Guillaume de Sonnac, 18th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1250)

Guillaume de Sonnac was Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1247 to 1250. Personal life Sonnac was born to a noble family in the French region of Rouergue. No date of birth survives for ...

Sir William Longespée MP (1207 - 1249)

Son of William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (illegitimate son of Henry II and Ida de Tosny Bigod) and Ela Countess of Salisbury married Idoine de Camville Children: William, Richard, Ela (m. James ...

Robert I, comte d'Artois MP (1216 - 1250)

Robert de France, Comte d'Artois Robert I, Count of Artois and in French: Robert I d'Artois Robert I (1216 – 8 February 1250), called the Good, was the first Count of Artois, the fifth...

Alphonse, comte de Poitiers MP (1220 - 1271)

Alphonse de Poitiers Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Alphonse de Poitiers, né le 11 novembre 1220 à Poissy et mort le 21 août 1271, prince de san...

Louis IX le Saint, roi de France MP (1214 - 1270)

Louis IX, Roi de France1,2 , b. 25 April 1215, d. 25 August 1270 Louis IX, profondément chrétien, n'aime pas ces juifs qui ont refusé de reconnaître le Christ. Il condam...

Charles I, King of Sicily MP (1227 - 1285)

Charles I (21 March 1226 – 7 January 1285), commonly called Charles of Anjou, was the King of Sicily by conquest from 1266, though he had received it as a papal grant in 1262 and was expelled ...