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• Merchant in NYC owned hundreds of acres of land in New Jersey • seems to have bought Manhattan land from Marietie Petersen in the last years of her life. Marietie was a free black who...

4/13/2008 2/20/2015

Anthony Colve MP (deceased)

Zie Wikipedia... Anthonij Colve, was in sept. 1668 vaandrig in de compagnie van kapitein Bernard de Beaufort (regiment Schotte) (zie aldaar); verbleef toen in Zeeland na terugkeer uit Suriname; 2...

1/27/2014 1/27/2014

Willem Jacobse van Boerum MP (c.1610 - 1688)

"Evert Pells", "Evert Pultz"

New Amsterdam Immigrant Willem VanBoerum left Amsterdam with his family in 1649 and settled in Flatbush, Long Island, Nieuw Netherland. He took the Oath of Allegience to the English in Kings county...

7/6/2007 3/25/2012

Coert Stevense van Voorhees MP (c.1638 - 1699)


Coert Stevense Van Voorhees (M) Coert Stevense Van Voorhees (1638 - a 20. Jun. 1699) Coert Stevense Van Voorhees was also known as Coert Steven Van Voorhees. He was also known as Koert Stev...

6/14/2007 2/13/2012

2nd Marriage 1669 16 Jun; Evert Pieterszen, wid Grietje Arents; Hillegondt Joris, wid Jan Corneliszen NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 freepages.rootsweb - see pages 148-149... ; These baptim...

8/25/2010 11/26/2011

Jan Cornelis Cornellisen van Hoorn MP (1616 - 1669)

"Jan Cornelissen"

• one of the 93 who signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in 1664. He is descended from the first four brothers who came from Holland. Jo...

4/13/2008 11/26/2011

Phillip Pieterse Schuyler MP (1628 - 1683)

Birth: Feb. 8, 1628, Netherlands Death: May 9, 1683 Albany Albany County New York, USA Husband of Margaretta Van Slichtenhorst, parents of Arent Van Schuyler. Last known residence Beaverwyck, New...

5/11/2007 10/10/2011

Corporal Blue Flag Co, Burgner Corps 1652-3 New Amsterdam, President of the Bench 1662 Provincial Envoy to Amsterdam 1664 Burgemeister 1673-4 Captain, New Orange 1673-4

2/18/2007 9/28/2011

Hendrick Hendricksen Kip (1600 - 1680)

Hendick Hendricksen Kip married Tryntie Lubberts in 1624. His second mariage was to Tryntie Droogle in 1627 and his third marriage was to Magaret De Marveil. He came to New Amsterdam from Holland in ...

4/4/2009 9/24/2011

Cornelis van Ruyven MP (c.1630 - d.)

Cornelis van Ruyven. Hij is gedoopt op 02-09-1630 in Amsterdam. Notitie bij Cornelis: ook Cornelius; bij huwelijk aangetekend: afkomstig van Amsterdam; hij was ontvanger en secretaris van Pieter Stuy...

10/24/2009 9/24/2011

Arent A. Bradt, 'de Noorman' MP (1615 - 1662)

Arent Andriesse Bradt Arent Andriesse Bradt probably was born before 1620 in Fredrikstad, Norway. He probably came to America with his older brother Albert Andriesse in 1637. Arent settled in Ren...

3/8/2007 9/10/2011

Jean Mousnier de la Montagne MP (c.1595 - 1670)

"Johannes La Montagne", "Jan", "Johannes"

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Source 1: Jean de la Montagne From: The Northup/Banta Family Tree Contact: Karrie Email: Notes: Who was he, this man from whom we descend? Joh...

7/26/2007 9/7/2011

Willem Bogardus (1638 - 1711)

I removed Janse from Willem's name because this was not part of his name. William is the first born son of Rev. Everardus Bogardus and Anneke Jans. He has no relation to his mother's first huband, Roel...

5/26/2007 9/5/2011

8/24/2011 8/24/2011

Andres Huddle (1608 - 1663)

"Andries Hudde"

possibly the land holder in early Long Island: the Wallabout Bay area. See the project on Geni 1661 Jun 26; Andries Hudde, Geertie; Rutgert; Lysbeth Cregier

7/6/2011 8/24/2011

Willem Kieft MP (1597 - 1647)

Willem Kieft was a Dutch merchant and director-general of New Netherland (of which New Amsterdam, later New York City, was the primary settlement), from 1638 until 1647. He formed the council of twelve...

