)

"Lambert de Treves", "Lambert von Hornbach", "Lambert de Bretagne", "Lambert des Herbauges", "Lando", "Count", "Lamburt Von Hornbach"

Lantbert, Count of Hornbach. His ancestry is unknown but some sources say he was a son of Gui de Trèves , son of Liutwin, bishop of Trèves / Trier. His only known wife of Deotbric. LANT...

8/5/2007 2/14/2013

Elizabeth Washburn MP (1616 - 1694)


Samuel Packard married Elizabeth (——) [MD 15:254]; born probably Suffolk, England; died after 27-Oct-1694 [MD 15:251]. She married 2nd after 07-Nov-1684 (1st husband's death) and before 2...

6/24/2007 2/10/2013

William Comyn, earl of Buchan MP (1163 - c.1233)

"William de Comyn", "William Comyn", "Lord of Badenoch", "12162"

William Comyn was one of four sons (and three daughters) of Richard Comyn, Justiciar of Lothian and Hextilda of Tynedale. He was born Scotland, in Altyre, Moray in 1163 and died in Buchan in 1233 where...

3/2/2007 2/2/2013

Philippa of Luxembourg (1252 – 6 April 1311) was the daughter of Count Henry V of Luxembourg and his wife Marguerite of Bar. She married John II, Count of Holland. Two of her grand-daughters wer...

2/5/2007 1/30/2013

Chlodébaud, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.430 - 450)

"Chlodebald", "Chlodebaud des Frances Ripuaires", "the Catholique"

Living in 450.

2/7/2007 1/28/2013

Siegbert I the Lame, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.445 - c.509)

"Sigobert I 'The Lame'", "King of Cologne", "Siegbert", "Sigebert", "Sigebert I "The Lame" Cologne", "Sigebert roi des Francs au Cologne", "DE MANKE", "The Lame King", "Sigobert the Lame"

HE WAS NOT THE FATHER OF CLOVIS I Sigobert the Lame (also Sigibert or Sigebert, d. ca. 509) was a king of the Franks in the area of Zülpich (Latin: Tolbiac) and Cologne. He was presumably ...

2/7/2007 1/28/2013