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Robert Johnson MP (1911 - 1938)

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) was an American blues singer and musician. His landmark recordings from 1936–37 display a combination of singing, guitar skills, and s...

4/28/2012 Yesterday

Curtis Mayfield (1942 - 1999)

"The Gentle Genius"

Curtis Mayfield's Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of Curtis Mayfield Curtis Lee Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999) was a soul, R&B, and funk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ...

9/30/2015 9/30/2015

Ronnie James Dio (1942 - 2010)

Early years, education and musical training Ronnie James Dio was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Italian American parents who had moved to Portsmouth from Cortland, New York, where they had gro...

7/29/2015 7/30/2015

John Lee Hooker (1917 - 2001)

John Lee Hooker was a Blues singer, songwriter and guitarist. Though he lived in Detroit during most of his career, he is not associated with the Chicago-style blues prevalent in the north as much as h...

5/23/2015 5/23/2015

Lead Belly (1888 - 1949)

"Walter Boyd"

Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter was a folk and blues singer and musician who led a notoriously violent life. He was imprisoned for murder in Texas in 1918, but won early release in 1925 combined by good ...

5/23/2015 5/23/2015

Muddy Waters MP (1913 - 1983)

Morgan "Muddy Waters" McKinley is considered the "father of modern Chicago Blues". His birth date and place are either April 4, 1913 in Jug's Corner, Issaquena County Mississippi or April 4, 1915 in Ro...

5/22/2015 5/22/2015

Howlin' Wolf MP (1910 - 1976)

Chester "Howlin' Wolf" Burnett (1910-1976) was a Blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player and one of the best know Chicago blues artists. Several of his songs, such as "Smokestack Lightnin'", "Back...

5/18/2015 5/18/2015

Bessie Smith MP (1894 - 1937)

"Empress of the Blues"

Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937) was an American blues singer. Sometimes referred to as The Empress of the Blues, Smith was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920...

9/16/2011 5/17/2015

Gertrude "Ma" Rainey MP (1886 - 1939)

"The Mother of the Blues"

"Ma" Rainey (born Gertrude Pridgett; c. April 26, 1886 – December 22, 1939) was one of the earliest known American professional blues singers and one of the first generation of such singers to r...

5/12/2015 5/15/2015

B.B. King MP (1925 - 2015)

Riley B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known by his stage name B.B. King, was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. B.B. King From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A...

5/15/2015 5/15/2015

Sammy Strain MP


Sammy Strain, who was a member of both Little Anthony and the Imperials and the O'Jays.[3] Strain is one of the few artists in music history that is a double Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, having...

4/18/2015 4/18/2015

James Joseph Brown, Jr MP (1933 - 2006)

"The Godfather of Soul"

) James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. He is the originator of funk music and is a major figure of 20th cent...

9/28/2011 4/17/2015

Hillel Slovak MP (1962 - 1988)

Hillel Slovak ‏(Hebrew: הלל סלובק‎; April 13, 1962 – June 25, 1988) was an Israeli-American musician best known as the ori...

4/14/2014 4/15/2015

Max Weinberg MP (1951 - d.)

Max Weinberg (born April 13, 1951) is an American drummer and television personality, most widely known as the longtime drummer for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and as the bandleader for Conan O...

4/14/2014 4/15/2015

Jerry (Jerome) I Leiber MP (1933 - 2011)

Jerome "Jerry" Leiber (April 25, 1933 – August 22, 2011)[1] and Mike Stoller (born March 13, 1933) were American songwriting and record producing partners. Stoller was the composer and Leiber ...

8/24/2011 4/15/2015

Best known for his work as lead guitarist for the Eagles from 1974 to 2001. Wikipedia

3/31/2015 4/15/2015

Jerry Wexler MP (1917 - 2008)

Fresh Air from WHYY, August 18, 2008 - The man who coined the term "Rhythm & Blues" died August 15 at the age of 91. Record producer Jerry Wexler began his career as a music journalist for Billboard ma...

12/11/2007 4/10/2015

Jerome "Jerry" Leiber (April 25, 1933 – August 22, 2011) and Mike Stoller (born March 13, 1933) were American songwriting and record producing partners. Stoller was the composer and Leiber the...

3/13/2007 4/8/2015

Aretha Franklin is an American singer, songwriter and musician, active since 1956. Franklin has won 18 Grammy Awards and is one of the best selling female artists of all time, selling 75 million record...

1/24/2015 1/24/2015

12/27/2014 12/28/2014

Sting MP


Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE (born 2 October 1951), known on stage as Sting, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist, actor and philanthropist. He was principal s...