7/29/2011 8/24/2011

Jacobus Hendricksen Kipp (1631 - 1690)

"Jacob", "Kip"

Baptised 25 May 1631 at Amsterdam. Second son of Henry H. Kip, was born 16 May 1631 in Amsterdam Holland and died about 1690 in New York. In 1647, when sixteen years old, he was a clerk in the provin...

7/26/2007 8/3/2011

Richard Smith b. 1596 d, 1666. Married unknown she d. 1664. This Richard was in Kings Town abt. 1637. Their children were: Richard II m. Esther, James, Elizabeth m. I. a Newman 2. John Viall,...

2/2/2007 8/3/2011

Wouter van Twiller MP (1606 - 1654)

Zie Wikipedia... See Wikipedia

7/27/2011 7/27/2011

Cornelis Steenwyck arrived in New Netherland in 1652. A prominent citizen, he was - successively - alderman, mayor, and acting lieutenant-governor. • signed the Petition to surrender New Nethe...

6/29/2011 7/24/2011

Johannes de Peyster MP (1666 - 1711)

Johannes was Baptised in New Amsterdam at the Dutch Reformed Church 1666 Sep 22; Johannes de Peyster, Cornelia Luberts; Johannes ; Johannes Van Brug, Jacques Couseau, Margareta de Riemer scholtz.or...

9/18/2007 7/24/2011

Paulus immigrated to America in 1644, settling at New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. Paulus L. Van Der Grift An an employee of the West India Company, he was Captain of the ship 'Neptune' until 1645 an...

5/10/2008 7/24/2011

Arent van Hattem (deceased)

First burgomaster of New Amsterdam.

7/24/2011 7/24/2011

Capt. Matthias Nicoll, Jr. MP (1626 - 1687)

Secretary of Duke of York's commissioners, First secretary of the English province of NY, mayor of NYC, speaker of the General Assembly Part of the expedition of Governor Richard Nicolls, probably a ...

1/10/2008 7/24/2011

Jeremias van Rensselaer MP (1632 - 1674)

Birth: May 18, 1632, Netherlands Death: Oct. 12, 1674 Rensselaer Rensselaer County New York, USA He suceeded his brother Jan Baptist van Rensselaer as director of the colony Sept 24 1658. and hel...

9/17/2007 7/20/2011

Richard E Stout, Sr. MP (c.1615 - 1705)

"Richard", "Squan Dick"

Richard E. Stout Emigrated in 1644 from Nottinghamshire, England to New Netherlands. Timeline "Ran away from home and joined or was pressed into the British Navy where he served for seven years...

3/7/2007 7/7/2011

Penelope Stout (van Princis), The Mother of Middletown MP (c.1622 - 1732)

"Penelope", "van Printzen", "Kent (Lent)", "Van", "Princess", "Penelope /Thomson/", "Penelope Kent /Prncis/", "Penelope /Van Princen/", "Kent / lent"

Penelope (van Princis) Stout Penelope emigrated in 1644 from Amsterdam, Netherlands to New Netherland. Shipwrecked on the New Jersey shore, all from ship murdered by Indians, she critically wounded (...

3/7/2007 7/7/2011

Notes for Rutger Joesten Van Brunt: Rutger Joesten Van Brunt was also known as Rutger Joesten. Rutger Joesten Van Brunt emigrated circa 1653 from The Netherlands. Rutger Joesten Van Brunt resided at ...

8/14/2008 7/3/2011

Rachel Vigne MP (1623 - 1663)

"Rachel Van Tienhoven", "Rachel de la Vigne"

Children 1646 Jun 10; Cornelis Van Tienhoven; Jannetje; Willem Kieft, Adriane Nuvielle, Jannetje Adriaens 1649 Jan 17; Cornelis Van Tienhoven; Lucas; Jan Janszen Damen, Adriaen Van Tienhoven, Adr...

