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Estienne Cronjé, SV/PROG II (b. - 1724)

"Steven Cronje"

Estienne was clearly the unmarried brother of Pierre Cronje SV , who had died on 2 September 1718: He died unmarried. Pierre never had a child, Steven or Estienne, baptised. His brother, Pierre...

9/28/2009 11/10/2015

Elisabeth Couvret, SM/PROG MP (c.1676 - 1743)

"Elizabeth ROUX", "CELLIERS", "Elisabeth CILLIER(S)", "Elisabeth", "Elizabeth"

Birth Date c. 1676 Death Date 1743 First Name Elisabeth Last Name Couvert Maiden Name Couvert Gender Female Birth Location Orléans, Centre, France Burial Date 1766 Arrived in t...

6/9/2008 11/9/2015

Elisabeth Prevot, b5 MP (c.1683 - 1750)

"du Preez", "Isabeau", "Elizabeth PREVOST"

Birth Date c. 10/31/1683 Death Date 1/18/1750 First Name Isabeau Last Name du Preez Maiden Name Potgieter Gender Female Birth Location Calais, Aquitaine, Dordogne, France Baptism Date 10/...

8/25/2007 11/6/2015

Marie de Grave MP (c.1654 - c.1730)

"Maria", "de Graaf", "de Graeff", "de Brave", "le Febre", "Lefebre", "Lefebur", "Fijever"

Marie DE GRAVÉ was born about 1662 in Fleurbaix, Pays de L'Alleu, France. She married Pierre LE FÈVRE about 9 May 1677 in Fleurbaix,Pays de L'alleu, France. More about Fleurbaix here Th...

9/1/2007 9/24/2014

Antoinette Carnoy, PROG MP (b. - c.1712)

"le Clercq"

French Huguenot immigrants to SA in 1688 on the ship 'Oosterlandt': Jacques de Savoye xx Marie-Madeleine le Clercq Antoinette Carnoy - mother of Marie-Madeleine

11/6/2008 6/23/2014

Jacques de Savoye, b8 MP (c.1687 - d.)

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

9/28/2009 6/23/2014

Ettiene Gauche, b1 MP (c.1684 - c.1755)

"Steven Gauché"

Born: 1684, Celigny, Geneve, Switzerland Marriage: Catharina BOCK on 6 Mar 1718 Emigration: from Holland on the ship "Spierdijk", 1691, Le Pont-de-Montvert, Lanquedoc, France. Ettienne (or Estien...

10/13/2007 6/15/2014

PLEASE READ Booyens, Harry Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and Pierre Jourdan de Belle Etoile on and/or "Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and the other man - How history confused two different men...

8/11/2012 6/7/2014

Pierre Jourdan, SV/PROG 2 MP (c.1663 - 1723)

"Pieter Jordaan", "Jourdan de Cabriere"

PLEASE READ Booyens, Harry, "Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and Pierre Jourdan de Belle Etoile" on and/or "Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and the other man - How history confused two differen...

10/1/2011 6/7/2014

Anne Jordaan, b3 SM MP (1682 - c.1713)

Die HUGENOTE 1688-1988 p. 160: Anne Fouche (Foucher) (1681-1713) Dogter van Philippe FOUCHE Plek van herkoms: Suevres (orleanais) Datum van aankoms: 1688, saam met ouers, Philippe Fouche en Anne Soucha...

10/1/2011 6/7/2014

Paul Couvret, SV/PROG MP (deceased)

Couvret, Paul, arrived in 1700 in the Reygersdaal with his wife Anne Vallete, born at Bazoze near Orleans, and a little child Anna Elizabeth. He lived at Paarl and was an agriculturist, a vinegrower an...

9/15/2012 5/18/2014

Suzanne Albert, SM/PROG (c.1650 - c.1690)

"Susanne Albert", "Susanna Albert"

Marriage to Esaias Costeaux SV/PROG Guînes, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Esaye Caucheteux, geboren te Marck rond 1647, zoon van Anthoine Caucheteux en Elizabeth Clinquemeur....

