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John Macomber MP (1680 - 1747)

John Macomber (John, John) was born on 18 March 1681 in Taunton, was impressed as a soldier in Queen Anne's War 22 Dec. 1701, and again 26 June 1711. He married (i) 17 March 1707, Elizabeth, daughter o...

7/27/2007 1/20/2014

Caleb Moody, Sr. (1637 - 1698)

"Caleb /MOODY/"

Caleb was a deacon in the Congregational Church and was prominent in the affairs of Newbury. He held various town offices and is referred to in many of the town records as Deacon Caleb Moody. He is als...

7/16/2007 4/12/2013

Gov. William Tailer MP (1676 - 1732)

William Tailer (February 25, 1675/6 – March 1, 1731/2) was a military officer and politician in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Born into the wealthy and influential Stoughton family, he tw...

10/16/2010 4/5/2013

Lt. Timothy Phelps MP (1639 - 1719)


Timothy PHELPS Timothy PHELPS was born on 1 Sep 1639 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (18744)(18745) (18746)(18747) He served in the military in 1707 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. (18748)(18749) H...

6/22/2007 3/12/2013

David Alexander MP (1662 - 1704)

David Alexander Birth: 1662 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Death: Feb 29 1704 - Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts Parents: John Alexander, Beatrice Michael Married: Elizabeth Copley, Mar...

3/31/2010 2/28/2013

Edward Bliven of Westerly MP (c.1665 - 1718)

"Edward Bleavin"

VITAL RECORDS OF RHODE ISLAND 1636-1850, WASHINGTON CO. MARRIAGES, Arnold Collection by James N. Arnold, Vol. 5, page 11. 2-121 BLIVEN, Edward, and Isabel MACCOON, m. by Tobias Saunders, Justice, O...

6/23/2007 6/12/2012

Jacob Elwell MP (1662 - 1710)

Jacob Elwell, the second son of Samuel and Hester Elwell, was born in 1662.  He was killed on 11 May 1710 at Cape Sable during Queen Anne's War. In 1686 he married Abigail Vinson, daughte...

8/6/2008 6/8/2012

Col. William Rhett MP (1666 - 1722)

Colonel William Rhett was born, it is said, September 4, 1666 in London, although although no physical documents remain for proof. He was the captain of a merchantman in early life, and made his home a...

8/20/2007 5/23/2012

Sir Nathaniel Johnson (1644 - 1712)

) Sir Nathaniel Johnson (born 7 April 1644, near Kibbelsworth, Durham, died 1713) was a soldier and a Member of Parliament (MP) for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1680–1689.[3] He was appointed governor...

3/10/2009 5/23/2012

Jack, as he was known, was the youngest son of the merchant Francis Hill and his wife Elizabeth Jenyns, and hence the brother of Abigail Hill, later Baroness Masham. The failure of his father's busines...

5/17/2011 5/23/2012

Admiral Sir John Leake (1656 - 1720)

Sir John Leake (4 July 1656 – 21 August 1720) was an English Admiral in the Royal Navy and a politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1708 to 1715. Leake was born at Rotherhithe, th...

5/22/2012 5/23/2012

Colonel Benjamin Church MP (c.1640 - 1718)

Benjamin Church was a prominent leader in King Philip's War. Church is the author of "Diary of King Philip's War, 1675-76." King Philip's War ended when Philip was killed by a Wampanoag soldier in Ca...

7/21/2007 5/23/2012

He was born in the castle of Vaudreuil, near Castelnaudary, France. As Chevalier de Vaudreuil, he was sent to command French forces in New France before being appointed governor of Montreal in 1702, ...

1/2/2008 5/18/2012

Francis Nicholson (1655 - 1728)

Francis Nicholson was a British military officer and colonial administrator. His military service included time in Africa and Europe, after which he was sent as leader of the troops supporting Sir Edmu...

7/29/2011 5/18/2012

) Colonel James Moore (c. 1650–1706) was the British governor of colonial South Carolina between 1700 and 1703 (which was then in the process of dividing into the provinces of North and South ...

8/20/2007 5/18/2012

Joseph Dudley MP (1647 - 1720)

Descendants of Joseph Dudley, who married Rebecca Tyng: (all can be found by Wikipedia search) Paul Dudley Robert Charles Winthrop John Kerry Louis Auchincloss Burr Steers Charles Willi...

6/29/2008 5/18/2012

Lt. Thomas Harrison (1657 - 1726)

Thomas Harrison, born in March 1657. He served in King Phillip's War, was Ensign in 1697, was a Lieutenant in 1709, in Queen Anne's War , and was also in the expedition into Canada. He married his st...

3/8/2008 3/24/2012

Lt. Nathaniel Stevens MP (1661 - 1709)

Notes for Lt. Nathaniel Stevens: gravestone on north wall of Grove St. Cemetery in New Haven, formerly in the Old Cemetery on New Haven Green; died while serving as a Lt. in Queen Anne's War; No pr...

10/16/2008 1/15/2012