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Robert Jordan MP (1668 - 1728)

Thomas Jordan, Jr., (born 1634, died 1699,) and his wife Margaret Brasseur (born July 1642, died October 7, 1708) had children: iv. ROBERT JORDAN, b. 11 Jul 1666; d. 03 Oct 1728; He was a Quaker mini...

3/29/2008 11/10/2015

Thomas "the Quaker" Mears MP (c.1602 - 1674)

MEERES (MEARES), THOMAS (ca. 1602-1674). BORN: ca. 1602, probably in England. IMMIGRATED: in 1649 as a free adult from Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. RESIDED: in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia...

5/3/2009 11/9/2015

Nicholas "the Quaker" Hutchins MP (c.1645 - 1729)


The Hutchins Family. Nicholas Hutchins was the forbear of this Hutchins family. He was a Quaker living in Henrico County, Virginia, and belonging to the Henrico Monthly Meeting Cules, and later to th...

9/4/2007 10/26/2015

Edward Wanton MP (c.1631 - 1716)

Edward Wanton Birth: Between 1630 and 1631 - England Death: Oct 17 1716 - Scituate, Plymouth, Ma From Miner Descent Posted July 2019 Edward WANTON (1632 – 1716) was Alexȁ...

7/3/2008 10/24/2015

John Rogers, of New London MP (1648 - 1721)

John Rogers (son of James Rogers, a wealthy merchant, and Elizabeth Rowland) was born 1 December 1648 in Milford, New Haven County in the Connecticut Colony, and died 17 October 1721 in New London, New...

6/22/2008 9/27/2015

Nathan Harper (1754 - 1822)

3/5/2009 7/20/2015

Jesse Harper (1775 - 1822)

3/3/2010 7/19/2015

Thomas Bowne MP (1595 - 1677)

Thomas Bowne was as a member of the Quakers. He emigrated to Boston 1649 with his wife Mary, son John and daughter Dorothy. He moved to Flushing, Long Island, New York c1651 Citation: "Farringtons" p...

7/2/2008 7/19/2015

Sarah Harper (1717 - c.1774)

Robert Harper and Sarah Buzby were married on January 23, 1734 in the office of Charles Read, His Majesty's Justice of the Peace. The ceremony could not be performed in meeting, for Robert was not then...

3/2/2010 6/7/2015

Robert Harper (1717 - 1765)

Robert HARPER was born in 1717 in Belfast, Ireland. He emigrated in 1727 from Belfast, Ireland. Robert Harper, being forced by persecution to flee from his home in Ireland , secured passage to Philadel...

12/25/2008 6/7/2015

Robert Harper (1748 - 1828)

What we know for sure is that Robert Harper Sr. emigrated from Belfast to Philadelphia in the 1730s when he was 12 or 13 years old. He came alone and there is no surviving records that indicate who his...

3/2/2010 6/7/2015

Jonathan Harper (1773 - 1818)

Jonathan was on the list of residents of Upper Dublin Township 1810-1811 who were considered "exempt" from serving in the militia of the township (7th Company, 56th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia); he ...

10/20/2014 6/7/2015

Isaac W. Harper (1806 - 1870)

Occupation listed in 1850 census as book seller. Store and home address: 647 Penn Street, Reading, PA. Link to 1850 census record:

12/30/2010 6/7/2015

Joseph Hubbard MP (1751 - c.1841)

Joseph Hubbard (b.1751) appeared in an 1805 "Person Co., Taxables List, Capt. Morrow's Company, with 1089 acres, 4 white polls. (Kendall Compilations).1029 Joseph Hubbard was born in Mecklenburg Coun...

5/1/2011 6/1/2015

Anna Hubbard MP (1747 - 1812)

"Ann (Crews) Hubbard", "(1/2 Cherokee)"

Anna Crews Birth 1747 Father Hardy Crews Mother Phoebe Dooche (Gooche) Spouses 1Joseph Hubbard Birth1751 Marriage1770 Notes for Joseph (Spouse 1) Joseph Hubbard (b.1751) appeared in an ...

