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Río de la Plata: Su Gente y Cultura

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  • Andrés Calamaro
    Andrés Calamaro (Buenos Aires, 22 de agosto de 1961) es un músico, compositor, intérprete y productor argentino. A lo largo de su carrera, además de sus etapas como solista,...
  • Javier Calamaro
    Javier Calamaro (21 de julio de 1965, Buenos Aires) es un cantante y músico argentino, hermano del también cantante Andrés Calamaro . Calamaro empezó su carrera como miemb...
  • Carlos Manuel Varsavsky (1933 - 1983)
    Carlos M. Varsavsky (1933–1983) was an Argentine astrophysicist. Early life Varsavsky was born in Buenos Aires in 1933. After completing secondary studies in the Colegio Nacional de Buenos A...
  • Oscar Alberto Varsavsky (1920 - 1976)
    Oscar Varsavsky (Buenos Aires, 18 January 1920–17 December 1976) was an Argentinian chemist, mathematician and epistemologist. He played a key role as a science planner and administrator, workin...
  • Oski (1914 - 1979)
    Oscar "Oski" Conti (1914–30 October 1979) was a prominent Argentine cartoonist and humorist. Life and work Oscar Esteban Conti was born in Buenos Aires in 1914. Enrolling at the National Fin...

An umbrella project for the projects about music, political leaders, artists and other significant contributors to the culture, history, and landscape of the Río de la Plata.




Actores y actrices Rioplatenses



Comunicadores Rioplatenses



Deportistas Rioplatenses



Escritores y dramaturgos Rioplatenses



Músicos, Compositores y Cantantes Rioplatenses




El español rioplatense o castellano rioplatense es una variedad dialectal del español hablada en Argentina y en Uruguay. Su uso se extiende en la zona de la cuenca del Río de la Plata, en Argentina y Uruguay, y otras regiones aledañas.

(E) Voseo: the usage of the pronoun vos for the second person singular, instead of tú. In other Spanish-speaking regions where voseo is used, it is typically considered a nonstandard lower-class sociolectic or regional variant; whereas in Argentina, voseo is standard.

Intonation that resemble that of Italian dialects, stemming from the linguistic influence of the huge numbers of Italian settlers since the 19th century.

Lunfardo: The Lunfardo is a slang originated and developed in the lower classes in and around Buenos Aires. Lunfardo (or briefly,lunfa) appeared during the second half of the nineteenth century with the great contribution of the various immigration, especially the Italian, and words from American-Indian, African and gaucho origin which had already existed in Argentina.


  • fiaca - laziness, or lazy person (from the Italian fiacco "weak")
  • guita - money
  • pibe - like "kid", a common term for boy or, in more recent times, for young man
  • morfar - to eat (from French argot morfer "to eat")


  1. Español rioplatense
  2. United States Merchant Ships in the Rio de La Plata (1801-1808)