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Joris Waldron (1623 - 1680)

1680 Dec 29; Joris Waldron, Magdalena; Elsje; Thomas Laurenszen, Sara Waldron his son?

9/4/2007 Today

Sarah Waldron (c.1646 - d.)

"Saertie Waldron"

marriage to Van Voorst 1662 09 Jul; Jan Gerritszen van Voorst, jm van N. Nederlt; Sara Waldron, jd van Amsterdam 2nd marriage 1666 15 Aug; Laurens Janszen van Oosten, jm van Leyden; Sara Waldron,...

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11/4/2010 1/25/2016

Hans Jacobszen Jacob Harty (1686 - 1686)

"Harberding; Harde"

marriage 29 JUL 1668 in Dutch Reformed Church, New York City 1668 29 Jul; Hans Jacobszen Harty , van Baren in Switserlt; Geertje Lambertszen Mol, van Nieuw jorck

12/13/2009 1/24/2016

Ester Hanse Banta (1657 - 1718)

"Hester Hanse"

Sibe Epkese (Banta) was the brother of Dirck Epkese (Banta), who married Hester Hansdr (Diedricks) 3 Oct 1681 at Bergen: [Bergen M#47] 1681; Banns registered September 18. Dirck Epkese, Y.M., from Mi...

11/11/2008 1/23/2016

Jacobus Fabritius (1640 - d.)

"Fabritius seems to have been a man of despicable character; the records teem with references to his quarrels with his wife, who implored the court to order him to vacate her house. He answered with a ...

1/23/2016 1/23/2016

Jan Cornelissen (c.1630 - c.1679)

• built house at what became 48 Broad St. NYC

12/3/2014 1/22/2016

Geertruyd Andruessen (b. - 1661)

did not survive long in New Nethrland. Made will (1656) and died (1661) (see documents: Castello plan)

1/22/2016 1/22/2016

Johannes Nevius Nevius (1627 - 1672)

Johannes Nevius' house by the Land Gate (Stokes page 229) cited in documents

8/2/2015 1/22/2016

Resolved Waldron (1610 - 1690)

1/29/2014 1/22/2016

Harman Smeeman (b. - 1682)

1/22/2016 1/22/2016

Elbert Elberts (b. - 1655)

Oct. 31, 1656 "Meeting of Oct. 31, 1656, Rynier Rycken had administered estate for Elizabeth Greveraet, widow of Elbert Elberts." from: I am wondering if this New Amsterdam baptism refers to Elbe...

6/22/2011 1/22/2016

Cornelius Jansen Van Hoorn (c.1636 - 1692)

(1) Zabriskie, George Olin, "The Jan Cornelisen Van Hoorn/Van Horne Family," The American Genealogist, Vol. 46, No. 1 (January 1970), pp. 47, 51-54: Cornelis Jansen Van Hoorn, eldest son of Jan Corne...

4/13/2008 1/3/2016

Grietje Antonis MP (c.1630 - 1696)

Third Marriage [just when they married is not known so she may be mother of some listed above] Grietje Jans was the third wife of Teunis Jansen Lanen Van Pelt 7. Elisabethan VanPelt ca 1661 Feyde...

3/6/2012 1/3/2016

Annetje Cornelius Kuyper (c.1635 - 1725)

See Block A No.2 for an account of an earlier betrothal. Voorst is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands. Van Vorst had three children who were born in Holland; they were Hendrick, J...

12/17/2008 12/17/2015

Abel Hardenbroeck (1639 - 1672)

Hardenbrook Name Meaning This German and Dutch surname of HARDENBROOK is a habitation name from any of various places, especially one near Gottingen, so called from the elements HARD (difficult, inac...

10/13/2009 12/8/2015

Robert Hubbs (1624 - 1698)


He came to America with his wife Elizabeth and several children. Elizabeth became homesick and returned to England where she died. After her death the children came back to America. THE DESCENDANTS O...

9/18/2009 12/5/2015

Ann Richbell MP (1629 - 1700)


notes "1056. Adam11 Mott was born before 21 Jan 1620/21 at Saffron Walden, Essex, England. He married Jenne Hulet on 28 Jul 1647 at New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. He married Elizabeth Richbell, daug...