2/15/2009 6/1/2015

Mary Meredith MP (1752 - 1823)

Mary Crews Birth 1752 Death 1823, Stokes Co NC Age: 71 Father Hardy Crews Mother Phoebe Dooche (Gooche) Spouses 1James Meredith , b ca 1747 From James MEREDITH, Jr. born about 1747, L...

2/15/2009 6/1/2015

Joel W Meador, Sr. MP (c.1729 - 1793)

Joel Meador was born c.1729 in Virginia. He was the son of Jonas Meador and Frances Hudgens. He married Susanna Clark on November 25, 1750 in Bedford County, Virginia. He died in 1793 in Franklin Count...

5/3/2007 2/26/2015

Ezekiel Harlan, Sr. MP (1679 - 1731)

Yeoman, Friend. Born 6/19/1679 in the Parish of Donnahling, County of Down, Province of Ulster, Ireland. He was the eldest of his fathers family, and was eight years old when he came to America. In 170...

2/4/2007 2/9/2015

John Hathaway MP (1653 - 1732)

John Hathaway. Born on 17 Sep 1653 in Plymouth, MA. John died in 1732 in Dartmouth, MA. Religion: Quaker. Son of Arthur Hathaway & Sarah Cooke. John was a townsman of Dartmouth in 1686. On 15 Mar...

8/6/2007 2/8/2015

"Stephen Blanchard, helped with the underground railroad through Shelby County [Ohio]. His farm house is on the National Historical registry." information provided by Carol Sidders Link kindly provid...

4/4/2013 1/21/2015

Stephen Blanchard, IV (1784 - 1856)

Stephen Blanchard Birth: Aug. 24, 1784 Maine, USA Death: Nov. 6, 1856 Shelby County Ohio, USA Stephen Blanchard 1850 Census Cynthian, Shelby, Ohio Stephen Blanchard 66, farmer Christina Blancha...

4/4/2013 1/21/2015

William Beale, Sr. MP (1709 - 1800)

brief biography From Here Comes Tomorrow: More Descendants of William Beale. 1900. p. 7.: At the time William Beale came to Pennsylvania, there was an intense persecution of Quakers around Calne. T...

7/1/2007 1/10/2015

Capt. Christopher Clark MP (c.1681 - 1754)


Captain Christopher Clark was born 1681 in Virginia and died on 28 May 1754 in Louisa, Virginia. Parents: Micajah Clark (1659 - 1706) and Sallie Ann Moorman Clark (1662 - 1710) Married: Penelop...

4/15/2007 12/20/2014

Christopher Holder "the Quaker" MP (1631 - 1688)

"Christopher Holder of Puddimore"

Christopher Holder (c. 1631—post-1676) was an English Quaker minister who immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he was persecuted for his beliefs. He was prohibited from preaching, i...

2/15/2007 9/7/2014

Charity Thornburgh (b. - 1758)

9/23/2009 8/13/2014

Benjamin Eli Thornburgh (c.1730 - 1795)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A114724 ID: P8312 Birth: 1735 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States _APID: 1,7836::1217293 1 _APID: 1,4725::4833745 2 ...

6/6/2011 8/13/2014

Sarah Mary Ellis (1753 - 1818)

"Sarah Thornbrough"

6/6/2011 8/13/2014

Nehemiah Ellis (1752 - 1822)

8/25/2007 8/13/2014

Mordecai Ellis, Sr. (1723 - 1794)

8/25/2007 8/13/2014

William Mehls Dewees - Memorial - Birth: Jul. 8, 1711 Montgomery County Pennsylvania, USA Death: 1777 Montgomery County Pennsylvania, USA **Gabriel Ancestors Who Serv WILLIAM MEHLS DEWEESE,...

5/11/2010 6/30/2014

Dr. Thomas Eyre MP (c.1615 - 1657)

Specified to be both a Quaker and a chirurgeon (medical doctor). There is no hard evidence that he was ever known as "Mowrey" or "Mowery". He most certainly did not use that name after arrival in Vir...

