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Philip Francis Vigott MP (1879 - c.1941)

"Piggot", "Piggott", "Viggott", "Viggot", "Viget", "Vigget"

Mr Philip Francis Vigott Born: Monday 6th October 1879 Age: 32 years Last Residence: at 2 Winsor Terrace Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Kinfauns Castle ...

1/27/2012 Yesterday

Jonathan Thorley MP (c.1898 - d.)

Thorley, Mr. Jonathon From Wikipedia aged 15 last address Brighton, Sussex, England Boarded at Southampton Position Lamp Trimmer Saved on Lifeboat 13 Picture is an illustration of a Lamp Tr...

1/31/2012 Yesterday

Mr George Thomas Macdonald Symons Born: Thursday 23rd February 1888 Age: 24 years Last Residence: at 55 Fanshaw Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lookout Last Ship: Ocean...

4/12/2012 Yesterday

George Thomas Rowe MP (c.1880 - 1974)

1901 census describes George Thomas as married but marriage not established - between 1898 and 1901 Titanica Name: Mr George Thomas Rowe Age: 32 years Last Residence: at 63 Henry Street Gospo...

3/6/2012 Yesterday

John Thomas Poingdestre MP (c.1878 - d.)


Marriages Sep 1906 Gallichan Florence M M Southampton 2c 57 POINGDESTRE John Thomas Southampton 2c 57 Titanica Name: Mr John Thomas Poingdestre Born: Wednesday 6th November 187...

3/6/2012 Yesterday

William Chapman Peters MP (1886 - 1948)

Follows a possible record of the marriage of William Chapman Peters (after the Titanic ordeal) Marriages Dec 1912 Johnson Rose G Peters Totnes 5b 429 Peters William C Johnson Totnes 5b 429 ...

3/6/2012 Yesterday

Walter John Perkis MP (1874 - 1954)

Marriages Sep 1909 MILLS Fanny Eliza Southampton 2c 68 PERKIS Walter John Southampton 2c 68 Titanica Name: Mr Walter John Perkis Born: Tuesday 11th August 1874 Age: 37 y...

3/7/2012 Yesterday

Charles H. Pascoe MP (1867 - d.)

Mr Charles H. Pascoe Born: Monday 18th March 1867 in Breage Cornwall England Age: 43 years Last Residence: at 68 High Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last S...

4/12/2012 Yesterday

Frank Osman MP (1884 - d.)

Marriages Dec 1907 OSMAN Frank Alverstoke 2b 1250 SHERWIN Clara Kate Alverstoke 2b 1250 Closest Birth record on FreeBMD doesn't tie in with date given on Titanica Births Jun 18...

3/7/2012 Yesterday

Alfred I Ollivier MP (1884 - 1934)


Too many on Free BMD to narrow down to one favourite result Titanica Marriages Dec 1910 Collins Amelia G Southampton 2c 61 Olliver Alfred J Southampton 2c 61 Name: Mr Alfred O...

3/7/2012 2/4/2016

George Alfred Moore MP (1880 - 1943)

No way to distinguis which on Free BMD if any are referring to this person. None born in Southampton or nearby. Titanica Name: Mr George Alfred Moore Born: Monday 26th January 1880 Age: 32 ye...

3/7/2012 2/4/2016

George Francis McGough MP (1875 - d.)


Name: Mr George Francis McGough Born: Wednesday 14th July 1875 in Duncannon Wexford Ireland Age: 36 years 9 months and 1 days. Last Residence: at St George Street Southampton Hampshire En...

4/12/2012 2/4/2016

William McCarthy MP (c.1865 - d.)

Mr William McCarthy Age: 47 years Last Residence: at 9 Gratton Hill Road Cork Cork Ireland Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Castlemoor Deck crew First Embarked: Southampton Rescue...

4/12/2012 2/4/2016

William Henry Lyons MP (c.1886 - 1912)

Titanica Name: Mr William Henry Lyons Age: 26 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 27 Orchard Lane Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Oceanic D...

3/7/2012 2/4/2016

William A Lucas MP (1886 - 1924)

Birth Registration Name: William Arthur Lucas Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1886 Registration district: Winchester Inferred County: Hampshire Volume: 2c Page: 114 Name: Mr Wi...

