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Thomas Copeland (c.1780 - c.1825)

Thomas Copeland was born circa 1780, possibly in Virginia. He married Ann Hood in Campbell County, VA on 23 Oct 1802. Ann was the daughter of James Hood, probably the James Hood of Prince Edward County...

Thompson Dalzell MP (c.1810 - 1885)

Thompson was a potato farmer in Carrowreagh Townland, Dundonald. When the potato famine hit, he planned to move to America. However the outbreak of the American civil war made him change his plans and ...

Štefan (Konjevic) Cognevich (1812 - 1860)

The Cognevich-Konjevic family has the distinction of being one of the first and largest families of Dalmatian descent in Plaquemines Parish. Though several Cognevich-Konjevic’s came into the Gre...

Adalbert II de Metz et Saargau, duc de Basse-Lorraine MP (970 - 1033)

died about 1033 Bouzonville, returning from Jerusalem ADALBERT, son of [RICHARD Graf von Metz or GERARD Graf von Metz] & his wife --- (-[1 Feb/30 Jun] 1037 or after, bur Bourzonville Monastery). Wi...

Rudolf I von Habsburg, Roman-German King MP (1218 - 1291)

Rudolph I of Germany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rudolph I, also known as Rudolph of Habsburg (German: Rudolf von Habsburg, Latin Rudolfus) May 1, 1218 – July 15, 1291) was King of...

Guntram "der Reiche", comte de Sundgau MP (c.920 - c.973)

He was Count in Breisgau (962), and is said to have been Count of Sundgau (Upper Alsace), Count in Aargau, and Herr von Muri. His nickname, "the Rich", testifies to his wealth among his peers. In 952 h...