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Moíses Boíno (c.1450 - 1497)

"Moussem Boíno"

MOÍSES BOINO , mercador e físico judeu ; Em 1446, o Regente Infante D.Pedro, concedeu- lhe o direito de andar de mula, o que era proibido aos judeus ….. (I-pg.20,em 1) Teve “...

10/15/2015 10/15/2015

Eleazar Kalir אלעזר בן קליר‎ (c.650 - d.)

"אליעזר הקליר"

Eleazar ben Killir , Eleazar ben Killir, also known as Eleazar Kalir, Eleazar Qalir or El'azar HaKalir (c. 570 – c. 640) was a Hebrew poet whose classical liturgical verses, known as piyut, have...

11/1/2011 10/3/2015

Yannai MP (c.675 - d.)

"יניי", "ינעי‎", "Piyyutim by Yannai", "payyetan Yannai", "Yanai"

Mahzor Yannai : A liturgical work of the 7th century (download) Read online Yannai (Hebrew: יניי or ינעי‎) was the first payyetan to e...

11/1/2011 10/3/2015

הרב יחיא צאלח - מהרי"ץ או מהרי"ץ-צ...

3/30/2007 10/1/2015

Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Amiel (1883-1946) , philosopher, active for Eretz Yisrael settlement. In 1905 rabbi of Svencian, in 1920 rabbi of Antwerp, in 1936 Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Moshe Avigdor Amiel...

8/20/2008 7/10/2015

Rav Shalom Messas MP (1909 - 2003)

Shalom Messas was born in Meknes, Morocco in 1913. He was the son of Rabbi Mimoun Messas and his wife, Rachel. Shalom Messas attended an Alliance Israélite Universelle school. He was a promising...

11/30/2007 3/18/2015

Rabbi Matzliah Mazouz (1912 - 1971)

"Matzliah Mazouz"

R' Matzliah Mazuz On the night of Passover, Tunisian Jews have the custom of studying the work of Rabbi Matzliah Mazuz, that great Posek, the last of the Gaonim of Tunisia, and the Rav of all Jews in e...

8/7/2011 3/18/2015

Yitzhak bar Sheshet Perfet, Rabbi (1326 - 1405)


Isaac ben Sheshet Perfet (1326 – 1408) יצחק בן ששת was a Spanish Talmudic authority, also known by his acronym, Rivash (ר&#x...

11/23/2011 1/24/2015

Yiḥyah Qafiḥ רבי יחיא בן שלמה קאפח also Yiḥyah ibn Shalomo el...

2/25/2008 1/23/2015

Hezekiah da Silva (1656 - 1695)

Hezekiah da Silva (also Hezekiah Silva) (1659–1698) (חזקיה בן דוד די סילוא)...

9/5/2014 12/27/2014

Haham Raphael Meldola MP (1754 - 1828)

Raphael Meldola (Sephardic_Rabbi). For his grandson, the chemist, see Raphael Meldola Raphael Meldola (1754 – 1 June 1828) was an English Rabbi. Born in Livorno, he died in London . He was...

2/11/2009 12/27/2014

Don Todros ibn Yahya (Navarro) MP (1318 - c.1370)

"Don Todros Navarro"

Moses Navarro of Santarem, was personal physician to King Pedro I and his (treasurer and receiver-general of taxes) , serving for nearly 30 years as chief rabbi (*arraby moor) of Portugal. King Pedro g...

12/3/2009 9/29/2014

Israel Family Tree 1500's - Scroll down page to view The last Chief Rabbi of Rhodes was Reuben Eliahu Israel. He served the Jewish community from 1922 to 1932. He was also the 12th descendant of th...

4/12/2007 8/1/2014

  Nahmanides [Nah-man-nid-ez (רבי משה בן נחמן), also known as Rabbi Moses ben Naḥman Girondi, Bonastruc...