4/19/2012 2/4/2016

Reginald Robinson Lee MP (1870 - 1913)

Married to either Evelyn Frances Armstrong or Emily Selina H Hill Titanica Deck Crew » Lookout Name: Mr Reginald Robinson Lee Born: Thursday 19th May 1870 in Benson Oxfordshire England...

3/7/2012 2/4/2016

Thomas William Jones MP (c.1880 - 1967)

Mr Thomas William Jones Born in Anglesey Wales Age: 32 years Last Residence: at 68 Nesfield Street Liverpool Merseyside England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Oceanic Deck crew ...

4/12/2012 2/4/2016

Archibald "Archie" Jewell MP (1888 - 1917)

Archie Jewell From Encyclopedia Titanica Born: Tuesday 4th December 1888 Age: 23 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 32 College Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupat...

4/12/2012 2/4/2016

George Henry Trewhella (1859 - 1925)

7/16/2009 2/4/2016

James Morris Downey (c.1878 - d.)

2/3/2016 2/4/2016

Stephen Redwood Downey (1844 - 1912)

Birthplace 1881 - Bermondsey Middlesex 1891 - Hors-ley-Down, Surrey WIKI Maritime Pilot "A pilot is a mariner who manoeuvres ships through dangerous or congested waters, such as harbors o...

2/3/2016 2/4/2016

Owen Coffin (1802 - c.1821)

The true story that the book (Moby Dick) was partly based on was about two seperate events involving a Nantucket whale ship named the "Essex" and a white whale named Mocha Dick. The Essex was hunting w...

6/28/2012 2/3/2016

Charles Ramsdell (1804 - 1866)

Charles Ramsdell served as a Captain aboard the ship "General Jackson" sometime in the 1840's. Charles is very likely the young seaman recently immortalized by the book "The Heart of the Sea" which chr...

11/17/2014 2/3/2016

Capt. Benjamin Lawrence (1799 - 1879)

Benjamin was the boatsteerer on the "Essex" the whaling ship that was rammed and sunk by a whale in 1820. Philbrick, Nathaniel, "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the WHaleship Essex", Viking P...

2/2/2014 2/3/2016

William Jennison MP (c.1608 - d.)

William Jennison BIRTH: By 1609 based on date of freemanship (and probably much earlier, based on his apparent residence in Bermuda prior to 1630 [WJ 1:159]). DEATH: Probably England after 1657. ...

7/5/2008 2/3/2016

Albert Edward James Horswill MP (1879 - 1962)

Titanica Name: Mr Albert Edward James Horswill Born: Wednesday 26th March 1879 Age: 33 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 44 Derby Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupa...

3/8/2012 2/3/2016

George Alfred Hogg MP (1883 - d.)

Name: Mr George Alfred Hogg Born: Wednesday 7th March 1883 Age: 29 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 44 High Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lookout Last Sh...

3/8/2012 2/3/2016

Robert Hichens MP (1882 - 1940)

Robert Hichens -Titanic survivor crew-member Robert Hichens was a British sailor who was part of the deck crew on board the RMS Titanic when it sank on its maiden voyage on 15 April 1912. He was one ...

1/26/2012 2/3/2016

Samuel Ernest Hemming MP (1869 - 1928)

Name: Mr Samuel Emest Hemming Born: Thursday 24th December 1868 Age: 43 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 31 Kingsley Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lamp T...

4/5/2012 2/3/2016

Bill Harder MP (deceased)

Titanica Name: Mr William Harder Born: Sunday 2nd June 1872 Age: 39 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 46 Winton Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Window Cle...

3/8/2012 2/3/2016

Albert M Haines MP (c.1878 - d.)

Wikipedia records his age on the sinking of the Titanic as 31 and hometown Southampton which would make him born circa 1881 however there is no Albert M Hanis born in 1881 in Free BMD but there is the ...

3/8/2012 2/3/2016

James Forward MP (1884 - d.)

James Forward From Encyclopedia Titanica Born: Monday 24th November 1884 Age: 27 years Last Residence: at Sailors' Home Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Oceanic De...

4/12/2012 2/3/2016

John Foley MP (1868 - d.)

Mr John Foley From Encyclopedia Titanica Age: 44 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 2 Queens Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Storekeeper Last Ship: Olympic...

3/16/2012 2/3/2016

Frederick Fleet MP (1887 - 1965)

Frederick Fleet From Encyclopedia Titanica Born: Saturday 15th October 1887 Age: 24 years Last Residence: at 9 Norman Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lookout Last Ship: O...

