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Hermann III. (Baden) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Markgraf Hermann III. von Baden, genannt der Große, (* um 1105; † 16. Januar 1160) war ...

12/22/2008 6/22/2015

Guy II of Ponthieu (c. 1120–1147), the son of William III of Ponthieu and Ala of Burgundy, succeeded his father as Count of Ponthieu during William's lifetime. He died in Ephesus on the Second C...

6/9/2007 6/22/2015

Robert I, comte de Dreux MP (1124 - 1188)

"The /Great/", "o Grande", "le Grand"

Robert Ier de Dreux Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Robert Ier de Dreux, dit le Grand, naquit vers 1125 et mourut le 11 octobre 1188, comte de Dreux, cinquième...

5/14/2007 6/22/2015

Everard des Barres, 3rd Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1174)

"Ebrardus de Barris", "Eberhard von Barres", "Eberhard De Bären"

Everard des Barres (also Eberhard von Barres or Eberhard De Bären) (died 1174) was the third Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1147 to 1151. As Preceptor of the Templars in France f...

2/4/2013 2/5/2013

Philippe de Milly, 7th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1120 - 1171)

"Philippus de Neapoli", "Philippe de Nablus"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Grand Master Order of Knights Templar 1169-1171 Philip of Milly (c. 1120 – April 3, 1171), also known as Philip of Nablus, was a baron in the Kingdom of...

11/26/2008 2/5/2013

Diederik van den Elzas, Graaf van Vlaenderen, Count of Flanders MP (c.1099 - 1168)

"Diederik van den Elzas", "Thierry III de Flandres", "de Lorraine", "d' Alsace-Lorraine", "Count Dietrich", "of Flanders", "Dirk"

Thierry, Count of Flanders Thierry d'Alsace (1099 - † 17 janvier 1168), fils du duc Thierry II de Lorraine (Thierry le Vaillant) (v.1055 - † 1115) et de Gertrude de Flandre (v.1070 - ...

6/10/2007 6/23/2012

Manuel I Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium MP (1118 - 1180)

"Called Megas (Greek: o Μέγας translated as "the Great") by the Greeks"

Manuel I Komnenos, or Comnenus (Greek: Μανουήλ Α' Κομνηνός, Manouēl I Komnē...

6/9/2007 6/23/2012

Conrad III, King of Germany MP (1093 - 1158)

FRIEDRICH von Büren FRIEDRICH von Büren , son of FRIEDRICH von Büren & his wife Hildegard --- ([1050]-1105 before 21 Jul, bur Lorsch Monastery). m (betrothed Regensburg 24 ...

5/30/2007 6/23/2012

Joscelin III of Edessa (died 1190s) was the titular Count of Edessa 1159 – after 1190. He was the son of Joscelin II of Edessa and his wife Beatrice. He inherited the title of "Count of Edessa...

11/3/2010 6/23/2012

Hugues VIII de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (1106 - 1169)

"Le Vieux", "o Velho", "the Old", "Hugh VIII of Lusignan"

Hugh VIII the Old of Lusignan or Hugh III of La Marche or Hugues VIII le Vieux de Lusignan was the eldest son of Hugh VII and of Sarrasine or Saracena de Lezay. He became Seigneur de Lusignan, Couh�...

6/11/2007 6/23/2012

Thoros II, Prince of Armenia (b. - 1169)

"Thoros II Lord of the Mountains"

Toros II the Great (Armenian: Թորոս Բ), also Thoros II, (unknown – February 6, 1169) was the sixth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mou...

5/10/2009 6/23/2012

Louis VII le Jeune, roi de France MP (1120 - 1180)

"Louis VII le Jeune", "o Jovem", "the Young", "The Younger", "Louis VII King of France", "The Young", "Louis VII", "King of France"

Different birth dates: 9/18/1120 or 8/29/1120 Died September 18, 1180[aged 60] Saint-Pont, Allier Burial Saint Denis Basilica Louis VII, called the Younger or the Young, French: Louis le Jeune (112...

1/29/2007 6/23/2012

Raymond of Poitiers, Prince of Antioch MP (c.1115 - 1149)

"Raymond I Prince of Antioch Poitiers"

Described as 'a lord of noble descent, of tall & elegant figure, the handsomest of the princes of the earth, a man of charming affability & conversation, open-handed & magnificent beyond measure.' 'A...

12/28/2007 6/23/2012

Mélisende d'Édesse, Reine de Jerusalem MP (1105 - 1161)

"Melisende de Rethel", "Queen of Jerusalem /Melesende/"

Alt Death Dates: 9/12/1160, 9/11/1161, 9/11/1161m c. 9/11/1146 Melisende was the daughter of the king of the Frankish kingdom of Jerusalem and his Armenian wife. Christian crusaders had wrested Jerus...

6/2/2007 6/23/2012

Renaud de Châtillon, Prince d'Antioche, Lord of Oultrejordain MP (1125 - 1187)

"Reynaud", "Renaud", "Reynald", "Reynold", "Renald or Reginald de Chastillon", "Renald or Reginald of Chastillon", "-Renaud de Châtillon- né vers 1120- exécuté en 1187 à Hattin- prince consort d'Antioche (1153-1163)- puis seigneur d'Outre-Jourdain et d..."

interesting source: Reynold de Châtillon (1) M, #114112 Last Edited=8 Jun 2003 Child of Reynold de Châtillon Agnes de Châtillon+ (1) d. 1184 Forrás / Source: ...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Baldwin III of Jerusalem MP (1130 - 1162)

Baldwin III of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin III of Jerusalem (1130 – February 10, 1162) was king of Jerusalem from 1143–1162. He was the eldest son of Melis...

9/23/2007 2/26/2011

William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey MP (1118 - 1148)

"Earl Warrenne"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on English Earls: WILLIAM de Warenne ([1119]-killed in battle Laodicea 19 Jan 1148). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Guillaume III" as son of "...

5/6/2007 1/27/2011

Hugues VII "le Brun" de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (c.1065 - 1151)

"Le Brun", "le Brun", "o Moreno", ""le /Brun"/", "Hughues le Brun", "Hugh VII of Lusignan"

Hugh VII the Brown of Lusignan or Hugues II de La Marche or Hugues VII & II le Brun de Lusignan (1065 – 1151), Sire de Lusignan, Couhé and Château-Larcher and Count of La Marche, w...

11/8/2007 1/25/2011