7/13/2012 7/29/2014

Meshullam ben Yakob "Sheshet Perfet" (c.1125 - c.1195)

"Rabbeinu Meshullam hagodol", "Sheshet (2nd)", "Perfet (3rd)", "Perfet Almoxarife", "Bailiff Sheshet"

Rabbeinu Meshullam son of Jacob (Meshullam ben Ya'akov) also known as Rabbeinu Meshullam hagodol (Rabbi Meshullem the great) was a Franco-Jewish Talmudist of the twelfth century CE. He had a Talmudic Y...

11/23/2011 7/29/2014

HaRav Yosef Kapach Qafiḥ MP (1917 - 2000)

Yosef Qafiḥ יוסף קאפח ‎ , widely known as Rabbi Kapach (27 November 1917 – 21 July 2000), was a Yemenite-Israeli one of the ...

3/27/2008 3/5/2014

Rosalie Seixas (1847 - 1922)

9/4/2012 2/17/2014

Isaac Cardozo Seixas (1836 - 1914)

9/4/2012 2/17/2014

Married Rosalie Luchs on June 25, 1902 in Manhattan, New York , New York.

9/4/2012 2/17/2014

[tp:// Kalonymus ben Kalonymus] Wikipedia Kalonymus ben Kalonymus ben Meir (Arles, 1286 – died after 1328) was a Provençal Jewish philosop...

7/15/2012 2/1/2014

Jacob ben Makhir Ibn Tabin (also known as Prophatius; 1236–1312), grandson of Samuel, was a distinguished Jewish physician who worked in the medical faculty of the University of Montpellier. Jac...

9/9/2013 1/31/2014

Moshe ben Shmuel Ibn Tibbon MP (c.1198 - c.1274)

Moses ben Samuel Ibn Tibbon continued the work of translation during the years 1244–1274. He lived in Montpellier and spent some time at Naples. Moses translated numerous commentaries by Averroe...

9/9/2013 1/31/2014

Samuel Ibn Tibbon (c.1150 - d.)

Samuel ben Judah ibn Tibbon was the son of Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, “the father of translators,” who emigrated to Provence from Granada. Samuel was born in Lunel around 1160 and was edu...

4/4/2013 1/31/2014

R' David Lopes Cardozo MP (1808 - 1890)

David de Jahacob Lopez Cardozo (May 21, 1808, Amsterdam—April 11, 1890, Amsterdam) was a Dutch Talmudist and prominent communal worker. He was sent at an early age to the celebrated bet ha-midra...

9/2/2011 1/16/2014

Grand Rabbin Mardochée le Saint I Berdugo MP (1715 - 1762)

"Harav /Hamarbitz/", "מורדכי ברדוגו", "מורדכי ברדוגו הרב המרבי"ץ"

Berdugo Family Tree Mordechai Berdugo 1715-1763. Harav Hamarbitz ou encore Mordechai Hatsadik. En son temps, il fut plus célèbre que son frère aîné Yéhouda...

7/14/2007 9/2/2013



Rabbi Raphael Berdugo English WikipediaRav Rphaël Berdugo fut une de figures les plus attachantes. Un des plus grands rabbins de toute l'histoire du Maroc. Il est resté dans la prosp�...

7/14/2007 9/2/2013

Yisrael Abuchatzira, Baba Sali MP (1889 - 1984)

"אביחצרא", "Abuhatzeira", "רבי ישראל הבבא סלי", "Baba-Sali Israel Abehsera", "Israel Abehsera"

Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira , ישראל אבוחצירא , known as the Baba Sali (Arabic: بابا ...

4/23/2008 8/28/2013

Avraham bar Hiyya HaNasi al-Bargeloni MP (c.1065 - c.1136)

"Savasorda", "Abraham Judaeus"

Abraham Bar Hiyya -the man and his work between two worlds Abraham bar Ḥiyya ha-Nasi (1070 Barcelona, Spain – 1136 or 1145 Narbonne, France) was a Jewish mathematician, astronomer and...

12/1/2011 4/5/2013

Isaac Aboab da Fonseca MP (1605 - 1693)

"Isaac Aboab da Fonseca"

The life and works of Chacham Isack Aboab da Fonseca . Isaac Aboab da Fonseca (or Isaak Aboab Foonseca) (February 1, 1605 – April 4, 1693) was a rabbi, scholar, kabbalist and writer. In 1656...