3/16/2012 2/3/2016

Frank Oliver Evans MP (1884 - d.)

Frank Oliver Evans From Encylopedia titanica Age: 27 years Last Residence: at 14 Bond Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Olympic Deck crew First Embarked: S...

3/16/2012 2/3/2016

Alfred Frank Evans MP (1887 - 1974)

Alfred Frank Evans from Encyclopedia Titanica Age: 24 years Last Residence: at 20 Deal Street Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lookout Last Ship: Oceanic Deck crew First Embarked: Sout...

3/16/2012 2/3/2016

Frederick Clench MP (1878 - d.)

Frederick Clench FROM Encyclopedia Titanica Age: 34 years Last Residence: at 10 Chantry Road Southampton Hampshire England - Map Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Olympic Deck crew F...

3/24/2012 2/3/2016

Edward John Buley MP (1885 - d.)

Edward John Buley From Encyclopedia Titanica Age: 27 years Last Residence: at 10 Cliff Road Woolston Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: HMS Dreadnought Deck crew First Embarked:...

3/24/2012 2/3/2016

Arthur John Bright MP (1869 - 1955)

Name: Mr Arthur John Bright Born: Monday 2nd August 1869 in Wiltshire England Age: 42 years 8 months and 14 days. Marital Status: Widowed. Last Residence: at 105 Fir Grove Road Southampton ...

3/19/2012 2/3/2016

Henry Joseph Bailey MP (1865 - 1943)

"Job Henry", "Joe", "Henry Joseph"

Name: Mr Henry Joseph Bailey Born: Thursday 22nd June 1865 Age: 43 years Last Residence: at 337 Portswood Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Master-at-arms Last Ship: First Sh...

3/19/2012 2/3/2016

Ernest Edward Archer MP (c.1876 - 1917)

Name: Mr Ernest Edward Archer Born: 1876 Age: 36 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 59 Portswood Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Oce...

3/23/2012 2/3/2016

James Anderson From Encyclopedia Titanica Age: 40 years Last Residence: at 1 Conzens Court Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Cape Colona Deck crew First Embarked: S...

3/26/2012 2/3/2016

William John Head (c.1855 - 1904)

1/30/2016 1/31/2016

Capt. George Pollard MP (1791 - 1870)

George Pollard, Jr. (1791–1870) was the captain of the whaleships Essex and Two Brothers , both of which sank. Pollard's life, including his encounter with the sperm whale that sank the Essex, s...

6/28/2012 1/30/2016

Capt. Owen Chase MP (1797 - 1869)

Owen Chase (1798 - 1869) of Nantucket sought a traditional career as a whaling captain. However, at age 22, while serving as first mate of the Essex, his ship was sunk in a horrific, unprecedented atta...

6/26/2012 1/30/2016

Thomas Richard Jones (c.1849 - d.)

UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927 Second Mate in the Merchant Service Name: Thomas Richard Jones Estimated Age: 20 Birth Date: 1848 Birth Place: Tranmere, Cheshire ...

1/28/2016 1/28/2016

Joseph Owen Jones (c.1852 - d.)

UK and Ireland, Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927 Second Mate in the Merchant Service Name: Joseph Owen Jones Estimated Age: 20 Birth Date: 1852 Birth Place: Tranmere, Cheshire Is...

1/28/2016 1/28/2016

Capt. William T. Best (c.1811 - 1890)

Residence : 1850 - Bath, Lincoln, Maine, USA** Reference: 1850 United States Federal Census - SmartCopy : Jan 25 2016, 2:07:13 UTC

1/24/2016 1/24/2016

Captain James Maher (1860 - 1917)

1/19/2016 1/20/2016

Joseph C. Sedgebeer (1805 - 1890)

"Joseph Sedgbear/Sedgbere/Sedgbury"

Inventor, sailor, farmer, manufacturer, businessman, photographer philosopher, father and husband, Joseph was truly a man of all seasons. He introduced several new grain milling devices with his main f...

10/15/2009 1/18/2016

Capt. James Pearson (c.1712 - 1789)

From History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Including the Town of Rockport  By John James Babson JAMES PEARSON, a sea-captain, is said by descendants to have come to this town from Brist...

