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South Africa - History and Families of Witsand (White Sands) and Port Beaufort

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  • Albert Kennedy (1818 - 1872)
    From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor
  • Willem Adriaan van der Byl (1818 - 1886)
    From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor
  • Maria Anna Sophia van der Byl (Hopley) (1823 - 1893)
    From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor
  • Maria Jacoba Hurling (1762 - d.)
    Inventories of the Orphan Chamber Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa Reference no.: MOOC8/12.12 Testator(s): Justus Amelong 9 Jannuarij 1766 Van Reede Inventaris van alle sodaanige goederen, a...
  • Frederick Hurling, b2 (1754 - d.)
    From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor


My name is Brendan Swemmer.

I have copied this booklet, written and researched by John McGregor, in 2 parts. In this section I've put the family trees first and if you scroll down and click on a person's name in blue you will be taken to their profile page that has all the information about that person. From there you will be able to click on another link that will enable you to see their tree.

The history can be read by clicking on Photos and Documents on the right and that will take you to a page where 2 PDFs will be displayed side by side.

Thanks to the Curator June Barnes for her advice and setting the initial format and to the Curators F N Duck and Isabel Howton and Bjorn Petter Brox and Dan H Cornett and last but certainly not least Simon Leech for assisting with the technical difficulties.

The South African Moodie FaceBook page, and the Moodie Coast of Arms, can be found at -

The Geni project about the Moodie trek to Rhodesia can be found at -

Other interesting info can be found in the Facebook group 1820 Settlers - Eastern Cape -


Captain Benjamin Moodie

  • Born 1 January 1789 in Melsetter, Scotland
  • Died 1856 at Westfield, Whitesands

Francois Renier Duminy

Jacob van Reenen

  • Birth date: 19 October 1760
  • Death date: 8 June 1834
  • Death place: Wynberg
  • Marriage date: 4 February 1781
  • Children:
  1. Maria Catharina m Willem Ferdinand Versfeld
  2. Jacob m Sophia Margaretha Jacoba van Schoor
  3. Elizabeth Wilhelmina m Hendrik Cornelis van Nieferk
  4. Johanna Paulina m Johannes Paulus Eksteen
  5. Catharina Cornelia m Jacob Pieter Cloete
  6. Christiaan Daniel Dirk m First wife Maria Elizabeth Hurter m Second wife Magdalena Maria Becker
  7. Johannes Gysbertus Franke m Johann Maria Christina Kotze
  8. Sebastina Catharina

Dirk Gijsbert van Reenen

  • Owner of Papenboom (the Breweries in Newlands, Cape Town)
  • Birth date: 23 July 1754
  • Death date: 28 October 1828
  • Occupation: Burgher, Brewer and owner of Papenboom
  • Father: Jacob van Reenen (1727-1793)
  • Mother: Maria Franke (b1721)
  • First wife: Aletta Catharina Hurter
  • Birth date: 13 February 1757
  • Death date: 10 April 1804
  • Marriage date: 28 July 1776
  • Marriage place: Cape
  • Father: Johann Willem Hurter (1722-1783)
  • Mother: Barbara Hauk
  • Birth date: 1762
  • Marriage date: 16 September 1804
  • Children:
  1. Barbara Jacoba m Jan Frederik Reitz
  2. Jacob Jan Willem m Maria Adriana Smalberger
  3. Maria Martha Bartolda m Jan Carel Horak
  4. Johanna
  5. Catharina Gesina m Michiel van Breda
  6. Daniel m Cornelia Arnoldina Denys

Hamilton Ross

Joseph Barry

  • Children:
  1. Maria Adriana Aletta m John Hamilton Hodgson
  2. Elizabeth Mary Anne
  3. Charles van Reenen
  4. Sir Jacob Dirk m Charlotte Merriman
  5. Thomas Daniel m Elizabeth Charlotte Akerman
  6. Joseph Francis m Emma Henrietta Garcia
  7. Michael m Aletta Catharina Barry
  8. John Henry m Johanna Magdalena Muller
  9. Aletta Catharina m Francis William Reitz Herold
  10. Richard
  11. Johanna Catharina
  12. Mary Ann Elizabeth
  13. Dirk Gysbert m First wife Agnes Revett m Second wife Alyce Bourke