12/25/2014 12/26/2014

Stevie Ray Vaughan MP (1954 - 1990)

"Stevie", "SRV"

Stephen Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990), known as Stevie Ray Vaughan, was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. In spite of a short-lived mainstream care...

5/26/2011 12/16/2014

William Harrison "Bill" Withers, Jr. (born July 4, 1938) is an American singer-songwriter and musician who performed and recorded from 1970 until 1985. Some of his best-known songs are "Lean on Me", ...

9/17/2011 12/16/2014

Lou Reed MP (1942 - 2013)


From his Wikipedia page: Death In the spring of 2013, Reed underwent a liver transplant in Cleveland. Afterwards he claimed on his website to be "bigger and stronger" than ever. On October 27, 20...

6/6/2013 12/16/2014

Duane Allman (1946 - 1971)

Howard Duane Allman (November 20, 1946 – October 29, 1971) was an American guitarist, session musician, co-founder and leader of the The Allman Brothers Band until his death in a motorcycle ac...

11/26/2014 11/26/2014

Gregg Allman (1947 - d.)

Gregory LeNoir "Gregg" Allman (born December 8, 1947) is an American rock and blues singer-songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist and a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. He was inducted with t...

11/26/2014 11/26/2014

Bob Seger MP

"Bob Seger"

Robert Clark "Bob" Seger (born May 6, 1945) is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. As a locally successful Detroit-area artist, he performed and recorded as Bob Seger and the L...

11/16/2014 11/16/2014

Howie Epstein (1955 - 2003)

Howard Norman Epstein (July 21, 1955 – February 23, 2003), was a musician best known for his work with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Early life Epstein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ...

9/22/2011 11/10/2014

Benjamin Montmorency "Benmont" Tench III (born September 7, 1953) is an American keyboardist best known as a founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

11/10/2014 11/10/2014

Thomas Earl "Tom" Petty (born October 20, 1950) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is the frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and was a founding member of the late...

3/2/2012 11/10/2014

Les Paul (1915 - 2009)

"Les Paul"

American Music Masters Moments: Les Paul YouTube Les Paul - Sleepwalk Les Paul & Mary Ford- Live Medley Les Paul - Chasing Sound! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Les Paul

11/9/2014 11/9/2014

Carl Perkins (1932 - 1998)

Carl Lee Perkins (April 9, 1932 – January 19, 1998) was an American rockabilly musician who recorded most notably at Sun Records Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning in 1954. His best-known...

10/29/2014 10/29/2014

Carole King MP

"Carole King"

Carole King (born February 9, 1942) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer and songwriter. "It was 1971’s Tapestry that took King to the pinnacle .... It spoke personally to every one of ...

9/12/2008 9/25/2014

Bill Haley (1925 - 1981)

William John Clifton Haley (/ˈheɪliː/; July 6, 1925 – February 9, 1981), known as Bill Haley, was an American rock and roll musician. He is credited by many with first pop...

9/2/2014 9/2/2014

Alan Freed MP (1921 - 1965)


Albert James "Alan" Freed (December 15, 1921 – January 20, 1965), also known as Moondog, was an American disc jockey. He became internationally known for promoting the mix of blues, country an...

8/31/2014 8/31/2014

Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith (born December 30, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist who became a highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1...

6/24/2013 7/31/2014

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, CBE (born 1 September 1946) is a musician, singer and songwriter and producer, who rose to worldwide fame as a founder member of the Bee Gees. He is also the eldest and last...

11/12/2011 6/4/2014

Robin Hugh Gibb MP (1949 - 2012)

Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE (22 December 1949 – 20 May 2012) was a singer and songwriter, best known as a member of the Bee Gees, co-founded with his twin brother Maurice and older brother Barry. The...

11/12/2011 6/4/2014

Maurice Ernest Gibb MP (1949 - 2003)

Maurice Ernest Gibb, CBE (22 December 1949 – 12 January 2003) was a musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He was born in the Isle of Man to English parents, the twin brother of Robi...

11/12/2011 6/4/2014

David Eric "Dave" Grohl (born January 14, 1969) is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter who is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter for Foo Fighters; ...

7/14/2011 5/5/2014

Brian Epstein MP (1934 - 1967)

Brian Samuel Epstein ( /ˈɛpstaɪn/; 19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967), was an English music entrepreneur, and is best known for being the manager of The Beatles up until hi...

10/25/2010 5/5/2014

Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley (/ˈfreɪli/; born April 27, 1951) is an American musician best known as the former lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band Kiss. He took on the pers...