11/3/2007 5/13/2014

Marie-Catherine Huibaux, SM/PROG MP (c.1675 - c.1752)

"Maria Catharina Wibeau", "Marie-Catherine Verdeaux", "Maria Catharina Wibaux", "Catharina Wibaut"

Marie-Catherine HUIBAUX (aka WIBAUT), a French Huguenot from AMIENS PICARDIE, arrived in SA in 1702 on a boat whose name we do not know. She married Hercule VERDEAU in 1702. Hercule VERDEAU was a...

9/7/2007 5/7/2014

Paul Maré MP (1661 - d.)

"Paul Maré", "Paul Maree", "Paul Mare de Salgas", "Paul Marre"

WARNING: AT RISK PROFILE See Discussion Please be very careful with changes and merges you make on this family line, which intermarries and creates MANY SAME NAME/ DIFFERENT PEOPLE that are tempting ...

6/2/2008 4/24/2014

Pierre Malan, SV/PROG MP (c.1664 - c.1688)

Extract uit brief 23 December 1687 van de Kamer Rotterdam. ... de volgende mans en vrouw persoonen voorgekomen om pr t schip China over te varen ... Pierre Malan out 23 jaren met zijn vrouw Isabeau R...

6/2/2008 4/24/2014

Guillaume Loret, SV/PROG MP (1671 - 1718)

Nantes is a city in West France, located on the Loire River. Nantes, labeled art and history city, is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region and the Loire-Atlantique département and als...

9/15/2007 4/24/2014

Jean le Longue, SV/PROG MP (1645 - c.1721)

"Jean le Long; Jean Le Long", "Jean de Lange"

Birth: 1645 France Property: 2*66 le Long, Jean Bossendal, Drakenstein 18 24. 1.1713 Granted 1685 & 1686 (Grants of Land at Drakenstein and surroundings given to or held by the Refugees before 1700 ...

9/15/2007 3/10/2014

Maria de Villiers, SM/PROG MP (1663 - 1699)


6/9/2008 1/2/2014

Jean du Puis, SV/PROG MP (c.1640 - 1690)

"du Puy", "du Puys", "Jean du Puys"

Y. DROST's 10th greatgrandfather. June Barnes Note 24 9 2013 - I have disconnected Anna/Maria Facon as wife of Jean du Puy b c.1640 as we need sources here. She is now a "floater" until someone can...

10/15/2007 1/2/2014

Anne Martin, SM/PROG MP (c.1650 - c.1712)

"du Puis"

8 th great grandmother to Peter Dennis. My mitochondrial eve ! She arrived in 1692 as a widow. In 1693 she marries Salomon de Gournay (The Huguenots of South Africa 1688-1988 by Pieter Coertzen, page 1...

6/2/2008 1/2/2014

Philip Jacob Naude, SV/PROG 2 MP (1736 - c.1812)

Arriveer 1754 vanaf Berlyn as soldaat op die Slooten, boerkneg by Jacob Naude, burger in 1766. Onderwyser. x Paarl 4/8/1774 Johanna Elizabeth du Plessis Vestig in Drakenstein. Source: SAG

6/17/2009 1/2/2014

Jacob Naude SV/PROG MP (1696 - 1774)

"Jacob Naudé (Given name was Jaques - Father from France)", "Jacques"

(Given name was Jaques - Father from France - Fled to Germany where Jaques was born.) The first Naude to arrive in South Africa. Jacob was the son of the French-born court official, theologian and ma...

7/30/2007 1/2/2014

Pierre Jacobs, SV/PROG MP (c.1647 - c.1698)

Hugenote Gedenkalbum: 1688 -1988 Pierre Jacobs from Vieille-Eglise en/of Calais ( Picardie) arrives in1688 on the ship, De Schelde, with his wife Suzanne de Vos and three children, Susanne(a), Daniel a...