7/11/2013 1/18/2016

Captain Joseph Pinckney (1820 - 1889)

Joseph Pinckney was a mariner.

8/13/2012 1/15/2016

Captain John Barneson MP (1862 - 1941)

Captain John Barneson was one of the most important figures in commerce and development on the Pacific Coast of California. He was responsible for the first oil pipeline in the State of California and ...

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

Nathaniel Thurston (1806 - 1889)

6/28/2013 1/7/2016

Commodore Thomas Truxton MP (1755 - 1822)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of PENNSYLVANIA. DAR Ancestor # A116510 Thomas Truxtun (or Truxton) (February 17, 1755 - May 5, 1822) was an American naval officer...

1/31/2009 12/31/2015

Capt. Richard Sprague MP (1628 - 1703)

  "The Ralph Sprague Genealogy", by E. G. Sprague, page 32 Richard was born in England; came to America in his mother's arms in 1628 He was a sea captain of the pink "Consent," for Nevis an...

7/31/2008 12/25/2015

Capt. William Peirce MP (1596 - 1646)

Pearce genealogy, being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an early inhabitant of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, who came from England, and whose genealogy is traced back to 972. With an intr...

12/8/2010 12/23/2015

Capt William Pierce MP (c.1560 - 1622)

"William /Pearce/", "Captain WIlliam Pearce"

There were seven Pierce (Peirce) families who came to the American Colonies. Some settled in New England, some in Virginia, and some made their way to Texas. Capt. Peirce came to Virginia in 1609 on th...

7/11/2008 12/23/2015

Capt. Joseph Snelling MP (1669 - 1726)

3. Capt. Joseph2 Snelling ‎(John1)‎, born in Boston 10 Oct. 1669, died there 15 Aug. 1726. Son of John Snelling (d 1672) & his wife Sarah. married in Boston, 8 June 1693, Sarah Sedg...

2/19/2009 12/17/2015

1820 British Settler Joseph Dyason 36, master mariner, together with his 2 children, were members of George Dyason's Party of 67 Settlers on the Settler Ship Zoroaster . Party originated from Londo...

3/17/2013 12/15/2015

John Connolly (b. - 1819)

He was a sea captain; was drowned Sept. 25, 1819, in Mobile Bay THE GROTON AVERY CLAN, Vol. I, by Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery, Cleveland, 1912. p. 628

12/14/2015 12/15/2015

William Walter Snelling (1829 - 1863)

The inventor—Walter Comonfort Snelling, was born on 21 March 1859, in Chicago, to William Walter Snelling (1829-1863), a sailor, and Susan Otheman Macreading (1836-1909), a teacher. Note: Died...

5/5/2013 12/14/2015

Edward P. Burr (1832 - d.)

Edward P. Burr [885] was a sailor and disappeared during the cholera epidemic in New York City and was never heard from again. Link : '

9/21/2013 12/5/2015

Capt. John Clay, Ancient Planter MP (c.1588 - c.1635)

"John Claye", ""The English Grenadier""

Captain John Clay came to Jamestown, Virginia aboard the "Treasurer," in 1613. A soldier in the British army, John gained the rank of Captain by the age of 21 and was sent to Virginia to control proble...

2/18/2007 12/2/2015

Capt. John Sibbald (b. - 1781)

notes Witness to Benjamin Franklin's will from Last Will and Testament, 28 April 1757 Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Franklin, Printer Memorandum. The above Will is all written by my own H...

11/24/2015 11/24/2015

Commodore Stephen Champlin (1789 - 1870)


Stephen Champlin was born 17 November 1789 in South Kingston, Rhode Island, and lived in Lebanon, Connecticut on his father's farm, until the age of sixteen. Rejecting a future of farming, he became ...

12/18/2008 11/20/2015

Charles de Wolf (c.1695 - 1734)

Charles' wife Margaret Potter was the daughter of a prosperous mariner of a family of mariners from England. Charles was a grocer and millwright; went to French Guadeloupe, where he must have met the...

7/3/2008 11/17/2015

John, Dorchester, mariner, came from Stepney, Middsx. Co., Eng, by wf. Parnell had Joseph, b. Sept. 30, 1631 ; Abigail, b. July 17, 1633 ; John, b. March 3, 1634, d. March 30, 1634; Nehemiah, b. July 1...

