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Benjamin Russell (1804 - 1885)

History Benjamin Russell (1804-1886) rightly deserves the accolade of New Bedford’s definitive whaleman artist as only a few professional American artists ever went whaling and none documented...

8/13/2014 8/13/2014

Captain Preserved Fish (1766 - 1846)

BIOGRAPHY SKETCH OF THE LATE PRESERVED FISH This singular man, and distinguished merchant, was born in the village of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, on the third day of July, in the year 1766, and di...

5/21/2009 6/18/2013

Henry Grinnell (1799 - 1874)

Henry Grinnell (born February 18, 1799 in New Bedford, Massachusetts - June 30, 1874) was an American merchant and philanthropist. In 1818, Grinnell moved to New York City where he became a clerk in ...

11/23/2008 6/17/2013

Moses Hicks Grinnell (1803 - 1877)

"Throughout New York’s history, there are few men more prominently identified with her commercial growth and prosperity, also in the advancement of her shipping, than Moses Hicks* Grinnell. Un...

11/23/2008 6/17/2013

Joseph Grinnell (1788 - 1885)

Joseph Grinnell (1788-1885) was a bank president for 46 years, founded the Wamsutta Mills, served four terms in the U. S. Congress, and was co-owner of a very successful shipping company, Fish and Grin...

11/23/2008 6/17/2013

History It is from Cornelius that the legendary New Bedford Grinnells originated. Cornelius, born 11 Feb 1758 at Little Compton, RI, was the son of Daniel4 Grinnell (continuing back to Richard3, Dani...

11/23/2008 6/17/2013

George Howland (1781 - 1852)

History George Howland George Howland was born on November 7, 1781 in the Long Plain section of what is now Acushnet, Massachusetts. The Howlands had been among the earliest settlers in Old Dartmouth...

1/22/2007 6/17/2013