John Wilkinson Mandy, Jnr. b1 (1813 - 1853)

1820 British Settler John Penny Mandy 32, Carpenter, and Leader of his Party, together with his wife Mary Ann Day 29, and 3 children, were members of Mandy's Party of 44 Settlers on the Nautilus . ...

James Dicks, SV/PROG (1795 - 1874)

1820 British Settler James Dicks 23, Labourer, together with his wife Dinah Ford 21, and one year old son John Dicks , were members of Ford's Party of 42 Settlers on the Weymouth . Dinah was the el...

Abraham de Vyf, SV/PROG MP (1650 - c.1712)

Abraham DE VYF (VEY) "was van Chinese afkoms. Sy Chinese naam was Juko/Tuko. Hy was gedoop as 'n Christen 19 Februarie 1702. Hy trou 16 April 1702 met Maria Jacobsz VAN BATAVIA. Abraham de Vyf het ...