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Shmuel Heller, ABD Safed (1809 - 1884)

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2/7/2009 8/24/2015

Goldie Segal (1874 - 1937)

5/31/2015 5/31/2015

Moshe ben Jacob Cordovero "RaMaK" MP (1522 - 1570)

"RaMaK", "Moshe ben Jacob Cordovero"

His birthplace is unknown, but the name Cordovero indicates that his family originated in Córdoba, Spain and perhaps fled from there during the expulsion of 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition. ...

2/24/2012 1/16/2015

Shimon Bar Yochai, Rashbi - MP (80 - 160)

"Simeon bar Yochai", "רבן שמעון בר יוחאי", "Rabban Shimon bar Yochai", "Rashbi"

Simeon bar Yochai ,  also known by his acronym Rashbi, was a famous 1st-century Tannaic (Mishnaic, ed.) sage in ancient Israel, active after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. He was...

4/25/2013 10/4/2014

Moshe Yehoshua Luria MP (b. - c.1555)

"son of the Ari HaKadosh", "בן האר"י הקדוש"

Son of the HaAri HaKadosh

6/23/2008 1/25/2014

אנגלית ENGLISHto English TranslationThe prophet Hosea Ben - BarryAccording to Jewish tradition, Hosea Ben - Barry is a prophet who worked the kingdom of Israel...

2/12/2011 1/21/2014

Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, Ha'Ari HaKadosh MP (1534 - 1572)

"יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא", "Yitzchak Luria", ""HaAri"", "Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi", "Arizal", "The Lion", "HaAri HaKadosh"

I saac Luria (1534 – July 25, 1572) (Hebrew: Yitzhak Lurya יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא ), also calle...

6/23/2008 1/21/2014

Rabbi Israel of Shklov MP (1770 - 1839)

"רבי ישראל משקלוב", "Rabbi Israel of Shklov", "ר' ישראל משקלוב", "פרוש אשכנזי"

Yisroel ben Shmuel Ashkenazi of Shklov (ca. 1770–May 22, 1839) was a Talmudist, one of a group of Talmudical scholars of Shklov who were attracted to Vilna by Elijah Gaon (1720–97). He ga...

7/6/2008 1/21/2014

Elijah the Prophet MP (deceased)

Eiljah the Prophet - Wikipedia * Why is Elijah Invited during the Seder? * אליהו הנביא – קישו&#x...

2/11/2011 1/21/2014

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz MP (1500 - 1580)

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz , also spelt Alqabitz, Alqabes; ( שלמה אלקבץ) (c.1500, Thessaloniki– 1580, Safed ) was a rabbi, kabbalist a...

2/24/2012 1/21/2014

Rabbi Yoseph Karo - רבי יוסף קארו MP (1488 - 1575)

"Joseph", "Josef", "Caro", "ha-Mechaber (Hebrew: "The Author")", "Maran (Aramaic: "Our Master")", "מחבר"

Joseph ben Ephraim Karo , also spelled Yosef Caro, or Qaro, (Toledo, 1488 – Safed, 1575) was author of the last great codification of Jewish law, the Shulchan Aruch, which is still authoritative...

6/23/2008 1/21/2014

Rabbi Yaakov Beirav MP (1474 - 1546)

"Jacob Berab", "Jacob Berav", "Jacob Bei-Rav", "Yacob Berav", "Yacob Bei-Rav"

Jacob Berab , Berav or Bei-Rav, (b. Moqueda, nr. Toledo, Castilian Spain, 1474 - d. Safed, Ottoman sanjak of Safed, April 3, 1546), was an influential rabbi and talmudist best known for his attempt to ...

8/4/2007 1/21/2014