2/15/2007 7/2/2011

Jan Vigne (c.1624 - 1689)

The year 1624 (or 1625) witnessed the birth of Jan [Jean] Vigne, the first white male born in New Netherland. He was probably born on Manhattan Island. It is also possible that he was born at Albany, o...

3/3/2007 7/2/2011

Isaac Hendricksen Kip MP (1627 - 1678)

Isaack: He was baptized at the New Church, Amsterdam, Holland, on Jan 10, 1627, and came to America with his parents. He was admitted to the Rights of a Great Burgher in New Amsterdam on April 11, 1657...

6/11/2007 7/2/2011

• co-signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in 1664. Mentioned by Washington Irving Knickerbocker's History of New York: [A group of Dut...

8/2/2008 7/2/2011

Jan Monier de la Montagne, Jr. (1633 - 1672)

"Jean Mousnier", "John de la Montagne", "John Montagne"

Source 1: Descendants of Jean Mousnier de la MONTAGNE (1595-1670) Entries: 42813 Updated: 2008-10-22 00:23:33 UTC (Wed) Contact: Lois Stewart email Home Page: Society of D...

5/5/2007 7/2/2011

Johannes Verveelen (1616 - 1700)

8/15/2008 6/29/2011

Hendrick Thomasse Van Dyke MP (1609 - 1687)

"Van Dyke", "Van Dyck", "Dyck"

about - Hendrick Thomasse Van Dyke

3/2/2009 6/28/2011

Captain Martin (Marten) Cregier MP (1617 - c.1703)

"Marten", "Captain Martin"

Marten's children were born in New Netherlands. He was a French Huguenot. See Wikipedia Captain Martin Cregier came to New Amsterdam for the West India Company. He was a soldier, a trader and had one...

3/2/2007 6/28/2011

Pieter Wolfertsen (also Wolphertsen) van Couwenhoven. Brewer. July 11, prior to 1658. Brewer Pieter Wolfertsen van Couwenhoven almost made history. As one of the first schepens in the newly incorporate...

6/14/2007 6/28/2011

Laurens was married in New Amsterdam. At least 2 of this children were born in New Amsterdam. • Laurens and his wife witnessed the birth of two grandchildren in New Amsterdam: 1657 Oct 17; L...

6/25/2009 6/28/2011

Jan Gerritse de Potter Stryker (1615 - c.1697)

"Jan Strijcker"

findagrave... Born in 1615 in Ruinen in the province of Drenthe, Holland. Immigrated in 1652 to New Amsterdam with wife and four children from Ruinen in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. ...

11/10/2008 6/28/2011

Coenraed Notelman (deceased)

6/25/2011 6/25/2011

Harmen Albertse Vedder MP (1635 - 1715)

Herman Albertse Vedder - New Amsterdam Immigrant 1657 - Traveled from Holland to Beverwyck. (car) A first settler in Beverwyck, New Netherland. He was a trader at Beverwyck as early as 1657. In...

5/15/2008 6/23/2011

Teunis Nyssen Denyce MP (c.1620 - c.1662)

"de Nys", "Denyse", "Denyce", "Theunis Nysse", "Teunis Nyssen DeNyce Van Middleswart Tunison"

Came to America in 1638 from Bunnik, province of Utrecht, Netherlands. TEUNIS NYSSEN, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated as early as 1638 from Binninck or Bunnik in the Province of Utrecht, r...

9/24/2007 6/23/2011

Pieter Van Merselise (1622 - 1682)

Pieter Van Marselis (1600-1682) was born at Leerdam in Utrecht. He represented Russia at the Court of Denmark and was elevated to the Danish nobility on Sep. 17, 1643 and was granted a Coat of Arms. ...

12/29/2007 6/23/2011

Johannes, clergyman, born in Koedyck, Holland, in 1603; died in New York city, 14 January, 1670. The original form of the family name, Van Mecklenburg, was Hellenized into Megapolensis by his father, w...

11/1/2009 6/23/2011

Balthazar Bayard MP (1641 - c.1705)

9/18/2007 6/23/2011

Johannes de Peyster MP (c.1620 - 1685)

Jan and Cornelia were married in New Amsterdam at the Dutch Reformed Church 1651 17 Dec; Jan de Peyster , jm van Haerlem; Cornelia Lubberts , jd van Haerlem . New Amsterdam immigrant in 1645 ...