8/19/2007 12/4/2013

Suzanne de Vos, SM/PROG MP (1651 - 1708)

"Jacob", "Lanoy", "Lanooij", "SUZANNE DE VOS trou in 1698 met NICOLAS DE LANOY", "eienaar van 'n nabygeleë plaas De Goede Hoop. Hierdie huwelik was kinderloos."

Inventaris en verkoping der goederen zo roerende als onroerende met ter dood ontruijmd en nagelaten bij Susanna de Vos, laast weduwe van Nicolaas de Lanooij, ten voordele van hare nagelatene kinderen...

8/19/2007 12/4/2013

Jacques de Savoye, b2 MP (c.1669 - d.)

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

6/2/2008 3/31/2013

Barbe-Thérèse de Savoye, b5 SM/PROG 2 MP (c.1674 - c.1729)

"Barbara Therese de Savoye"

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

11/1/2007 3/31/2013

Marguerite -Therese de Savoye, b4 PROG1 MP (c.1672 - 1742)

"Thérèse", "Margaretha Theresia Snyman", "Margaretha Theresa Viljoen; Marguerite", "Marquerite Therese Viljoen; Margarita Theresia de Savoye", "Margareta Therisia d'Savoije", "Margot", "d.v. Jacques DE SAVOYE & Christine DU PONT"

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

7/6/2007 3/31/2013

Marie-Madeleine le Clercq, SM MP (c.1670 - c.1721)

"de Savoye", "(Madeline)", "Marie-Madeleine de Clerq", "de Klerk", "Marie Madeleine le Clerc"

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

8/18/2007 3/31/2013

Jacques de Savoye, SV/PROG MP (1636 - 1717)

"Viscount", "Jacob de Savoij", "Jacobus de Savo", "Jacobus de Savoye", "Jacobùs Savooij"

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

7/6/2007 3/31/2013

Louise Corbonne, SM/PROG MP (1657 - 1689)

"Louise Mesnard"

10/1/2008 3/30/2013

Marie Couteau, SM/PROG MP (1659 - 1718)

"Maria Lombard"

Judi Marais-Meyer register. GR - C C de Villiers Pierre Lombard v. Pointaix, in Dauphiné, Frankryk, ­1658. In 1688 is hy aan die Kaap en in 1690 word hy beskryf as “'n sick m...

2/16/2007 3/30/2013

Pierre Lombard, SV/PROG MP (1658 - 1716)


This is the original Lombard born in Pointaix, Dauphiné, France coming to SA as one of the early refugees when they had to flee France because the Edict of Nantes was revoked and Protestants wer...

2/16/2007 3/30/2013

Sollier Durand, a shoemaker at Drakenstein ; on 4th October, 1697, he and his wife became members of the Dutch church at Cape Town. He died in September, 1739, and was buried in the Dutch church, Cape ...

3/24/2013 3/30/2013

Francois le Sueur, Rev, SV/PROG MP (c.1705 - 1758)


François le Sueur b c 1700 was a minister who came to the Cape on the ship, the ‘Midloo’ in 1729. He was born in Ooij in Gelderland Netherlands where his father and grandparents ...

1/22/2009 3/27/2013

Marie-Catherine Durier Durier, SM/PROG MP (c.1659 - c.1725)

"Marie-Catherine Durier", "Maria Durier", "Maria de Haase", "Maria Dùerre"

Marie-Catherine Durier b. circa 1660, d. 1725 NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732 NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732 NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732 NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732 Birth* ...

11/6/2008 3/26/2013

Guillaume de Haas, SV/PROG MP (c.1665 - c.1723)

"Gùilliam de Hase", "le Lievre"

Birth: 1665 Lille, Flanders, France Death: circa 1723 (58) Cape Colony _____ De Haas is a literal translation of the French name, le Lievre. ___________ Guillaume de Haas1...

11/6/2008 3/26/2013

Marie De Hase, SM MP (deceased)

See also shiplists on Huguenots embarqués pour l'Afrique du Sud _______ Bewys onder deur 'n omvattende jarelange navorsing deur die Le Roux familiebond in SA. Jean Le Roux SV3 van ...