7/22/2008 12/4/2015

Adam Mott, of Long Island MP (1621 - 1690)

"Adam Mott of Long Island"

Adam Mott Birth: befofe Jan 21 1620 - Saffron Walden, Essex, England Death: Apr 5 1693 - Hempstead, Long Island, New York Wife: Jenne Mott, Elizabeth Mott, Ann Mott Children: Grace Mott, Adam...

9/27/2008 12/4/2015

Lysbeth Gerrits Hessels (1647 - 1727)

baptism of her son Hessel 1668 Jul 21; Pieter Hesselszen, Lysbeth Gerrits ; Hessel; Jacob Kip, Maria de La Montagne

8/2/2008 12/4/2015

Pieter Hessels (b. - 1688)

in New Utrecht as early as 1659 (Long Island) Peter Hesselse who was in New Utrecht, L. I., as early as 1659 . Elected Deputy General Assessor of East Jersey, 1686.

8/2/2008 12/4/2015

Elizabeth Claes Kuyper (1667 - 1714)

"Lisabet Claes Cuyper"

Fact Details Bapitzed: 10 Mar 1667 Harsymus (Ahasymus later Jersey City), Bergen, New Jersey See pg 21 in "Ancestors of George Bartlett Hoffman..." for mention of her as the daughter of Claes Kuyper. ...

8/2/2008 12/4/2015

Baetje Jans Van Haert (deceased)

"Baetje Van Haert", "Baata", "Elizabeth"

some sources state that Batje was b: ABT 1665 in Haert, Gelderland, The Netherlands Marriage: 1678, 16 Jan; Pieter Meyer, jm van N. Yorke; Batje Jans, jd van Haert in Gelderlt But I doubt that she ...

12/18/2008 12/4/2015

Pieter Meyer (1657 - d.)

PIETER MEYER (234) Pieter Meyer married Batje Jans (235) on January 16, 1678. She was from Heart in Gelderland, Holland. She joined the THE MEYER LINE 425 Dutch Church in New York on February 26, 1673....

12/18/2008 12/4/2015

Peter Delanoy (c.1650 - 1689)

"Peter Delanoy"

18th mayor of New York from 1688-1691. Peter Delanoy was the first directly elected mayor in New York City history--and the only one to hold that distinction until 1834 when the City Charter was change...

2/10/2011 12/2/2015

Peter Groenendyck (c.1645 - c.1701)

"Pieter Groenendijck", "Peter Smith"

Peter Pieter Groenendijcks was the defendant in a trial in which he was accused in a New York court room of "debauching two daughters of honest and virtuous parentage". These two were Maria de Lanoy an...

11/30/2011 12/1/2015

Sources: "Muslims in Early America" (see sources tab) There is a map here that shows New Amsterdam in 1660. The map depicts homes and farms and it has an accompanying table identifying the owners...

3/9/2009 11/30/2015

• characterized as "negro" in an un-sourced reference to her husband's will; possibly name = Fortuyn ^ see Abraham's profile for this account

11/30/2015 11/30/2015

John SMITH (1633 - 1720)

2/7/2009 11/21/2015

Margarietje Polhemius (1635 - 1702)


Name: Margarita Polhemius Born: ABT. 1645 at: Itamaraca, Pernambuco, Brazil Married: ABT. 1661 at: (NYC, New York) Died: 1702 at: NYC, New York Spouses: William Gelyamse Cornel

6/3/2008 11/19/2015

Rebecca Fredricx MP (c.1629 - c.1711)

"Rebecca Lubbertsen", "Rebecca Vandergrift", "Rebecca Fredricksz", "Rebecca Fredericks"

marriage 1648 19 Jul; Jacob Leendertszen van der Grist, jm van Amsterd; Rebecca Fredricx,jd als voren Her children were all baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam (later Manhattan, NY...

1/6/2008 11/10/2015

Neeltje Ketel (1660 - d.) Neeltje Ketel was christened on 12 December 1660 at New York, New York Co., NY.

11/1/2015 11/1/2015

Aeltje Cornelisse Cool MP (c.1615 - 1683)

"Aeltje Cornelisse Cool", "Aeltje Kool", "Aeltje Cornelius Cool"

Marriage 1645 27 Aug; Elbert Elbertszen, jm van Nieukerchen; Aeltje Cornelis, wid Gerrit Wolfertszen NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 Stoothoff Family Tree lists Aeltie's mother as unknown. Lis...

