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John McKee, US Congress (c.1771 - 1832)

Indian Agent & Congressman; possibly married an Indian woman. John McKee, a Representative from Alabama; born in Augusta (now Rockbridge) County, Va., in 1771; attended Liberty Hall Academy (now Wa...

7/1/2011 10/4/2015

James White (1749 - 1809)

) James White (June 16, 1749 – October, 1809) was an American physician, lawyer, and politician. He was an early settler at Nashville, Tennessee and in Louisiana. He was a delegate for North C...

11/18/2010 8/18/2015

Col. Samuel Wear (c.1753 - 1817)

Began military career in 1777 while still living in Rockbridge County, Virginia. By 1780, he had built and occupied Fort Wear in what is now Sevier County, TN. He was a Captain under Col.John Sevier ...

12/31/2008 8/18/2015

Thomas Thornburgh MP (c.1761 - 1832)

Thomas Thornburg was the son of Benjamin Eli Thornburg and second wife Mary Brooks. He was born c.1761 in Berkeley County, Virginia and died in 1832 in Liberty Corners, Delaware County, Indiana. He mar...

10/5/2013 8/17/2014

Christina Demonbreun (1787 - 1850)


2/10/2009 3/21/2014

AQUILLA Carmack (1754 - 1811)

AQUILLA3 CARMACK (WILLIAM2, CORNELIUS1) was born 13 January 1754 in ,Frederick Co, MD, and died 25 February 1811 in ,Davidson Co, TN. He married (1) BENNY CARTWRIGHT 10 August 1784. She died 05 Sep...

6/6/2010 3/21/2014

Captain Alexander Ewing was a Revolutionary War hero. Alexander is a son of John Ewing and a grandson of Alexander Ewing (1677-1738/9) an Immigrant to America in 1727. Early settler of N.W. Davidso...

8/2/2011 3/21/2014

Elizabeth Rhea (1732 - 1793)


Widow of the Reverend Joseph Rhea who is buried at Piney Creek, Maryland. This family came to America from Ireland in 1769. She came with family and fellow church members to Tennessee in 1778.

7/10/2013 7/10/2013

John Rhea (1753–May 27, 1832) was an American soldier and politician of the early 19th century who represented Tennessee in the United States House of Representatives. Rhea County, Tennessee i...

7/10/2013 7/10/2013

Capt. John Teneretta Baker MP (1735 - 1831)


John Renta Baker is buried in the John Baker Cemetery, Owsley County, Kentucky. Name: John Teneretta "Renta" BAKER , Capt. Sex: M Title: Captain Birth: 17 OCT 1735 in Pine Moutain, Wilkes County, North...

7/16/2007 5/7/2013

Josiah Nichol (1772 - 1833)

Josiah Nichol, early merchant of Nashville, Tennessee, was born in Fahan Parish, Donegal, Ireland, 17 Mar 1772. A copy of the Nichol family Bible, verifying his birthplace and date, is now in the Te...

6/5/2009 5/5/2013

William Rankin Bowen (1742 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Captain. DAR Ancestor # A012747 14. William BOWEN was born in 1742 in Augusta, Co., Va.. He died on 15 Dec 1804 in Sumner Co., Tn.. ...

4/6/2007 4/9/2013

Gideon Blackburn, Presbyterian minister, college president, and missionary to the Cherokees, was born in Augusta County, Virginia, on August 27, 1772. Orphaned in his youth, Blackburn moved to what i...

12/18/2010 4/8/2013

Russell Bean (c.1760 - 1829)

William Bean initiated permanent settlement in eastern Tennessee when he arrived from Virginia in 1769 and built a rude cabin on Boone's Creek near its junction with the Watauga River. He was joined so...

11/15/2008 4/8/2013

Capt. William Bean MP (1721 - 1782)

"billy", "Captain Billy"

Captain William 'Billy' Bean (1721-1782) son of William Bean and Elizabeth Hatton was the first recorded permanent white settler in what later became the state of Tennessee. While settled in Pittsylvan...

