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Donald Munro, 1st Chief of Munro (c.1000 - 1053)

"Donald a Bunro", "Domnall Abunro"

also known as Domnall Abunro and Donald a Bruno Donald Munro (died 1039) is the first traditional chief of the Clan Munro. There is no existing contemporary evidence for Donald's existence however ...

9/12/2008 9/23/2015

The current chief of the clan MacDougall is Morag Morley MacDougall of MacDougall . The Chieftaincy of a Gaelic clan now usually follows the principle of agnatic seniority. The present holder is a ni...

5/11/2015 5/14/2015

Duncan de Forbes (born circa 1250) received the original charter to Forbes lands at Strathdon, Aberdeenshire from Alexander III in 1271/2. He died some time after the birth of his son, John de Forbes, ...

2/27/2007 11/18/2013

8/30/2009 11/18/2013

Adam de Gordon (c.1045 - 1093)

"Adam de Gordoun"

HIGHLANDERS, A HISTORY OF THE SCOTTISH CLANS, by Fitzroy MacLean, Penguin Studio Books, New York, N.Y. (1995), p. 256 says this about the origin of the Gordon Clan. "The name Gordon is derived from t...

8/16/2008 11/18/2013

10/26/2013 10/26/2013

Fergus Day Hort Macdowall, 27th of Garthland M, #455641, b. 19 December 1924 Fergus Day Hort Macdowall, 27th of Garthland was born on 19 December 1924. He is the son of Henry Charles Victor Macdo...

10/25/2013 10/25/2013

7/16/2012 10/24/2013

Sir Ian Fife Campbell Anstruther of that Ilk, 8th Bt of Balcaskie MP (1922 - 2007)

"13th Bt of Anstruther", "Hereditary Carver to the Sovereign", "Hereditary Master Roy Household Scotland", "Chief of the name and Arms of Anstruther"

9/2/2009 10/23/2013

Biographical Summary " John Anstruther, the younger, of Anstruther and of Blie House, co. Fife, s. and h. ap. of Sir William Anstruther, of the same, sometime (1707) a Lord of Justiciary (d. 24 Jan. ...

1/28/2013 10/23/2013

William de Candela died circa 1153.He gained the title of Lord of Anstruther [feudal baron] in 1100 --- √ Burke's Peerage - page 112 Volume 1 107th edition William de Candela ; feudal ...

9/4/2008 10/23/2013

Peter Roy Crawford MP (1847 - 1931)

September 30, 1875 newspaper article: "Mr. Peter Crawford will be advanced to the senior school at the retirement of Maj. Lewis." Frank Vink phone interview with Roy Crawford: "Peter (Roy's father) t...

9/16/2010 10/18/2013

Dougald Crawford (1771 - d.)

5/18/2013 10/18/2013

Fearchar, Earl of Ross MP (1170 - 1257)

"Son of the Priest", "Farquhar MacTaggart", "Ferchar", "Machentagard", "Ferquhard MacTaggart", "Fearchar of Ross", "Ferchar mac in tSagairt", "Fearchar Earl of Ross", "son of the priest"

Farquhar MacTaggart , Earl of Ross He was the first Mormaer or Earl of Ross (1223–1251) we know of from the thirteenth century, whose career brought Ross into the fold of the Scottish kings fo...

7/8/2007 10/8/2013

William I, Lord of Douglas MP (b. - c.1214)


William of Douglas (d.c.1214) was a Medieval nobleman of Flemish origin living in Clydesdale, an area under the control of the King of the Scots. The origins of William are uncertain, the first of th...

8/19/2007 10/5/2013

√ Burke's Peerage - page 45 Volume 1 107th edition "The family is of Norman origin, from Agneaux near St. Lô; Herbert d'Agneaux recorded there in 1082, had an eldest son Herbert who a...

10/1/2013 10/2/2013

Alexander Cochrane (deceased)

5/22/2012 9/30/2013

3/5/2013 9/30/2013

In 1334 he organised a rising against English rule, along with Robert II, 7th High Steward.1 As a reward, he was granted the demesnes of Clackmannan. of Clackmannan ref ILG In 1334 he organised a ris...

5/17/2007 9/30/2013

Biographical Summary " Sir David Broun, knight, Lord of Cumber-Colltoun in the 23rd year of the reign of Alexander III. (1272), bestows parts of his lands in the territory of Cumber-Colltoun on the S...

8/18/2012 9/30/2013

Malcolm Brodie (c.1249 - c.1285)

12/16/2008 9/30/2013

9/26/2010 9/30/2013

1/16/2012 9/30/2013

Thomas de Borthwick, I (1292 - 1357)

7/3/2008 9/30/2013

12/16/2008 9/30/2013

Hugh de Swynton, 1st Lord of Aberbothenoth (c.1123 - d.)

"Hugh de Swinton", "Hugh of Aberbothenoth"

2/27/2007 9/30/2013