Ann (Hannah) Solomon (deceased)

Ann Solomon was sentenced to transportation for fourteen years. She had two grown-up sons, John and Moses, two younger sons aged 9 and 3, and two daughters aged 7 and 5. Ann was transported in the sh...

Isaac (Ikey) Solomon MP (c.1785 - 1850)

More than any other convict of Jewish origins, Isaac 'Ikey' Solomon (also known as Solomons) remains prominent in the public imagination. Ikey Solomon is believed to have been the inspiration for the...

Abraham Amos Rheuben (1810 - 1876)

Apparently was a convict, stole a sovereign, then was sent on the Bengal Merchant ship to tasmania. Abraham Rheuben (1810-1876) was an Alderman of Hobart Town, 1860s. He was a member of a small but d...