2/22/2007 4/8/2013

Susanna Randolph Clark (1768 - 1842)

Nee Susan Randolph Payne. Her father was John Payne. She was born on 24 Jan 1768, Fulvanna Co, Virginia. Died on 17 Oct 1847. Buried with her husband in the Bethel Cemetery, Kingston, Tennessee.

4/1/2013 4/1/2013

Robert Peyton MP (1745 - 1795)

DAR Ancestor #: A089994 PEYTON, ROBERT Ancestor #: A089994 Service:  VIRGINIA    Rank: SOLDIER Birth:  (ANTE) 1740    PRINCE WILLIAM CO VIRGINIA ...

3/26/2009 3/28/2013

Info added per the DAR's "Lineage Book of the Charter Members" by Mary S Lockwood published 1895 showing "a soldier in the Revolution at 15 years of age, with Mad Anthony Wayne in '96, a major general ...

12/3/2010 3/26/2013

Ignatius Chisholm (c.1777 - c.1837)

Ignatius’ parentage is also rather confusing. His father is clearly John D. Chisholm(I049) . Some think that Ignatius’ mother was John’s first wife, a White woman, named Betsy Si...

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

3/19/2013 3/20/2013

Gov. Archibald Roane MP (1760 - 1819)

Archibald Roane (1759 or 1760 – January 18, 1819) was the second Governor of Tennessee, serving from 1801 to 1803. He won the office after the state's first governor, John Sevier, was prevente...

3/13/2013 3/13/2013

Anne Lewis Dale (1796 - 1829)

7/20/2010 3/12/2013

John Key (1735 - 1795)

John Key, son of Moses, Jr., was born about 1735. He served in the Revolutionary War as Captain from Washington Co., N.C. After the War he, with his son David, and perhaps other children, moved to what...

3/10/2013 3/10/2013

Lee Shute (1797 - 1879)

2/5/2013 2/23/2013

John Shute (deceased)

On April 14, 1793 John Rains was commissioned captain of a "company of mounted infantrymen called into service for the protection of the frontier of Mero District," according to Robert Hays, muster mas...

2/5/2013 2/23/2013

William Edwards (1730 - 1795)

6/25/2009 2/16/2013

Elizabeth Dunn (1781 - 1837)


Rains, daughter of Capt. John Rains and Christiana Gowen Rains, was born about 1781 probably in Davidson County. She was married there September 26, 1801 to Michael Carnes Dunn, according to Davidson C...

9/11/2012 2/5/2013

Michael Dunn (1770-1853) married Elizabeth Rains (1781-1837) and raised a large family there in the early 1800s. Col. Michael C. Dunn, built the Grassmere home in 1810 He was Presbyterian and was...

9/11/2012 2/5/2013

Captain John Rains, born 1743 - 1753 On Christmas 1779 he led his family and livestock across the frozen Cumberland and settled in this vicinity. In 1784 he built a fort that enclosed the spring 75 y...

8/18/2007 2/5/2013

William Nathaniel Gale MP (c.1740 - c.1820)

In 1823 Henry L. Sheffey testified that about 1805 he and Thomas Warner took the illegitimate son of Joseph Barron, "acknowledged by him as such", then between four and five years old to the residence ...

1/18/2011 2/4/2013

Joseph Barron MP (c.1758 - c.1816)

Joseph Barron (c1758-1816), an Indian trader in Virginia and Tennessee. Do not confuse him with Joseph Barron (1773-1843), Indian Interpreter. He and his brothers John and Hugh carried on a success...

10/16/2010 2/4/2013

Catharina Gale Roberson MP (1781 - 1851)

"Catherine Helva", "Catherine Helbay"

She was named in her mother's 1794 will and was listed as an heir in her father's 1800 estate settlement. Her maiden name, birth date, and relationship to her husband and sons are shown by the LDS Inte...

5/10/2009 2/4/2013

John Pillow (1745 - 1793)

MILITARY SERVICE OF JOHN PILLOW IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION The service of John Pillow has been approved by the NSSAR (# 118709). He served as a soldier in Captain David Steel's company in the 13th ...

