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Mary Jones MP (c.1682 - 1714)


Mary Ransford was born in England about 1682 and was living in July 1714 on Block Island, Rhode Island. She emigrated as a Redemptionist to New London, Connecticut. notes From Miner Descent John ...

8/2/2008 9/29/2015

John Rogers, of New London MP (1648 - 1721)

John Rogers (son of James Rogers, a wealthy merchant, and Elizabeth Rowland) was born 1 December 1648 in Milford, New Haven County in the Connecticut Colony, and died 17 October 1721 in New London, New...

6/22/2008 9/27/2015

Stephen Hopkins, "Mayflower" Passenger MP 100 (c.1581 - 1644)

"Steven Hopkins", "Steven"

From Mayflower History - Stephen Hopkins 1. Stephen Hopkins was christened in Apr 1581 in Upper Clatford, Hampshire, England. He died on 6 Jun 1644 in Plymouth, MA. Stephen married (1) Mary in 1604...

2/18/2007 7/11/2015

George Garland (c.1623 - 1676)

notes From "Ancestors of John Burton Kaherl" FTM CD 523 Genealogical Dictionary, Maine & New Hampshire, Noyes, Libby, Davis, 1979, pg 482: 2. GEORGE [Garland], tenant at Nonesuch under Jordan, ...

6/10/2009 6/25/2015

Sarah Garland (deceased)

notes From "At the Magistrate's Discretion: Sexual Crime and New England Law, 1636-1718." by Abby Chandler, Page 68: The York County Court of Associates charged Garland on July 18, 1668 for inconti...

6/22/2015 6/25/2015

Henry Linn MP (1610 - 1643)


Residence York, Maine, USA. Immigration 1630.Probably came with the Winthrop Fleet. Crime 1630, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.Whipped and set in the stocks. Crime 1631, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.Wh...

5/28/2008 3/14/2015

Increase Robinson, Jr. MP (c.1670 - 1738)

Increase Robinson, son of Increase Robinson & Sarah Penniman, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 1670 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died Mar 1738 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. Increase married ...

5/7/2008 2/23/2015

Nathaniel Soule, Sr. MP (1637 - 1699)

On Mar 4, 1674, he was summoned before the courts on a charge of adultery with an Indian woman. On Mar 1, 1675, he and the woman were whipped at the post and he was ordered to pay her 10 bushels of Ind...

7/17/2007 11/25/2014

Mary Oliver MP (1605 - 1666)

Thomas Oliver married Mary Leman 29 Jan 1626 in Norwich Norfolk England. They originally immigrated to Boston, with 2 children and 2 servants, on the "Mary Anne" in 1637. At that time Thomas Oliver's p...

5/30/2010 10/5/2014

Thomas Oliver MP (c.1601 - 1679)

"Thomas Oliver", "of Salem"

From The True History of Bridget Bishop : "Bridget Wasselbe married Thomas Oliver on July 26, 1666. Thomas had immigrated from Norwich in 1637, at the age of 36, with his first wife, Mary and their s...

4/2/2009 10/5/2014

Mary Putnam MP (1653 - d.)

"Mary (Read) Tompkins"

Mary Read, baptized 10 April 1653 as the daughter of Thomas Read. She was the 14-year-old daughter mentioned in her father's probate records. On 20 November 1693, she married John Tompkins. He was th...

11/26/2008 4/16/2014

John "The Welshman" Hewes MP (c.1608 - 1671)

"John Hewes of Scituate"

Lieut. John Hewes “The Welshman” Birth: 1608, of Wales Death bet 6 Feb 1671 (will), 22 Feb 1674 (probate) Scituate, Bristol, MA Occupation: planter Parents: unknown Wife: Joan...

7/28/2007 4/5/2014

Joan Hewes MP (c.1612 - 1674)

"Joane", "Jote", "Joanna"

John Hewes married Joan _____ in late 1632 or early 1633 On 1 April 1633 the Plymouth court ordered "John Hews & Jone his wife adjudged to sit in the stocks because the said Jone conceived with child...

7/28/2007 4/5/2014

Francis Weston MP (c.1583 - 1645)

"Sir Francis Weston"

Francis Weston was an early leader of the colony that came to America with the Winthrop fleet. He was a deputy of the court, and owned 125 acres of land "in the direction of West Peabody." Weston's rel...