9/1/2008 3/26/2013

Anne Guilliaumet, b4 MP (1719 - c.1746)

"Anna Giliomee"

Anne Guilliaumé, b. 1719 Father* François Guilliaumé1 b. c 1690 Mother* Claudine Eloy1 b. c 1695 NGK Drakenstein Marriages 1717-1740 NGK Drakenstein Marriages 1717-1749 Bir...

3/29/2009 3/25/2013

Maria Guilliaumet, b3 MP (c.1717 - 1750)

"Maria Jordaan", "Marie Guilliaumé", "Maria Gilomee"

6/2/2008 3/25/2013

Johanna Guillaumet, SM MP (1715 - c.1782)

"Jeanne Giliomee", "Jeanne Engelbrecht", "Jeanne Louw", "Louw"

Marriage NGK Drakenstein 3 Sept. [1741]. Jacobus Louis Jacobus Zoon van Cabo de Goede Hoop Burger aan Drakenstein. Jongman en Johanna Guilliaumet van Languedocq wed. van Jan Engelbrecht. - Draken...

6/9/2008 3/25/2013

Matthias Giliomee, svb1 MP (c.1711 - 1789)

"Mathijs Giliomee", "Mathieu Guilliaumé"

“B" generation established in accordance with SAF/SAG and/or OCF and/or GR, or archival research - not disputed. Please contact managers if this information needs investigating 1 Junij [1738]....

3/29/2009 3/25/2013

Claudine Eloy/Cloy, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

"Claudine Cloy", "Giliomee"

Emigration: 1726 on the ship "Berbice" Source: My people's puzzle

9/6/2008 3/25/2013

François Guilliaumé, SV/PROG MP (1680 - 1730)

"Francois Giliomee; Francois Guillaumet"

___________ GILLIOMEE : François Guilliaumé from Languedoc, France arrived at the Cape from Berlin, Germany (where he'd gone with a group of Huguenots in the 1700s), in 1726 on bo...

9/6/2008 3/25/2013

Susanna Fouche, b7 SM MP (c.1691 - 1768)

"Susanna le Riche"

Inventaris en Vendu Rol der goederen naergelaten en met er dood ontruijmt bij wijlen den landbouwer Philip Fouchet , en desselfs overleedene huijsvrouw Anna Fouche , ten voordeele van haer vier naergel...

8/18/2008 3/25/2013

Philippe Drouin (c.1678 - c.1702)

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Jean Duthuilé (deceased)

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Jean Cloudon (deceased)

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Gournai or de Gournay, Salomon , came in the Zuid Beveland in 1688, an agriculturist at Drakenstein; in 1694 was granted by Governor van der Stel the farm Salomon's Valley at Drakenstein. He married An...

6/2/2008 3/24/2013

Jean Gardiol (c.1674 - c.1738)

6/9/2008 3/24/2013

Abraham Bleuset (1665 - 1735)

Belusé, Bleuset or Bluse Abraham of Calais, born 1665; came in the Schelde in 1688, in 1692 was living in the Cape district unmarried, and in 1700 in Stellenbosch. An agriculturist, he married E...

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

5/11/2010 3/24/2013

Jacques Labat (deceased)

Labat, Jacques , born at Fontenay le Comte, Poitou, son of Jacques Labat and Susanne Laurent; his name on the burgher rolls at the Cape in 1693; in 1705 he was described as from Bordeaux. La...

9/28/2009 3/24/2013

Gédéon le Grand (deceased)

le Grand, Gideon, a surgeon, in 1698 was living in the Stellenbosch district, and died in 1710, leaving no heirs at the Cape but a brother, Abraham le Grand, living at Haarlem. He was a Heemraad of Dra...

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Paul le Febre (deceased)

See According to Pieter Coertzen's book - comes from Chateau-Thierry in Brie (Champagne) to SA in 1696 on the ship Vosmaer - settles in Nagelegen Stellenbosch. Returns to Europe in 1705. Married to I...