11/9/2015 11/9/2015

Richard Fathers Penfold (1835 - 1905)

Information obtained from the Penfold ONS (20.10.2010): When Richard married Fanny in 1865 his occupation was recorded as Master Mariner and he lived St. Clement Danes Middlesex. Richard, Fanny and...

2/28/2008 11/7/2015

Capt. John Cutting MP (1586 - 1659)

 Captain John CUTTING of London, ship-master of the Welcome, of Charlestown & of Newbury circa 1642, will dated 10/22/1659 probated 3/27/1660, master of ship Advent Links _____...

3/2/2007 10/30/2015

Norwood Harrison (deceased)

10/7/2015 10/7/2015

William Carver Birth: 1626 - probably of the City of Bristol in England Death: September 1676, "of" Norfolk County, Virginia Parents: unknown Wife: Elizabeth; a woman whose name we do not kno...

8/23/2013 10/1/2015

James Rogers, Jr. MP (1652 - 1714)

James Rogers Birth: 15 FEB 1652 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut Death: 08 NOV 1713 in New London, New London Co., Connecticut Father: James ROGERS b: 02 FEB 1614/15 in Dedham, Essex., En...

5/1/2014 9/28/2015

Henry Nelson (1858 - 1939)

Marriages Dec 1890 Berry Alice Sunderland 10a 889 Nelson Henry Sunderland 10a 889

9/19/2015 9/20/2015

Captain John Scott (1634 - 1704)


11/18/2008 9/11/2015

Captain John Agar Love MP (c.1794 - 1839)

"Jackie or Hakirau"

Captain John Agar Love, master of the trading ship Adventure, and his first mate Richard (Dicky) Barrett arrived off Ngamotu (later New Plymouth) from Sydney, in February, 1828. They quickly formed goo...

3/13/2009 8/21/2015

Jonathan Marsh, Sr. (b. - 1704)

In April of 1703 Jonathan Marsh bought what was later known as Clarke's Ferry from Thomas Winterton of Jamestown, who operated it for three years. He and John Carr, ferrymen, were to carry all Magistra...

5/2/2013 8/21/2015

Captain Ethelbert Dozier Burrus (1856 - 1936)

"Ethel", "Dozier"

Ethelbert Dozier Burrus was the youngest of Edmund and Sallie's sons. At about 20 years of age, in 1876, he had been assistant keeper of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. He married young Achsah Dixon Will...

8/7/2015 8/7/2015

Edmund Dozier Burrus (1820 - 1862)

Edmund Dozier Burrus @ find a grave]

8/5/2015 8/6/2015

Gabriel Archer was a gentleman and attorney of Warwick, England, sailed from Falmouth, England, 26 March 1602 with the expedition under the command of Bartholomew Gosnold and explored the coast of New ...

11/25/2010 7/30/2015

John Shortland (1739-1803), naval officer, was born near Plymouth, son of John Shortland, the senior member of a remarkable west of England family, six members of whom were associated with the coloniza...

6/21/2015 7/26/2015

John Taylor Wood (August 13, 1830 – July 19, 1904) was an officer in the United States Navy who became a captain in the Confederate Navy during the American Civil War. The son of Robert Croo...

3/28/2009 7/22/2015

Egbert B Egberts (1711 - c.1771)

"Egbert Egbertsen"

Biographical Sketch Egbert Egberts was born in March 1711. He was the son of Albany residents Benjamin and Anna Visscher Egberts. He grew up in a businessman's home located in the second ward. Egbe...

7/20/2015 7/20/2015

Sir William Lane, Kt., MP (c.1553 - 1618)

Family and Education b. c.1553, 1st s. of Sir Robert Lane by his 1st w. m. his step-sis. Mary, da. of Sir Thomas Andrew of Charwelton, Northants., 1s. 3da. suc. fa. 1588. Kntd. 1597. Offices Held J...

2/17/2015 7/18/2015

John Davis MP (c.1550 - 1605)

John Davis or Davys (c. 1550 – 29 December 1605) was one of the chief English navigators and explorers under Elizabeth I. He led several voyages to discover the Northwest Passage, served as pilo...