4/19/2011 2/3/2013

Alexander Ewing (1797 - 1834)

Alexander C Ewing {57} was born 9 Sep 1797 in Davidson County, Tennessee. He was the son of Alexander Ewing {52} and Sarah Smith {53}. Alexander died 13 Jun 1834. He married Chloe Russell Saunders

6/5/2009 2/1/2013

Capt. William Alexander (1746 - 1830)

Buried on original grant « mile southeast of Hartsville, Trousdale (formerly Smith) County known as the Gleaves place. Graves marked with upright slabs now falling through, moderately well pre...

6/20/2011 1/30/2013

Maj. William Hall (1740 - 1787)

Links The Chickamauga Wars were raging at this time, and the Sumner County area north of Nashville was particularly vulnerable. On June 3, 1787, William's brother, James, was killed as the two ...

12/30/2008 1/30/2013

Richard Hall (b. - 1787)

The Chickamauga Wars were raging at this time, and the Sumner County area north of Nashville was particularly vulnerable. On June 3, 1787, William's brother, James, was killed as the two were ambushed ...

1/30/2013 1/30/2013

James Hall (b. - 1787)

1/30/2013 1/30/2013

Isaac Bledsoe MP (c.1735 - 1793)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of FIRST MAJOR. DAR ancestor #A011217 Colonel Isaac Bledsoe was killed on Cumberland in the month of April and on the 20th of...

8/12/2009 1/30/2013

Clarissa Lauderdale (1793 - 1841)

12/22/2009 1/30/2013

James Franklin, a longhunter MP (c.1755 - 1825)

James Franklin 1750 - 1819 DAR Ancestor #: A041746 Pilot Knob, Sumner County, Tennessee James Franklin came to Tennessee originally as a Long Hunter. These men were very much like the Mountain Men ...

3/28/2009 1/24/2013

Samuel Alexander Neeley (1766 - 1790)

1/22/2013 1/22/2013

Elizabeth Neeley (1748 - 1783)

1/22/2013 1/22/2013

Charlotte Robertson (c.1751 - 1843)

"Indian fighter"

Charlotte Reeves Robertson was among the earliest settlers to live in Middle Tennessee. She followed her husband, James Robertson, in a journey from the Watauga settlement of East Tennessee to the wi...

6/5/2009 1/21/2013

Capt. Abraham Lewis De Moss MP (1753 - 1820)

DAR Ancestor #: A031723 Also known as Abraham Lewis DeMoss. Founded town of Bellevue, Tennessee. Built a log cabin on the banks of the Harpeth River in 1797 and named it "Belle Vue". Revolutionary ...

9/14/2009 1/10/2013

Gen. James Winchester (1752 - 1826)

James was born the son of William Winchester [1711] ENG and Lydia Richards [1727] MD [daughter of Edward Richards [1678] ENG and Mary Head [1690] ENG]. Edward Richards came to the new world from Ma...

6/2/2009 1/7/2013

Martha Mary Tipton MP (1736 - 1794)

"Martha Moore"


4/27/2008 11/19/2012

Mary Tipton MP (1732 - 1776)


10/19/2007 11/19/2012

Col. John Tipton MP (1730 - 1813)

John Tipton was a captain in Lord Dunmore's war, but he more generally was known as Col. John Tipton. ) Col. John Tipton Born on August 15, 1730, Col. John Tipton resided in Baltimore County unti...

6/10/2007 11/19/2012

William "Fighting Billy" Tipton MP (1761 - 1849)

"Col. William "Fighting Billy" Tipton", "Fighting Billy", ""Fightin' Billy""


9/21/2008 11/19/2012

Capt. William Lytle MP (1755 - 1829)


William Lytle, of Hillsboro, N.C., was the son of Robert Lytle (1729-1774) and Sarah Mebane Lytle, and served in the Sixth, First, and Fourth regiments of the North Carolina Line during the Revolutio...

2/11/2009 11/10/2012

Sarah Y. Smith (1728 - 1809)

By all accounts, Sarah was the wife of Robert Smith. So far as is known, their children were Elizabeth, Sarah, Alexander and Nancy. Sarah's parents names are given as John and Mary Clemmons in the bo...