7/28/2011 3/24/2013

Paul le Fèbure MP (deceased)

According to Pieter Coertzen's Die Hugenote van SA 1688-1988 Page 163 Paul came from Chateau-Thierry in Brie (Champagne) in 1694 [?not 1696? - Sharon] on the Vosmaer, and settled in CT. He married ...

7/28/2011 3/24/2013

Anna Roulain, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

"Anna Roulin"

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Martha Petel, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Sollier, Gillis, brother of Durand, had been a burgher at the Cape since 1697. In 1718 he was permitted to return to Europe with his wife Anna Roulin and son David. In 1731 he returned to the Cape with...

3/24/2013 3/24/2013

Pierre Meyer, SV/PROG MP (c.1668 - 1706)

­MEYER Pierre Meyer v. Dauphiné, Franse vlugteling. * "Wyborgh", Dauphine, 1668. Aank. 1688. Een van die eerste diakens van die Franse gemeente. x Aletta de Savoye, d.v. Jacques de Sa...

11/6/2008 3/24/2013

Francoise Martinet, SM/PROG MP (1659 - c.1701)

"Francoise Cordier"

Marriage to Louis Cordier Epense, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France Etat Civil - Acte de mariage/Mariage Date de l'acte : 1679.12.03 (03/12/1679) Lieu de l'acte : Epense (51) SUJET : MARTINET Franco...

8/19/2007 1/25/2013

Marie Grillion, SM/PROG MP (1673 - 1735)

"Grillon; Malherbe"

Boucher's French Speakers at the Cape pp110-111 "After his arrival at the Cape Malherbe married Marie Grillon. Although she did not sail on the Voorschooten she was evidently from the same part of Fr...

3/23/2008 11/29/2012

Matthieu Amiel MP (deceased)

6/4/2011 11/25/2012

David du Buisson, SV/PROG (1677 - c.1722)

Sy naam beteken: iemand wat afkomstig is van 'n plek met baie struikgewas of Kreupelhout (Cor Pama). Hy was 'n Franse Hugenoot blykbaar van Rochelle. Hy was die skoolmeester/onderwyser van Pierre Joube...

2/27/2010 11/24/2012

Maria de la Queillerie, SM/PROG MP (1629 - 1664)

"Maria Quevellerius"

QUEILLERIE, Maria de la , ook bekend als Maria Quelleverius (geb. Rotterdam 28-10-1629 – gest. Malakka 2-11-1664), de vrouw van Jan van Riebeeck, commandeur van de Kaapkolonie. Dochter van Abrah...

1/13/2011 11/12/2012

Louis Cordier, Snr MP (1624 - 1702)

"22.4.1688", "arriveer in die Tafelbaai", "Kaap met sy vrou FRANCOISE MARTINET en 4 kinders oorspronklik van Champagne", "Frankryk aan boord die "ZUID BEVELANDT" 19.08.1688."

Jeanne Blessebois, gebore 1628, ? Orleanais, Frankryk, trou 1664, Louis Cordier, born 1624. Kinders van Jeanne Blessebois en Louis Cordier:- Louis Cordier 1656-1702, gebore 29 Maart 1656, Orleanais...

9/15/2007 9/20/2012

Francois-Jean du Preez, b4 (c.1677 - c.1720)

"des Pres", "Jean", "DuPreez", "Des Pres"

Hercules des Prez * Frankryk c. 1645, vroeër v. Courtrai in die Artois-streek v. Frankryk en later v. Vlissingen in Zeeland a. 5.6.1688 aan boord De Schelde en word gevestig op “Den Zoete...

5/22/2008 7/21/2012

Daniel Terrier, SV/PROG MP (1677 - c.1699)


TERRIER a1 Daniel Terrier Franse Vlugteling. Aank. voor 1690. x Sara Jacob, v. Calais, d. v. Pierre Jacobs.