2/19/2007 10/27/2015

MARITJEN (or MARRITJEN) HENDRICKS VAN HAARLEM was born in 1636, at Haarlem in the Netherlands - died before 1698, at Hempstead on Long Island. Her husband was HENDRICK HENDRICKSEN VAN DOESBURG, born ...

2/12/2008 6/18/2015

Lare (or Hilary) Criolyo (1627 - d.)

"Hilary Criolyo", "Lare Criolje", "Hilary Creole"

• Lare Criolyo was born a black or 1/2 black Creole slave (half Caribbean Euro/Portuguese/Spanish, & half black). Capt. Jan de Vries came to New Netherland in 1644 and brought Hilary with him. H...

7/5/2011 3/14/2015

Franz Pieterse Klauw (1623 - 1699)

8/6/2008 3/13/2015

Captain Jan de Vries (1620 - 1647)

"Jon deFreeze Molatt"

"Jan Gerritsen de Vries Van Dolzen, was a Dutch Army Captain. Capt. Jan de Vries came to New Netherland in 1644. He had been previously stationed in Brazil , and was at Curacao when he was sent to New ...

3/12/2015 3/12/2015

Matthys Cornelissen (1658 - c.1716) ... ; freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.... Matthys Cornelissen Van Horne (Cornelissen meaning son of Cornelius) came to the Long Island (called Flat Lands at the time) New York Dutch tow...

6/2/2007 2/22/2015

Jeronimus Ebbingh (deceased)

"Jeronimus Ebbinck"

• a merchant from Hamburg • one of the 93 who signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in September 1664. all 4 of his children wer...

2/18/2015 2/20/2015

Hillebrant Lootman aka Jean Baptiste Lotman MP (1660 - 1699)

"Jean Baptiste Lotman", "Herbrand Lootman", "Hillebrant Lootsman", "Hellebrant Lootman"

1660 Apr 14; Jan Lootsman, Witsje Hillebrant; Hillebrant; Jan Pieterszen, Paulus Janszen, Paulus Christiaenszen, Marritie Pieters 1689 20 Dec; Hillebrant Lootman, ym liv near NA; Anna Elbur, wid Anto...

4/7/2008 2/19/2015

Jans Aertsen (c.1640 - 1663)

Source: Revised History of Harlem (City of New York) Its Origin And Early Annals By: James Riker (published 1904) Jan was killed by an Indian attack on his home on June 7, 1663 and his father Aert ...

9/15/2013 1/22/2015

Pieter Haughwout MP (1659 - 1716)

"Pieter Haughwout", "Pieter Pieterse", "Pieter van Haughwout", "Pieter Hoogwout", "Pieter Pieterse Haeswout"

Birth Born in the Netherlands he emigrated to America with his parents and siblings. Pieter Jansz, shoemaker from Drenthe, wife and 4 children: 15, 13, 9, 1/2 yr old (Extract of the 1660 Bont...

6/2/2009 1/12/2015

Abraham Jongbloedt MP (1600 - 1660)


Abraham's son is born in NYC in 1635, so he immigrated before that year

2/2/2011 1/12/2015

Johannes Coely MP (b. - 1709)

"Johannes Coly", "Jan Coley", "Jean Coely", "Jan Coely", "Jan Coelie"

Marriage 1665 22 Mar; Johannes Coly, jm van Londen; Jannetje van Dyck, jd van Enckhuysen, in Noorthollt NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 Children 1665 Dec 20; Jan Coelie, Janneken Vandyck; Wilh...

9/14/2013 1/7/2015

Jannetje van Dyck MP (c.1646 - 1682)

"Jannetie van Dyck", "Janneken van Dyck"

Marriage 1665 22 Mar; Johannes Coly, jm van Londen; Jannetje van Dyck, jd van Enckhuysen, in Noorthollt NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 Children 1665 Dec 20; Jan Coelie, Janneken Vandyck; Wilh...

9/14/2013 1/7/2015

Engeltje Mans (c.1620 - 1701)

"Engeltje Hermanns"

Birth Date and location unknown, circa 1620 in Sweden based on her marriage documents. Marriage 1639 18 Dec;Borger Joriszen, jm van hersberg, in Silesien; Engeltje Mans, jd van Coinxste, in...

