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South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Focus on Private Proflies

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We have over the last years managed to resolve so many, if not most of our issues in our South African tree. This project is intended to help us work together to resolve and address the last remaining and very evident key frustration: The regular occurance of the grey 'private' profiles. Particularly where they occur higher in the higher branches..

I believe we can solve many of these in relatively quick time and reduce their reoccurance with appropriate and targeted communication - and assistance to our users to understand the best way to go about setting the privacy in their tree in the 1st place and why.

We may want to develop our policy and recommendation further as part of the process, but based on previous discussions it seems to make sense to consider to an approach of advocating for setting ONLY the living +1 or +2 generations private. As a rule of thumb +/- 100 years. So anyone who died before 1911. (To be discussed and instructions to be prepared to show how to tell which of your profiles are private and the best approach to set public)

The suggested approach on this project is as follows:

  • Focus 1911 and earlier'
  • If we come accross Private Profiles the idea is to add a profile in the immediate vicinity that IS public to this project so we can start identifying problem areas and users.

  • At the same time please be sure to email the manager on the private profile as a first step. You may want to refer them to this project in the mail. (To do SAMPLE email?)

  • Participation in this project will also highlight the issue and create awareness for people to set their privacy as low as possible in the tree.

  • Curators are collaborators and they could facilitate support from Geni where customer service could also help us solve issues. Curators could soon be able to solve these kinds of issues.

Participants are invited to:

  • visit this project often and to see if they have access to any of the profiles linked. The thinking and theory (which I still need to confirm and will do so soon enough) is that what is a private profile to you may be a public profile to someone else based on a collaboratorion or family group association - so others could very well be able to help where you cannot..
  • Alternatively we will be able to identify who has contact or a close relative that may be able to conctact a manager whose profiles cause frustration so as to facilitate quicker resolution of issues..

Other things to do: *Check your profile privacy.. (instructions required)

  • Explain the implications or Geni's latest approach on privacy..
    • Implication of Family Groups
    • Living. Living profiles are now private in Geni automatically in line with Genealogical approach.

These users should be invited to Afrikaners is plesierig or the then English equavalent that was created.