11/18/2010 11/8/2012

Dorthea Gordon (1779 - 1859)

"Dolley", "Dorothea"

Dolley Cross Gordon married the Captain in 1794 & lived to be 81 passing away in 1859. She was a successful business woman operating the Duck River Ferry and Trading Post while her husband was away o...

7/12/2009 11/8/2012

John Gordon (1763-1819) As with many others, he came west towards the end of the war and settled in Nashville when, as a contemporary observed, it contains "only two houses which, in true, merit ...

7/12/2009 11/8/2012

Nicholas Fain (c.1782 - 1849)

HOUSE, 23rd and 24th General Assemblies, 1839-43; representing Hawkins and Sullivan counties; Republican. Born on February 4, 1782; place not known, but probably in Washington County, North Carolin...

11/7/2012 11/7/2012

Francis Alexander Ramsey of Scots-Irish descent, helped James White explore what is now the Knoxville, Tennessee area in 1783, and later served in various capacities in the State of Franklin and Southw...

5/12/2008 11/3/2012

Abner Alexander Lester (1754 - 1833)

Abner Lester Added by chrisann59 on 10 Dec 2008 born on 8 Aug 1754 in Montgomery County, VA and died in Jul 1833 in Williamson County, TN at age 78. General Notes: Abner was one of the early ...

3/17/2007 11/2/2012

Arthur Campbell, Indian Scout (1743 - 1811)

"Lt. Col.", "Arthur Campbell"

Arthur Campbell, a political and military leader in Virginia and frontier Tennessee, was born in Augusta County, Virginia, on November 3, 1743. A band of Wyandotte Indians captured fifteen-year-old Cam...

2/20/2009 10/31/2012

Elizabeth Campbell MP (1767 - 1821)

Elizabeth Outlaw 1767 Duplin Co NC - 19 Jan 1821 Cahaba AL married Washington Co VA 1779 David [Judge] Campbell 26 May 1750 Augusta Co VA - 21 Nov 1812 Old Washington, Rhea County TN Judge David...

10/31/2012 10/31/2012

Judge David Campbell MP (1750 - 1812)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of MAJOR. DAR Ancestor #: A018570 Judge David Campbell, State of Franklin official and early territorial and state judge, was born in A...

7/18/2011 10/31/2012

Thomas Deaderick (1765 - 1831)

After 1802, Thomas Deaderick moved to Tennessee settling for a few years at Mansker's Station before moving to Nashville, where he was a successful merchant and silversmith.

10/27/2012 10/27/2012

Grizel Cocke MP (c.1768 - 1820)

"Grizzell;Simms;Keziah;Sims", "Kissiah", "Kissah"

Parish Sims, first husband of Grizel Kissiah, made his will November 26, 1807, and died within a few months. His will, recorded in 1812, in Lincoln County (later destroyed by fire), named his wife Griz...

7/12/2009 10/26/2012

Ann Cockrill MP (1757 - 1821)

"Indian Fighter", "Ann (Robertson) Johnston", "Eliza"

Ann Robertson Cockrill was the only woman among the early Cumberland settlers to receive a land grant in her own name. In 1784 the North Carolina legislature awarded this honor for her contribution to ...

12/17/2008 10/22/2012

Maj. John Cockrill MP (1757 - 1837)

John COCKRILL was born 19 Dec 1757 in Wythe County, Virginia. John married Ann ROBERTSON JOHNSON/JOHNSTON, a widow with three daughters. John Died at Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee 11 Apr 183...

10/22/2012 10/22/2012

Mathias M Yoakum, Jr. MP (1736 - 1837)


Mathias M first married Dixon1, daughter of Ben Dixon (-1881). Born in .  10 children. On 28 Dec 1784 when Mathias M was 48, he second married Leah Williams1, daughter of Elizabeth Will...