Thomas Barry

  • One of the owners of the firm Barry and Nephews
  • Birth date: 8 August 1801
  • Birth place: Hitchin, Herts, England
  • Death date: 14 October 1876
  • Death place: Swellendam
  • Occupation: Swellendam merchant
  • Father: John Barry (1778-1811)
  • Mother: Elizabeth Mary Kershaw (d1811)
  • Wife: Aletta Catharina van Reenen
  • Children:
  1. John Joseph m Hester Johanna Wilmina Joubert
  2. Jacob John William m Martha Catharina van Breda
  3. Mary Ann m Frank John Perreyn van der Riet
  4. Joseph James m Susanna Martha Bland
  5. Thomas Francis
  6. Maria Adriana
  7. Elizabeth Adriana
  8. Johanna Marthina m Tobias Johannes Herold
  9. Aletta Catharina m Michael Barry
  10. Maria Adriana Barry m Daniel John May
  11. Daniel Nicholas
  12. Thomas Barry
  13. Richard van Reenen m First wife Elizabeth Wilhelmina van der Byl m Second wife Christina Maria Louw
  14. Elizabeth Martha m James Gerhardus Reid
  15. Julia Hubertha m James Ford

Michiel van Breda

  • Children: First wife - four sons and a daughter. Second wife - one son
  1. Pieter
  2. Dirk Gysbertus van Reenen m Susanna Hendrina Wilhelmina Meyer
  3. Pieter Johannes Albertus
  4. Martha Baisina Dorothea
  5. Michiel Jacob m Elsie Catharina Smalberger
  6. Hendrik Willem
  • (marriages of others not known)

W.H. Hopley

  • The Swellendam surveyor who laid out the ninety plots in Port Beaufort
  • Birth date: 1796
  • Birth place: Portsea, England
  • Death date: 21 June 1864
  • Death place: Swellendam
  • Occupation: Surveyor
  • Father: William Musgrove Hopley (1770-1835)
  • Wife: Aletta Alida Hurlingh
  • Children:
  1. Maria Anna Sophia m William Adrian van der Byl
  2. Frederick Hurling m Wilhelmina Johanna von Abo
  3. Richard Rodney Bligh m Anne Francis Daniell
  4. Sara Maria m Albert Kennedy
  5. William Musgrove m Maria Christina von Abo

William Dunn

  • The pilot of Port Beaufort
  • Birth date: 1774
  • Death date: 17 September 1839
  • Death place: Sebastian Bay
  • Occupation: Pilot
  • Wife: Sarah Frances Pearson
  • Marriage date: 17 September 1839
  • Children:
  1. John Gambold (b1808-d9-11-1868) m Aletta Johanna Maria Rossouw
  2. Anna Thomsin (b2-7-1824-d22-1-1881
  3. Paul (b1826-d 11-8-1876) m Anna Magdalena Maria Badenhorst

Tobias Johannes Herold

  • Birth date: 16 August 1840
  • Birth place: Swellendam
  • Death date: 18 March 1914
  • Marriage date: 8 March 1859
  • Marriage place: Swellendam
  • Father: Thomas Barry (1801-1876)
  • Mother: Aletta Catherina van Reenen (1810-1888)
  • Children:
  1. Thomas Barry
  2. Johanna Henrietta
  3. Charlotta Louisa Maria

Francis William Reitz

  • Birth date: 15 October 1854
  • Birth place: Stavanger, Norway
  • Death date: 5 October 1887
  • Marriage date: 24 June 1874
  • Birth date: 25 December 1864
  • Birth place: Delft, Holland
  • Death date: 2 January 1935
  • Death place: Cape Town
  • Children:
  1. Francis William
  2. Hjalmar m Elzina Mulder
  3. Alfhild
  4. Joubert m Anastasia Jooste
  5. Denys m Leila Agnes Buissine Wright
  6. Arend Leonardt
  7. George Grey
  8. Johannes Hendrikus Brand m Sybella Morkel

Had seven children by his second wife.

  1. Elizabeth m Hendrik van Zyl
  2. Henry Loch m Kundra Alcida Kalis
  3. Rolf m Anneke Te Groen
  4. Francis William m Mia Wagener
  5. Frederik Benedictus m Marian Laensveld
  6. Gysbert Dirk m Alfreda Schmaeke
  7. Goevert Jan (Kreuk)

Alfred John Barry

  • Children:
  1. Michael Remo Harry m Maria Emma Kirchness
  2. Cecil Josephine Rose m Dr. Frederick Petersen
  3. Joan Marthina


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  • John and Terry George, England.