9/12/2012 4/5/2013

Jacob ben Abba Mari ben Simson Anatoli MP (c.1226 - 1276)

"Ja'aqov ben Abba Mari ben Simon ben Anatoli", "Yacob Anatoly"

Jacob ben Abba Mari ben Simson Anatoli (c. 1194 – 1256) was a translator of Arabic texts to Hebrew. He was invited to Naples by Frederick II. Under this royal patronage, and in association with ...

10/1/2009 4/4/2013

Abraham ibn Da'ud haLevi, Rabad I MP (c.1110 - c.1180)

"Avendaut Israelita", "Dominicus Gundissalinus", "Abraham ben David Halevi ibn Daud", "Rabad l"

Abraham ben David Halevi ibn Daud , (born c. 1110, Toledo, Castile—died c. 1180, Toledo), physician and historian who was the first Jewish philosopher to draw on Aristotle’s writings in a...

7/8/2012 4/3/2013

Abraham ibn Ezra MP (1089 - 1164)

Rabbi Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra אברהם אבן עזרא or ראב"ע, ابن ع...

10/31/2011 4/3/2013

Shmuel HaLevi HaNagid, al-­Wazīr al-­ad̲j̲all al-Zīryūn MP (993 - 1056)

"שמואל הלוי בן יוסף הנגיד", "Samuel ha-Nagid", "Samuel ibn Naghrela", "Sh'muel HaLevi ben Yose‎ Abu Yusef Ismā‘īl ibn al-Nag'hdīlah ibn Aṭā al-yahūdī", "Abu Iṣḥāq Ismā‘īl bin an-Naghrīlah", "שמואל הנגיד‎"

Samuel ibn Naghrela שמואל הלוי בן יוסף הנגיד‎, Sh'muel...

8/21/2008 4/3/2013

Hasdai (Abu Yusuf ben Yitzhak ben Ezra) ibn Shaprut חסדאי אבן שפרוט‎ born about 915 at Jaén; die...

7/8/2012 4/3/2013

Rabbi Yaakov Beirav MP (1474 - 1546)

"Jacob Berab", "Jacob Berav", "Jacob Bei-Rav", "Yacob Berav", "Yacob Bei-Rav"

Jacob Berab , Berav or Bei-Rav, (b. Moqueda, nr. Toledo, Castilian Spain, 1474 - d. Safed, Ottoman sanjak of Safed, April 3, 1546), was an influential rabbi and talmudist best known for his attempt to ...

8/4/2007 3/14/2013

Solomon ibn Gabirol MP (1021 - 1058)

Solomon ibn Gabirol Solomon ben Judah שלמה בן יהודה אבן גבירול...

10/31/2011 2/21/2013

D. Abraham ben Eliyahu Senior Coronel MP (1412 - 1493)

"Fernando Perez Coronel", "Fernão Perez Coronel", "Abraham Senior"

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...

5/1/2008 1/1/2013

Judah ben Samuel ha-Levi MP (1075 - 1141)

"יהודה בן שמואל הלוי", "Judah HaLevi", "Yehuda Ha Levi", "יהודה הלוי", "Judah HaLevi Abulafia"

Judah Halevi (also Yehuda Halevi; Hebrew: יהודה הלוי; Arabic: يهوذا هالي&#x...

10/31/2011 11/28/2012

Abu Hasdai Yitzhak ben Ezra ibn Shaprut MP (c.880 - c.975)

"Isaac ben Ezra", "Isaac ibn Shaprut"

Hasdai (Abu Yusuf ben Yitzhak ben Ezra) ibn Shaprut (Hebrew: חסדאי אבן שפרוט) born about 915 at Jaén; d...

7/8/2012 11/18/2012

Saʿadyā ben Yōsēf Gaon of Sura MP (c.882 - 942)

"Saadiah Gaon", "Saadya Gaon", "Sa'adya Gaon", "Saadia ben Josef", "Saadiah ben Joseph", "Rasag", "Saʻadiah Gaon", "سعيد بن يوسف الفيومي‎", "Saʻīd bin Yūsuf al-Fayyūmi", "Sa'id ibn Yusuf al-Dilasi", "Saadia ben Yosef aluf", "Sa'id ben Yusuf ra's al-Kull‎", "סעדי"

Saʿadyā Ben Yōsēf, saʿīd ( abī) yaʿḳūb yūsuf al-fayyūmī (269-331/882-942), Jewish theologian, philosopher and ...