4/27/2009 6/2/2014

Sarah Thornburgh MP (c.1666 - d.)

Sarah Jackson was the daughter of Anthony Jackson. She was born c. 1666 in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland. She married Robert Thornburgh in 1686. He was the son of Charles Thornburgh and Elizabeth Leybo...

3/8/2008 5/18/2014

Charles Thornburg of Methrop MP (1635 - 1669)

"Charles Thornbrough", "Charles Thornburg"

Charles Thornburgh , son of William Thornburgh and Catherine Langtree, was born 19 Jul 1635 in Methop, England, and died in 1669 in England. He married Elizabeth Leyburne, daughter of Thomas Leyburne a...

3/8/2008 5/17/2014

Robert Thornburgh MP (c.1661 - 1717)

Robert Thornburgh was the son of Charles Thornburgh and Elizabeth Leyburne. He was born in c.1661 in Lancashire, England and died in Cootehill, County Caven, Ireland. He married Sarah Jackson on 1686 i...

3/8/2008 5/17/2014

R.H. Macy (1822 - 1877)

[from wikipedia] Rowland Hussey Macy, Sr. (August 30, 1822 – March 29, 1877) was an American businessman who founded the department store chain R.H. Macy and Company. Macy was born on Nantuc...

1/13/2009 5/11/2014

John Snowden MP (1632 - 1736)

John Snowden Birth: 1632 - Edwinsboro Co. of Nottingham, England Death: May 3 1736 - Philadelphia, PA Parents: William Snowden, Ann Snowden (born Hooten) Wife: Ann Snowden (born Barrett) Wi...

8/18/2008 4/29/2014

John Chapman MP (1622 - 1694)

While the Chapman family was not very prominently identified with the Friends Meeting at Richland, several members located in Upper Bucks quite early, and were identified with the affairs of the Friend...

9/6/2008 4/29/2014

Ann Dutton (Browne) MP (c.1687 - 1726)

From the Browns of Nottingham: Children of William Brown and Ann Mercer: 2. Ann, born 10mo 1st (December 1) 1687; married 1707 to Robert, son of John and Mary Dutton of Aston. Robert settled in Not...

1/18/2007 4/9/2014

Joseph Richardson, Sr. MP (1678 - 1748)

Joseph Richardson was also an ardent member of the Society of Friends like his father. He was "the fifth child and fourth son of William Richardson". He was born 3 Apr 1678 in Anne Arundel County in Ma...

5/23/2008 3/21/2014

Cuthbert Hayhurst, III MP (1632 - 1683)

CUTHBERT HAYHURST Quaker Biographical Sketches includes the following interesting sketch of Cuthbert Hayhurst: Cuthbert Hayhurst was born at Easington, in the county of York, England, about the yea...

9/19/2007 3/2/2014

Thomas Bond (c.1630 - 1683)

Imprisoned with other Quakers for nine weeks. Probabily for his failure to pay tithes Thomas was a wealthy ironmonger. He was also an early (Ca 1655) publisher of Quaker teachings. In 1675 he was imp...

11/19/2008 3/2/2014

Joseph Kirkbride MP (1662 - 1738)

From rootsweb: Emigrated from England to Philadelphia, PA on the ship "Welcome" with William Penn in 1682; granted 15000 acres in PA by Penn. He and a Robert Lucas were bonded to several Bucks Co, ...

7/11/2007 2/24/2014

Phebe Kirkbride (Blackshaw) MP (1666 - 1701)

"Phoebe Blackshaw", "Phoebe Kirkbride", "Phebe Kirkbride"


7/11/2007 2/24/2014

Restore Lippincott MP (c.1653 - 1741)

Restore Lippincott, was the third son of Richard Lippincott, the ancestor of the Lippincotts in America. From John Clement's first settlers in Newton Township we find that Richard emigrated from Devons...

1/26/2007 2/22/2014

William Preston (1714 - 1740)

William and Sarah Carlisle were married in Christ Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, a marriage "out of Meeting". However, they were both Quakers, and the Friends of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting gave sati...