10/23/2009 3/29/2014

John Pease, of Great Baddow & Martha's Vineyard MP (1608 - 1677)

"John Pease immigrant"

The ship in which John Pease came was bound to Port Penn, in the Delaware, with 140 persons on board; it was in the fall of the year, and they were short of provisions, and sickness prevailed. Owing to...

7/7/2008 3/29/2014

Margaret Weston (Unknown) MP (c.1590 - 1651)

"Margaret (-----) Reeves Weston"

Margaret was married to Frances Weston; presumably a second marriage for both. Prior to her marriage to Frances, she is thought by some to have been married to a gentleman by the surname of Reeves, who...

2/7/2009 3/29/2014

Thomas Pettit, I MP (1609 - 1668)

Puritan Thomas Pettit in 1637 sided with Mrs. Anne Hutchinson in her controversy with Massachusetts Bay Colony. During the trial he was arrested on suspicion of slander, insubordination and inciting to...

7/12/2008 2/17/2014

John Hancock, of Accomack (c.1642 - 1678)

John Hancock M, b. circa 1642 John was born circa 1642.1 John was living in August 1678 at Accomack Co, VA.1 Family Ann (-----) b. c 1640, d. 3 Mar 1702 Children John Gray+ b. c ...

2/12/2014 2/12/2014

Ann Thomas (c.1640 - 1702)

"Ann (---) Gray Thomas"

On 2 Mar 1666, Ann, wife of Miles Gray, admitted adultrey with John Hancock from Apr 1665 to 2 Mar 1666 and asks husband's forgiveness. On 18 Feb 1667, Ann had a bastard child and Miles left her. Ann T...

2/12/2014 2/12/2014

John Smith, of Salem MP (1623 - 1672)

A juicy little "scandal" involving Zechariah's wife, Elizabeth and his sister Elizabeth's husband, John Smith must have kept the gossips armed for a while. Apparently, brother John couldn't keep his ha...

7/27/2007 2/4/2014

Nicholas Turbet (c.1648 - c.1707)

"Nicholas Turbat"

Like her parents, Elizabeth may have been a Quaker, for she and her second husband were presented in court 7 Apr 1696 for not attending the public worship (MPC IV:75) and she alone was presented 5 Jan ...

7/13/2008 12/30/2013

John Sprague MP (1633 - 1676)

Notes for JOHN SPRAGUE: The book, "Saints and Strangers", by George Willison says of John: "(He) was a spark of the old flint, it appears, and spent hours in the stocks for highly misdemeaning himsel...

2/16/2007 12/15/2013

David Hichborn MP (c.1625 - 1668)


David Hichborn, immigrant HICHBORN ancestor of all of this surname so far as is known in this country, was born in England. He settled in Boston, Massachusetts, as early as 1641, and was living there i...

5/21/2009 10/27/2013

Benjamin Beeson, Sr. MP (1715 - 1794)

DAR Ancestor Number: A008558 Benjamin Beeson was born 14 January 1714/1715 in Chester County, Pennsylvania to Richard Beeson and Charity Grubb . He married Elizabeth Hunter on 14 June 1738 in Hopewel...

10/25/2007 10/18/2013

Sarah Wade (1650 - d.)

On 3 Oct 1665 Sarah Ensigne, who was probably no older than 15 at the time, was convicted of ‘whoredom aggreuated with diuerse cercomstances’ and sentenced to be whipped (Plymouth Colony ...

3/17/2009 10/11/2013

Lydia Wardell MP (1636 - d.)


Lydia Perkins, married Eliakim Wardell 17th 8 mo (17 Oct) 1659 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, both were Quakers, in May of 1663, she was whipped for having gone “naked into the meeting h...

2/12/2008 9/17/2013

Mary Case (deceased)

Daniel Eames later had a daughter, Kezia, with Mary Case. The child was baptised on 1 Mar 1695/6 in Hartford, CT. "Mary Case of Hartford comlayned of Daniel Eames late of boxford for begetting her wi...

9/17/2013 9/17/2013

Daniel Eames MP (1663 - d.)

Daniel was accused of being a witch during the infamous Salem Witch Trails. It was alleged that his mother, Rebekah, gave his soul to the Devil when Daniel was a baby. Click on 'media' to read his tria...

1/8/2009 9/17/2013

John Ellis was born on 14 Sep 1623 in St. Butolph, Bishop's Gate, London, England and died previous to May 23, 1677 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts [1][2] Parents: JOHN ELLIS b: 28 Nov 1596 in...