8/14/2012 8/14/2012

Yitzhak ben Yakob HaKohen al-Fasi, ‎ MP (c.1013 - c.1103)

"‎ ר' יצחק אלפסי", "RIF", "Isaac alfasi", "Isaac al-Fasi", "Isaac of Fez"

Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi ha-Cohen (1013 - 1103) ר' יצחק אלפסי - also known as the Alfasi or by his Hebrew acronym Rif (Rabbi Isaac al...

7/10/2012 8/14/2012

Moshe ben Jacob Cordovero "RaMaK" MP (1522 - 1570)

"RaMaK", "Moshe ben Jacob Cordovero"

His birthplace is unknown, but the name Cordovero indicates that his family originated in Córdoba, Spain and perhaps fled from there during the expulsion of 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition. ...

2/24/2012 2/24/2012

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz MP (1500 - 1580)

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz , also spelt Alqabitz, Alqabes; ( שלמה אלקבץ) (c.1500, Thessaloniki– 1580, Safed ) was a rabbi, kabbalist a...

2/24/2012 2/24/2012

R. David Samuel ben Jacob Pardo, (1718–1790), a famed Italian rabbinical author and poet, was born in Venice. He went to Sarajevo for a time as a result of a dispute over an inheritance, and fro...

8/7/2010 1/3/2012

Yehuda Alharizi (1165 - 1225)

Yehuda Alharizi , also Judah ben Solomon Harizi or al-Harizi (Hebrew: יהודה בן שלמה אלחרי...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Eslanda Cardozo Robeson MP (1896 - 1965)

Eslanda ("Essie") Goode Robeson, (December 12, 1896 - December 13, 1965) the wife and business manager of Paul Robeson, was an American anthropologist, author, actor and activist. Eslanda Cardozo Goo...

4/14/2011 6/2/2011

Naftali Hirsch II HaCohen Katz, ABD Posen -[Smikhat Hakhamim] MP (c.1650 - 1717)

"Smichat Chachamim", "Semichas Chachomim", "סמיכת חכמים"

make it easier to read the old hebrew scriptcopy and paste to a word document and it willbe converted to regular Hebrew.Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko------------------...

9/4/2007 3/23/2011

Menasseh ben Yossef ben Israel MP (1606 - 1659)

"Manoel Dias Soeiro", "Menasheh ben Yossef ben Yisrael", "MB"Y"

Note; Some historians argue that Menasseh ben Israel was born in Amsterdam on the October 3, 1606 and died on the December 2, 1659. Others claim that Menasseh ben Israel was born on the island of Madei...

1/26/2010 3/15/2011

Rabbi Shemtov Amarillo (1780 - 1848)

He was likely born between the years 1780 and 1800 in Salonika. He was Chief Rabbi of Korfu from 1823 till 1830; afterwards, he took the Chief Rabbinate post in Larissa where he lived until his death. ...

2/10/2008 3/15/2011

Baruch Angel - (1594 - 1670)

Chief Rabbi of Salonika from 1657 to 1670 along with Chaim Abraham Perahia and Moshe Sabbetai. "A Talmudic author and principal of the Talmudic colleges of Salonica and Smyrna in the first half of th...

5/12/2008 3/14/2011

Solomon Amarillo - (c.1645 - c.1721)

Rabbi at Salonica, who died in 1722. Amarillo was the father-in-law of Solomon Abdallah and an intimate friend of the learned rabbi Joseph Cobo. Amarillo wrote a number of works, all of which were ...

5/12/2008 3/14/2011

HACHAM Abdallah Somekh MP (1813 - 1889)

"Rabbi Abdullah Somech Zatzal"

Hakham Abdallah (Ovadia) Somekh (1813–September 13, 1889) was a rosh yeshiva and posek of Iraqi Jewry. He was born in Baghdad to Abraham Somekh, himself a descendant of Nissim Gaon; he was the e...