9/18/2007 6/23/2011

• with 92 others, co-signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in 1664. Johannes Van Brugh and his wife, Tryntje, the daughter of of Roeloff ...

5/11/2007 6/23/2011

Capt. Thomas Willett MP (1605 - 1674)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Thomas Willett (1611-1674) was a British merchant, Plymouth Colony trader and sea-captain, Commissioner of New Netherlands, a magistrate of Plymouth Colony, and C...

4/15/2007 6/23/2011

Adriaen van der Donck MP (c.1618 - c.1655)

"Adriaen van der Donck"

Adriaen Cornelissen van der Donck (ca. 1618 – ca. 1655) was a lawyer and landowner in New Netherland after whose honorific Jonkheer the city of Yonkers, New York is named. In addition to being t...

6/11/2009 6/23/2011

David Willemsz Provoost MP (1608 - 1657)

5/9/2008 6/23/2011

Govert Loockermans MP (c.1616 - 1671)

Arrives spring 1633 on De Soutbergh in New Netherland Please note... Govert is sometimes confused with a brother Godefridus (which is a namesake). Baptism records show that Godefridus was bapti...

7/29/2007 6/23/2011

Isaac Hendrick de Forest MP (1616 - 1674)

"Isaac Hendrick", "Hendrik", "van Foreest", "de Forest"

Isaac DeForeest, Jesse's son, arived from Leiden, Holland, March 5, 1637. Isaac made the voyage aboard the ship, Rensselaerwyck. This ship was jointly owned by Isaac's uncle, Gerard DeForest, and Killi...

5/25/2007 6/23/2011

Oloff Stevense van Cortlandt MP (c.1617 - 1684)

Oloff Stevense van Cortlandt - Ancestry library edition • • co-signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in 1664. Oloff Stevense V...

8/27/2007 6/23/2011

Captain John Underhill MP (1597 - 1672)

"Captain John Underhill"

John Underhill (7 October 1597 – 21 July 1672) was an early English settler and soldier in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Province of New Hampshire, the New Haven Colony, New Netherland, an...

9/7/2007 6/23/2011

Jan Everts Bout MP (c.1603 - 1671)

10/6/2008 6/23/2011

Jan Jansen "Old Jan" Damen MP (c.1610 - 1651)

"Jan Dumont", "Janszen Damen"

Adrienne was also a refugee from France. Her last name in Holland was known as "Cuvilje." Known to the Dutch as "Ariantje," she lived until 1655. She married, second, Jan Jansen "Old Jan" Damen (Dumont...

2/14/2009 6/23/2011

Francis Lovelace MP (c.1621 - 1686)

Francis LOVELACE was born about 1621. He died on 10 May 1686 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. In 1652 was in VA. said to have been entrusted by Gov. Berkley of Virginia to carry news to King Charles...

7/22/2007 6/23/2011

Peter Minuit MP (1580 - 1638)

Peter Minuit was the Third Director-General of New Netherland. He is credited with purchasing the Island of Manhattan from the Lenape indians on May 24, 1626 In 1631 Governor Minuit was recalled to H...

2/17/2009 6/23/2011

Pieter Stuyvesant MP (c.1592 - 1682)

"Petrus Stuyvesant", "Peter Stuyvesant", "Pieter Stuijvesant", "'Pieter Poot'"

Peter Stuyvesant (c. 1612 – August 1672), served as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland from 1647 until it was ceded provisionally to the English in 1664, after whi...

4/30/2007 6/23/2011

Profile on Wikipedia • with 92 others, co-signed the Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the British in 1664. (see number 28 in the list)

6/22/2011 6/22/2011

Johannes Theodorus Polhemius (c.1569 - 1611)


New Amsterdam - Notable Citizens Minister of the r Dutch Reformed Church Johannes Theodorius Polhermus a.k.a. Joannes Megapolensis

3/6/2007 6/19/2011

Michiel Jansen Vreeland MP (1610 - c.1663)

"Michiel Jansz Van Scrabbekercke", "Michiel Jansen Van den Berg"

Michiel Jansen [Vreeland] (1610-1663) was born in The Netherlands. There is no known connection between Michiel Jansen [Vreeland] and the town of Vreeland in The Netherlands and in the family name it i...