8/19/2007 1/15/2012

Marie Leckerwijn, SM MP (1665 - 1716)

"Marquence/Maria - la Noy/Lanoy", "Hattingh", "Marie Lekkerwijn"

From Aulis, France

10/4/2007 1/15/2012

Hercules Verdeau, SV/PROG MP (c.1672 - c.1722)

"Hercules Verdeaux"

Hercule VERDEAU was a French Huguenot from PROVENCE, who arrived 04/08/1688 on the Berg China. He Settled in Champagne, Wagenmakersvalle. He married Marie-Catherine HUIBAUX (aka WIBAUT) , a French ...

9/7/2007 1/15/2012

Jaques Nortier, SV/PROG MP (c.1669 - 1743)

"Jacob Nortje", "Nourtier"

Jean Nourtier . Vermeld 1676 bij overlijden vrouw. Hij was gehuwd met Eve du Pon , geboren rond 1629, overleden te St Blaize (62-Guînes) op 23 september 1676 (46 a 47jr). O: get. Daniel ...

6/9/2008 1/15/2012

Abraham Vivier, SV/PROG MP (1654 - 1714)

Judi Marais-Meyer register MRIN 661. Eie boedel MOOC8/2.100 ged. 3.2.1714 Hy laat sy weduwee Jacquemine, 'n plaas (naam nie gespesifiseer), 5 perde, 30 beeste en los goedere agter. Abraham arrive...

8/18/2007 1/14/2012

Jean Mesnard, SV/PROG MP (1659 - 1692)

"Minnaar Minaar Meinard Mesnard", "Jean Mesnard", "Minnaar"

Jean MINNAAR Jean MINNAAR (MESNARD), gebore omstreeks 1659, van Saint-Martin de la Brasque, Provence. Hy het eers in Den Haag gaan woon. Hy was 'n Franse Hugenoot wat in 1688 met die Berg China...

10/1/2008 1/14/2012

Jean Roi SV/PROG MP (1666 - c.1723)

Hugenote van SA - Prof Pieter Coertzen 1688-1988 JEAN ROI - (1665-1738) Koms vanaf Lourmarin ,Provence in Frankryk in 1688 saam met sy moeder JEANNE MILLE en broer JACQUES ROI aan boord die skip Berg C...

6/2/2008 1/14/2012

Esaias Englebert Costeux, SV/PROG MP (c.1647 - c.1690)

"Esaias", "Esaye", "Costeaux", "Esaias Caucheteux"

See attached Page 259 Among the early Cape settlers from the Calaisis were the children Isaïe, Susanne and Jean Caucheteux (Costeux). Described as orphans in 1690, it may be assumed that the...

11/3/2007 1/14/2012

de Beer familie oor drie Eeue. ’n Tweede sg. ‘de Beer’ (ook de Bero) se naam kom voor in argiefdokumente rondom die jare 1690, nl. ’n Louis ‘de Beer’. Hieroo...

2/25/2010 1/14/2012

Jean le Roux, SV/PROG 3 MP (deceased)


a3 Jean le Roux v. Normandië, Frankryk, word in die Stellenbosse stukke v. 1689 genoem, eienaar v. “Vlakkeland”, Daljosafat † “Welgevallen”, dist. Stellenbosch...

9/1/2008 1/14/2012

Jean le Roux, SV/PROG 1 MP (1667 - 1711)


Jean Le Roux Jean Le Roux was born on 16 November 1666 in the town of Mer in Orleanais, France. His Parents were Isaac Le Roux (1615-1687) and Jehanne Bourdon (1634-1672) of the farm Pommegorge situate...

6/2/2008 1/14/2012

Estienne Terblanche, SV/PROG MP (c.1670 - 1738)

"Terblanche", "Etienne Terreblanque" Estienne TERREBLANCHE van Toulon was 'n Franse Hugenoot wat in 1703 reeds in die Kerklike opgawes verskyn. Hy is op 3 Des 1713 getroud met Martha le FEBRE, weduwee van Jacques Pinar...