3/2/2014 5/5/2014

Kurt Cobain MP (1967 - 1994)

Kurt Donald Cobain (pronounced /koʊbeɪn/, /kʌbeɪn/; February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994) was an American songwriter and musician, best known as the lead singer and g...

2/16/2007 5/3/2014

Ritchie Valens MP (1941 - 1959)

Ritchie Valens (born Richard Steven Valenzuela; May 13, 1941 – February 3, 1959) was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. A rock and roll pioneer and a forefather of the Chicano rock mo...

3/4/2011 4/26/2014

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong MP (1901 - 1971)

""Satchmo"", "Pops"

Louis Armstrong WikipedijA Slobodna encikopedija Louis Armstrong (English) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis Satchmo Armstrong The Red Hot Jazz Archive The Louis Armstrong House Museum

1/14/2014 2/6/2014

Aase Nordmo Løvberg (1923 - 2013)

Aase Nordmo Løvberg, Aase Nordmo Løvberg, wikipedia Ved Rondane, Aase Nordmo Løvberg, youtube Se Google, Wikipedia og Youtube

1/29/2013 3/21/2013

Keith Richards (born 18 December 1943) is an English musician, songwriter and founding member of the English rock band The Rolling Stones. Rolling Stone magazine said Richards had created "rock's gre...

5/25/2010 2/16/2013

Bob Dylan MP

"Bob Dylan", "Bob"

wikipedia - Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman ; Hebrew name: Shabtai Zisel ; May 24, 1941) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, music producer, artist, and writer. He has been an influentia...

7/28/2008 12/14/2012

Sam Phillips MP (1923 - 2003)

Founder of Sun Studios and Sun Records Find a Grave Wikipedia Samuel Cornelius Phillips (January 5, 1923 – July 30, 2003), better known as Sam Phillips , was an American businessman, recor...

12/6/2012 12/6/2012

Hank Ballard (1927 - 2003)

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hank Ballard (November 18, 1927 – March 2, 2003), born John Henry Kendricks , was a rhythm and blues singer and songwriter, the lead vocalist of Hank Ballard a...

12/5/2012 12/5/2012

John H. Hammond (1910 - 1987)

"John Henry Hammond II"

John Henry Hammond II (December 15, 1910 – July 10, 1987) was an American record producer, Civil Rights activist, non-musician and music critic from the 1930s to the early 1980s. In his servic...

2/20/2009 10/21/2012

Gerry Goffin MP (1939 - 2014)

Gerry Goffin (born Gerald Goffin, February 11, 1939, Brooklyn, New York) is an American lyricist. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 with former songwriting partner and first...

2/8/2010 9/5/2012

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah A Song of Love and Memory for Leonard Cohen . . . “Though I let my heart get frozen,” Cohen sings, “to keep away the rot / my father says I...

1/9/2009 9/1/2012

Bonnie Lynn Raitt (born November 8, 1949) is an American blues singer-songwriter and a renowned slide guitar player. During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of acclaimed roots-influenced albums whi...

6/13/2012 6/13/2012

Bono MP

Paul David Hewson - BONO Paul David Hewson was born on 10 May 1960, in Dublin, Ireland. The son of a Roman Catholic postal worker, Bono's Protestant mother died when the boy was just 14. He joined th...

6/12/2012 6/12/2012

Anni-Frid, Princess Reuss, Countess of Plauen (German: Anni-Frid Prinzessin Reuss von Plauen) (born Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad, 15 November 1945 in Bjørkåsen, Ballangen, Norway), widely kno...

8/25/2011 4/5/2012

Göran Bror "Benny" Andersson (born in Stockholm, Sweden on 16 December 1946) is a Swedish musician, composer, a former member of the Swedish musical group ABBA (1972–1983), and co-compose...

9/16/2011 4/5/2012

James Vernon Taylor , born March 12, 1948 American singer-songwriter and guitarist. A five-time Grammy Award winner, Taylor was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Taylor achieved h...

1/2/2012 3/13/2012

Etta James MP (1938 - 2012)

"Jamesetta Hawkins", "Etta James"

Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins, January 25, 1938) is an American blues, soul, rhythm and blues (R&B), rock and roll, gospel and jazz singer. In the 1950s and 1960s, she had her biggest success as...

5/29/2011 2/13/2012

Del Shannon (1934 - 1990)

"Del Shannon"

Del Shannon (December 30, 1934 – February 8, 1990) was an American rock and roll singer-songwriter who had a No. 1 hit, "Runaway", in 1961. Biography Del Shannon was born Charles Weedon We...