6/26/2007 10/3/2012

Sally Ridley, Defender of the Fort (c.1773 - 1831)

"defender of the fort"

Notes for Sarah Ridley: The Heroine of Buchanan Station, Davidson County, TN. A great journal of this battle has been preserved. "... was born in eastern Tennessee ... and had thirteen children, ...

10/2/2012 10/2/2012

Joseph McMinn (June 22, 1758 – October 17, 1824) was an American politician. He was the fifth Governor of Tennessee, serving from 1815 to 1821. A veteran of the American Revolution, he had pre...

10/2/2012 10/2/2012

Margaret Patterson (b. - 1782)


First Settlers of Neely's Bend in Davidson Co., TN.

7/5/2008 9/12/2012

Martha Gowan, Escaped Indians (c.1773 - d.)

"gowen", ""Patsy""

John Rains, Jr., said: On one occasion my sister [Martha "Patsy" Rains] wished to go up to Armstrong's Station, about seven miles from Nashville. She could not get company as pleased her, so she went a...

9/11/2012 9/11/2012

James P. Condon, Mayor (c.1767 - c.1837)

James P. Condon, normally employed as a tailor and boarding house proprietor, was High Constable of Nashville from 1814 to 1816 and was elected Mayor of Nashville in 1820 in a highly contested election...

9/11/2012 9/11/2012

John Rains, Jr. (c.1770 - c.1855)

In 1787 while serving in a company of spies [scouts] com­manded by his father, he took part in a skirmish with the In­dians near Nashville. As the braves began to retreat, John Rains, J...

9/11/2012 9/11/2012

Keziah Sevier MP (c.1753 - 1806)

"Kesiah Sevier", "Tipton"

ROBERT SEVIER appears on Captain Evan Shelby's company list of June 11, 1773, so it is known that Robert Sevier followed his brother, Valentine, to the new frontier, and preceded John Sevier. Valenti...

4/11/2007 9/6/2012

Maj. Jonathan Tipton MP (1750 - 1833)

"Jonathan 'Major Continental Army' Tipton", "Major"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of MAJOR. DAR Ancestor # A115933 from A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans: the leaders and ..., Volume 8 By Will ...

6/10/2007 9/6/2012

John Cage (1780 - 1827)

8) John Cage (3 Dec 1780 - 9 May 1827) m. 11 Dec 1800, Sumner Co. TN, Thankful Morgan (9 Jun 1786 - 28 Aug 1843) Links

9/3/2012 9/3/2012

Nathaniel Hall MP (1750 - 1833)

Nathaniel Hall came to Tennessee from Virginia in 1778 Sources DAR Ancestor #: A049399 Links

4/5/2011 9/2/2012

From "Descendants of James Doak" by Joseph A. Payne: Elizabeth Thankful3 DOAK, (Samuel2 DOAK, James1) was born Jan 14, 1746/1747 at Fisherville, Tinkling Spring, Augusta Co., Va. Elizabeth ma...

5/13/2007 9/2/2012

Rev. Samuel Doak, Jr., D.D. MP (1749 - 1830)

Samuel Doak (1749–1830) was an American Presbyterian clergyman and educator, a pioneer in the movement for the abolition of slavery. Wikipedia From "Descendants of James Doak" by Joseph A. Pay...

5/9/2007 9/2/2012

Nicholas Hale (1724 - 1818)

In 1800 Major William Cage's second wife died and he married Elizabeth Hale Stephenson who was the sister of his first daughter's husband. She was the daughter of Nicholas Hale of Washington County. Th...

3/8/2008 9/2/2012

Maj. William Cage MP (1745 - 1811)

Major William Cage, born in Virginia, 1745, moved to Chatham County, N. C., before the Revolution. He was prominent and popular, and when the Revolution began he was appointed Major and was chiefly act...

4/5/2007 9/2/2012

Thomas Hardin Perkins (1757 - 1838)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor #: A088942

7/12/2009 9/1/2012

Charles Perkins (1742 - c.1813)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor #: A088723

2/25/2007 9/1/2012

David Hughes (c.1757 - 1849)

My family memoirs. [2d ed.] By Thomas Hughes. Published 1918 by Printed by King Bros. in Baltimore . Written in English. Mother was Bridgett/O'Neill DAR Ancestor #: A059111 HUGHES, DAVID Ance...