3/2/2007 9/12/2013

Rev. Obadiah Holmes, Sr. MP (1607 - 1682)

"Obadian Holmes", "Rev.", "The Baptist Martyr", "Hullme"

Obadiah Holmes is an ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln. "Ancestors of American Presidents", Gary Boyd Roberts, NEHGS, 2009 Rev. Obadiah Holmes1 (M) b. circa 1606/7, d. 15 October 1682, #430 R...

1/30/2007 9/5/2013

Herodias Porter MP (1623 - c.1692)

"Herodia", "Horrod", "Hored", "Harwood", "Herodias (Long) Hicks Gardiner Porter", "Herodias;Elizabeth Herodias", ""Horrod" Long"

From Colorful Character - Interesting, Odd and Sometimes Scandalous Stories of Our Ancestors Herodias Long (1623-1705) also known as: Harwood, Horod & Hored Married first at 13 - divorced. Lived as...

7/18/2007 9/2/2013

Joane Andrews MP (1621 - 1688)

"Joane (---) Andrews Atwell"

Joane ? born 1621 Married John ANDREWS born 1600 in England, lived in Kittery by 1640, died by 4/4/1671, farmer Philip Atwell,( soon kicked him out) Children: Daughter married Robert Wi...

12/28/2007 8/27/2013

Thomas Farrar, of Lynn MP (c.1615 - 1694)

"Old Pharoah"

Because of his old age, presumably he was hard of hearing, he was allowed to sit in the pulpit to be able to hear the minister. Teenager Ann Putnam accused him of witchcraft because in her dreams she s...

8/20/2008 6/24/2013

Eleanor Armstrong, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (1585 - 1643)

"Eleanor (Newton) Billington Armstrong", "Helen Langland"

Birth: Probably about 1582 Marriage: John Billington, probably about 1603. Gregory Armstrong, between 14 and 21 September 1638. Death: Last known to be living on 2 March 1642/3. Children: J...

10/21/2007 6/19/2013

Christopher Holder "the Quaker" MP (1631 - 1688)

"Christopher Holder of Puddimore"

Christopher Holder (c. 1631—post-1676) was an English Quaker minister who immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he was persecuted for his beliefs. He was prohibited from preaching, i...

2/15/2007 6/17/2013

Elizabeth Regan (c.1635 - c.1727)

Elizabeth Regan's husband, Daniel, was a participant in Bacon's Rebellion. 17 FEB., 1676/7. Order Book, 1671 to 1691, Surry County, VA, in custody of Surry Court House, Surry, VA. Page 133. 17 Feb., ...

6/5/2008 4/28/2013

Sources Book of the Lockes : a genealogical and historical record of the descendants of William Locke, of Woburn ; with an appendix containing a history of the Lockes in England, also of the family...

10/12/2007 4/6/2013

Elizabeth Callaway MP (1654 - 1719)


from the Postem dated 2006, posted on the Rootsweb database for the Calloway Family Association: What is the source for the marriage between Peter and Elizabeth? They do not seem to have been married...

8/23/2008 4/1/2013

Dorcas Presbury MP (1637 - 1694)

Notes On 10 January or February 1661/2, Anna Bessey, Dorcas Bessey and Mary Bessey posted bond, promising "to appear at the Court to be holden at Plymouth the first Tuesday in March next, to answer f...

7/7/2008 3/30/2013

Anne Hallett MP (c.1630 - 1694)

Until 1950 it was generally believed Andrew Hallett (“Jr.”) had only one wife, Anne Bessee, daughter of Anthony Bessee and his wife, Jane.  However, Florence E. Barcl...

2/16/2007 3/30/2013

Mary Allen MP (c.1645 - 1696)

"Mary Bessey", "Mary Barlow"

4. MARY, b. say 1645; living 4 March 1661/2, unmarried [PCR 4:10]; no further record. (Great Migration Project) Notes On 10 January or February 1661/2, Anna Bessey, Dorcas Bessey and Mary Bessey po...

5/4/2008 3/30/2013

Richard Bishop, Plymouth Colony MP (1613 - c.1671)

Richard Bishop Birth: 5 Dec 1613 - Bridport, Dorset, England Death: 1671 - Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey Parents: Thomas Bishop, Avis Abbot Richard Bishop Was NOT a "Puritan" Richard...

2/22/2007 3/27/2013