Angelo Ruiz Castro, Sr. (b. - 1994)

Angelo Castro Sr. was a popular Filipino radio personality. Angelo joined Manila Broadcasting Company at Insular Life Bldg. and was known as the “Good Time King”. In 1946, he became the c...

Fred Ruiz Castro MP (1914 - 1979)

Fred Ruiz Castro was the Chief Justice of the Philippines from January 5, 1976 until his death on April 19, 1979 while on an official trip to India. More here: . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

Emma Gonzales Zamora MP (c.1913 - 1943)

Emma Gonzales Zamora-Ruiz was crowned Miss Philippines at the 6th National Beauty Contest at the 1932 Manila Carnival. More here:

Rosario Ruiz Zorilla MP

Rosario Ruiz Zorilla-Chanco was Miss Mindanao at the 1930 Manila Carnival. More here: .