2/2/2011 2/22/2014

Ralph Cowgill, Jr. (1661 - 1756)

Ralph arrived in America in the fall of 1682 on the Friend's Adventure as an indentured servant to Randal Blackshaw for four years. He is an approved ancestor for that vessel by the Welcome Society. Ra...

3/3/2008 2/22/2014

Randolph Blackshaw MP (1622 - c.1699)


Randall and Alice (Burgis) Blackshaw, of Hot lingee, County of Chester, England, who with their children, Phebe, Sarah, Jacob, Mary, Nehemiah, Martha and Abraham, embarked for America. September 5, 168...

3/4/2008 2/22/2014

Sarah Welch (c.1746 - d.)

January 3, 1780; Sarah Welch acknowledges redeeming some cattle taken for her husband's fine. Monthly Meetings ----------------------------------------------------------- Falls monthly meetings rec...

2/22/2008 2/22/2014

William Welsh, Sr. (c.1747 - 1804)

"William Welch"

1769 Mar 1 First Marriage Intention at Falls MM 1769 April 19 Marriage at Falls Monthly Meeting 1775 & 1778; William Welch paid taxes in Falls Twp., Buck Co., PA; Welch, William: horses 3, cattle 1...

12/8/2010 2/22/2014

Rufus Barton MP (c.1606 - 1648)

Rufus Barton Birth:  1606 Lancaster Lancashire, England Death:  1648 Warwick Kent County Rhode Island, USA  Spouse: Margaret Honeywell Leased from Anneke Jans land in M...

5/28/2007 2/21/2014

Esther Preston (b. - 1774)

Married: 6th 11 mo., 1710, Falls Meeting Amor and his wife Esther spoke Indian fluently and Mrs. Preston served as an interpreter at an Indian treaty at Hollekonk. Source: "Where Pennsylvania Histo...

1/23/2011 2/21/2014

Amor Preston (1684 - 1732)

Married: 6th 11 mo., 1710, Falls Meeting Amor and his wife Esther spoke Indian fluently and Mrs. Preston served as an interpreter at an Indian treaty at Hollekonk. Source: "Where Pennsylvania Histo...

8/16/2010 2/21/2014

John Fisher (1672 - 1765)

Came to America on the "Welcome" with William Penn. Bought 421 acre "Mayden Head Thickett" in Sussex County, DE on Nov 25, 1701 John Fisher, a Quaker, came from Cumberland in the north of England and...

3/25/2007 2/21/2014

Nathan Preston (1711 - 1787)

Born 28 2 mo., 1711 Source for burial: Publications of the Genealogical Society, vol. iii, 47.

1/23/2011 2/21/2014

Paul Preston (1724 - 1806)

His stone is marked "P. P. 1806"

7/12/2008 2/21/2014

Nathaniel Lamplugh MP (c.1688 - 1742)

When Nathaniel was appointed administrator of his father's estate in 1715 he was listed as residing at Duck Creek, Kent County, Delaware but on 1 3rd Mo. 1729 he was granted a certificate from Duck Cre...

12/7/2007 2/20/2014

Margaret Barber MP (c.1655 - c.1728)

"Margaret Lippincott (Barber)"

died the 1st of 9th month in the year 1728 age 73 Source: Lippincott Bible Repository: NEHGS Library ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Th...

5/17/2008 2/20/2014

Remembrance Lippincott MP (c.1642 - 1723)

died 11th day of the 12th month 1723 and aged 83 years. Source: Lippincott Bible Repository: NEHGS Library Remembrance Lippincott was the first child born to the English emigrant, Richard Lippinc...

5/17/2008 2/20/2014

Abigail Lippincott MP (c.1620 - 1697)


There are no death records for a William or Elizabeth Goody in the "England and Wales, Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8)." Index. FamilySearch. : accessed 2013., nor a record for a birth of an Abig...