9/1/2007 1/14/2012

Gideon Malherbe, SV/PROG MP (c.1663 - 1713)


Arrived in Cape Town (Saldanha bay)from Delftshaven, Holland 18 April 1688 on the ship 'Voorschoten' Voorschoten - 1684 Scheepstype: fluit In gebruik bij de VOC vanaf 1684 tot 09/11/1706 (OPGELEG...

3/23/2008 1/14/2012

Estienne Niel, SV/PROG MP (c.1665 - c.1738)

Estienne was from Dauphine, a French refugee that arrived in South Africa in 1693. He was a "Kompanjie" Soldier en later a farmer in Drakenstein.He owned the following farms: Keerweder in Franschoek,...

10/20/2007 1/14/2012

David le Febre MP (c.1626 - c.1657)

"le Févre", "le Fébre"

See David le Fébre and Isabeau Lebleu didn't come to South Africa. Both died in France. They were the parents of Marie, who came to the Cape with her first husband, Charles Prevost. Davi...

11/19/2007 1/14/2012

Daniel Nortier, SV/PROG 3 MP (c.1660 - 1711)

"Daniel Nourtier"

Judi Marais-Meyer register MRIN 384 Boedel van eggenoot Marie Vittou se 2de man, Matthys Michielse MOOC8/24.49 ged. 30 Maart 1711 In 1688 het drie lede van die familie uit die buurt Calais, Frankry...

9/13/2007 1/14/2012

Charles Prevot SV/PROG MP (c.1650 - c.1688)


Charles PRVOT-14909 1 NAME Charles /Prévot/ 2 GIVN Charles 2 SURN Prévot 2 SOUR S33 3 PAGE p1066 3 QUAY 3 Under van der Merwe, Pama spells his surname Provo from Prvot, unde...

8/25/2007 1/14/2012

Gabriel le Roux, SV/PROG 2 MP (1669 - 1711)

Gabriel en Jean was kleinneefs! - I got the birth certificate here! Tree of Gabriel Le Roux and nephew Jean Le Roux: Jehan Le Roux (1565-1602) married Marie Dutens (1570-1594) Sons: (a)Estienne Le Ro...

6/2/2008 1/14/2012

Francois Retif, SV/PROG MP (1663 - 1721)

"Retif", "François Rétif"

Jacobus Retief was a farmer near Wellington, his original farm was called “Soetendal”. He also bought the farm “Welvanpas”, formerly known as “De Krakeelhoek” ...

2/10/2008 1/14/2012

Louis le Riche SV/PROG MP (1673 - 1732)

"Louwys de Ryck"

Alternate spellings surname: La Riche / Le Riche Place of origin: The Thimerais region (Normandie)? Date of arrival: 1698 Ship: Driebergen Settled at: Kromrivier in the Wagenmakersvallei Married to S...

8/18/2008 1/14/2012

Jacques Mouton, SV/PROG MP (c.1660 - 1731)


MOOC8/5.45 full document attached Francina de Bevernagie Jacob Mouton 10 November 1731 N:s Leij Inventaris, mitsgaders taxatie van alle sodanige goederen, roerende en onroerende, schulden, inne...

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Esias Costeaux, b1 MP (1673 - c.1708)

"Caucheteux", "Isaïe", "Esaye Caucheteux"

Full text of "The French refugees at the Cape" The following is quoted from the above source - it needs sifting through and refining. Costeux, or Caucheteux, This family came from Marcq, or Mar...

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Marie Anne Bacot, SM/PROG (c.1679 - d.)

"Marie Ann Labuschagne/Other names for Marie were Anna BACG", "1 Maria Anna BACOT", "and 1 Maria Anna François BACOT", "Anna Maria LABUSCHAGNE"

Birth Date 1679 First Name Marie Anne Last Name Bacot Maiden Name Bacot Gender Female Birth Location Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands Baptism Date 3/2/1679 Pierre LABUSCAIGNE-[163...