3/16/2007 6/19/2011

Jacob Stoffelsen (1604 - 1667)

Jacob Stoffelsen was notable among The Council of Twelve Men , a group of 12 men, chosen on 29 August 1641 by the residents of New Netherland to advise the Director of New Netherland, Willem Kieft, on ...

11/9/2008 6/19/2011

Kiliaen van Rensselaer MP (c.1585 - 1643)

Kiliaen van Rensselaer - Wikipedia - English Kiliaen van Rensselaer (c. 1585 – 7 October 1643 (buried)), was a Dutch merchant who was heavily involved in the Colonial American trade market. ...

5/18/2007 6/18/2011

Hendrick Janse Janse Roseboom (c.1625 - 1703)

"Hendrick Jansz Rooseboom", "Hendrick Roseboom", "Hendrick Jans Roseboom", "Hendrick Janse Roseboom Sr."

'Roseboom by Stefan Bielinski The story of the Roseboom family in early Albany begins with the appearance of 'Hendrick Janse in Beverwyck before 1660. In 1697 the households of 'Hendrick Sr. ' an...

7/12/2008 6/18/2011

Philippe de Lannoy MP (1602 - 1681)

"Philipp Delano", "Philippe de La Noye Delano", "Philipp DeLannoy", "Philipp de Lannoy", "Philippe de la Noye", "Phillipe De La Noye", "Phillip Delanoy"

French by ancestry, Dutch by birth, and English by association, Philippe de Lannoy earned for himself the respect of his English neighbors and the pride of his American descendants. Philippe de Lanno...

1/22/2007 6/17/2011

Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst (1627 - 1684)

7/12/2008 6/16/2011

Director of Rensselaerswyck

5/11/2007 6/16/2011

Corneilius Evertsz Wynkoop (1627 - 1676)

"Cornelius Evertz /Wynkoop/", "Cornelius /Wynkoop/", "Cornelis Evertsz /Wynkoop/"

Cornelius Wynkoop New Amsterdam - Immigrants Source: Gustav Anjou, 'Ulster Co, N.Y. Probate Records, Vol 1.', page 32. Liber B., page 261. T. B. R., 2, p.244. WYNKOOP, CORNELIUS, of Kingston....

7/29/2007 6/16/2011

Rev. Gideon Schaets (1607 - 1694)

He was a schoolteacher at the Hauge and later at Brielle from 1626 where he was tutor to the children of Count de Treslong. His wife Agnietje was governess of the Counts daughters. Later he opened ...

5/13/2009 6/16/2011

Nicasius de Sille MP (1610 - 1674)

"Nicasius de Sylle", "Nicasius de Silla"

Nicasuis was born september 23, 1610, in Arnheim. He studied at Leyden and the Univerity of Orleans where he graduated "with the cap," a Doctor of Law, as his father had done before him. He married 1...

3/3/2007 6/16/2011

Hendrick Hendricksen Kipp MP (1600 - 1685)


Name written Kype previously. Came to New Amsterdam before 1643 with his wife (probably Tryntje Droogh) and five children. That he was a man of consequence is shown by the fact his arms were painted ...

6/11/2007 6/16/2011

Elbert Elbertsz Stouthoff MP (c.1610 - 1688)

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Info from Stoothoff Family tree, (from Milton Haase) Emigrated from Niewkerken, Netherlands about 1637 Will probate Feb 25, 1688

5/9/2008 6/16/2011

Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman MP (1623 - 1707)

Wilhelmus Beekman was the founder of the Beekman family in America. He came to New Amsterdam, now New York, from Holland on the ship Princess, on May 27, 1647, with Director-General, and later the firs...

9/18/2007 6/16/2011

Cornelis Melijn MP (1600 - 1663)

"Cornelius Melyn"

After several trading voyages between Europe and America, Cornelius Melyn immigrated with his family to America aboard the "Den Byckenboom" ship on August 14,1641. The ship arrived in Nieuw A...