10/21/2011 10/21/2011

Woody Guthrie MP (1912 - 1967)

Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie (July 14, 1912 – October 3, 1967) is best known as an American singer-songwriter and folk musician, whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political, traditio...

10/20/2011 10/20/2011

Brenda Lee MP

"Brenda Lee"

Brenda Mae Tarpley (born December 11, 1944), known as Brenda Lee, is an American performer who sang rockabilly, pop and country music, and had 37 US chart hits during the 1960s, a number surpassed on...

10/19/2011 10/19/2011

Pete Seeger MP (1919 - 2014)

Peter "Pete" Seeger (May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014) was an American folk singer and an iconic figure in the mid-twentieth century American folk music revival: A fixture on nationwide r...

8/30/2008 10/19/2011

Bob Wills MP (1905 - 1975)

James Robert Wills (March 6, 1905 – May 13, 1975), better known as Bob Wills, was an American Western Swing musician, songwriter, and bandleader, considered by music authorities as the co-foun...

10/11/2011 10/19/2011

Profile photo: on right in photo The Everly Brothers (Don and Phil, born Isaac Donald Everly, February 1, 1937, and Phillip Everly, January 19, 1939) are country-influenced rock and roll performers...

10/18/2011 10/18/2011

Phil Everly MP (1939 - 2014)


Profile photo: on left in photo The Everly Brothers (Don and Phil, born Isaac Donald Everly, February 1, 1937, and Phillip Everly, January 19, 1939) are country-influenced rock and roll performers,...

10/18/2011 10/18/2011

William Smith Monroe (September 13, 1911 – September 9, 1996) was an American musician who created the style of music known as bluegrass, which takes its name from his band, the "Blue Grass Bo...

10/16/2011 10/16/2011

Chet Atkins (1924 - 2001)

Chester Burton Atkins (June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001), better known as Chet Atkins, was an American guitarist and record producer who, along with Owen Bradley, created the smoother country mus...

10/13/2011 10/13/2011

Floyd Cramer (1933 - 1997)

Floyd Cramer (October 27, 1933 – December 31, 1997) was an American Hall of Fame pianist who was one of the architects of the "Nashville Sound." He popularized the "slip note" piano style wher...

10/9/2011 10/9/2011

Website Neil Diamond Discography Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) i s the third most successful Adult Contemporary vocal artist ever , ranking behind only Barbra Streisand and Elton Jo...

4/30/2011 10/9/2011

Jerry Lee Lewis (born September 29, 1935) is an American rock and roll and country music singer-songwriter and pianist. An early pioneer of rock and roll music, Lewis's career faltered after he marri...

10/8/2011 10/8/2011

Duane Eddy (born April 26, 1938) is a Grammy Award-winning American guitarist. In the late 1950s and early 1960s he had a string of hit records, produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for their ...

7/9/2008 10/8/2011


Stewart Armstrong Copeland (born July 16, 1952) is an American musician, best known as the drummer for the band The Police. During the group's extended hiatus from the mid-1980s to 2007, he played in...

2/17/2008 8/14/2011

Sid Vicious (1957 - 1979)

"John Simon Ritchie", "John Ritchie", "John Beverley", "Sid Vicious"

He was an English musician best known as the bassist of the influential punk rock group Sex Pistols. In 2006 he was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Sex Pist...

8/25/2010 8/11/2011

British singer, composer, and pianist Elton John was one of the most popular entertainers of the late 20th century, famous for his flashy clothes and string of hit records. In his four-decade career Jo...

4/22/2011 6/28/2011

Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty (November 29, 1940 – January 19, 2007) was a Canadian singer and songwriter. He was most widely known as a founding member of the 1960s musical group The Mamas & t...

6/16/2011 6/16/2011

Mama Cass Elliot (1941 - 1974)

Cass Elliot (September 19, 1941 – July 29, 1974), born Ellen Naomi Cohen and also known as Mama Cass, was an American singer and member of The Mamas & the Papas. After the group broke up, she re...

6/16/2011 6/16/2011

Ike Turner MP (1931 - 2007)

Considered to be one of the fathers of rock and roll, Ike Turner’s first recording, "Rocket 88" by "Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats," in 1951, is considered by some to be the "first rock and ...

6/9/2011 6/9/2011

Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock; November 26, 1939) is an American singer and actress whose career has spanned more than 50 years. She has won numerous awards and her achievements in the rock musi...

6/9/2011 6/9/2011

Jim Morrison MP (1943 - 1971)

James Douglas "Jim" Morrison born December 8, 1943 died July 3, 1971 Jim Morrison was an American singer and poet, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band The Doors . Relationsh...