1/26/2007 2/20/2014

Richard Lippincott MP (1613 - 1683)

Richard Lippincott (1615–1683), early settler of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, was a devout English Quaker who emigrated to Colonial America to escape persecution for his religious beliefs. He is an...

1/26/2007 2/20/2014

Ann Taylor Preston (1651 - 1732)

"Ann Taylor"

This Ann Taylor 1651 - 1732, did not marry John or Joseph Preston. As recorded in the Ould Preston Bible: "My worthy husband William Preston departed this life ye 19th 7 month about half an hour afte...

10/28/2008 2/20/2014

William Preston (1650 - 1717)

Baptism Date: 30 Apr 1650 Baptism Place: St Andrew Par Reg and Nonconf ,Newcastle Upon Tyne,Northumberland,England Father: Henry Preston FHL Film Number: 0095010-0095013 ---------------------------...

9/13/2009 2/20/2014

Paul Preston (1690 - 1732)

Born: 30th. 9 mo., 1690 Paul Preston was a leading iron worker of his day. His will, proved December 5, 1732, shows a good estate including numerous iron objects. Estate also included two negro men, ...

8/4/2010 2/20/2014

Elizabeth Oldman MP (1664 - 1724)

Thomas Oldman on the 20th day 1st month 1687/8 married Elizabeth Sykes at Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware, Pennsylvania. The probate record, (pp. 153, 154, records the marriage as follows: "Certificat...

8/4/2010 2/20/2014

Thomas A. Oldman MP (c.1663 - 1714)

Thomas Oldman is thought to be the son of John and Elizabeth Oldman of Scarning, a small town within a few miles of Horningtoft, Norfolk. Norfolk was one of the centers of persecution of Quakerism. It ...

8/4/2010 2/20/2014

Jedediah Allen (1714 - 1751)

Jedediah Allen Birth: Dec 17 1714 - Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey Death: Mar 26 1751 - Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey Parents: Ralph...

3/29/2011 2/20/2014

Martha Beeson (1714 - 1800)

MARTHA MENDENHALL BORN June 17, 1714, Concord, Chester County, PA DIED November 27, 1800, Rowan County, North Carolina MARRIED 1 5 March 1738, Hopewell Meeting, West Nottingham, Chester Co, PA ...

1/18/2008 2/11/2014

Joanna Squibb (1761 - 1828)

Ann is not mentioned in Joshua's will. I believe she may belong in a different generation.

5/20/2008 2/11/2014

Capt. John "Old Trooper" Rush MP (1620 - 1699)

"Old Trooper", "Capt. "Old Trooper""

John Rush commanded a troop of horses in Cromwell's army. He embraced the principals of the Quakers in 1660 and came to Pennsylvania in 1683 with seven children and several grandchildren. He settled at...

5/11/2007 2/6/2014

William Newland, of Sandwich MP (1612 - 1694)

William Newland Birth: about 1612, Bridgewater, Somerset, England Death: April 1694, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Parents: William Newland & Agnes Greenway Siblings: John Newland, of ...

5/4/2008 1/23/2014

Thomas Spencer, of Maine MP (c.1596 - 1681)

Thomas Spencer Birth: abt 1596- Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England Death: Dec 15 1681 - Berwick, York, Maine, USA Parents: unknown Wife: Patience Chadbourne summary He was a tavern ...

2/1/2007 12/31/2013

Nicholas Turbet (c.1648 - c.1707)

"Nicholas Turbat"

Like her parents, Elizabeth may have been a Quaker, for she and her second husband were presented in court 7 Apr 1696 for not attending the public worship (MPC IV:75) and she alone was presented 5 Jan ...

7/13/2008 12/30/2013

Margaret Thornburgh MP (1708 - 1775)

"Margaret Ballinger", "Margaret Mills", "Margaret Beeson"

Margaret Beeson was born c. 1708 and died on March 19, 1775 at New Garden, Guilford County, North Carolina. She married Walter Thornburgh of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Walter Tho...