7/26/2011 1/6/2015

Burger Joris MP (1612 - 1670)

"Burger Joriszen", "Borger Joris", "Borger Joriszen"

Birth Date and location unknown, circa 1612. His marriage documents record his place of origin as "hersberg, in Silesien" which seems to refer to the modern Polish village of Stogniewice in the...

1/6/2015 1/6/2015

Jan Willems Neering (c.1650 - d.)

Arrived in New Amsterdam around 1664-1665, coming from Bordeaux. They may have previously come from Alsace, France.

3/2/2009 1/5/2015

Marten Jacobse van Waert MP (c.1642 - d.)

Arrived in New Netherland in 1659 on ship De Bever. He was from Utrecht.

8/2/2007 1/4/2015

Jan Scheipers MP (1622 - d.)

According to the municipal archives of Turnhout, Jan Scheipers was living in New Netherland in 1660. Did he emigrate with a Loockermans family member?

12/31/2014 12/31/2014

Dirck Van Dyke (c.1646 - c.1691)

Birth c.1646 Amsterdam Marriage 1674 25 Apr; Dirck Janszen van Dyck, jm van Amsterd; Urseltje Jans, jd van N. Orangien NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 Children 1675 Jan 11; Dirck Frans...

9/2/2013 12/5/2014

Cornelius Hendrickszen (c.1629 - 1655)

"Cornelius Caper Van Dort", "Cornelius Caper"

1652 24 Oct; Cornelis Hendrickszen , van Dort; Magdaleen Dircks, van N. Amsterd

9/3/2008 12/2/2014

Joost the Frenchman MP (c.1642 - 1695)

"Joost Francey", "Jost Franse", "Joost Franszoon", "Joost Franz", "Joost Fransz", "Joost France", "Joost Frans", "Frans Joosten"

Birth c.1640 Europe Emigrated Left Amsterdam in 1654, possibly on the Peereboom. Marriage 1 c.1666 Frans Joosten, Gertruyd Aukes van Nuys Children c.1677 Saertje 1679 Nov 02; Frans ...

7/30/2008 11/26/2014

7/5/2008 6/19/2014

7/5/2008 6/19/2014

Rufus Barton MP (c.1606 - 1648)

Rufus Barton Birth:  1606 Lancaster Lancashire, England Death:  1648 Warwick Kent County Rhode Island, USA  Spouse: Margaret Honeywell Leased from Anneke Jans land in M...

5/28/2007 2/21/2014

Thomas "Nathaniel" Edwards, of Cardiff & NY MP (1635 - 1688)

"Thomas Nathaniel Edwards of New York"

Thomas (Nathaniel) Edwards , was born betw 1635/1639 in Edward's Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales / Llangyfelach, Wales and died betw 1688/1703 in probably New York. Parents: son of William Edwards and Jo...

2/29/2008 2/1/2014

Thomas Hall MP (1618 - 1669)

"Thomas Hale", "Tom Hal"

Thomas Hall was born in 1614 (perhaps in Wales) and died 9 May 1669 in New York. On Nov. 29th, 1642, Gov. William Kieff of the Dutch West Indies company granted a tract of land alleged to contain som...

2/29/2008 2/1/2014

Ryckje Ulrica Van Dyke (1636 - 1709)

"Van Dyck", "van Dijck"

minerdescent.... New Amsterdam Immigrant - She sailed with her parents from Amsterdam, 25 May 1640, in the ship ‘Waterhondt' Ryckje (Ryckie) Ulrica Van Dyck was born about 1636 in Utrecht,...

9/14/2013 11/11/2013

Arijaentjen Thomas (c.1628 - c.1693)

6/13/2013 6/13/2013

Ambrosius Ambrosiusz de Warm (c.1626 - d.)

"Ambrosius de Waran"

6/13/2013 6/13/2013

Jan VanTilburg emigrated to America before 1655. At New Amsterdam, he married Tryntie Pieters, age 23, an orphan who had been sent to New Amsterdam with a group from Amsterdam almhouses by an order dat...

2/23/2009 6/13/2013

Hendrick de Liefde (1613 - 1646)

Hendrick de Liefde migrated to New Amsterdam in 1632. He was on the voyage made in 1632 by David Pietersz de Vries (read about this voyage on Wikipedia ). Heyndrick left Texel 24 May 1632, and arri...

6/6/2013 6/6/2013

Dirck Stam (1608 - d.)