7/16/2007 6/16/2011

Frederick Lubberts MP (1609 - 1679)

"Frederick Lubertsen", "Frederick LUBBERTSEN", "Frederick LUBBERTSE"

Sailed with Peter Minuit Witnessed the deed from the Connektikut Indian Tribe to the Dutch West Indies Company/Minuit for Connecticut river & Hartford. The English Settlers moved in Downriver & restr...

1/6/2008 6/16/2011

Abraham Pietersen van Deursen (c.1607 - 1678)

"Abraham Pietersz van Deusen"

Abraham Pieterse Van Deursen - Wikipedia - English Franklin D. Roosevelt - Abraham's seventh great-grandson

3/17/2007 6/16/2011

Jacob Walichsen Van Winkle (1599 - 1657)

"Jacob Walichsen Van Hoorn"

Notable Citizen : In 1641 he was elected as one of the twelve men who represented those within the New Amsterdam city limits. Jacob Walichsen [Van Winkle] (1599-1657) was born in The Netherlands and ...

3/11/2007 6/16/2011

Abraham Isaacsen ver Planck MP (c.1610 - 1690)

Abraham arrived in New Amsterdam between 1633-1634. An interesting link about the Verplanck family and the Mount Gullian homestead can be found here . • signed the Petition to surrender New ...

7/29/2007 6/16/2011

It might be safe to assume that Jan Pieterszen arrived in America between 1634-1662. One date frequently seen is 15 April 1660. At the time, the Dutch West India Company had an office in Hoorn. Accor...

6/9/2007 6/14/2011

Brandt Van Nieuwkerk (c.1593 - 1644)

Brandt Peelen arrived in 1630 from Nieuwkerk (NL) and settled in Rensselaerswyck. He died in 1644.

5/5/2008 6/14/2011

Aucke Janse Van Nuys MP (c.1621 - 1698)

"Auke Janse van Nuyse", "Aucke Jans Van Huys", "Aucke Jansen"

AUCKE Janse Van Nuys was the common ancestor of the Van Nuys family in America, In 1651 he with his wife, Magdalena Pieterse, and some of his children emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (now New...

3/25/2007 6/14/2011

Captain Frans Jansen Bloetgoet (c.1623 - 1676)

"Francis Bloodgood", "Frans Jansen Bloedtgoedt"

Frans Jansen Bloetgoet Captain Frans Jansen Bloetgoet (Anglicized to Francis Bloodgood) (c. 1623 - 29 December 1676) was a Netherlander who immigrated to Flushing, Queens, He is the ancestor of the A...

2/26/2008 6/14/2011

Roelof Adriaansz van Wijk, SV/PROG MP (1632 - 1699)

"van Wyk", "Adriaanz staan vir seun van Adriaan"

Descendant of Kings of England, Scotland and France: ___________________________________________ Adriaen Gerritsz van Wijk his father → Gerrit Jerephaesz Van Wijk his father → M...

2/16/2007 6/14/2011

Anthony de Hooges MP (1620 - 1655)

Sailed aboard the "Connick David" 1641 from Holland Assistant to the colony's director later Sec'y of colony "Antonie de Hooges, commis, afterwards Secretary of the Colonie. "His daughter and only ch...

5/8/2008 6/14/2011

Garrett van Swearingen MP (1636 - 1698)

"Swieringh", "Sweringen", "Gerrit van Schweringe", "Gerrett van Swearingen", "Gerrit VanSweringen"

"The father of the family went by the name of 'Monsieur' Garret VanSweringen. He was the former Sheriff of the Dutch Colony on the Delaware, who had publicly broken his sword against his knees after th...

6/26/2007 6/14/2011

Capt. Aeldert Hymansz Roosa MP (1621 - 1670)

"Aldert Heyamnsen", "Albert", "Hymans", "Aleardt", "Albrecht", "Haymanse"

Aleardt, Aldert or Albert Heymanse Roose came to this country from Harwyen, also spelled Herwijnen, in Gelderland, Holland, on Waal river, five miles west of Bommel. Or it may be the present Herwijnen,...

7/6/2007 6/14/2011

Rev. Everardus Bogardus MP (1607 - 1647)

"Dominie Bogardus", "Rev. Bogardus", "Evert Bogaert - Everardus Bogardus"

See Wikipedia... about - Evarardus Bogardus Everardus Bogardus died date unknown. He married Anneke Jans on Abt. 1638. Includes NotesNotes for Everardus Bogardus: Date: 9 Sept [1640] Parent...

