Peter Thomas Hull, Sr. MP (c.1706 - 1776)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A059550 Birth: (CIRCA) 1706 THE PALATINE GERMANY Death: (ANTE) 3-19-1776 AUGUSTA CO VIRGINIA Notice: FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE (NO ...

William Steuart (c.1732 - c.1797)

page 72 History of Highland County Steuart, a young Scotchman, had a thrilling experience in reaching these mountains. Being well educated, he expected to follow a profession. The ship on which he to...

Loftus Pullins, Sr. (c.1729 - 1801)

DAR Ancestor #:A092084

Negro enslaved by Jane Usher Pullins (deceased)

1750 - The first Negro slave known to be in the vicinity of present Highland County, Virginia was a girl or young woman purchased for Ann Jane USHER by her guardian about 1750. It is very possible that...

Thomas Devericks, Sr. (c.1735 - 1812)

Story : The Shaws (whom Shaw's Fork was named for) lived across the run from the original homesite. They were disturbed by the Devericks clan and moved from their homestead to get away from the Deveric...

Richard Bodkin (c.1710 - c.1773)

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records: Page 380.-- 18th October, 1759 . John Smith's appraisement, by Loftus Pullen, Jno. Carlile, Richard Bodkin --Shoemaker's tools; cash received of Capt. Preston....