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Thomas Gleeson (1790 - 1839)

11/24/2013 10/12/2015

Thomas Lessley (1802 - 1882)

NOTES ABOUT THOMAS LESSLEY FROM: “The Saga of an American Family” By Dr. John Leslie Carmichael. “Chapter 5, Pg. 49: Mother’s father (Robert) had married at 17, against hi...

1/17/2009 4/30/2015

Fray Cayetano de Otero MP (c.1701 - c.1768)

OTERO Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a2c (L21) Galicia Spain/España - "Our Father Cayetano" By Dr. Dionisio (Denis) Ismael HaLevi-Otero The Story of the Otero’s of New Mexico begins in far of...

8/9/2010 1/1/2015

Erik Knutsen Flitti MP (c.1575 - d.)

Y-DNA A direct male descendant in this line has tested: R1b M269+, P312+, L21+, DF13+, Z253+

4/30/2010 10/27/2013

Samuel Whidden, I (1643 - 1718)

The first known ancestor of this Whitten Family in America was Samuel Whidden, a bricklayer and mason of Portsmouth and Greenland, NH. He was first known of in Portsmouth as early as June 24, 1662. In ...

6/25/2007 9/21/2013

Rhys ap Rhydderch (c.1200 - d.)

yDNA R1b1a2a1a1b4 (2013) For information about his DNA, see:

6/22/2008 7/18/2013

Archibald Henderson (c.1785 - 1826)

More info on Archibald DNA Y-DNA testing has determined that descendants of Archibald's grandson William are R1b1, terminal SNP L21 We hope that this will help us deterimine where Archibald spran...

10/7/2009 6/14/2013

William H. Gleason / Gleeson (c.1848 - 1936)

"William H. Gleeson"

William H. Gleason (born c. 1848) was a Canadian-born American blacksmith from Laingsburg, Michigan. Gleason was born in Canada. His parents were born in Scotland but their names are unknown. He marr...

9/10/2011 5/12/2013

Frederick Treat Gleason (c.1872 - 1934)

"Fred Gleason"

Obituary from the Nevada Mining Journal , Monday, March 12, 1934, page six: "Frederick Treat Gleason, who died in a Tonopah hospital from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, typified the id...

9/10/2011 5/12/2013

François Dussault (1605 - d.)

11/6/2007 3/16/2013

Thomas Jefferson Youngs (1810 - 1873)

4/14/2011 3/5/2013

USAF Maj. Fred Treat Gleason-Carlson (1920 - 1998)

"Fearless Freddy", "Trent", "Buddy"

Fred was born in Beaver, Utah and raised in Reno, Nevada. Fred was a World War II and Korean War Fighter Pilot with the "Fighting Cocks" of the 67th Fighter Squadron (Unit 1), 347th Fighter Group, 13...

9/10/2011 6/15/2012

Sylfest Eriksson Hørven (1699 - 1775)

Født, levde og død i Skjåk, Gudbrandsdalen. Dåp: KB ikkje tilgjengelege. Konfirmasjon: KB ikkje tilgjengelege. Giftarmål: KB ikkje tilgjengelege. Gravferd - S...

11/9/2008 10/10/2011

Elias Olsen Gausel (deceased)

En Elias Olsen gifter seg med en Ingeborg Eriksdatter Gausel i 1817: Kildeinformasjon: Rogaland fylke, Domkirken i Stavanger, Ministerialbok nr. A 8 (1816-1821), Ekteviede 1817, side 193. Permanent sid...

6/13/2011 7/22/2011

Source: Dr Ad W.M. Teulings Teulings Clan, Leiden, 1990 @ AAO Consultants, Leiden

2/13/2009 5/30/2011

Hans i Lønningdal (deceased)

Mons Olsson Midthus, Os, Hordaland, Norge Mons skal ha tilhørt Y-haplogruppe R1b-L21. Mannlige etterkommere i direkte farslinje kan testes.

4/24/2009 5/28/2011

Engel Hansson Øyjorden fra Fusa, Hordaland. Han ble far til Ole i 1808 og er dermed født rundt 1770-80. 1802: Gift i Os kirke : Ungkarl Engel Hansen Lundervigen mældt sig at vild...

11/21/2010 5/28/2011

Petter Pittersen Don Dass Also known as "Peiter Dundas". Navnet kommer fra Skottland og lød "Dundas" i sin tidligere form. "Dundas" er gælisk (keltisk), der "dun" betyr ås, bak...

8/2/2007 5/28/2011

Peder Jonsson Hatlestad MP (1614 - 1675)

Peder Jonsson på Hatlestad (Hallstad) kan kanskje ha komme frå Relling i Norddal, iflg Norddal bygdebok 1997. DNA genealogy There is reason to believe that direct male descendants of ...

9/7/2008 5/28/2011

Håkan Sunesson (c.1656 - 1744)

Enligt sägen kom Håkan Sunesson tillsammans med Bothulf Börgesson till Tibbhult efter att ha flytt från utlandskrigstjänst. Jag väntar på svar på...

8/20/2009 4/23/2011

Roderick Brown (c.1882 - 1942)

1/17/2007 4/2/2011