5/26/2012 9/1/2012

Giles Harding MP (1749 - 1810)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor #: A050185 The Hardings came to Davidson County in 1798 and bought tracts on the Harpeth River from David Cloyd. Giles3 Harding (Wi...

7/20/2009 9/1/2012

Anna Stump (1725 - 1804)


This was one of those backyard rather then church yard burials. Then evidently someone put a house on top of at least one grave. While people were remodeling they found Ann's stone either under the f...

3/29/2009 9/1/2012

Hans Frederick Stump (1723 - 1820)

"Hans", "Frederick", "Colonel"

Frederick Stump, an early settler in the Fort Nashborough area, came from Pennsylvania by way of Georgia. He was a revolutionary war soldier and noted Indian fighter. He owned a large plantation along ...

3/29/2009 9/1/2012

Mary McGavock (1773 - 1834)


Nee Mary Turner. 1st marriage to ? Hubble. 2nd marriage to McGavock, 1812.

4/30/2012 8/31/2012

David McGavock, Jr., (c.1763 - 1838)

David McGavock, 6 February 1763, m. 1st, Elizabeth McDowll, 2d, Mrs. Mary Hubble, d. 7 August, 1838. David McGavock (1763 - 1838) was a Middle Tennessee landowner and farmer. He served as Registrar...

4/27/2012 8/31/2012

Elizabeth-Hensley Bennett, Mistress (1745 - 1856)

"Derratt", "Hinslar", "Hensley", "Himmsley"

It was this time (1786) in Timothy’s life when his “Nashville wife” comes into the picture, which was really his mistress. In January, 1787, Elizabeth Bennett - commonly called Hin...

2/10/2009 8/31/2012

Colonel Thomas Hutchings MP (1745 - 1804)

1779 Dec. 22 Colonel John Donelson and party, to include Thomas Hutchings, departed on a famous boat trip to French Lick (Nashville). The trip started at the Netherland Inn (Kingsport Tn.) navigating...

6/19/2008 8/31/2012

John Donelson III (1755 - 1830)

9/10/2008 8/31/2012

Rachel Donelson MP (c.1715 - 1801)


RACHEL5 STOKELY (ALEXANDER4, JOSEPH3, JOHN (STOCKLEY)2, JOHN (STOCKLEY)1) was born in Accomac County, Virginia, and died 1801 in Davidson County, Tennessee. She married JOHN DONELSON II Abt. 1750 in Pi...

7/1/2007 8/31/2012

Judge John Overton Sr. MP (1766 - 1833)

) JOHN W. OVERTON was secretary to President Andrew Jackson. John Overton (April 9, 1766 – April 12, 1833) was an advisor of Andrew Jackson, a judge at the Superior Court of Tennessee, a b...

7/8/2010 8/31/2012

Nancy Agnes Kelsey (1734 - 1795)

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

William Kelsey (1739 - 1806)

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

Susannah Blair (1765 - 1829)

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

Martha Blair (1732 - 1803)

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

John Blair, Sr. (1737 - 1799)

John Blair I was born 1737 in Ireland. He came to America before 1754. He was a private under Captain Peebles' Foot Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia, Revolutionary War. He married M...

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

John Blair, Jr. (1754 - 1818)

Comments (Overview )     1) JOHN BLAIR, SR. FATHER JOHN, JR. SERVED FROM PA. DAR Ancestor #: A010855

4/8/2009 8/30/2012

Ebenezer John Cunningham (1768 - 1812)

Note: Believed to have been a Presbyterian Minister Links

3/14/2010 8/30/2012

Catherine Matlock MP (1757 - 1824)

Catherine Sevier Birth: 1756 - Rockingham, Virginia Death: Sep 6 1824 - Overton, Clay, Tennessee, United States Parents: Valentine Sevier, Joanna Goad Married: William Matlock Children: Joh...

2/22/2007 8/30/2012