5/16/2011 6/8/2011

Roy Kelton Orbison, Sr. MP (1936 - 1988)

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) was an American singer-songwriter, well known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads. Orbiso...

6/7/2011 6/8/2011

Michael Edward "Mike" Love (born March 15, 1941) is an American singer/songwriter and musician with The Beach Boys. He was in the band along with his cousins Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, and their...

4/29/2011 4/29/2011

Brian Douglas Wilson (born June 20, 1942 in Inglewood, California) is an American musician, best known as the leader and chief songwriter of the rock group The Beach Boys. Within the band, Wilson pla...

1/13/2009 4/29/2011

Carl Wilson MP (1946 - 1998)

Carl Dean Wilson (December 21, 1946 – February 6, 1998) was an American rock and roll singer and guitarist, best known as a founding member, lead guitarist and sometime lead vocalist of The Be...

1/7/2010 4/29/2011

David Crosby MP

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA, United States

David Van Cortlandt Crosby (born August 14, 1941) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of three bands: The Byrds, Crosby, Stills ...

7/9/2007 4/28/2011

Dennis Carl Wilson (December 4, 1944 – December 28, 1983) was an American rock and roll musician best known as a founding member and the drummer of The Beach Boys. He was a member of the group...

1/7/2010 4/28/2011

Prince MP

Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958), known by his mononym Prince , is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. He has produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles...

2/14/2010 4/28/2011

Harvey Fuqua (1929 - 2010)

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the nephew of the Ink Spots’ Charlie Fuqua, Harvey Fuqua was a jack-of-all-trades music man whose behind the scenes achievements as a talent scout, producer, label ...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011

Charlie Fuqua (1910 - 1971)

R&B musician Charles Fuqua was an original member of the the famed vocal group, 'The Ink Spots.' The group formed in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1935, but they didn't formally group until 1938, and the o...

7/8/2009 4/27/2011

Buddy Holly MP (1936 - 1959)

"Buddy Holly", "Buddy Holley", "Charles H. Holley"

Charles Hardin Holley ( Buddy Holly ) was born on September 7, 1936 in the small town of Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas to Lawrence Odell and Ella Pauline Drake Holley. Charles was named after his gran...

12/30/2008 4/27/2011

Nat King Cole MP (1919 - 1965)

Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was an American musician who first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist. Although an ac...

4/3/2010 4/27/2011

Hank Williams (1923 - 1953)

"Hank Williams", "Luke The Drifter", "Hiram Williams"

An American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as among the greatest country music stars of all time. Hank Williams (September 17, 1923 – January 1, 1953), born Hiram King Williams, was...

6/6/2007 4/27/2011

Marvin Gaye MP (1939 - 1984)

Marvin Gaye was an American soul singer-songwriter-producer who, to a large extent, ushered in the era of artist-controlled popular music of the 1970s. Gaye's father was a storefront preacher; his moth...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross MP

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Diana Ross (born Diana Ernestine Earle Ross) is an American singer and actress. During the 1960s, she helped shape the Motown Sound as lead singer of The Supremes, before leaving the group for a solo c...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011

James Hendrix MP (1942 - 1970)

"Johnny Allen Hendrix", "Jimi Hendrix", "James Marshall Hendrix"

From Wikipedia (English) : James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. He is widely consi...

11/22/2008 4/27/2011

Spencer Dryden (1938 - 2005)

US musician Spencer Dryden is best known as the drummer for Jefferson Airplane, New Riders of the Purple Sage, The Dinosaurs, and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. He was born on April 7, 1938 in New Yor...

12/7/2010 4/27/2011

Known as Papa John, John Edmund Andrew Phillips was a member and leader of the singing group The Mamas & the Papas. He was the father of Jeffrey Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips, Chynna Phillips, Tamerlane...

1/13/2009 4/27/2011

Marlon David Jackson, Sr. MP

San Diego, CA, USA

San Diego, CA, USA

Marlon David Jackson is an American singer, dancer, former member of The Jackson 5, and elder brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Jackson's twin brother, Brandon, was still...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011

Tito Jackson MP


Woodland, CA, USA

Woodland, CA, USA

Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson is an American singer and guitarist and original member of The Jackson 5. He is the older brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Tito was born...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011

Jermaine La Jaune Jackson, Sr. MP

Calabasas, CA, USA

Calabasas, CA, USA

Jermaine Lajuane Jackson is an African American singer, bass guitarist, formerly of The Jackson 5 and brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Born to parents Joseph and Katheri...

9/21/2007 4/27/2011