"Derrick CortsenStam"

Dirck CORSSE STAM, born 1608, commissary for Killian Van RENSELLAER at Fort Orange (now Albany, NY).

5/18/2013 5/18/2013

Timothy Valentyne (1620 - d.)

"Valentine", "Valentyne", "Valyntine" husband - Timothy Valentine Born: 1620 -at: The Netherlands Died: -at: Schenectady, Schenectady Co, New York Burial: -at: Spouse - Maria Joannesdr Theunissen Born: 1621 -at:...

11/16/2008 4/10/2013

Sarah Pieters Outen MP (1638 - d.)

4/15/2011 4/5/2013

Lubbert Gijsbertsz MP (c.1600 - d.) ; I Lubbert Gijsbertsz , geboren Blaricum NH (NL) omstreeks 1600 † Bergen County NJ (US) omstreeks 1655, wagenmaker, trouwt Divertgen Cornelis (Diever); (Divertgen hertro...

3/23/2013 3/23/2013

Albert Kuynen (c.1615 - d.)

"Albert Cuyne", "Albert Cuynen"

Sailed on ship "Den Harinck" on May 1639 from Texel, arrived New Amsterdam 7 July 1639. Soldier from Braunschweig (Brunswick)

10/22/2012 10/22/2012

Heinrich Jochem (c.1621 - d.)

Immigrated to New Amsterdam from Hamburg, Germany. Arriving May 9, 1661 on the English Sailing ship "De Bever", Ships master was Captain Pieter Reyersen. Book: " Ship Passenger List" New York and New J...

6/26/2007 10/2/2012

Cristina Carr (c.1659 - d.)

7/28/2012 7/28/2012

Arnoldus de la Grange (c.1653 - c.1694)

7/28/2012 7/28/2012

Hester de la Grange (deceased)

7/28/2012 7/28/2012

Margaretta Persijn (deceased)

6/6/2009 7/28/2012

Joost de La Grange MP (1623 - 1664)

oost de la Grange, born in December 1623,1 was a member of a Dutch family that lived in Leiden, Holland. His wife was Margareta Persijn, whom he married in 1651.2 In 1662, Joost brought his wife and th...

6/6/2009 7/28/2012

Willem Hendrickse (1620 - d.)

minerdescent ... ; Willem Hendrickse c. 1620, Holland Willem is found listed on the July 1639 manifest of the West Indies Raven (Harbor manifest, Court of New Amsterdam) that travelled from Rec...

7/17/2012 7/17/2012

Margrietje Hendricks Hendrickse MP (c.1622 - 1678) - see # 2779 Margriet Hendrickse was born circa 1622 at Holland . She was the daughter of Hendrick van Gouts. Margriet* Hendrickse married Matthys* Jansen Van Ceulen, son of Jan Ma...

8/6/2007 7/16/2012

Harman Tallman MP (c.1655 - c.1702) ; 2 i. Harman Dowsen Talman (c.1655 in Friesland, Holland, -aft.1702), son of Douwe Harmensen Talma & Dirckje Theunisse, an Indian trader, is the acknowledged first settler on Nyack ...

7/3/2012 7/3/2012

Dirckje Teunisse MP (1624 - 1703)

The Talma/Tallman Heritage of New Amsterdam and Rockland Co, NY Douwe Harmensen Talma (1624/5 in Harlingen, Friesland, Holland - 19 Jun 1687, Bergen, NJ) m. bef.1655 Dirckje Theunisse (1624-1703, N...

7/3/2012 7/3/2012

Douwe Harmensen Tallman MP (c.1624 - 1687) ; Douwe Harmensen Tallman emigrated from Friesland, Holland for New Amsterdam. By 1664 Douwe had moved his family across the Hudson River to Bergen, NJ, where he joined the Reformed...

7/3/2012 7/3/2012

Agatha van Bergen (deceased)

2/27/2012 6/5/2012

2/27/2012 6/5/2012

Elizabeth Devilliers Bellier (c.1620 - 1679)

"Elizabeth", "Lizbeth", "Lysbeth /Bellier/", "Lysbeth /De Devilliers/", "Lysbeth /De Villiers/", "Elizabeth /Villiers/", "Lysbeth De Villiers"

wc.rootsweb.ancestry... ; Name: Lizbeth [DEVILLIERS] BELLIER Given Name: Lizbeth [DEVILLIERS] Surname: BELLIER My maternal lineage contains many Ackermans. Although my ancestor, David Ackerma...