6/13/2008 3/10/2011

Akiva HaGaon HaCohen Katz, [of Budin] MP (c.1460 - 1496)

"Rabbi Akiva from Uban", "Furst von Open"

Akiva Ha-COHEN There was a man here in Prague that was great in Torah, wealth and Yichus that came to Prague from those that were exiled from the holy congregation of Uban (Budapest) because of a lib...

4/30/2007 3/10/2011

Moses Haim Montefiore MP (1784 - 1885)

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, 1st Baronet, Kt (24 October 1784 - 28 July 1885) was one of the most famous British Jews of the 19th century. Montefiore's 100th birthday was celebrated as a national event i...

2/1/2009 3/10/2011

Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen haNagid, Gaon of Sura MP (c.920 - c.1013)

"Gaon of the Sura", "Rabbi Shmuel ha-Nagid", "Rabbi Shmuel ha Nagid"

Samuel ben Ḥophni Gaon Samuel ben Ḥophni (d. 1013) was the gaon of the Sura yeshiva and an original exegete, theologian, and halakhist who continued in the Judeo-Arabic cultural and lit...

1/10/2008 3/8/2011

Obadiah M'Bartenura - (b. - 1516)

Obadiah ben Abraham (Hebrew: עובדיה בן אברהם מברטנורא)...

4/22/2010 3/6/2011

Chaim Joseph David Azulai - The Chida - - MP (1724 - 1806)

"חיים יוסף דוד אזולאי"

The Chida, Chaim Joseph David ben Isaac Zerachia Azulai (1724 – 21 March 1807) (Hebrew: חיים יוסף דוד אז...

7/6/2009 3/6/2011

Rabbi Yoseph Karo - רבי יוסף קארו MP (1488 - 1575)

"Joseph", "Josef", "Caro", "ha-Mechaber (Hebrew: "The Author")", "Maran (Aramaic: "Our Master")", "מחבר"

Joseph ben Ephraim Karo , also spelled Yosef Caro, or Qaro, (Toledo, 1488 – Safed, 1575) was author of the last great codification of Jewish law, the Shulchan Aruch, which is still authoritative...

6/23/2008 3/6/2011

Rabbi Maimon HaDayan ben Yoseph [Rambam father] MP (c.1110 - c.1166)

"Maimon Hadayan", "Rambam's father"

מיימון הדיין Maimon (Ar. Maymūn) ben Joseph ha-Dayyan (ca. 1110–ca. 1166), the father of Moses Maimonides, was...

7/23/2010 3/3/2011

Avraham I HaNagid ben R' Moshe ben Maimon MP (1186 - 1237)

"Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon", "Avraham Hagaon Hahasid"

Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon (Hebrew: אברהם בן משה מיימון, also Avraham son of Rambam, al...

1/7/2010 3/3/2011

Don Isaac Abarbanel דון יצחק אברבנאל MP (1437 - 1508)

"Isaac ben Judah Abravanel", "Don Isaac Abarbanel", "Don Isaac Abarbanello", "Isaac Abarabanel"

The Jewish philosopher and statesman Isaac ben Judah Abravanel (1437-1508), or Abarbanel, is noted for his biblical commentaries and for his attempt to prevent the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1...

8/14/2007 3/3/2011

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Maimonides - הרמב״ם MP (c.1138 - 1204)

"The Great Eagle", "Rambam", "Moshe ben Maimon", "Abū ʿImrān Mūsā bin ʿUbaidallāh Maimūn al-Qurṭubī"

From Moshe (of the Torah) to Moshe (Maimonides) there was none like Moshe R' Moshe ben Maimon , Moses Maimonides the Rambam , [ca. 1138 (or 1135?) - 1204] was the preeminent medieval Jewish philosoph...

1/7/2010 3/3/2011

Yosef Chaim or in Iraqi Hebrew Yoseph Ḥayyim (1 September 1832 – 30 August 1909) (Hebrew: יוסף חיים מבגד...

7/27/2008 3/3/2011