5/1/2008 11/13/2013

Dr. Roger Parke MP (1648 - 1731)

"pioneer physician of old Hopewell"

"Doctor" Roger Parke, Sr. (1648 – 1738) was the first white settler in Hopewell, New Jersey. Roger Parke (also known as Roger Parks) was born 25 June 1648 in Hexham, Cartmel Parish, Northumber...

6/5/2007 10/20/2013

John Parke, Sr. MP (c.1675 - 1757)

John Parke, son of Roger, married Sarah, daughter of the first Andrew Smith, who bought land in Hopewell in 1688, and his deed is the first recorded document bearing the name of "Hopewell." The Parke f...

6/4/2007 10/20/2013

Edward "The Quaker" Perry MP (c.1630 - 1696)

Edward Perry, born in Devon, 1630; died in Sandwich, 16 February 1695; married Mary Freeman (1631-1695). Progenitor of Naval heroes - Captain Oliver Hazard Perry, Commodore Matthew Perry, and others. ...

8/2/2007 10/14/2013

James Lindley, "The Immigrant" MP (1681 - 1726)

"James William Lindley"

James Lindley came to Chester Co, PA on August 3, 1713. On page 9 of "Lindley Family Roots in PA, NC, SC, GA, & AL" by Terry M. (Mick) Lindley, states: "James Lindley was apparently a very hard wor...

8/11/2007 9/29/2013

Elizabeth Barnes MP (c.1715 - 1775)

Elizabeth Lindley died February 01, 1775 in NC. She married Brinsley Barnes about 1733. Notes From DNA test indicates Elizabeth Lindley as wife of Brinsley Barnes Date: December 12, 2012 at 09:37:5...

11/16/2007 9/29/2013

Ninevah Carter MP (c.1700 - c.1755)

The parents of Sarah Carter were Ninevah Carter and Mary CLAYTON Carter (who were devout Quakers) so perhaps James & Sarah named one of their sons Ninevah. The name Ninevah is rather unique and was c...

8/8/2007 9/22/2013

William Gifford, the Tailor MP (c.1615 - 1687)

"Ambrose", "of Sandwich"

William Gifford was probably born around 1615. He immigrated to New England after 1643, and settled in Stanford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was ordered whipped and banished from Connecticut in 1...

2/27/2007 9/21/2013

Joseph Chase MP (c.1645 - 1717)

A man by the name of Joseph Chase was taken captive by the Indians on 28 Jun 2009 at Dover. Source: Noyes Family Genealogy •Name: Joseph CHASE •Sex: M •Birth: ABT 1647 in H...

2/19/2009 9/18/2013

William Gifford MP (1675 - 1723)

William GIFFORD may be the son of Annaniah GIFFORD by a first wife. William GIFFORD's first wife was probably the daughter of Joseph and Margaret PARKER. Joseph and Margaret lived near the GIFFORDs n...

1/5/2008 9/17/2013

Eliakim Wardell MP (1634 - c.1710)


The Wardell family owned extensive tracts of land not far from Shrewsbury River, New Jersey, near the present site of' Long Branch" Both Eliakim and Lydia Perkins Wardell, his wife, were Puritans, but ...

2/12/2008 9/17/2013

Andrew Moore MP (1688 - 1753)

Andrew Moore Birth: Jun. 6, 1688, Ireland Death: Jul. 5, 1753 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA Andrew Moore was born on June 6, 1688 in Ireland. There are conflicting records about where...

8/22/2007 8/14/2013

Joseph Dickinson MP (1706 - 1780)

From Quakers of Chester co., PA Joseph Dickinson (1706-aft 1780) came to New Jersey in 1725 at the age of 18 or 19 from Ireland, though he was reportedly born in Cumberland Co., England. He's got a p...

9/22/2007 8/12/2013

Patrick Henderson MP (c.1644 - 1702)

"Dr. Patrick Henderson of Scotland"

Extract from "The Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania": Patrick Henderson, the author of a work called "Truth and Innocence, The Armour and Defense of the People called Quakers," was a pro...