3/17/2007 6/8/2011

Joris Jansen Rapalje MP (1604 - 1663)

"Georges Rapareillet", "Joris Jansen Rapalje", "Joris de Rapalje", "Joris Jansen de Rapelje", "Joris Jansen de Rapelji", "Hugenots"

Birth Joris was born in 1604 in Valenciennes which at the time was town in the province of Hainut in the southern part of the Spanish Netherlands (now in the Nord department of northern France). ...

3/6/2007 6/8/2011

Tjerck Claessen de Witt MP (1629 - 1700)

"Tjerk de With"

See here for photos of the marriage record: Tjerck Claessen DE WITT b. abt 1619/1620, Saterland, Hesephalia, Netherlands, m. 24-Apr-1656, in Ref. Collegiate Dut. Ch., New Amsterda, Barbara ...

3/2/2007 6/8/2011

Jan Thomasse van Dyck MP (c.1605 - 1673)

"Jan Thomasse van Dyck"

! came to New Utrecht 1652 Ship de Bonta Kou (the spotted Cow) Migrated from Amsterdam Holland to New Amsterdam 1652 with wife and seven children, One of the founders of New Utrecht granted patent of...

8/11/2007 6/8/2011

Jacobus Gerritszn Stryker (c.1614 - c.1696)

Jan Strijcker was the son of Gerrit Stryker and Altje Lucasdochter. Jan Strijcker was born in 1617 at Dwinglo, Runien, Netherlands. Jan Strijcker was born circa 1615 at Ruinen, Drenthe, Netherlands...

10/12/2007 6/8/2011

Notes for Jacob Wolphertse Van Kouwenhoven: Came to New Amsterdam as a teenager (see Russell Shorto 's book {note below}) Jacob Wolphertse Van Kouwenhoven was born in 1615 at Amersfoort, Utrecht, N...

6/14/2007 6/8/2011

Gerret Wolfersen van Cowenhoven MP (1610 - 1645)

"Gerret Wolfertson van Couwenhoven", "Gerrit Wolfersen van Couwenhoven"

, " 'This day, date underwritten, before me Cornelis Van Tienhoven, secretary, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, appeared Wolphert Gerritsen and Gerrit Wolphertsen, as guardians of Lamber...

2/19/2007 6/8/2011

Michael Pauluzen Van Der Voort (1615 - 1692)

"Michail", "Michael Pauluszen Pau /Vander Voort/", "Mahail Pauluzen /Vandervoort/"

Michael Paulus Van Der Voort came from East Flanders region of Dendermonde prior to the year 1640 and located in the Dutch city of New Amsterdam, now New York. The records show that he was married to...

6/3/2008 6/6/2011

Cornelius Jansen van Texel MP (c.1600 - 1691)

"Cornelis Jansen Van Texel", "Cornelius Jensen Van Tassel", "Cornelius Jensen (Texel) Van Tassel", "Cornelius Jansen Van Texel", "Cornelius Janszen Van Texel", "Cornelius Jensen Van Texel"

CORNELIUS JENSEN2 VAN TEXEL (JAN1) was born Abt. 1600 in Isle of Texel, North Holland, and died WFT Est. 1629-1691. He married (1) CATONERAS (NATIVE AMERICAN) WFT Est. 1612-1649, daughter of WYANDANCE ...

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Dirck Gorris Storm (c.1630 - 1716)

"Dirck Gorris Storm"

Dirck Storm (1630 - 1716) New Amsterdam Immigrant Dirck Storm - Wikipedia Dirck Storm was born in Utrecht, Holland, in 1630. his family resided in Leyden, Holland, where they dealt in fine cl...

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Cornelis Luycasz van Tienhoven MP (1611 - 1656)

"Cornelius", "Cornelis", "Lucasz", "Lucassen", "Cornelius Luycasz"

From the English Wikipedia page on Cornelis van Tienhoven: Cornelis van Tienhoven (ca. 1601 Utrecht- November 1656 ?, Manhattan ?) was secretary of the New Netherlands from 1638 to 1656 and as such...

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