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Pierre Labuschagne, SV/PROG (c.1675 - 1742)

"Pieter", "Pieter Labuscaigne"

First Name Pieter/Pierre Last Name DE LA BUSCAGNE/ DE LA BOSCANJE/ LABUSSAIGNEDE LABUSCAGNE/ LABUSCAIG/ LABUSCAIGNE/ LABUSCHAGNE Suffix SV/PROG Gender Male Birth Location Bergerac, Aquitaine, F...

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Jean Jourdan, SV/PROG I MP (c.1659 - c.1699)

"Jean Jordaan"

Sien die uitstekende artikel van Harry Booyens "Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and the other man - How history confused two different men" by Extract uit brief 23 December 1687 van de Kamer Rotte...

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Elizabeth Isabeau le Long, SM/PROG MP (c.1668 - 1736)

"Jordaan", "Malan", "Elizabet le Longue", "Elizabeth le Long;"

a1 Jean Jourdan (nou Jordaan) van Cabrière, in Frankryk, gebore: 1660. Uitgekom op die skip “Berg China” in 1688, later eienaar van die plaas “La Motte” in Franschhoe...

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Jacques Malan SV/PROG MP (c.1665 - c.1742)

Bronne: Kriel register en ander Hugo A.M. met medewerking van Van der Bijl J. 1963. Die Kerk van Stellenbosch 1686-1963 : ‘n geskiedenis van die kerkgeboue van die Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemee...

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Ignatius Maré, SV/PROG MP (1684 - 1758)

"Ignace Maré", "Ignatius Maree", "Ignatiùs Marree", "Ignatius Marrè", "Marré", "Maree", "Marre", "De Mare De Salgas", "Ignace Mare"

MARE / JANSE VAN VUUREN PROGENITOR LINE Please See Maré Project and Summary of Discussions resulting in this configuration: A) Paul Mare marries NN

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Jeanne de la Batte SM/PROG MP (1663 - 1737)

"Jeanne (Johanna) Neel/Niel/Nel", "Johanna de la Batte"

Birth 1663 Samour, Anjou, France Source: Photocopies of manual Pedigree Records & Family Group Records Publication: Rec 9 May 1996; Library 011-836-3787 (W); 011-615-1437 (H) 188 Highland Road, K...

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Guillaume 'Willem' Nel, SV/PROG 1 MP (1663 - 1735)

"Willem NEEL / NEL /NELL (a1)"

Guillaume NEL, / Neel gebore ongeveer 1663, in Rouen, Normandie. Estienne Niel was 'n neef van Guillaume aangesien Guillaume se pa Pierre Guillaume 19.12.1638 se broer Guillaume c. 1639 Estienne se pa ...

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Esther Fouche, SM/PROG MP (c.1666 - c.1697)

"Hester Pienaar", "Hesther Foucher"

Extract uit brief 19 December 1687 van de Kamer Delft. C.512. Met dit schip [Voorschooten] staen mede van hier te gaen de volgende persoonen, die om de vervolginge tegens de waere gereformeerde Religie...

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Jacques Pinard SV/PROG MP (1666 - 1713)

"Jacques Pienaar", "Pinar"

Jacques PINARD gebore 1665 was 'n Franse Hugenoot van Dreux en heelmoontlik 'n lidmaat van La Fontiane-sous-Prémont. In 1688 het Pienaar as timmerman na SA gekom, op die skip Voorschooten, saam ...

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Anne Retief, SM/PROG MP (c.1667 - 1710)

"Anne Rossouw; Rousseau", "Anna Retief", "Rousseau", "Rossouw", "Hanne", "Anne"

Suster van die stamvader Francois Retif From Mer, in Orleans, France. Arrived 1688 together with her brother Francois Refief. !Emmerentia van Rensburg Registers Heese/Lombard 3 H-I p.500 TROU-S...

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Pierre Rousseau, SV/PROG MP (c.1666 - c.1719)

"Pieter Rossouw", "Pierre Rosseau", "Pierre Rossouw"

from the above - Pierre Rousseau b. circa 1666, d. 1719 Father ? Birth - Pierre Rousseau was born circa 1666 at Mer, France. - Pieter Coetzen - The Huguenots of South Africa p 168 Marriag...

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