9/12/2007 8/12/2013

Gayen Miller MP (1674 - 1742)

"Gayen", "Gaven", "Guyen", "Guion"

From "Joseph Dickinson and Family" pg. 100-101: We introduce Gayen Miller by extracts from a letter received from Mrs. Knox Taylor, of Santa Fe, NM, dated Aug. 29, 1930: "I am ever so glad to giv...

6/1/2007 8/12/2013

Joshua Hoopes MP (1635 - 1724)

"immigrant 1683 wales-america"

Joshua married three times, once to Ann, once to Eleanor, once to Isabel Middleton. All of his children were with his first wife, Ann. Joshua owned land in Makefield, PA, 1723. Upon his arrival in Ph...

6/12/2007 8/12/2013

Levi Pownall MP (1783 - 1863)

From Friends' Intelligencer and Journal, Volume 45 "P. E. Gibbons. Lancaster Co., Pa., Seventh month 14." page 490-491 NOTES BY THE WAY: THE CHRISTIANA RIOT OF 1851. A Few days ago I was visiting L...

9/18/2007 8/12/2013

Sarah Pownall MP (1796 - 1852)

"Sarah Ann Henderson"

Her son in law George Steele wrote in 1918: "Mrs. Sarah Pownall was the best and most capable woman I ever knew". Read the story here: Reminiscences of the Christiana riot From Bloody Dawn : The Chri...

9/18/2007 8/12/2013

Isaac Tatem Hopper (b. Deptford, New Jersey, December 3, 1771, d. New York City, May 7, 1852) was an American abolitionist who is known as the father of the underground railroad. Links Isaac T....

12/1/2012 8/9/2013

Lt. John Tristam Coffin MP (1647 - 1711)

John Coffin was born at Haverhill, Mass. 30 Oct. 1647, the son of Tristram, and Dionis (Stevens) Coffin was the first one of this large and well-known family to take up his residence at the Vineyard. I...

1/21/2007 7/23/2013

Richard Scott Birth: before Sep 9 1605 - Glemsford, Suffolk, , England Death: before July 1 1679 - Providence, Rhode Island Parents: Edward Scott, Sarah Carter Wife: Katherine Marbury Ric...

2/15/2007 6/18/2013

Capt. William Marston MP (1592 - 1672)

Capt William Marston, Sr Find A Grave Memorial# 95493495 Capt. William Marston Birth: 1590 - Ormsby St. Margaret, Norfolk, England parents: Henry Marston, Alice Spouses: Sarah Goody, Sabina...

7/10/2007 6/15/2013

Henry Howland, Jr. of Duxbury MP (1604 - 1671)

"Constable Henry Howland"

Henry "The Quaker" Howland (1605 –1671) , was born in 1605 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England, the son of Henry Howland of Fen Stanton by his wife Margaret. He died at the age of 66 on 17 ...

1/22/2007 6/14/2013

JOHN W DAVIS (1847 - 1947)

2/25/2013 6/13/2013

Thomas Nichols, the Immigrant MP (c.1683 - 1741)

From In England, Nicole met an English woman, who was a follower of George Fox, (1624-1691), of Market Drayton, Warwick, Founder of the Society of Friends. Their records reveal Thomas Nichols (Nico...

6/11/2008 6/2/2013

Samuel Palmer (1645 - 1716)

Will In the name of God, Amen. I, SAMUEL PALMER, of Mamaroneck, in Westchester County, being in perfect health. I leave to my wife Mary, all movable estate during her life, and then to my children an...

11/21/2008 5/2/2013

"the records clearly indicate that there were 2 adult Ralph Allens in southeastern Massachusetts in the mid-1600s. The records also indicate that one was the son of George Allen of Sandwich, and that t...

4/18/2007 4/11/2013

Zachariah Jenkins MP (1651 - 1722)


Zechariah Jenkins Birth: 7 July 1651 - Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Death: 1 Jan 1722 - North Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts Parents: John Jenkins, Susanna Cooke Wife: Abiah Allen ...

3/23/2007 3/25/2013