Lawrence Robert Klein MP (1920 - 2013)

Lawrence Robert Klein (September 14, 1920 – October 20, 2013) was an American economist. For his work in creating computer models to forecast economic trends in the field of econometrics in th...

Simon Kuznets MP (deceased)

Simon Kuznets Biography Simon Smith Kuznets (April 30, 1901 – July 8, 1985) was a Belarusian-American economist, statistician, demographer, and economic historian who won the 1971 Nobel Memo...

Herbert A. Simon (1916 - 2001)

Herbert Alexander Simon (June 15, 1916 – February 9, 2001) was an American political scientist, economist, sociologist, psychologist, and professor—most notably at Carnegie Mellon Unive...

Paul Samuelson MP (1915 - 2009)

Paul Anthony Samuelson (May 15, 1915 – December 13, 2009) was an American economist, and the first American to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Swedish Royal Academies st...

George A. Akerlof, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics MP

George Arthur Akerlof (born June 17, 1940) is an American economist and Koshland Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He won the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sci...

Alvin Elliot Roth, Nobel Prize Winner 2012 MP

Menlo Park, San Mateo, California, United States

Alvin Elliot Roth (born December 19, 1951) is an American economist who is currently a visiting professor at Stanford University as well as George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administrat...

Friedrich August von Hayek, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, 1974 MP (1899 - 1992)

Friedrich August Hayek CH (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈaʊ̯ɡʊst ˈhaɪ̯ɛk]) (8 May 1899 &#x...

Gunnar Myrdal MP (1898 - 1987)

Karl Gunnar Myrdal (6 December 1898 – 17 May 1987) was a Swedish Nobel Laureate economist, sociologist, and politician. In 1974, he received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Fr...

Milton Friedman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, 1976 MP (1912 - 2006)

American economist, statistician, and economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and Nobel laureate.

Thomas J. Sargent MP

New York, NY, USA

Thomas J. Sargent From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thomas J. Sargent New classical macroeconomics Born July 19, 1943 (age 68) Nationality United States Field Macroeconomics, monetary economics ...