7/29/2007 5/5/2012

David Johannes Ackerman (1616 - 1663) ; .rootsweb.ancestry... ; ; Most of my dates are from "A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey" and The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey" Two family histori...

7/29/2007 5/5/2012

Grietje Maritie Pieters MP (1610 - d.)

^ the above to be read carefully, for it relates much about her life

6/9/2007 4/26/2012

Tryntje Martens (1638 - 1702) ; Tryntje Martens1, F, d. 19 May 1702 Tryntje Martens lived at Aken (Aix-la-Chapelle).1 Her married name was Pieterszen. She married Paulus Pieterszen on 1 September 1658 at New Amste...

7/25/2011 4/24/2012

Jan Janse Verkerk MP (1630 - c.1688)

"Jan Janse(n)", "VerKerk"

Jan Janse Ver Kerken Jan Janse Ver Kerken - Family Tree Genealogy From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p. 704:

11/1/2007 4/23/2012

Roeloff Janse Verkerk MP (1654 - 1708)

3rd of May 1687: Bill of Sale: Henrick Ryke to Roelof Verkerck , (Liber A:187, 189.) Desc.: A piece of land on S. side adjacent to purchaser's land and E. of the division line between Uytrecht and ...

7/16/2008 4/23/2012

Elsie Gillis Mandeville (c.1650 - c.1701)


12/27/2010 4/1/2012

Petrus Jean du Mont MP (c.1611 - c.1685)

"Jan", "Jean"

freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.... 1. Petrus Du Mont (Rn=14849),, who was born about 1610 and died at Comines, Provence du Picardie, France. He married 03 July 1633 at Province de West...

11/6/2008 3/25/2012

Maria de La Trimeolle MP (deceased)

"Maria Del Tombo"

freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.... ; 1. Petrus Du Mont (Rn=14849),, who was born about 1610 and died at Comines, Provence du Picardie, France. He married 03 July 1633 at Province de West Vlaan...

11/6/2008 3/25/2012

Abraham Jansen De La Noy (c.1616 - 1661)

• a merchant who, in and around the year 1660, was involved in multiple suits in the city of New Amsterdam mostly involving shipments and payment for wine and the like.

3/24/2009 3/24/2012

Maria Lubberts van Elburch (1622 - d.)

"Maria Marritje"

3/24/2009 3/24/2012

Jannetje Wibau MP (1634 - 1695)

"Freer", "Jeanne", "Verbeau of Bruyelle", "Jannetje", "Jantje/ Wibau", "Verbeau"

8/20/2008 3/15/2012

Sara Thomase Hugesson (1638 - d.)

"Sara Thomase Eckerson", "Sara Thomase Hugesson"

New Amsterdam - Immigrants

2/25/2012 2/25/2012

Sara Brout (c.1622 - 1677)

"Sara Braut; Sarah Bray; Sara Breyts; Sara Brut"

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Sara Brout

4/1/2008 2/25/2012

Thomas Hugesson (1620 - 1644)

"Thomas Eckerson", "Thomas Hugesson"

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Thomas Eckerson or Hugesson

4/1/2008 2/25/2012

Femmetje Jans MP (c.1634 - c.1667)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Femmetjie's children were born on Staten Island in 1662 and in 1667. ------------------------------ 1674 May 27; Gerrit Egbertszen, Femmetie Jans; Pieter; Hendrick Ryck...

5/8/2009 2/25/2012

Dirck Jansz Ammerman (c.1645 - c.1723)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Dirck Jan Amernan born - ca.164? , Netherlands died - ca. 1723, Flatlands, Kings, Brooklyn, New Amsterdam. married - about 1665 Aeltje Paulus Vanderbeek, who was bo...

5/6/2008 2/20/2012

Harmen Janse Ryckman (c.1618 - 1677)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants

4/24/2008 2/19/2012

Marieken van Cleef (1658 - c.1699)


New Amsterdam - Immigrants Marieken Femmetje van Deventer was Christened on April 4, 1658, at Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands. 15. Marieken or Femmmetje VANDEVENTER-2243 (Jan or John Pietersz, Pieter...

2/16/2007 2/17/2012