6/25/2007 7/15/2015

Jacob Copeland (1784 - 1824)

Jacob, born August 28, 1784 ,married Elizabeth Boyen. He was a sea captain and died at Matanzas, Cuba, October 8, 1824. Link :

11/22/2014 7/12/2015

Col. William Cockerham MP (1593 - 1669)

"William Cockerham", "William Cockram"

William married 1st to Anne Wall (daughter of William Wall). His 2nd wife was Anne Spencer (daughter of William Spencer) whom he married sometime after arriving in VA aboard the Robert Ely in 1639. Wil...

12/28/2008 7/10/2015

William Whipple, Jr. (January 14, 1730 – November 28, 1785) was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Hampshire. Whipple was born at Kittery, Mai...

5/21/2009 7/4/2015

Edwin Chandler (1831 - d.)

Edwin , b. 1 Jan. 1831; mariner and sail-maker. Capt. Edwin m.Olive S. Hovey; resides in Rock. LInk: A sailmaker makes and repairs sails for sailboats, kites, hang gliders, wind art, architectural ...

11/8/2014 7/3/2015

Captain Peleg Nye (1817 - 1896)

He had no children He did not have to fight in the Civil War, because on 3/3/1862 when the Civil War Conscription Act called for all males between the age of 20-45 Peleg was 45 and turned 46 seven da...

6/24/2011 7/2/2015

Thomas Chase MP (1713 - 1738)

Son of Capt. Thomas Chase and Jane or Jean Smith 35. THOMAS CHASE, (Thomas,3 Isaac,2 Thomas1), b. 29 Dec. 1713; res. Homes Hole, mariner. He m. ELIZABETH ATHEARN (23) 16 Aug. 1733, who was b. 13 Apr....

7/3/2008 6/29/2015

Cornelius Dunham, Esq. MP (1693 - 1737)

Family of Jonathan Dunham (19) & Esther Norton 41. Cornelius Dunham (Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, Richard1). Born abt 1693 in Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts. Cornelius died bef 30 Oct 1737; he w...

3/26/2009 6/28/2015

Capt. Samuel Huxford MP (c.1660 - 1692)

Samuel Huxford He is believed to be the progenitor of the Huxford Line in the New World. He was born about 1660 in Long Bredy, Dorcestshire, England. Being a mariner and ship's Captain, he made frequ...

6/19/2008 6/28/2015

Capt. Thomas Tuck (c.1638 - 1687)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THOMAS Tucke, Charlestown, by w. Elizabeth d. of lieut. Randall Nichols, had 1671-83: Mary, Catharine, Catharine, again, and Mary; and he d. 12 Sept. 1687. [re...

3/10/2010 6/28/2015

Mordecai Nichols, of Boston MP (b. - 1659)


From The Spirit of '76: Devoted to the Principles, Incidents, and Men of '76 and Colonial Times, Volumes 10-12. Spirit of '76 Publishing Company, 1903 - United States. Page 386. Nichols, Mordecai, ...

7/11/2008 6/27/2015

Capt. William Tucker, of Kiccowtan MP (1589 - 1644)

"William Tucker of London merchant"

Capt. William Tucker Birth: 7 Jan 1589 in Cornwall, Engl Christening: 6 Apr 1589 St Nicholas Acons, London, Engl Death: Feb 1643/1644 in Engl Burial: Feb 1643/1644 Engl Father: John Tucker...

7/31/2007 6/20/2015

He was master of the "Vine Tree" or "Pine Tree." I got this off the web: 1. CAPTAIN SAMUEL2 TUCKER (WILLIAM1 TUCKER?) was born Abt 1630 in Curles Henrico Co Va or Bristol England1. He married JANE LA...

12/17/2007 6/20/2015

James L. Nye (1820 - 1852)

According to Kull's New England Cemeteries, this reads: "Capt. James L. Nye of Sandwich, who was killed by a whale in the Pacific Ocean Dec. 29, 1852, while in command of the Bark Andrew of New Bedford...

2/10/2012 6/19/2015

Capt. John Martin, of Jamestown MP (c.1562 - 1627)

"Mr. John Marten"

Capt. John Martin (born between 1560 - 1565 – died between 1627 -1632) was a Councilman of the Jamestown Colony in 1607. He was the proprietor of Martin's Brandon Plantation on the south bank of...

7/21/2008 6/19/2015

Capt. George Bargrave (1584 - d.)

He was a sea captain employed in the trade between England, Bermuda and Virginia. He married Dorcas Martin, daughter of Capt. John Martin. From From Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Under the Edit...

6/17/2015 6/17/2015